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The main thing that I like about my Lincoln Nag. Is how comfortable it is .

2017 Lincoln Navigator Reserve

My Lincoln Nag. Is a beautiful SUV. That is one reason that we bought it. It is very quiet and the seats are very comfortable. The running boards slide out quietly when you open the door. I love when this happens because it makes me feel as someone is helping me out of it. The space in the back is very large. When the third row of seats is folded down(by pushing a button) the back is large enough to hold the wall oven that we bought at Sears. The second row of seats are comfortable and large. On the back of the front seats there are two DVR players that can be watched together or separate. My husband likes it because it has so many airbags. Beside the ones in the front there are air bags on each side of every seat. Seven people can ride in it because it is so spacious and there will still be plenty of room for your bags. The only problem that I had when we first bought it was parking it because I was not used to parking a car that large. However I don't have that problem anymore. The front seats can be controlled pushing a button you can have heated seats or cool seats in the summertime. It does not use as much gas as my husband thought that it would. We often go on long trips and we are very comfortable during our drive. Someone rear ended me at Walmart but there was very little damage done to my bumper.

- Shirley C

The navigator is a great car.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Select

I travel a good bit and this car is big enough for all my travel needs. It is very comfortable and rides like a car instead of a truck. It is sharp looking. One thing I really like is the night light on the door. It helps getting in it at night. I also have the automatic step that lets down when I open the door. I am short so this really helps. Love the seat heaters in the front and back. It also has air in the front seats. All in all I tell you I love this car.

- Janet B

It is a great, comfortable and safe ride. However, I wish there was a greater color selection.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

My biggest complaint is the horrid GPS system. I have had other Navigators and with those, one could communicate with a real live person. NOT WITH THIS ONE. It is always wrong and one has to look away from the road very often, dangerous!! The steering is much better on this one and I love it a lot except for the horrible GPS!!!


Great space and features for a busy family.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

My navigator has been a very reliable vehicle, however we have had issues with the interior screen freezing and not responding to buttons selected on the touch screen. The gas mileage that I get for such a large vehicle is great too. The extended version offers enough room for all my kids and their sports equipment.

- Ashley S

Love this vehicle. Great family car.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Select

Very comfortable and dependable. Very bad on gas. Tires last a long time. Many great features that other vehicles do not offer. I am able to fit my large family in this vehicle. We use this for both long and short road trips. We travel several state over often. Other than the gas, I can't complain.

- Lea R

Great ride but a little expensive.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

The car has very good performance however I don't think that it is much better than that of the much lower priced expedition. It is a very smooth ride and you do feel safe and secure while driving. For the price there is not many features but overall it is a great vehicle.

- Sarah S

Entertainment center with DVD player and headphones.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

No Cadillac navigator vehicle issues, great reliably, very comfortable, enjoy the heated seats, sunroof, fold down rear seats, inside controlled side mirrors, rear outside object alarm, precise steering, spacious cargo area, entertainment center, and satellite radio,

- Peggy S

It's a great ride that does not feel like a truck.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

I love the size and smoothness of the ride. I do not like that you have to be in park to open the tailgate, it's super inconvenient when in carpool line. And my children hate the vents in the back ceiling bcs they are not adjustable

- Catherine F

It is the smoothest, most comfortable ride I have ever driven.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

I love the size. I love the feel of driving it. It is super smooth. I hate how much gas it requires and I hate how you cannot open or close the rear door unless you are in park. It is super annoying in carpool line

- cathy f

My Lincoln navigator - I love it!

2017 Lincoln Navigator

I really enjoy my Lincoln navigator. It has great pick up and go when accelerating. The features are nice including the auto running boards and folding in side mirrors. I also like the sunroof and stereo.

- Judith W

The space inside, the comfort, the luxury, the ride itself.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

The appearance of the vehicle. The comfortable ride. The comfort of the seats. The prestige of the vehicle. The functions available inside. The luxury experience. The capacity. The sound system.

- Kim a

Luxury, endurance and dependability. I really do like this vehicle and I highly recommend it.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator is a very fine automobile. It is luxurious yet rugged when the situation calls for it. It handles very well but could do better on gas mileage.

- Justin L

This vehicle is safe and extremely comfortable to ride in.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

I love my vehicle. The turning radius is the best I've had. All of the electronics work to enhance my driving experience.

- Dana C

It is dependable and a great buy.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

I like how my car rides and the extra features. I do not like how some of the sensors go off for no reason.

- J W