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Great car all around! Smooth acceleration and safety breaks!

A problem that I have with my vehicle is one of the additional features that come with the car. The feature is the steering wheel warmer. When it is on, it only heats up at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions, but the other sides of the steering wheel remain cold. Otherwise, the car works very smoothly. The drive is very quiet and smooth, the acceleration is also very smooth. One of the features that I love about the car is the safety brake. When the car is getting too close to another car, it will automatically brake for safety reasons and this really helps prevent accidents. Another thing I like about this car is the reverse camera. Not only does this car have a reverse camera, but there are also lines that will show up on the screen to show you where your car will go in whichever position the steering wheel is in. Another feature of the screen is that it is higher and further on the front of the car than the previous models. Even though this feature takes away the touch-screen part of it, the control system is pretty smooth itself. On the screen, you can choose to have two screens to view. Whether the one on the left is maps or contact list and etc., you can also see what music you are playing on the other or even how many miles your car has left with the amount of gasoline your car has. All in all, it is a great car and it has a good amount of space in the trunk and in the second row seats.

- Wendy H

In summary, I would like to say that Lexus is the only way to go.

I drive a 2017 Lexus 350 rx SUV. Every person I know that owns the same type of vehicle says the same thing. I will never get another type of car. This car is so comfortable and dependable. It has so many added features that I love, such as seats that move back automatically when you get out the car. The outside mirrors will alert you as to any vehicles that are close to your side. If you get too close to a car, it will stop. When you park your car in the garage, it will alert you if you are getting too close to an object. If it rains, the windshield wipers operate automatically. As an added bonus, the 2017 model uses regular unleaded gas. I also feel very safe in this car. My sister liked the car so much, that she bought one exactly like mine.

- Marilyn F

Comfortable luxurious SUV.

I love my 2017 Lexus rx 350, it drives smoothly, has great pick up, seats are very comfortable. There are many safety features, including blind spots light up on side view mirrors, automatic braking if you get too close to car in front, also automatic bright lights. Some of the comfortable features are, heated steering wheel, heated and cooling seats and I love the Bluetooth feature. The look is sleek and luxurious interior. I have had 6 Lexus’s, I actually had one that was over 400,000 plus miles. In fact I didn't have to change the Lexus original battery for over ten years. I true Lexus fan.

- Melissa W

the Rx hybrid get great mileage per gallon of gas.

Lexus Rx is a hybrid. Gets great gas mileage 34.2 miles per gallon of gas. Quiet very comfortable ride. The interior is roomy and well designed. The leather seats are comfortable and offer electronic adjustments. The heat and cool function works well and an added plus . The navigation system is well designed for easy use. Voice command for phone is often a hit or miss with getting address or phone call correct. This is also common on a BMW car we own. Storage in the back is adequate. Seats fold easy for the extra storage in the back. I enjoy driving this car.

- Lynn A

Great Car will own it for a LONG time!

I LOVE this vehicle. It has such a smooth ride, it is quiet, and I have had virtually NO issues with it. Other than regular maintenance, I have not had to take the car in for any repairs. The amenities are wonderful - I love the heated and Air conditioned seats! If I were to complain about ONE thing, the heated steering wheel doesn't heat up fast enough. Great car and I will have it for a long time.

- Stephanie H

The lights inside the car turn on with the brush of your hand.

Love the car but not the poor mileage. As gas continues to rise again the cost of fuel becomes even more important as well as the effect on the environment. The sound system is terrific and the ride is cushy which makes it enjoyable to drive. I do wish the design wasn't so sharp edged. All in all this car functions well and Lexus financial is responsive.

- Nancy G

Perfect for the buyer who wants an SUV that looks and drives like a sports car.

This vehicle is the choice for anyone wanting an SUV that has the feel and look of a sports car. The computer screen is built into the dash and does not look like an afterthought as it does on most other cars. The multiple drive settings are fun to adjust based on your mood. The driver's seat is the most comfortable driver seat I have ever sat in.

- Patty L

Rear view mirror monitors.

Rx350 just the right size. Very comfortable. Lots of good features side mirror car signal advanced cruise control. Four wheel drive. Navigation system ample power and reasonable gas mileage. I have not had any problems. I purchased a 45 thousand warranty at purchased I really enjoy the car and purchase another Lexus in the future.

- John R

Safest car on the road. Check it out!

I have had no problems with this vehicle, it is one of the most comfortable cars. I like the idea of being higher up. The view is a lot better than a regular car. Lexus is a great dealership. There is no pressure into buying. We get our car washed for free every time it is needed. I would recommend Lexus to everyone.

- Laurie G

The doors recognize the key being carried and you don't need to insert it

I bought this vehicle a couple years ago and have had no problems. The price was reasonable, the miles we're very low, and I purchased the extended warranty. I have been very happy with my decision. Lexus is one of the elite foreign makes, and I will say nothing but positive things about the company now.

- Philip A

Comfort first and last. This car is the last car I'll ever buy.

I love the comfort and ride. I love the technology including hands free, Sirius radio, online assistance. I dislike the turning radius and find it difficult to park in narrow spaces. On the other hand, this does give me more exercise as I'm parking farther away from stores so I get more steps in!

- Nancy M

Lexus sport utility vehicle.

Comfortable and fast. The gas mileage is very good as well. We can fit people in it comfortably as well as using it for work for deliveries. It is good as a daily driver and for traveling. For the price it comes with a lot of features. We have the f sport and I am glad we paid extra for the f sport.

- Shannon W

The storage area is great. All kinds of hidden areas.

I love the size of this SUV. It is very quiet car and rides very smooth. I have had many Lexus auto but this is by far my favorite. I love the quality of leather, radio, navigation etc. The back set is very comfortable as well. The only thing I miss is the roll down window in the back.

- Nancy H

Great car. This the third Lexus rx that I own. First is still in family.

Love the car, very comfortable seats, smooth drive, takes regular gas. Mileage is fair, averages about 18 mpg. Love the safety features such as automatic braking, signal when going out of lane, signals when car or object or person is near car. And service department is very accommodating.

- Kb B

Complete Luxury and reliability

Most comfortable car. Very smooth ride. Complete luxury. Love the large display screen. Extremely reliable. Great acceleration love all of the surround cameras. Cannot feel the car shift gears. Enjoy the sunroof that extends the entire length of roof. Heated and air seats are wonderful.

- Tracy C

This is our favorite car and great for long trips. Love this car!

We love our car because it is reliable and comfortable. I especially like automatic start and it is very roomy with large trunk space. We have made many long trips with this vehicle. Everyone likes the performance and ride this car provides. This is by far the best car we have had.

- Natalie C

Lexus 2017 rx sport overall a great luxury vehicle. Highly recommended.

Automatic lock problems as of recent. Comfort is great. Mileage is excellent. A bit expensive to take into the dealership quarterly. I have had the car for about a 1 year now. Drives well. Enough room to fit 5 people comfortably. The sport is a bit different in the regular models.


Awesome and perfect in every way.

I have no problems with my vehicle. It is extremely comfortable for long distance and is a smooth ride. The features are high tech and up to date. It makes for a comfortable, easy, and carefree drive. The care is reliable, I have had no problems with performance or functionality.

- Brittany J

Lots of great features for the Lexus rx 350.

Comfortable ride with style and wonderful handling. Nice leather interior and great amenities. Tons of safety features for families and teen drivers. Great gas mileage city and highway. Fun to drive. Love everything about this vehicle, from the way it looks to the way it drives.

- Paula W

This model is rv 350 l, it includes third row seating great for grandkids.

I have experienced no problems whatsoever with this vehicle. I do love it. Just a couple of things that I do not like, the clock, the controls for ac/heater. Other than those things I really do like everything about the car it has lots of room and includes third row seating.

- Beth O

Review of my vehicle purchased last year.

Comfort and sporty vehicle that I enjoy to drive. Customer service at Lexus is exceptional! If I had to purchase another Lexus again I would recommend this to a friend or colleague. The only thing I wish they would put in a Lexus is a phone wireless charger in the rx models.

- Professor W

Lexus provides detailed health report on vehicle on a monthly basis via email.

Extremely reliable especially in inclement weather. Handles well on ice, snow and steep hills. Awesome customer service at Lexus dealership. Helpful amenities in the vehicle such as the amount of air in tires. One can also monitor the health of the vehicle through the app.

- Lillian A

A Great mom mobile for stylish moms on the go

I really love my rx 350. It's the perfect size for me to drive and feel comfortable and safe. I have two small children and the back seat holds both car seats just fine. It drives smooth and does great on long road trips. I haven't had any issues with it so far.

- Melissa C

Metallic midnight blue beautiful look. Sports package for added flare.

Handles well, high performance with plenty of power all upgrades. Have had 2 years absolutely no reliability issues, long wheel base for smooth ride climate control and GPS for unknown addresses heated seats in cold weather blind spot camera - love this vehicle.

- Becky U

You do not have to do much to ensure a smooth and easy ride to your destination.

It is a very easy car to drive. It is light, and the ride is smooth. It is a much easier drive than any other car I have driven, and it is safe. It is not the best in the snow, but other than that I love it. We lease our cars, and it is the 4th one we've gotten.

- Meg L

I love the interior it's up to date and the leather is beautiful

It's a beautiful car..it rides well and smooth. The interior is beautiful with two tone leather and wood. GPS and screens are awesome..love the mirrors that let you know if someone is in corner. The back seats fold down for convenience and the engine is awesome

- Lisa A

God SUV, but not perfect in many aspects.

Reliable, comfortable, convenient, good for luggage carrying, not terrific on gas mileage, does not have a full spare tire, front seats can recline, but not quite in line with the rear sits cushions, it makes it difficult to load long items, especially canoe.

- Michael Z

369 camera. Heads up display. Lexus assist.

The vehicle is extremely reliable with great technology and safety features. Routine maintenance is all that is been required so far. 360 degree camera is a great feature along with the heads up display. Hands free features are especially useful when driving.

- Nora D

Gentle and smooth car in my life

I like my car so gentle and smooth to drive. And my husband mostly like this car. We have a second time of this company car. So we have other car which is the second car is this company car we leased now. We can recommend to other people to drive this car

- Mee ran T

Smooth ride and great customer service.

It runs very smooth, and it is easy to go to the dealership. The dealerships are always nice and have good break rooms where I can get breakfast. So good customer service. The car performs well and has a good amount of power. I tow my boat with it regular.

- Rob D

This is my second rx 350. I love my car!

Have experienced no problems to date. Love the look, style, comfort, and performance of car. Handling is easy. Luxury interior with many pluses. Good sound system and safety features. Comfortable seating with room to carry most everything. I love my car.

- Barbara W

The truck is reliable and performs well in all weather conditions. Aside from normal maintenance, have had no issues with it.

the truck has a great look. The ride is superb with a comfortable interior. Cargo space is abundant for its size. it has great features on the dashboard. The GPS is horrendous as is the radio as it has a remote control device on the console.

- william c

Besides the cool look s it can save on gas if you drive in economy mode.

My vehicle has sharp body lines plenty of power, a fantastic sound system plus a CD and a DVD?s player s all leather interior. Heated seats and a heated steering wheel and tint windows and a smooth ride.

- Robert A

The safety features and how helpful they are, especially for less experienced drivers.

I love the safety features, which include a sort of buzzer that alerts me to when I have steered too far into another lane. Also, my car will stop if I get too close to another vehicle/pedestrian.

- Ali L

It would make a good work van for someone with mechanical skills.

Like: safety features, Bluetooth, keyless entry, sirius radio, auto headlights, auto wipers, heated seats, backup camera.. Dislike: gps is temperamental, mistakes when making a Bluetooth call.

- Linda B

It's super reliable and has all wheel drive

Likes: it's luxurious and extremely reliable. Also doesn't get bad gas mileage. Dislikes: seems to not accelerate fast enough sometimes but this could be b/c of eco mode. Overall no complaints

- Kelli M

The price tag may seem high but it's so worth it.

I love how it looks. I love all the safety features that it has like warnings on incoming traffic when backing out or blind side indicator. And, I love how smooth it feels when driving it.

- Cynthia P

It's loaded with safety features yet is style very stylish

I love the car. It's roomy without being too much for one person. The thing I like most is the safety features. Side mirror alerts, lane change assist, rear view camera, backup alerts

- Kay P

My car feels very safe since it handles well in all weather conditions.

I love how comfortable my car is. The safety features and options are perfect for me so I can feel safe driving. The vehicle style helps me feel youthful. Plus, I enjoy driving it.

- Michelle A

Black RX 350, leather seats, mahogany trim, navigation, large screen, heated and ventilated seats.

I haven't had any problems with my car. I would say that the gas mileage is not great. Additionally, the car has a lot of buttons, as compared toothed new vehicles.

- Jessica T

This car is very dependable have had no issues with it.

I like the color design and all the technical inventions. The smooth ride, safety features has a sporty design. Also noted to be dependable long term vehicle.

- Rebecca U

Good visibility all around the vehicle. I feel I'm a safer driver because I can see the traffic around me.

Like - Comfortable interior Like - Riding higher in the SUV gives better view of the road ahead Like - Safety technology Dislike - poor voice recognition

- Paul J

Love my Lexus rx350. Just love everything about the car its roomy & comfortable.

My Lexus is a very comfortable ride and I love the color and its a smooth ride! No problem with my car at all but I've only had a year! Very reliable car!

- Sylvia G

It is very good on gas mileage.

Like.... Comfortable, smooth drive, spacious, modern interior, nice look on the outside.... Dislike.... There is nothing that I dislike about my car.

- Kelli H

Very sporty look, beautiful inside interior.

Love my Lexus rx350, very modern, run very smooth, high tech, very safe, soft leather, save on gas mileage, blinded side mirror, heat or cool seat.

- Jenny M

The most important thing others should know about my car if that is a great family car.

I like the gas per mileage. I like that it is comfortable for my family. I like the drive of the vehicle. I dislike certain blind spots it has .

- Alina D

It's really comfortable and easy to relax inside while you are driving.

Everything is really good, I love the seats and the ease of driving it, a lot of functions inside the that makes driving easier and comfortable.

- Sihien S

Very nice ride and handles well. In the past Lexus is a brand I trust to have very few repairs as long as recommended maintenance is kept up with.

This is my first SUV. I have owned Lexus before, pleased with quietness of SUV. No dislikes so far. Just getting use to all the electronics.

- Mar T

very nice but big unless you have kids. runs smooth and you ride high above others, you are able to see well above others.

like the design, its too big. i like the features like the backup camera. It's hard to put child in car seat because of the height of the car.

- sai n

That Lexus is a reliable long lasting brand that will meet the test of time.

Its reliable and a great brand. I know it will be reliable for many years, and I like to drive my cars for at least a couple hundred miles.

- Tracy H

The safety features are what makes my car great. The technology gives the driver many features to improve his driving and safety.

The ride is smooth and not noisy. The technology is simple to use and helpful. The car has many safety features. I have no complaints.

- Frank G

Overall it is a great vehicle you will love to drive.

I don't think it picks up speed fast enough. I love the ventilated seats!!! I also love the back up camera and blind spot sensors.

- Melinda H

Lexus with quiet and comfort

The Lexus RX 350 is Quiet and comfortable. I love the smooth ride. It has a good size for storage and is higher than a sedan

- Lincoln L

Maximum number of people for comfort is 4 not enough room for 5 with a car seat.

Like: comfortable, ample cargo space, quiet ride. Dislike: more safety features needed, no apple play or wireless charging.

- Alison C

It's an enjoyable ride. Sit back and relax.

Smooth ride and sound system.Also, large screen. Like high ride versus our BMW.... Wish a little more room for passengers..

- Mike M

It is pretty and comfortable. It is a little bigger than the previous RX model.

I love my car. I love the style and interior and the exterior color. It is not as good on gas mileage as my previous Lexus.

- Nadine M

Great family vehicle with amazing comfort and safety.

No complaints about the vehicle. I just wish I would have picked something a bit larger. Safety and comfort is amazing.

- Lindsay H

It is an enjoyable ride. Sit back and enjoy the smooth ride.

Smooth handling, smooth ride. Just the right amount of bells and whistles. Upgraded sound system gives quality output.

- Mike M

A very safe car,,,,,lets you know if another car is coming up on either side of you; lets you know if you stray out of your lane.

Built like a tank! Great look and features. Feel very safe in it. Great computer technology. Really no complaints.

- Nancy R

Best car I've owned by far.

By far the most comfortable car I have owned. Such a great experience to drive this car. Smooth ride, nice options.

- Kim m

it's a very prestigious upscale SUV Lexus makes the lease terms very reasonable

It is a great riding comfortable SUV It has a high resale value It's a great SUV to lease I have no complaints

- James H

Excellent services by Lexus dealer.

Excellent car and handling. Excellent tech features. Auto Braking, auto cruise is cool. High end leather interior.

- Chin D

It is a very safe car. It has blind spot monitoring

It's safe economical on gas. It is good for the environment since it's a hybrid. It has all the bells and whistles

- Carol R

very safe to drive. There are a number of features such as a warning beeper when someone is walking or driving behind you.

Lots of safety features, good gas mileage for a big suv, nice spacious interior, but the front grill is just ugly

- Leslie W

Reliable sporty suv that is priced better than you expect

No problems as it is brand new. Love Lexus and this is our 9th one. I have had 4 RX and they keep getting better

- Jennifer W

Luxury car that uses a lot of gas

Very good Smooth Luxurious Drives nicely Strong Good sound system Elegant from the inside Takes a lot of gas

- Caroline S

Fast and fun to drive handles great

Love the car would buy the. At again it is great it is fast fun to drive great handling awesome vehicle

- Matt B

Lexus SUV Very Good Choice

high quality dependable vehicle that is attractive and has latest safety features and is a luxury car

- brad h

Gas mileage and vehicle repair costs.

The car is great. Id highly recommend this vehicle for anybody because they last a really long time.

- Anthony S

safety feature is most important thing for me and tell others

I like the design of the car, features like parking assistance, back camera, and it is so quiet

- mi s

I like the technology and the feel of the ride. It also has great trunk space for kid stuff.

It's a great family car that fits 2 cars seats in the back and a smaller person in the middle.

- Tammy H

How efficient it is and all of the options that it comes with. It's sound system is astounding

Great conform ride and sight lines. Great look and gas efficient for Its size. Worth the money

- William V

Luxurious performance and stylish design. Best customer service.

Great customer service and experience. Perfect excellent performance. Sweet luxury and style.

- Debbie T

It drives as good as it looks!

Love the styling and comfort. The console and navigation system is a little complicated.

- Craig M

It is not only stylish but comfortable and easy to drive.

I like the comfort of the ride. The mileage is good. The size and space of the vehicle.

- Kimberly S

That it's a lot bigger compared to many other SUVs than it looks.

It's a very luxurious and spacious car. Smooth and quiet ride yet powerful enough for me.

- Jon H

safety features are the best

best vehicle I've had. The safety features are unreal. the electronics are top notch.

- Ken F

it has a backup camera and very easy to drive. Also has auto wipers and lights.

Vehicle is great. I love the backup camera. I love the GPS. Drives Beautifully

- Jill S

It is very reliable and drives very well

I love the way my car drives. It is very reliable and the styling is great

- Kim R

That it is a Lexus and therefore will last forever.

Beautiful and lots of great technology. It has a great stereo system.

- bill m

how nice it drives..i feel very safe very comfortable

love the way it drives love the updated equipment love sitting high


It's very comfortable to drive and uses regular gas.

No complaints. It's just the right size for me and has great apps.

- Gloria J

I like the way the car drives. It's smooth and easy to steer

I dislike the hassles on the door. It looks like a dent in the car

- Tilo W

It is a very dependable vehicle. Local dealership is excellent.

It is Comfortable and dependable. It is the 2nd Rx I've owned

- LA C

Comfortable seats which provides plenty of room for passengers.

The ride is smooth. Great acceleration. Comfortable seats.

- Michelle G

It's a safe and reliable car that I enjoy driving.

Easy ride, reliable and cute. Looks good and it's spacious

- Tiffany A




I like everything about it! It is a luxury car with SUV capabilities! A GREAT combination!!!

Lexus is a synonym for a quality product with luxury!!!

- Carol B

I feel safe and sound in it. I think it is one of the most comfortable cars ever

no complaints so far. I love it and it feels luxurious

- nadia a

My Lexus rx350 is ideal for any type day or evening.

- Willie G

Luxury SUV with the feel of a sports car.

- Brooke G