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My very first fine car, and I plan to keep it that way

2019 Lexus GX GX 460

The car is a suitable size for me since it's small and is in good condition. The car is comfortable to drive in and the people in the car have no complaints. I also like the cup holder detail because it really comes in handy. It's the first car I got since getting my driver's license, so I wanted to start slow and small. Thus, I chose this car. The car is easy to maneuver in since it's fairly small because I don't like driving big cars such as vans. The truck can also hold a lot of groceries when I go shopping. Sometimes the engine would make weird sounds. I'm not sure if it's because the car is old or a technical problem but luckily the car still works fine. It would be better if there was a place to charge people's Phones in the car though since I always forget to charge my phone before leaving the house so it will be very convenient. But overall, I think the Lexus GX is a very nice car and when I get my next car, it will be of the same brand!

- Xin H

Only good for long hwy stretch no traffic

2019 Lexus GX GX 460 Luxury

Great vehicle overall. I hate filling it up all the time with premium fuel. My vehicle avg. 14.7 L/100 km.On hwy only you can get as low as 11.7 but that is very rare. Any city driving and 17 L / 100 is not good. My transmission position sensor went at around 90000km and cost over 1000 labour included while part is 500 everywhere. Brakes lasted 60000km but both front and back needed replacing. This is very good for a vehicle this size. Auto highbeam is way too delayed as well as adaptive cruise etc. Kids always complaining and needs to be in comfort mode for them to be happy in back. Of course it drives horrible in comfort. Now it is an absolute beast offroad and especially in the snow. I try to lose control on purpose and this vehicle with winter tires is amazing in the snow. Also passenger space is cramped because it is body on frame reducing interior dimensions. This engine feels same as day one. I bet it could last 500000km.

- Joe

Lexus gx 460: Very reliable. Has the sport mode. Hand- free call features. Sits 7.

2019 Lexus GX GX 460 Premium

The vehicle performs very well, with its smooth features and easy of driving. I love the fact that I can drive in the sport mode if I feel the need to go faster on the road. The vehicle is also very roomy inside and sits 7 adults comfortably. One great feature is the voice system which connects to my contacts for the ease of voice-calling a contact.

- Linda O

The GX 460 is smooth and very quiet for as much power as it Gives

2019 Lexus GX

I love the Lexus GX 460, I have the 2019 with the sport trim and the second row captains chairs. The upgraded sport wheel design makes this the most attractive truck / suv on the road today. The small sacrifice of gas MPG is well worth it as I feel there is not another comparable Truck. Not for me anyways.

- Anthony

Comfort ride, great performance, overall best car purchase yet.

2019 Lexus GX GX 460 Premium

Love it! Rides very well, does not feel like a big car, lots of control. Seats are very comfortable, easy to customize and love how there is heated and cooled seat options. You can fit a lot in the trunk, with the seats folded down I can get as much in my car as my husband can in his pickup.

- Anna C

3 words. Sleek, spacey and safe

2019 Lexus GX GX 460

I feel very safe in my car with all the new technology that is added. It's a very sleek and nice car. Doesn't look the same as the rest of the cars that are out. Has a lot of space. I love the interior, has heated steering wheel and the color contrast is great.

- Madison D