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It's a very compact crossover. The AWD feature is great, gas mileage is good also and it's priced well enough. But if you're looking for a true crossover suv or if you travel and need the cargo space in the back this may not be the car for you. I have a hard time picking up 2 people from the airport and being able to fit their luggage in the car as well.

When I was in the process of purchasing a vehicle the Cx-3 was Mazda's new model out so there wasn't too much feedback from current owners of that model so I had to go by what Mazda's dealership told me. I had a few requirements including AWD, enough passenger space, as I was going to be using this car for work in real estate and need to be able to fit clients comfortably in my car to take out, and lastly decent gas mileage as well as affordable maintenance. At first I was just so happy to have a new car and was in a rush since I needed to purchase right away as my car had been totaled in an accident but I knew I wanted to go with Mazda or Nissan since our next car purchase was going to be an electric vehicle but Tesla has not yet come out with their more affordable model at the time. The car is very tight inside and I wasn't able to comfortably fit two people in my backseat without moving the front seats all the way up, which made my drive and the front passengers very uncomfortable. Also I had to have tires special ordered when there were nails and glass in the street ruining two brand new tires right after buying my car. I spent right about $600 on two tires and had to wait for them to be ordered because no one had the tires to fit this vehicle in stock at the time and there weren't options available when ordering I had to go with more expensive tires. Since both tires were ruined and I only had one donut and no spare at that time I ended up having to rent a car until the tires were delivered 5 days later. Even currently when looking for filters and other maintenance items for the CX-3 there's not many options compared to all the other Mazda models and find my air filters cost much more in comparison to the other filters available for the other models. Even cargo space is not as large as it appears and larger items are very difficult get into the car because the trunks small opening and door. My husband is happy driving the car, but he had a Honda Fit previously so he's used to a compact car. I can't consider this a "crossover suv" it's more the a compact hatchback with AWD. I would've went with another model if things would've been explained more honestly. But they made the car seem like consumers love it and it's roomy, with great gas mileage etc. I currently have to switch cars with a coworker every time I have to take clients out and if I wasn't lucky enough to have someone willing to do that we would've had to purchase another car for myself to be able to use for work.

- Christine N

All wheel drive that can really handle the most with the very least gas mileage.

My Mazda was a perfect fit for the kind of driving I needed to do to get to school, to work, and just around town. I wanted to have the convenience of a 4-door vehicle, but the size that takes on tight city streets easily. It also featured great storage features, with the seats that collapse in the back to create a larger trunk space, which I have used on many occasions to move house, manage furniture, and other feats. It is an AWD vehicle and it gets much better mileage than other cars I have driven, so it is kind to my wallet when I do have to pump for gas. It has a Bluetooth capability that has helped me stay connected to music, calls, and has two USB ports that keep my devices charged. It is not without faults, however, since there is no center console for storage, and I have had to take it in for issues pertaining to the ac and other electronic features. Other than that, this car has been a dream and I love the way it feels to drive it.

- Rachel R

More than just something to drive.

Smooth, comfortable ride. Quiet in the cabin. Great heating/ac system for front seat, allowing passenger and driver to individually control temps (no such extension to back seat). Radio easy to control from steering wheel but horribly hard to control from the center console. Heads -up display. Cruise control. GPS. Bluetooth. Only two USB ports, both in center console, none in back seat. Fold-down drink holder in back seat. Side mirror blind spot warning lights (love these!) And back up camera. Cannot pop hatchback from inside vehicle -- very inconvenient. Bigger/higher profile than a car, but still smaller than a true SUV. Mpg in the high 20's. Lately the computerized entertainment system has been freezing (unable to change stations or input source, etc.) -- can be re-booted, but irritating every time and it is been happening a lot.

- Carol C

2016 Mazda cx-3, urban agility at its finest!

I absolutely love my 2016 Mazda cx-3! The only downside is not being able to switch from four wheel drive to two wheel drive. Maintenance is cost effective and rarely needed (yet). The seats are super comfortable and despite being a fairly small vehicle it is surprisingly roomy on the inside. The stock stereo system is excellent, Bluetooth works great, and it is all easily navigated and user friendly. On top of everything, the cx-3 has better safety ratings than Volvo which is saying something. Overall, I'd definitely recommend the Mazda cx-3!

- Lauren O

I love the backup camera. I'll never own another car without it.

Trim already fell off the outside of the car. And the back tailgate fill up with water from time to time. I have to go into the dealer to have it drained. Performance loves those tight turns. I have had no problems with the car. It is a little tight with the seating. Comfortable but could be a lot better. Love the heated seats in the winter. The skytrak is great. And also love the backup camera. I will never own a car without it. Do not like that I have to go inside of the car to unlock the back doors.

- Christina H

2 manufacturing defects in first year of ownership.

Rust started under the rear tailgate after a year of ownership. I took it back to the dealership and they repainted it. The ac also stopped working after 1 year which I took back because apparently this vehicle had a group of bad condensers with holes in them that they purposely kept several in stock at the dealership for that reason. So it was a manufacturing defect they knew about. Sometimes the line of sight in the blind spot is bad but all and all I like it otherwise.

- Jeanne M

Sporty and reliable with two features that could be improved.

The car drives smoothly and has a sporty look and feel. I have a blue exterior with a leather and synthetic combo interior with red threading which is pretty cool looking. The car runs well and has required usual routine maintenance. The front seat arm rest between the driver and passenger is quite week and mine cracked shortly after purchase. Also the location of the lever to adjust the backrest of the seats is hard to reach. Otherwise, I love this car.

- Carrie K

Great looking, functional car with only minor handling complaints.

Great internal features like moonroof, exceptional stereo system, heated leather seats, attractive trim, large screen for GPS/music system. The all wheel drive and manual shifting additions make it very reliable for winter driving. My only complaint is the way the suspension is built makes turns not feel quite as fluid as other cars I have owned. And tires tend to wear unevenly regardless of getting them realigned. Overall a good car.

- Chenille G

The new, improved 'Mom Car'

Mazda CX-3 is a great crossover vehicle! If you're looking for that SUV look without the large, clunkiness that goes with it, this is the vehicle for you. The overall design gives a great sporty look. I love the Bluetooth capability and the phone features. The hidden compartment in the hatch is a great extra space for all those items that you drive around with (for me: diapers, baby wipes, extra toys, water, etc.

- Lindsey M

Grand touring. Upgraded rims, Bluetooth & navigation systems radio.

I hate the problems with the low profile tires & tire light constantly coming on. I have had several flat tires and 1 tire blow out that was very scary. They are too sensitive, and so is the light even when nothing is wrong. They do not hold air very well and seem to be prone to hazard. Plus $250 to replace a tire!! I have also had issues with the radio rebooting itself when the temperature gets below 40 degrees.

- Abby B

Red sporty Mazda, with great accessories. Great camera for the back.

My Mazda is very reliable. I need a car that is effective when it comes to gas because I normally do a lot of driving. It saves a lot of fuel. I like the way it drives. My favorite asset is the back camera and the screen that it has to see the camera. It is a very safe tool to have. I do not see myself driving a car that does not have that accessory anymore. I love how you can see your surroundings very well.

- Maria R

Mazda CX-3- reliable and comfortable

Comfort is great, the seats are comfortable and stylish. Gas mileage is great and I can fill up for very cheap. The only problem I've had so far is that the condenser for the air conditioning went bad. As this is a new car, it was disappointing to have this go bad so soon. However, it was under warranty and they replaced it for free. Overall, I would recommend this car

- Shay Y

Fuel efficient, beautiful design.

The Mazda cx3 is a great small SUV for anyone at any age. It is great for city driving and highway driving. It has great gas mileage comparable to other vehicles in its class. The vehicle is easy to drive. The features are modern and the dashboard look is sleek and well designed. The backup camera feature is very useful for me when I am reversing.

- Ann S

Well it runs on long trips and have safe it is. I also do not worry about gas.

It is honestly a really good car and I do not have problems. It runs really smooth the breaks work great. All the technology in the car works fine as well. There is a lot of space in the car. The seats are very comfortable. When I have to drive far miles the gas stays with the car for a good amount of time before I have to fill up again.

- Sunshine C

Comfort and safety with great hauling capacity.

Comfortable. Lots of room to haul stuff, particularly with the back seats down. Very little mechanical trouble. Reliable. Feel safe in it. Good price. Gets good gas mileage on the road and in-town and only needs regular petrol. Comes with a good warranty will get another Mazda when ready to trade. Dealership service is really good too.

- Joyce T

Great car but should've gotten a larger model

great gas mileage, safety features such as back-up camera and blind spot detectors on side mirrors, CX-3 model is a bit small - back seat passengers do not have a lot of space for their legs or anything else that might be transported in the back, radio system started having trouble connecting to Bluetooth on my phone after about a year

- Anonymous B

An excellent vehicle for long commutes and trips due to it's comfort and gas mileage.

I love my Maza! Save for a nail bursting my tire, I've had no problems with my vehicle thus far. It's speedy for hopping on the highway, and maintains decent gas mileage. Plenty of room on the inside, even being a smaller model and me a bigger girl. Fairly comfortable as well, and though mostly standard, excellent operating features.

- Stephanie H

Backup camera is awesome, small windows are weird.

The only problems I have had with my vehicle are how small the windows are. They are small to incorporate side airbags so it is a sacrifice for safety. The other problem is not having arm rests on the seats but it is not a big deal. The car is reliable and fast and has good gas mileage, and it has a backup camera which I love.

- Juliet T

Happy driving trails and adventures.

This car drives like a sports car or you can select economy gas!! It has heated seats built in GPS and connect for music and phone!! It has a safety warnings for low pressure on tires!! All wheel drive works great in the winter!! Gas mileage could be better but that is my only complaint!! The price is worth the purchase!!

- Corinne W

2016 models have condensation issues.

This model year has issues with headlights getting condensation inside. Corporate knows about it but makes it a hassle to get it replaced. It is an $1100 part without warranty and dealerships do not want to fix it. Other than that, it is a good, reliable vehicle although calling it a small SUV is a bit of a stretch.

- Sarah C

It's too small for infant car seats but it's super stylish.

It is super cute and sporty and has nice features, drives very well. I have some electrical issues with the car, it's a bit too small for my needs and it's not at all child car seat friendly - very difficult to fit rear-facing car seats without cramming the front seat passengers into an uncomfortable little space.

- Wendi T

Mazda CX-3/ Sassy and Sporty

This car is probably one of the best cars I've ever owned. It is sporty and efficient, sassy and fun. I would recommend a Mazda CX-3 to anyone. Some of my most favorite features is the cruise control features. I also like the safety ratings. It makes me feel very safe and very much in control at all times.

- Stephanie R

The Mazda cx-3 is comfortable, sporty, and has so many safety features.

I have had no problems with my cx-3. It is super comfortable and sleek. I love the back up camera and blind spot monitors on the mirrors. Super helpful! The maintenance application on the car notifies you when your oil change is coming up, tire rotation, etc. This car is incredibly smart and looks sporty.

- Ashley W

Great car to buy amazing on gas and a really sleek look.

I personally love this vehicle, it's sleek roomy, great on gas and is a nice ride. It handles really well with a sunroof! There's a lot of trunk space for traveling. And I love the all the electronics from the range of gas to how much you average on gas in the city. I would recommend this car to anyone

- Christopher B

the Mazda from hell. And heaven sent

it's a nice car drives smooth it's a little ugly though. Takes turns very well' I feel like I should have got a Volkswagen golf. There faster handle better and look sleek. I don't know what else about my Mazda. I only bought the car because it was convenient, the dealership gave me a deal.

- Michael J

Comfortable commuting vehicle

The car rides low, but it is nice and dependable. All of the parts are easily ordered if any problems arise. It is a smooth ride, affordable gas mileage, and spacious enough for our needs. It also has comfortable seating for long haul trips, so if you are a commuter, this is a great car.

- Rebecca L

My vehicle is a grey sporty beauty like me.

There are no vehicle problems, it is definitely 100% reliable, my vehicles comfort is a 10 it is leather but has heated seats for the winter. . Summer it can get hot but I tinted my windows, and it is features also a 10. Noncompliant. I made sure I loved my car before purchasing.

- Amanda M

Great luxury for the price.

The front end is a little long for my taste and makes me feel like I am going to hit something. I hate the cup holder situation, but that is literally the worst thing I can say about this car. Reliable, decent gas mileage for its size, and it feels super luxurious for the price.

- Patty G

It has seats that fold down depending on what you need to pick up.

I really like this vehicle comfort and features it is very Dependable and compact and gets very good gas mileage, long distance or short distance driving. It is just want I need with a person that do not drive a lot. And it be good for people taking a short driving vacation.

- Carolyn C

My vehicle has very nice gas mileage and is perfect for those that have to drive

I love driving my Mazda, I have not had problems with this car. I drive a lot with my job and it had been a very reliable car. The only complaint that I may say is that it can be a bit noisy on the freeway. But, this has not been a very large issue and it's a easy ride.

- Amanda E

Great gas mileage & great for daily commute.

My vehicle is automatic but I can switch it to manual transmission, I love it. I live in Denver Colorado and when I am coming down the mountains it is very helpful to switch it to manual transmission so I do not have to use the breaks too much, also great gas mileage.

- Ingrid F

The most quick, stylish, luxurious, 'bang for the buck' vehicle!

This car is so reliable, quick, fast engine! The comfort level is very comfortable. The size is SMALL, so I do not recommend this car if you have children. I only have a dog and significant other so it is perfect for us. The luxury of this car feels like a Mercedes.

- Rylee T

Great family car but difficult to get used to.

No problems with functionality but radio and speaker is too quiet. Seats are comfortable and there is enough room for traveling with a large family. Size of car feels large and does not accelerate quickly enough when entering highway and is difficult to maneuver.

- Colleen G

cute, fast, comfortable for a young adult

AC broke after two years and had to be replaced (bad part). The screen for the navigation/entertainment has poor glue so it started to "spider" and had to be replaced after two years. The main speedometer (in dash) broke and had to be replaced after two years.

- Meaghan D

Great car for travels and going on road trips.

Absolutely love my Mazda! Have not had any kind of problems with it and it drives so smooth. Safety rating is great so I know my passengers are safe. Overall great car! Only thing I would change about it is color but that is not a big deal whatsoever.

- Alexander S

My Mazda is meh, I do not hate it but I definitely do not love it.

It runs perfectly fine but I need more space and power/performance in a car. I like the upgraded technology (Bluetooth and cruise control) compared to my 1997 SUV but I would rather have room for my possessions and passengers and more oomph on the road.

- Jessica C

The vehicle is ok, but not great.

The vehicle is pretty great. There is a nice dash, and a 'gunners site' that pops up and displays the mph. The big downside is the road noise. It is terrible. Also, the onboard in-dash nav restarts all the time for no reason. The dealer cannot fix it.

- Jeff S

Best looking small SUV on the road today!

I love the way it looks. Very sporty. I love the headlights, they look like they wink when turned on. I love the color, Navy blue I love the wheels. I dislike the lack of a passenger power seat. I dislike the lack of room in the back seat.

- Doreen B

The car has excellent mileage ! I am able to spend about $50-75 a month on gas.

I like my vehicle because it is an easy ride. I like the additional safety features such as the rear view mirror and the blind-spot sensor system. It is the perfect size and very comfortable. The best part is the WONDERFUL gas mileage.

- Alexis M

fuel efficient which is important along with good safety features

mazda is a quality made auto has many added features which I enjoy and the inside is comfortable and roomy even for a 3 model with a lot of trunk space for when I go to the store. I enjoy driving my car and get many compliments

- Paula B

The car has all wheel drive.

Like the size of my car, that it is easy to use, comfortable, reliable, and gets decent gas mileage. I do not like the front design of the car that much, but otherwise do not have much about it that I do not like.

- Tatiana A

Mazda CX-3 little car that packs a big punch

I honestly love driving a Mazda. I love the fact it has a rear windshield wiper. I am such a fan of the sports mode option when driving. I can't complain. Other than I think there may be an electrical issue.

- Mackenzie S

Over 5 feet tall? Don't buy a Mazda.

My 2016 Mazda 3 hatchback is an automatic, great on gas mileage, and great for zipping through the city. The only thing I really dislike is its size. Not much leg room, no matter what seat your in.

- Tish H

It is very dependable. It only has 55,000 miles on it.

Like the rear view camera and the design of the car. It drives and handles well.... Dislike that there is no arm rest on the driving and passenger seat. The back is cramped for other passengers.

- Ashley K

I must special order everything for my car and it is a first year model.

It is actually an amazing car; the sound system is amazing, heated seats are a plus, drives great. I guess the only negative thing I would say is when the horn randomly does not work.

- Lucas K

Good safe vehicle. Drives great on the interstate at high speeds.

No Sirius radio available. Air conditioning not always so great. Very small storage area. Nice compact SUV. Love the gray color. Goes great in the snow. Like the four door option.

- Sharon P

This car is economical, sporty & cute!

I have had a lot of very nice cars: BMW, Porsche, Cadillac. This car beats them all! It is sporty, cute, economical & reliable. The only complaint is that it is a little small.

- Charlotte D

I love the backup camera and awd it has.

It's like a crossover. I like it because it's not too big but bigger than a car. The only downfall is the backseat is small. I have to fit two car seats and it's tough.

- Ashley S

It does not get excellent gas mileage.

I like that the car has a backup camera. I like the side airbags because they makes me feel safe. I dislike the small windows because it creates blind spots.

- Juliet T

It is affordable without breaking the bank.

Love my 4x4. V8 engine. Body style, the truck runs smoothly. I had it lifted which allowed for 35 inch tires. All in all it has done very well for us.

- Brooke W

It is a great buy from price sticker to mileage.

Compact, easy to maneuver. The fold down seats are convenient. It has excellent gas mileage. I would like for the front passenger seat to fold flat.

- Wanda B

the most important thing other people should know is it is a nice looking car that gets great gas mileage.

i like the way it looks and handles i wish it was a little more roomier. i like the gas mileage it gets and it has a lot of other features i like.

- kevin W

Good quality, comfortable, economical and smooth running car!

The car is great! It runs smoothly, has lots of trunk room, good on gas and I have not had any problems with car yet. The seats are comfortable.

- michelle p

Its own safety awards and is dependable.

I like the style of my vehicle. It is safe and dependable. It gets really good gas mileage. I would like if it had more luxury/comfort features.

- Cali S

The ease of maintenance is far superior to any make or model I've owned.

It meets the Mazda standard for safety and speed. Its engineering is to aircraft standards. The gas mileage is excellent and so is the comfort.

- Abby D

Hands free system does not work very well with iPhone.

Nice vehicle overall. Sporty, good economy. On the small side for space though. Pleased with the reliability and fuel economy.

- Mike W

For under 30k you get all the bells and whistles of more premium cars

Best bang for buck great quality and gas mileage for the money my friends love the deal compared to that of more premium names

- Dutch W

I have never broken down on the side of the road.

I love my vehicle, I have not had any serious problems out of my vehicle. I keep up with the oil change on a daily basis.

- Tatiana P

Gas tank is very small so you have to fill up to frequently.

Good in snow. Small and compact. Cute. Very small gas tank so you have to refill to often. Reliable so far. Comfortable.

- Randy S

Mazda car perfect for friends and family.

I love this vehicle. Extremely easy and smooth the drive. It has a great navigation system and is an overall great car.

- Amelia H

It's dependability. I have not had any major issues with this car.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. It's sporty looking and gets good gas mileage. I can't think of any complaints.

- Julie S

Mazda is a reliable brand

I have had my Mazda for years and it never gave me any problems. It still has a smooth drive and is reliable to me.

- Adeeba H

Cannot think of any specific thing, it is generally a good car.

Does about everything you need to. Decent storage, comfortable, climate is good, AUX port for music is good, etc.

- Grant H

It is appropriate for gas mileage to go long ways to work.

I love that it includes a navigation system. I like that it has a sunroof. I don't like that it isn't SUV sized.

- Katlyn H

good hatchback/suv with 4 wheel drive. nice design both exterior/interior. could use more space and power.

nice exterior design, gas efficient, fun to drive, interior kind of small especially backseat and trunk.

- Allan M

Best car ever. You won't be sorry.

This is the best car ever. I will always buy this type of car. It is reliable and very sporty looking.

- Lisa G

Have had to take it in for repairs

Like the controls and features. Do not like I have had to take it in for repairs three different times

- Lee K

Smoothest driving ability I have seen in a car.

My Mazda is a fantastic car but the USB charger port no longer works but other than that it is great.

- Jane H

The Mazda CX-5 is a lot of fun to drive. More so than others in its class.

Sporty. Biggest available 4-cylinder engine in its class. Fun to drive. Connectability is unreliable

- Shelly G

The safety and the brake systems are great.

The brakes are great. I like the safety features. Has good gas mileage. Does not turn sharp enough.

- Katherine M

Great handling, great gas mileage. Well thought out design

Great handling car. Very good on gas. Nice styling. Comfortable interior. Easy to use interface

- Anna G

It is great on gas. I love that is a reliable car.

I don't like that my family is out growing my car. I may have to upgrade to a bigger car soon.

- samantha A

lots of options on the base model of each car

Great car and accessories. Good mileage and easy to drive. Great service options.

- Deanna H

It gets great gas mileage and goes very fast. Enjoyable easy ride

Quick.compact. good on gas. Hugs the road great in turns. Not too great in snow.

- Kathleen T

The design is sleek and looks great. It gets great gas mileage

I love the sleek design and how well and smooth it drives. I like the gas mileage

- Ryan P

That it is a very reliable, small, affordable car.

I like the gas mileage and features such as bluetooth. I don't like the size

- Laura M

The gas mileage is great. And the car is nice and compact for city driving

No complaints. I like the size of the vehicle, how it drives and the style.

- Danielle H

Great Mazda style and design.

Love the pep. Drink holder is farther back than what is comfortable.

- Rich T

There is an unusually small amount of space. Driving car is very smooth

Car is fun to drive. Car handles smoothly while driving in any way.

- Jennifer R

Good purchase if you're on a budget for gas

It has a great acceleration. The seats and interior are comfortable

- Nikitha M

Sleek design and easy to use. Has so noisy issues.

It's compact and easy to use, beginner friendly . Not very updated

- Mac B

Great gas mileage with Mazda automobiles. Very stylish

Great gas mileage. No complaints. Mazda makes an awesome vehicle

- John C

Dealership is awful but the car is good quality and holds up well

Maintenance is expensive. Car is great quality and runs fantastic

- Megan Z

This car has great gas mileage and runs smoothly. Lots of colors

Like everything. Nothing bad to say about this car.

- Lauren S

It is very responsive, it allows me to feel the road and runs very smoothly. However the navigation system is too complicated.

It is very nice, very comfortable and fun to drive.

- Kevin L

Engine I like the color too

Everything I like it I love the features

- Sam M