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My Lexus IS 200t F Sport review

What I like about my Lexus IS 200t F Sport car is that it has what I want. The car basically has auto assist and it has a the back camera to help you see what is behind you (warns you if any pedestrian or car is there). Another thing is that even though it's a sport car, you have the option to change it to eco mode, normal, or sport mode. It's reliable but the only issue I have is that the car is super low and can be easily scratched. The comfort is amazing because you have many settings of turning on your butt warmer or AC for it.

- Rachel S

Great car, love it. Very affordable and comfortable. Great in the snow.

The good. Soft but supportive f sport front seats. F sport's motorized gauge cluster. Navigation system's 10. 3-inch screen. Ride comfort on most surfaces. Backseat legroom. The bad. Weak turbo four-cylinder drivetrain. Sluggish, indecisive eight-speed automatic. Lack of steering feedback and athleticism. Frustrating remote touch controller. Some cheap-looking interior trim. Large ledge between trunk floor and folded backseat.

- Amanda C

Overall, I still love my car but it may not be suitable for everyone.

It is terrible on gas but really fun to drive. The steering is great but it is not the fastest. Sport mode is also nice to use when needing to get on a highway quickly. Lexus did a great job with the interior of this car as usual. I feel that this car is not for families but if you are looking for a little fun while driving to work and do not mind blowing through gas, this is perfect.

- Courtney R

Great sporty sedan for and young adult! Highly recommend.

Space inside is on the smaller side and I do wish it got better gas mileage. It only takes premium + which is the more expensive. But other than that I do love thecae. It can be placed in normal, eco and sport mode. The leather is real and I have cooling seats which comes in handy as its black leather in local.

- Jennifer D

My car is a head turner in a crisp white with red leather interior.

I love my car because it' a luxury compact sedan, so the size of the car is perfect for me. It drives beautifully and is also beautiful looking. I bought a Lexus as opposed to a German luxury sedan due to reliability and what I could afford with my budget. The only downside is the poor mileage.

- Maura N

Lexus is 200t: luxuriously affordable.

I am a more petite person, and the size of the Lexus is 200t fits me perfectly. The seat is so comfortable and feels like it perfectly contours to my body. The car rides so smoothly, with excellent acceleration and control. The features in the car are excellent and the look of it is luxurious.

- Andrea S

Love it my Lexus f sport.

I've had no problems since I purchased my vehicle. Car has been great so far. Only had it for a year. Very comfortable and spacious. Love the features it has. Will definitely recommend it to family or single person. I have the f sport and the performance is better that my old one.

- Lisa C

The reliability and the break down rate is very low, but parts do wear out quickly and it is expensive to repair.

The build quality is excellent. Very smooth ride and smooth engine. Dealer service is great. Car is very reliable. However, the front brakes did wear out in 16,000 miles, and we were very easy on the brakes. And it was very expensive to replace. Over $600 for front brakes only.

- Bill D

My Lexus is incredible comfortable. It has amazing features.

It is very comfortable. It includes a system that helps you know that you are passing lanes without the lights. It has an integrated GPS that you can control from your smartphone. It has smooth and comfortable ride quality on bumpy road. It is a gas saver as well.

- Tsunami Q

2017 Lexus is 250 turbo sedan.

My Lexus is amazing it rides smooth riding and quiet and I runs great it has high quality interior and high-tech features, it has led light rearview camera, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning adaptive cruise control and ventilated front seats.

- Daisy T

Lexus protection and positivity.

This car really does protect you. For example a car hit me from the back which made me hit the car in front of me on a freeway, my car was totaled. I was perfectly safe not a scratch. This car is smooth and is the luxury car that I was looking for.

- Natalie A

2017 Lexus IS 200T Black

I love my vehicle. I find its performance to be exceptional. I find it also to be very reliable especially because Lexus is owned by Toyota which is a very reliable company. I think it is very comfortable as well.

- jorge s

The most important thing I would say is how much bang for the buck you get when buying a IS model lexus. Might be a little bit more expensive but what you get in comfort, design and luxury with this model, you can't go wrong.

I like the overall design, leather seats, very roomy and the overall feel of luxury when I'm in the vehicle. It's priced moderately great, based on the fact that it's considered a luxury vehicle.

- Ken R

Luxurious Entry Level Car: Lexus IS 2017

I love the design of my car and it is a pretty good entry level luxury car in my opinion. Seats are comfortable as well which is a huge factor for me. So far I don't have any complaints.

- Aniqa T

It has great compatibility with Bluetooth and has a GPS built in and lane change assist

I love how compact the vehicle is. The built in NAV system and the controls are easy to use. The seats are very comfortable and they can be adjusted for maximum comfort

- Matthew K

My car is very sturdy meaning if you get in a car accident, you will be good.

My vehicle is the best one. I haven't had any issues with it and we've previously owned Lexus for years. It is very fast and the interior is pretty long lasting.

- Samantha G

It is extremely comfortable.

The vehicle is extremely comfortable and drives smoothly. I love the features such as the heated seats and the touchscreen and also the sport mode.

- Martin C

They should know that it's a brand related to toyota and that company puts out high quality vehicles that will last

I like that it's a reliable vehicle that I can have for more than 5-8 years if I take car of it. Safe and looks the way I like my cars to look.

- jason l

The best part of my card is the comfort and the technology.

I have not had any problems since getting my car, it is a lease and it is in great condition and I take it to get service every couple months.

- Stephanie J

Love the color. The speed. Handling is fantastic and I can race through traffic.

Great performance car, fast, great handling. Interior is so comfortable and sports like. No problems so far and that's why we love Lexus.

- Asya V

It will let you know when you are not putting the turning lights.

The comfort is amazing. It drives smoothly. I love the radio, and the features. I love that it includes Bluetooth, and voice command.

- Tsunami Y

There is a lot of power under the hood.

The car is fast. It is low to the ground and stays there. The color is beautiful. Comfortable, even if it is small. It is compact.

- Marie O

I love the way it drives and the interior.

I love how my car drives. It has a great interior and lots of great features. I love Lexus dealership I bought it from as well.

- Jessica C

Best car ever!- 2017 IS 300

Absolutely love this car. Nice size, quick. Car has a snug safe feeling. Can't believe 1 year has already passed of my lease

- Mary S

Handles well in all weather.

My vehicle is sleek and sporty. It turns many heads. It handles well in all weather. The car is a very comfortable ride.

- Michelle L

Safety features are great! And it's a stylish and comfortable car.

My vehicle is excellent. I love the safety features and feel extremely safe. I also love the look and comfort of my car.

- Jenny S

It drives like a dream. It has great handling and the service is also good.

I love the brand and status it gives. The ride is very smooth. The seats and controls and comfortable and easy to use.

- Natalie B

It's a V6 so it's not that great on gas mileage. It's pretty nice otherwise. The small trunk space also sucks.

I like the smooth ride. It's a nice car. I don't like that it's horrible on gas and the small trunk space.

- Nikki J

It is reliable and affordable.

I love everything about my vehicle. I just do not like stressing about the mileage because it is a lease.

- Stacy T

It has a great handling on it. The color is unique. I have gotten nothing but compliments.

My car is great. I enjoy driving it around. It has the luxurious and sport feeling. It is fully loaded.

- Hrag B

Executing performance for outputs.

I like its speed ,model, mobilado, radar system, upholstery, footprint, you sound at the garment, all.

- Richard W

Excellent system, good comfort

Excellent performance, good comfort. System satellite effective. Perfect speed. None complaint. Like

- Alvaro S

It has been reliable ever since day one. Only have done regular maintenance

I like the handling of the vehicle, and the standard equipment. The engine could use more power.

- Tony L

I love my IS 200T. It has a small 4-cylinder engine, which is helpful for gas, but the turbo allows for great pick up & speed. Also it's red & I love it ;)

This car is awesome, don't get the upgraded "F" series unless you're getting the 350.

- helen g

there is Nothing important anyone needs to know about this car

Its compact but can still seat 4 people. Its fast and has great handling.

- Billy R