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Mazda Protege 5 is a great value for younger drivers seeking a long distance car with space!

Reliability: vehicle has had no issues other than an 02 sensor going out, and a solenoid issue. However, other than general maintenance, the car has been wonderful. Has a minor leak, however. This is at 175k miles. Performance is great in the manual transmission. The car feels sporty, but gets good gas mileage. I've been able to take the car to and from mountain trips with ease with full camping gear and a friend along with me. Comfort is good; The ride isn't the greatest, but it's okay for long distance trips and doesn't wear you out. You will feel some of the tires and the road but overall I think that' due to the somewhat sporty tires. It is by no means uncomfortable, however. I love the ride personally because like a car that I can feel. The car features a manual transmission, 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine w/ 135 hp, automatic windows and locks, alarm system, 6 CD changer, automatic sunroof, roof racks, 4 doors, hatchback, and airbags. The car does not come with ABS and i wish it did, however, it drives well.

- Robert W

Andre, the protege. It's sunlight silver remains through dark & sunny days.

I have very little problems with my Mazda protege ‘and I have been driving it for over 14 years. I must say I have not taken extremely excellent care of it, the paint looks good and I still say, when I look at it “that’s a good looking car. ”. It still has a lot of pep going up the pa hills. There no worn spots on the upholstery and the rugs are original and only drivers side is worn where protege tag is sewn on. One of the salesman at my car dealer asked me more than once if I were ready to sell it. His son saw the car and would like to buy it. If I somehow had to sell it I would be very unhappy it is really the only car I know. I love it so much I gave it a name. Andre” the protege.

- Kathleen K

It�s a good car with very little drawbacks

I've had the car for roughly 8 years now and I never have had any major problems. More recently I've been forced to do maintenance that's a bit pricey but that's due to the car being so old. My biggest complaint is that the car is a little bit slow with its acceleration. The seats are comfortable but when it gets hot I feel like the inside of the car feels significantly hotter than other cars. It has enough space for 4 people to fit comfortably but can ultimately fit 5. Overall it's a good car and has lasted a pretty long time without having major issues or problems.

- Justin V

Mazda protege 2003 review.

Mazda protege is a very reliable car. I have only had it for a couple months, but it is ran like a dream. We had to fix the ac fan and the wheel bearings but they were previous owner issues that had to be fixed. It is also pretty decent with gas mileage. I was doing round trips of about 500 miles and it was reliable every time. The ac unit is not super reliable but the heat really works. I do not know if that is just on my own personal car or if it is a model issue. It is a very reliable, nice car.

- Amber G

The most important thing is that it is a manual transmission.

My vehicle was working great when I first got it five years ago. Once I moved to Washington about two years ago some problems like my o2 sensor, a coil in my engine broke, and my front left brake caliper came off, but I think that was just something a mechanic didn't correctly fix. It performs really well when I didn't have any of those issues. It was very reliable for me in the past but it is starting to become less reliable the more miles I put on it.

- Chandler G

Mazda Protege. Impressive enough that I�d buy another one.

This is a four door, automatic shift, compact car. It seats four comfortably and 5 can cram in if necessary. The gear shift sticks and sometimes it wont shift out of park. As it ages, that gets worse. The shift pattern is difficult to get used to, but is okay for an automatic. The overall performance is excellent and the gas mileage is great; approximately 28 to 33 miles per gallon, depending on traffic jams. The Mazda Protege is a very reliable car.

- Karen S

Amazing protege is like a member of the family. I look out my window look.

I bought this car new in 2003 and I have never had any major problems. It is dependable and I love to drive it. It still has a lot of pep for an ‘old boy’’. I liked it so much when I bought it I gave it a name, ‘’Andre’, the protege ‘. I am planning on keeping it until it gets too old to operate or when I get too old to operate. If for some reason if I would have to give the car up, and still want to drive, I would buy a Mazda again.

- Kathleen A

Very reliable and good car.

My car is been a very good car! I have had it for almost two years now. It has some wear and tear and I have had to replace a few things here and there but it's for the most part very reliable. I drive it everywhere even sometimes out of state and it does fine. Spacious inside not too cramped. Fits five people comfortably. Would probably only get rid of if it completely breaks down, which I don't see coming anytime soon.

- Chay M

Its red with four doors. It's a pretty decent family sized car.

My car is a pretty cool car that is brand new. The car is red and a 4 door car. The car is not really that big but it's a decent size. I love the car very much because it's convenient for me and my family. I like how my daughter car seat fits perfectly in the car. The car does not have any issues. It's perfect for the size and the dealership that I got it from did a very good job with it so that's a plus.

- Shay B

The Mazda protege 2003 dx edition.

The Mazda protege 2003 is a small vehicle that many could enjoy. It is compact, easy to maneuver, and has great gas mileage. It is great for small families, couples, or singles. The downside to this vehicle; however, is that the driver and passenger seats are slightly uncomfortable. Also, since the car is much smaller than most, it is best for people who are less than 6 feet tall.

- Alec W

The more miles it has, the more likely and larger amount of oil it likes to burn.

The car is very dependable. Gets great highway gas mileage for Its age (30 mpg/hwy). Rides very smooth and hasn't left my stranded. The bad. . . It burns oil, maybe a quart every 1000 miles. The clutch and pedal are odd compared to the vast majority of others I have driven. The bumper clips are not very strong. Ac compressor belt makes noise when ac on.

- Brandon S

The smooth ride of a Mazda

They tend to have gasket and radiator problems but it gets great mileage. The car has great control and is very comfortable to drive. Although finding tires for the car can be hard sometimes because of its size. I have had to have the radiator and belts because the car overheated and blew up the radiator. But it is by far my best and most favorite car.

- Ashlee M

A fun to drive, compact little car.

Great car, fuel efficient, compact, easy to spot reliable, parts are available and inexpensive to purchase. Mileage is high, will start to need to fix more things. Tires are low profile and expensive but overall happy. Power brakes, windows, sunroof, tinted windows, a/c, bass cabinet, CD changer. 60/40 fold down, no AUX cord or satellite radio option.

- Shelly W

It's a good car and I like it and it's grey and nice and drives really well.

It is a 2003 Mazda protege it's a good little car gets me where I need to go. It overheats sometimes and I need to do some upgrades on it. Overall it's a good car. It has new tires. It is grey and I put subs in it so it's extra awesome now. I wouldn't want another vehicle I hope this one lasts me a long time I take good care of it so it should.

- Josh H

A good family vehicle without the parking problems.

The protege accelerator is very responsive compared to other cars I have driven. The ratio of miles to gallons is not horribly inefficient, and the car itself is compact enough that parking in the city is not a problem. The protege is also fairly sturdy. Any car that does not have to be continually taken in for minor issues is alright by me.

- Kayla M

They shouldn't worry about the weird noises, because I've had them checked out and the mechanic just told me not to clean my engine as the gunk is keeping it together. It looks a little worn down, but it runs well enough to get me around town and sometimes to another state.

I like that my vehicle gets me to work and back home. I dislike that it's constantly making odd noises that I need to get checked at the mechanic, and I've spent at least the same amount I paid for the vehicle originally in repairs at this point. I like to feel safe driving my car, and that's not the case with my Mazda.

- Nikole C

My persistent Mazda protege.

It is a great vehicle. Almost 300, 000 miles and still kicking. Basic vehicle. Minor issues. Replaced a belt and wheel bearing. Otherwise typical maintenance: tires, brakes, oil changes. It's been very reliable. I have not taken it on many trips over an hour or so, but never been stranded and gas mileage is great.

- Amanda W

It's brakes aren't exactly the most strong either. So keep a distance from other cars while driving

I like that it's a small car and can be very speedy. It's also a stick shift which I enjoy driving. Although it does not have an aux cord port or a little cassette thing available. But it can carry 6 CD's at a time. And it has very little horsepower, so accelerating can take a tiny bit long

- Joshua S

It lasted over 200,000 and it's still going.

We have put over 200,000 miles on our Mazda protege and it has never let us down. If you perform regular maintenance it will last you forever. Changing oil, rotating tires, replace air filter. The only problem we have had was the radiator had to be replaced but overall it's a fantastic car.

- Jonathan W

Mazda for life: Great on gas

I bought my car used and was skeptical about how long it was going to last. To my surprise I have had it in good running condition for four years. I have only had to fix one other thing besides the broken strut that I have know. If I ever have to buy another vehicle, it will be a Mazda.

- Tina T

Mazda Protege: Dependable Car

The 2003 Mazda Protege is very dependable and is fun to drive. It is a manual transmission. Its clutch is a little sticky, and the engine light goes on and off, but other than that, there are no outstanding problems. The car rides comfortably, and even has a spoiler to top it off!

- Ethan H

In control of your car's power!

I love my car because it is stick shift. I love being able to shift gears on my own and grab that power when I want and need it. Also when I have the clutch pushed in going downhill, it will roll faster. Love my sunroof. Haven't had troubles or problems with my car running.

- Sharon M

Economical small car,good gas mileage and easy to drive

My car is a small 4 door car. Good on gas and easy to drive. My main complaint is that the air conditioning does not work. It would be nice if it had bigger cup holders and the cigarette lighter plug was in a different spot, it makes it hard to charge my cell phone

- Charlotte B

Nothing much to say about it.

Nothing is to be said about this subject I do not know much about cars I just know it takes gas to move it and takes a battery that can sometimes die it gets me from point A to point B and I love driving my car and not having to ride my bike everywhere or walking.

- Christina S

Automatic gears in the floor.

I like it because it's a little car easy to get in and out of places, parallel park and it's fantastic on gas mileage. Its it is fairly comfortable and has plenty of room to carry things in the hatchback. It is getting old tho and requires a lot of maintaining.

- Laurie A

Automatic gears in the floor.

I like it because it's a little car easy to get in and out of places, parallel park and it's fantastic on gas mileage. Its it is fairly comfortable and has plenty of room to carry things in the hatchback. It is getting old tho and requires a lot of maintaining.

- Laurie A A

Small reliable hatchback, solid performance.

Mazda protege5 is a small, reliable hatchback with a surprising amount of storage space. I like the turn-radius and the good range of visibility, it also gets 25-30 mpg. I bought mine used but since have put over 100k miles on it and have had no issues.

- Siena H

Good gas mileage, but had a lot of issues after purchasing the car.

Little room for more than 2 people. The radio doesn't do much. There's a problem with the circuit for the radio also. The transmission failed once. I put more money into fixing it then what I paid for it.

- Susan E

My Mazda Protege features a moonroof and six disc CD player.

I absolutely love my Mazda Protege. It's very comfortable and reliable. I did get to top of the line with a moonroof and everything. Only problem is interior things started to break.

- Tracy L

If you keep up the regular suggested maintenance schedule, this car will last a very long time.

It gets great gas mileage. It is a trustworthy little car. Very low maintenance cost on it. It didn't cost a lot when we bought it new in 03. I love it, it has been great to me.

- Grace B

My Mazda has a tough steel body gram that can take lots of hits and bumps.

This car is very durable. It can have some problems as far as gas not being too great. But my gas mileage could be worse. The body gram is very tough and it's rides very smooth.

- Alan G

Important thing to know about my car is that it has a standard transmission

A few things that i like about my mazda protégé are the fact that i have a 5 speed standard transmission, i like that it has a hatchback body style, and a leather interior.

- Francisco G

Blue is the best color for finding in a parking lot

My car is very blue. I love the color because it's super easy to find in a parking lot. I still miss my old car and this car just doesn't seem to be as comfortable.

- marion p

The awesome storage space. Where you can let the seats down and have extra back seat space!

I love the space! It's very comfortable. I do not have major issues. Only issues lie within the rack coming loose. Poor quality but overall hands down best!

- Amanda B

It's very simple and casual. It doesn't have anything super fancy but it at least gets the job done and works well. Like any other car though, it can have sudden problems though.

It still runs well for how old it is. Many cars develop serious problems after many years but mine hasn't. Only minor ones. If taken care of good of course.

- Joseph V

It is over heats but overall it is a good car.

I am s ok it gets us from point A to point Be but just recently overheated and stalled out and then we got it to run again and then it blew out completely.

- Emily Q

Reliable. Good for first car first drivers.

Slow, small. Reliable. Good for getting around town in an everyday commute. The lions are not the best. I think a good first time car for anyone.

- Ben S

It has great gas mileage and is a very reliable car.

My car gets great gas mileage. I love how compact it is and the space on the inside is still enough. There is also great ease driving my mazda.

- Jane W

Great, compact, and easy to drive.

My vehicle gets really good gas mileage. It is very compact yet practical. The car is easy to drive and the turning radius is excellent.

- Jayne W

It can have about 3 rolls of seats.

It is just a 2003 old car. But in gas money is great. 20 dollars gets you in for a whole week. It is a low car. Fits a lot of people.

- Nancy C

It runs healthy. Brakes need to be changed soon though.

It is a beater, obviously. Sure I would love to be driving a silver corvette through my city every day. But c'est la vie, right?

- Steven M

It is a manual it is not an automatic.

Great gas mileage. It is a manual so it is fun to drive. Has a sunroof. Does good in snow due to the front wheel drive.

- George T

My car gets good gas mileage.

Gas saver. Not reliable car. Not big enough for familiar works on vehicle. Tinted windows for sun small trunk. Compact.

- Arthur R

A car that takes care of you.

This car has never treated me wrong. Love the 6 CD player and sunroof. Only complaint is tires are more expensive.

- Christine N

It cuts to the left because of the alignment.

I like the color. I dislike the wheels. I like the interior and the design. I do like the sound system as well.

- Marie G

Very beautiful and dependable.

My Mazda is old. But it is very dependable. That is what I like best about it. And it takes very little gas.

- Sa m

It is reliable if it is taken care of well. Maintaining it will make sure it lasts.

My car is reliable. It has its quirks but most cars that have seen the use mine has do. I still love my car.

- Matthew L

My car has excellent gas mileage. Looks super clean and nice on the inside and outside.

The vehicle runs really well. The inside of the car looks nice. Great speakers. Great gas mileage.

- Kristy R

It is safe and reliable. Fun to drive. Stylish for it's time.

I like the safety features. The car handles well. It is stylish. Reliability is good.

- Jennifer D

It is small, yet it is also fragile.

Reliable, but repairs are expensive. Small so can fit in most spaces.

- Montavius y

its very fast, and i usually don't need to put it in the shop too often

i love the turbo speed, and the color, i dislike the age

- sanet g

efficient enough space manual working a/c working heat

All of the mechanisms on the car are in working order.

- Janet M