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Mercedes gla 250 sporty and fun.

Handles wonderfully. Very sporty and good looking vehicle. Good pick up with turbo. Good turning radius. Comfortable. I wish it had heated steering wheel option. The dashboard could be nicer. It is a tad bland for a Mercedes and some of the options are not convenient. If I have my apple carplay on for nav and I want to change radio station I have to leave nav or I have to have radio setting on dashboard. If radio setting on dashboard is in the digital speed limit is gone. So that is something I would change. Also no heads up display. I do like the apple car play.

- Amy S

It has a really cool system for handsfree phone use, apple play.

I like this car because it is small and therefore easy to drive and park, and it gets good mileage, it is fast and has good acceleration. It has a nice backup camera and push button start feature. However, I do not like that it does not have remote start for keyless entry, or parking sensors. It is also a bit small for what I usually like to drive. The console in the middle also slides back and forth which is a very inconvenient and unnecessary feature that is actually kind of hazardous.

- Lauren P

Gla - luxury made to feel so easy!

The gla is extremely advanced, in terms of interactive technology. It is very current with technology that you would expect to have in a Benz (i.e., mobile app connectivity to iPhone or smartphone). It is also extremely comfortable and easy to drive and maneuver. In fact, it feels like a luxury SUV but drives like a luxury vehicle! We are consistent loyalists to the Benz brand over the years and this model is one of our favorites.

- Earl U

My vehicle is a great crossover for someone looking for a good in between.

The performance of the car is beautiful. It drives smoothly. It is good on gas. It is a bit too compact for my liking and could be compared to having the space of a sedan. The options in it are convenient and new. carplay is a great for keeping track of your music, texts, navigation, etc. All while not being too distracted on the road.

- Sarah A

Head turning, jaw dropping beautiful!

Very reliable, no problems so far, smooth riding, luxurious, compact but comfortable. Trunk space is deceiving, it appears small but holds a lot. Sporty, large display screen, head turning, mouth dropping elegant vehicle. Classy. If you are thinking about getting this model think no more, get it, you will not regret it.

- Katrina F

Classy, comfortable and smooth.

I really like the stylish exterior of the vehicle. The interior is super nice. It is very comfortable to drive. You cannot really hear any outdoor noises, except sirens. The ride is super smooth. I like the color of the interior and I feel that this car performs really well for the class that it is in.

- Kimberly L

Amazing car with great qualities.

It is automatic and great with gas. Supports carplay as well and has built in navigation. I have no problems with it. I only dislike that it is not as big as I need it to be. It could have more trunk space. But altogether a great vehicle. I love the speed and smoothness.

- Jordan W

Absolutely love the features on this car!

Seems really reliable - only been driving it for a few months, but it handles well and has a lot of really great features. Love the two sunroof feature - makes the car feel really open. The backup camera is really great quality. No maintenance problems thus far.

- Laura S

We're a full Mercedes Benz family!

No problems. Comfortable ride and just the right amount of technology without overwhelming the driving experience. Expensive routine maintenance but can be prepaid at purchase if you prefer. Back seat a little small but consistent with this vehicle class.

- Ryan H

Mercedes 250 GL, comfortable with good features.

Car, 250, is comfortable with nice features including auto shutoff of engine when in park. It is reliable and has good pickup to highway speed. My biggest complaint is that the car picks up a lot of road noise and is not as quiet as I would expect.

- Laura N

Smooth ride, love the body style.

Performance and reliability is what you would expect for a car of this quality. My only complaint would be that the performance tires for this car are sensitive to cold weather and pressure drops very easily - I keep an air pump in the trunk.

- Tricia H

It has lane assist warnings to help prevent accidents

I love the body style and the info system. The sunroof shade isn't able to be slightly closed while the roof is open which is bothersome. Overall the car has all the safety features and technology I need.

- Karen C

Affordable luxury is a real thing!

My vehicle has a smooth ride and feels luxurious to drive. It has Apple CarPlay, which is so wonderful. The only thing I dislike is the fuel usage is much faster than my previous vehicle.

- Kristy B

It's luxurious, comfortable and sleek looking, and great for city driving.

I love its design, size and comfort. Also its features, like Parking Assist and sun- and moonroof. What I dislike are the service costs, more expensive gas type needed.

- alex b

Surprise, I am getting 33.1 miles per gallon of gas after 1500 miles.

So far I love everything. I wanted the panoramic sunroof and keyless. Finding I like the comfort, drive and feel of it. The myriad extras are wonderful.

- Ruth S

The safety features .i purchased my car based on these features

I recently purchased my new car . I never owned a foreign car before . What a ride what a treat . It glides , it's quiet and I love it .

- Susan P

The car is very reliable.

The car has a new up to date technology. Very quiet run and save gas. One thing that could be better is the smoothness of the ride.

- Andy R

Mercedes are very well made, dependable cars that are worth the price.

The seats are very comfortable. The pick up is good. The cargo capacity meets my needs and the gas mileage is very good for an SUV.

- Karen H

It is very cheap compared to other luxury vehicles, especially other Mercedes.

It is a beautiful luxurious card that is very has efficient and perfect for everyday use. I would recommend the car to anyone.

- Rohan S

It really rides nice and stays on the road.

I love the way it rides but dislike that I have to have the key fob to unlock the door as opposed to touching the handle.

- Denise Z

warns you of a vehicle in blind spot and has a fantastic nav system thru apple

I like having a mercedes benz, wanted one all my life since i am german but was never able to afford one until now

- adam L

Fun, reliable car to drive

It has a nice look,comfortable,easy to drive,gets good gas mileage,has a great reputation and is the one I prefer

- Jody B

It is dependable, good quality, fast, nice looking.

I love the way the car handles. Great in snow and rain. Wish it was a tiny bit bigger, but otherwise it is good.

- Jennifer M

Mb service is top notch. Service at the dealer is first class.

Most comfortable most reliable and stylish. Gets compliment everywhere you go. Never leave you in the cold.

- Brian K

It is a safe and dependable vehicle.

It is nice looking, comfortable, rides nice and gets very good gas mileage, luxurious and affordable.

- Jodi B

It is a safe car and good on gas

I like the way it looks. I like the way it drives. It is good on gas. There is nothing I dislike

- Jody R

it is a good looking and smart car with lots of features

i don't have any complaints with my vehicle. just it has problem with carplay

- megha a

It's made to last. They are made very well and last a long time

I like it because it has good gas mileage, is very roomy and easy to park

- Karolina A