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Good looking car, great drive.

I really like the look of the car. The color is amazing and interior is beautiful too. It drives awesome. We've had to take it in for some issues related to the eco mode but have since gotten it fixed. The only thing I would love for it to do is to be able to lock it when I'm filling up gas for security purposes. You can't open the gas lever if the car is locked nor can you lock it while you're filling up.

- Rosa G

Luxurious mid size vehicle with easy to use technology advancements.

I feel so safe in my car, the technical features are easy to use and are very user friendly, I especially like how many cup holders are in the car, I do not have trouble parking it and can park easily anywhere I go, the backup cameras feature is my favorite for backing into spaces, I get radio station signal for certain stations on FM radio my husband does not get because of the better satellite connection.

- Claire B

Mercedes love and loyalty endlessly.

Very good car and fuel efficient, affordable parts plus good servicing help protect the engine life, very low mileage comfortable and great for long distances and great for hiking and other leisure activity. Family friendly the look outside and the space inside make you want to continuing get a same Mercedes more and more each year, plus great customer service at the dealership that's just unbelievable.

- John C

Small luxury SUV without a high price tag.

The gla250 is a great small SUV. If you are looking for a car-like drive while still having the esthetics of an SUV, it is a great option. In addition, it is a mercedes-benz and comes with the luxury they're known for. I like that it has a lot of features such as a leather interior with heated seats, a beautiful interface and drives well.

- Ch L

The panoramic sunroof is awesome.

I just purchased the gla and traded in my c- class. This car drives smooth, love the all wheel drive. Comfortable heated seat, great sound system. I feel very safe in this vehicle. Great sporty sleek look and not as bulky as the larger SUV’s. Have owned many vehicles and would highly recommended Mercedes.

- Joan E

It's a great vehicle- excellent gas mileage, safety features, and sleek look!

The parking brake kicks on every time you put the car in park, while this is a nice safety feature it is somewhat annoying. The navigation system and radio display is a little outdated, especially for a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes. The climate controls are a little tricky, not the most user-friendly.

- Chelsea E

The luxury wonder sports car!

No problems! The car runs great. It is very smooth, fast, and efficient. The car is very comfortable for multiple people and even long trips. Features include cruise control, eco, and Sirius XM features. It is a great luxury sports car as well, with a built on rack and a step to get on and sports mats.

- Das G

Sporty car with lots of room. Perfect for long drives.

I love the look of my car. It is cute and sporty. I love the color. It is bright red. It drives really well and the dashboard has everything I need. I love how fast the vehicle goes. The interior is beautiful. I love the black leather seats. Also, there is plenty of room in trunk.

- Kim H

My car review for a 2015 SUV crossover.

Car is quick and so far has been reliable. It drives very well in winter conditions. It has a turbo that adds speed without having a larger engine. Maintenance is a little more expensive than cars I have previously owned. I would recommend this car to friends and family.

- Patrick C

Mercedes Benz, the car of a lifetime.

Well it's a very nice car, drives smooth and unlike other foreign cars, it's simply awesome. Benz are cars that can last a lifetime and if gotten new would be a lifetime of satisfaction. It's got leather seats, reverse camera, nat sat, Sirius FM and so much more.

- Emmanuel O

Highly recommend it, you won't regret it

no problems at all. Love everything about the car, size, reliability, style, look, trunk size. Is very stylish, sporty, classic, comfortable for a family and drives very well. Safety features are outstanding as well as the technology in it. Highly recommend it

- Gaby Y

This high end vehicle is classy yet sporty - attractive to any age group

My GLA 250 is classy and sporty. It is a beautiful red color that stands out. In fact, I've received many compliments on the style and color of the car. It is reliable and comfortable for every day use and longer trips.

- Cheryl V

Old mercedes benz car that still works well

My vehicle is old and always has a weird creaking noise to it when I drive. It is all leather interior which is nice but the air conditioning doesn't work.

- Aly H

Follow the maintenance and it will be your favorite car for many years.

Makes crash warning beep randomly, very dependent on pricey maintenance schedules. Rides and drives like a dream. Most favorite car I have ever owned.

- Diane B

Drives well but very small.

Very small. Not adequate for car seat. Can only drive 4.5 hours without filling up tank. Drives well. Good for a single person.

- Lauren B

It's smaller than it looks. It is really a small hatchback.

I switch from a Ford Focus to my black and I couldn't be happier. It's a smooth ride And people love my car. I'm a proud owner

- Nicolec C

My car is reliable, and it is capable of driving really fast.

The car is well equipped and works really well. I bought the car used, and it has had no problems in the last six months.

- Mary C

Small big very comfortable and feisty.

Very reliable. Comfortable not to big and drives very nice. Has a nice hatchback truck and good acceleration.

- Janice H

It runs amazing and looks great. Be careful not to spill anything on the passenger side floor or it will short the computer and cost tons to fix

I love it's acceleration speed. The sunroof. The body. The heated seats. The interior space. Love it all

- Brandy S

It is very comfortable to drive.

The car has a good mph, saving gas. The interior space is small. The maintenance cost is too expensive.

- Yan L

Great car, great sound system, pricey tires.

The tire pressure alert comes on frequently. Also, the tires are pretty pricey - roughly $300 each.

- Jaclyn M

MERCEDES BENZ all the name you need to know. Luxury at it's best.

Compact size easy to get around and great gas mileage. It's a luxury vehicle but practical.

- Toni B

has more room than it looks

great performance and meets all my needs

- Paul K