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The greatness of my mirage is price, reliable, dependable and saves on gas.

The mirage is an eco friendly vehicle and it saves on gas. The dependability of this vehicle is awesome, I haven't had and major mechanical problems with the car. There has not been and minor problems with the car. I have replaced two tires that is it. The es mirage is a very comfortable ride, it is reliable, it is sleek interior is perfect and easy on the eyes. The features is enough for me Bluetooth capability but no cruise control. I really do not appreciate this part of it considering me traveling all the time. The eco friendly gas savings takes the place of cruise control which is appreciated by me.

- Pamela D

Great for small places, but a few flaws I'd like to change.

I really enjoy the benefit of this small car because it is easy to fit into small spots. But otherwise it can be a struggle. I do not like that there is no middle console. When speeding up to get onto the highway the car takes a while to get to the speed I want, low horsepower. I wish it had more power behind it. I wish the gas tank was larger. This mph is great. . . Except the tank is so tiny you still end up filling up more frequently. I do enjoy the touchscreen monitor.

- Amanda W

2 cylinder vehicle with dual cam overhead exhaust.

Although my vehicle is brand new, it is a two cylinder and therefore not very efficient wind merging or trying to accelerate. Often times I have to turn off my air conditioner to be able to get my car to accelerate. That being said I have wonderful gas mileage and the maintenance is very low, plus when I went through the dealership they gave me a care book with coupons for free or discounted services which maintenance and performance.

- Elizabeth M

My vehicle suits my current needs and is very reliable.

I absolutely love the fuel economy and the world-class steering radius of the vehicle. The payments are a little high, but that comes with financing the car with no money down. So far, there are no factory recalls/defects on the car, and it is the most reliable (and newest) vehicle I have ever owned. I would suggest this to anyone whether they are single, married, or have a small family (less than 3 children).

- Rey K

My car gets great gas mileage. It has a 7 gallon tank, which doesn't seem like much, but I drive A LOT. I live in a different city from where I work, and I drive back and forth during the week, and I still only have to fill up every week and a half.

I leased the 2015 Mirage, and for some reason it ran better. My 2017 shifts very hard (up and down). I have had to get my tires rotated more frequently and the seals on the doors seem to not quite fit or seal to the body of the car indicated by the high pitched whistle that comes through the doors. I love the gas mileage and my recreational sports equipment fits in the back/backseat (snow skis).

- Dani G

It is small so can almost park anywhere.

My car sounds like a go cart, very loud when shifting gears and its automatic. I had it checked out several times and there is nothing wrong with it. It is too small for me but the only thing I could afford at the time. How small the car is also affects the way it drives. It's easy to tip and anything above 15 mph winds, you better not drive. You will fly right off the road.

- Jasmine A

Economic commuter car needs better air conditioner

I love my car's gas mileage and small size. It's a good little car for the price and I use it for a commuter car. The things I don't like are the underpowered air conditioner, the gas gauge is easy to miss when it is low on gas, and I wish my car held a couple more gallons of gas. Other than that I'm happy with my Mitsubishi mirage. It's very comfortable.

- Heather J

The car is very economical very good on gas is comfortable has a little bit of room but not a whole lot it's very quiet it'll sit 5 people fairly comfortable it'll sit for people with a lot of room between them. It's an inexpensive car and you get about 50 miles to the gallon

The Mitsubishi Mirage is excellent on gas, it is a very small car, the one I have does not have any amenities in it; it drives very smoothly. It is a very comfortable car if you're not tall as 6 foot, this car would not be comfortable for a tall person. The car also does not look bad it looks decent, the price on this Mirage is very good.

- Debbie R

I love my mirage sedan 2017 model.

My mirage sedan is very easy to drive. It is spacious enough for me and for 3 other people to ride with. Perfect for everyday drive to work, not to mention it is perfect for ladies. I feel safe driving it. I love the red wine color of my car and the overall appearance is great. It is not that expensive but is a great vehicle.

- Sandra S

Sleek yet classic vehicle. Luxury of an expensive sports car without the price.

This sleek and reliable mirage has all the comfort and features to make it a luxury vehicle, without the luxury price tag. Heated seats and precision handling make this the perfect car for even the newest drivers. The body is small yet offers lots of legroom for passengers, and the selling point 42 miles per gallon highway.

- Elizabeth B

Great gas mileage on mirage.

Love the gas mileage I get on the car, usually about 45 miles to the gallon. Although it is a small car, I very good pick up and in the 2 years I have had it, never had any problems. I do regular oil changes and maintenance. I recommend this car to anyone that wants a small compact. Surprisingly roomy for the size.

- Rebecca S

Great miles per gallon around town and on the highway.

Really great budget car. I average 33 mpg around town and 40mph on the highway. Seats fold down for more room if needed. Car is only three cylinders and does not have much horsepower, but still does fine on the highway. Car is very small and cannot comfortably seat adults in the back seat. Overall great value car.

- Emily T

2017 Mitsubishi mirage. Stick shift.

It is a 2017 Mitsubishi mirage with a built in backup camera. It gets great gas mileage and does not require a whole lot of maintenance. It is a sunset orange 4 door. It seats 5 people. It is a manual shift. The air conditioner works fast and well. Everything works great in the car especially Bluetooth connection.

- Ashley G

The gas mileage is wonderful for those who have to travel great distances for or to get to work daily.

My car is very small, compact but this is why I love it. The interior is spacious and comfortable enough for my three teenage boys and the trunk space is just right. The gas mileage is wonderful, it was the main reason I purchased the car. The standard roadside protection has proved to be a blessing.

- Angel E

Small but does it is job and great on gas.

Very comfortable, nice interior, some problems with my vehicle is that it has squeaky brakes and has had them since I bought it, very reliable though and gas mileage is amazing takes very little gas to fill up. The performance is great just an average little hatchback that gets me to where I am going.

- Allison C

Great gas mileage, great car!

It gets great gas mileage! It actually has some get and go for being a tiny care. It is roomier on the inside than you would think. There is plenty of storage in the trunk area. I feel safe in it and my son who has long legs has plenty of legroom. I would add cruise control to the base model though.

- Rebecca N

Gas mileage the only thing I like.

The best thing about the car is the amazing gas mileage. Other than that there are not many other features. It is a noisy ride... Many squeaks and rattling. The trunk space is barely enough for groceries. I have only had the car a little over a year and I am seriously considering trading it in.

- Teresa P

Best car ever for good gas mileage.

I love it. The gas mileage is amazing. The extra features are awesome. I wish it were a bit bigger, and a bit more comfortable. It is perfect for doing Uber and doordash to earn some extra money. It usually costs only $20 or less to fill the tank, and I only have to that a few times a month.

- Wendi W

Great small reliable car with great gas mileage

My car is small but roomy on the inside, gets great gas mileage. It drives smooth, I enjoy the keyless start and the Bluetooth stereo system. The only negative I can say about the car is that is struggles going up some steep hills if it is stopped at the bottom, however it does make it up.

- Matthew S

This car is fairly inexpensive, even with most creature comfort amenities.

The vehicle makes great use of the tiny space. It is great on gas but it does not have very much power under the hood. It takes a few minutes to get up to speed on the freeway. Another advantage of this tiny little car is that you can park virtually anywhere and it corners very well.

- Shaila R

Roomy trunk space with spare tire.

No problem, just hate that there is no cruise control, comfortable, pretty smooth to drive. It is extremely reliable, it is has pretty good performance. It has an interior trunk and gas latch, it has fabric seats, not a ton of leg room. It has a decent sized trunk for this vehicle.

- Patrick L

Affordable, great mileage safe, Packed with features

It's acceleration is slow, yet has great stopping power with 4 wheel ABS brakes. Selling at an affordable price and receives great gas mileage. Comes with great standard features such as power locks, windows, and an alarm. I really like the design of this four door model.

- Michael H

Mirage is the way to drive.

I really like this car. It is really reliable and it has really great gas mileage. I got basically the most basic version of this car, because I feel like a car is not an investment it is an expense. I really like the fact that it is simple and easy to keep clean as well.

- Matt R

The best of eco friendly cars.

For a compact and eco friendly car, it does an amazing job! I have taken it on a 2, 000 mile road trip all around the country without a single issue. It is a little loud but I do not mind. It gets great gas mileage and has much more space than you would expect.

- Kristina M

There is nothing interesting to highlight about this vehicle.

It is very small with no space, it rides rough and sounds like a moped when running. The seats are not comfortable and the body feels like plastic. I would not recommend this car to anyone, the only good thing about the car is its gas mileage is almost 40 mpg.

- Elizabeth O

It gets great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage however small gas tank small compact vehicle perfect for taking the grandbabies around town. I have had no problems with the vehicle so far, we have driven it on several long far distant trips and it did very well. Very comfortable as well.

- Stephanie S

Its gets fantastic gas mileage!

My car runs and drives fantastic. Is perfect for an everyday driver for long distance commutes. Gas mileage is over 40 miles to the gallon. Only downfall is the very small size and the amount of "get up and go" for the engine, it doesn't have enough power.

- Samantha P

The perfect car with good mileage, and great bonus.

No problems, good performance, very reliable, comfortable, for short or longer trips. Features include backup camera, Bluetooth accessible, and great gas mileage. I have had the car for almost a year, and other than gas, I haven't had to invest any money.

- Sandy W

The multi function display screen.

Pros: easy to understand alerts, back camera, carplay, compact and comfortable, great on gas, very advanced, smooth drive. Cons: tires are unique(harder to find), cannot withstand strong weather, security system acts up occasionally, slow acceleration.

- Maya H

It doesn't look like an egg. My car may be ugly and small just like me but it suits my life

I have a Mitsubishi Mirage G4. One thing I really like about the car is that it is great on gas mileage. However I do not like how small it is. I feel I could be crushed in any kind of accident. Doesn't give me a good, safe feeling when I'm in it

- Megan B

That it is been all over the USA with no problems.

I love the gas mileage. I love that it is a small car and has more room than it looks from the outside. I love the fact that I only have to have 2 oil changes a year. And I love that it is an excellent traveling vehicle.

- Queen B

The vehicle gets great gas mileage.

Vehicle is quite small. Not much legroom and easily cramped. However, car gets excellent gas mileage (it is a manual transmission) and handles easily. Tires are quite small and can be hard to handle in rain/snow.

- Michael J

Good on gas! The gas tank is small, therefore a full tank is inexpensive.

I love the color of my vehicle and the fact that it is small. I feel like I am able to handle it better because of that. My car is also great on gas. I am able to fill up inexpensively.

- Love M

Excellent gas mileage!!! I don't have to fill up too often and it never costs a lot.

I really like my car. It has done well in the snow and has great gas mileage. It seems a little fragile though and doesn't always sound great when it gets near time to be serviced.

- Patricia S

Gets the job done, cheaply.

This vehicle is great on gas, cheap to maintain and about as boring as a car can be. Get it for a commuter car, if you don't care for it to be any fun. Great as an appliance.

- Mike B

My car is a compact four door sedan. It fits into small parking spaces and has a good trunk size. It maneuvers well in traffic and has basic controls.

The windows fog up horribly in the winter and because the engine is small it does not accelerate quickly. It does have a good back up camera and the gas mileage is awesome.

- Corrina W

My vehicle is a shimmery black color so I subscribe to a monthly Tag and GO to keep her beautiful. I save enough to pay for this with her gas mileage. She is wonderful !_!

It has lower horsepower but good gas mileage and the shocks are okay, but not great. It is a super fun little car for around town or leisure road trips. I love my MIDNITE!

- LuEllen B

It is a fuel-efficient family car with the high tech features people want.

It has great gas mileage, a roomy interior, and great features. With Android Auto, heated seats, and a backup camera, it makes luxury within reach for millennials.

- Jennifer B

The mileage is fabulous. It's compact but it definitely feels safe.

It gets up to 46 miles to the gallon on the freeway. It seats up to five. There is still enough room for strollers and suitcases for a five day trip in the trunk.

- Susanna b

It gets good gas mileage .

Just purchased it in February . Have put about 12,000 miles on it already commuting the hour to work . It's economical , but has a surprisingly small gas tank .

- Sam r

Mitsubishi buyers beware!!

Very basic, car seems to bang when it stops, dealership says it's the crank system. Not what I expected out of a vehicle. Will never purchase a Mitsubishi again

- kim d

My car is really good on gas.

My vehicle is my transportation. I have issues here and there but I'm able to get to where I need to go. I am looking for a vehicle with better quality though!.

- Sasha M

It is better for warm weather, rather than places that get a lot of snow. It is hard to drive in the snow

It is cheap and gets good gas mileage. I really like the price I paid for it, the only thing i don't like is that it doesn't drive as well in the winter snow

- Ivory S

Rear view camera when backing up.

I like my car for the gas mileage, bumper to bumper warranty and roadside assistance. I like the Bluetooth feature to play my music and hands free talking.

- Rachel B

It is small and gets great gas mileage.

I love that it is small. It has a great turn radius. It is really fuel efficient. I love that it is a standard transmission and that it has apple carplay.

- Sara B

Great on gas mileage and phone use.

My vehicle is great on gas mileage, has the ability to use my phone and is a hatchback. The only problem is the expense of upkeep and replacement tires.

- Frances O

Reliable car and it is great on gas.

Under 50, 000 miles. Gets 32 highway miles to the gallon. So it is really great on gas. Only cost about $20 to fill it up. Has Bluetooth hands free.

- Jessica G

Gas mileage. It gets 38 mpg.

Good gas mileage and a manual. Rides smooth on the highway. Would recommend it as a first car. Only dislike is the color which was my fault.

- James W

Overall great car. Easy on gas.

It's a great car. Very dependable. It gets great gas mileage. I like that it is Bluetooth compatible so I can talk on phone hands free.

- Andrew B

small, affordable car for everyone

it does make a loud noise when the ac is going. but it has great gas mileage. I am able to drive from LA to PA for less than $80.

- melissa h

My car came with a limited warranty and gets good gas mileage.

I like my car mostly because of the gas mileage. I am not crazy about how small it is. The trunk space is great for a small car.

- Stephanie H

Simple, but efficient car!

It is really good on gas mileage! It is a manual transmission, and shifts very easily. Low maintenance, but not a very fast car.

- Karissa C

That the car can save you money on gas in the long run.

The car is very good on gas mileage. It has a very spacious trunk and interior. The one dislike is the engine can be very loud.

- Ken C

Our little mirage is so efficient and reliable. The only problem we've experienced is that the on board system decided it didn't want to sync to our phones properly anymore.

You can go from Asheville NC to Jackson TN on 1.5 tanks of gas. We take ours on every long trip and have saved so much money!

- April C

It is priced very cheap and would make a great first car.

It is very small and little space for anything in the back. I also dislike how cheap it feels, but you get what you pay for.

- Michael e

It is a 2017 Mitsubishi mirage with built in backup camera

It is a 2017 Mitsubishi mirage with a built in backup camera. It gets great gas mileage and only costs about $20 to fill up

- James G

Best gas saver makes you feel very safe & happy.

It's the best car I have ever had! I love my car its amazing in every way possible. So smooth and awesome sound system.

- Noel M

Mitsubishi Mirage - Is it Worth it?

This is a neat little car. Not sure if it's worth how much they sell it for, but it packs a punch and does the job.

- Anthony W

it is a small car a good starter car for a young person.

it is a good car for a single girl like myself. it small but I don't need much space because it only me driving it.

- lisa S

Very safe to drive. No cost maintenance.

Durable car. Cheap on gas. Reliable. Low mileage. Affordable car with a lot of room. Can fit a lot of stuff in it.

- Mike F

The car gets awesome mileage.

Gas mileage is awesome. I like the sleek design. Easy to drive. Awesome warranty. The pearl color is very pretty.

- Shaun W

It's safe. Because of the camera to reverse.

I love the Bluetooth as well as the camera to reverse. It's very easy to drive and i love that it's an automatic.

- Valeria W

That I have made it my own. It had been in a few accidents though.

No complaints on my car. I love it. Fits my baby and me and everything I need. No issues with the car in any way.

- Sara J

Best gas mileage ever.i couldn't be happier

Gets great gas mileage.most replacement parts can only be bought through the dealership though.overall great car

- Toni G

It has excellent gas mileage! Great storage space and very economical.

It gets great gas mileage but has a loud engine. It was a great price. I have not needed any repair so far.

- Jessica E

If you have a large family this may be a bit too small.

It gets the job done but the engine is a bit small and it struggles a bit on hills and extreme weather.

- Tony F

It uses a lot less gas than I thought it would. I actually drive more than I expected I would.

I bought it because I just learned to drive. A friend of mine recommended it. I've got no complaints.

- Benjamin K

The Mitsubishi Mirage gives me fantastic gas mileage and excellent pick up.

The Mitsubishi Mirage is a small car and great on gas. It has excellent pick up, It is fun to drive.

- Donna S

The most important thing is it is an affordable way to buy a new car

I like that it is good on gas. I dislike that it is fairly small. I wish it had leather interior

- ric J

My car has Awesome gas mileage. 2 full weeks on a full tank of gas.

All good with my car. Only issue i have at the moment is the radio. I won't come on sometimes.

- Pedro M

The car is great on gas, nice sporty look. I love it for everyday use. This car is not a good traveling car.

Parts stated to fall on the inside of the car. Body of the car is made out of cheap material.

- Gloria A

It gets I credible gas mileage at over 40 mpg on the highway

It gets very good gas mileage. It is small, red and a hatchback. It's fairly comfortable.

- Char D

drives good in all weather

It's a small car gets good gas mileage has a small gas tank and is easy to park

- Tom T

I like the gas mileage on It, takes $20.00 to fill up my tank, and its pretty fast when just driving around town. A little small, and can take some pushing to accelerate.

For now small it is, it has a bluetooth setting in the car, and works fine !

- Elizabeth W

I like the size and especially the gas mileage. I like the fact that I use synthetic oil therefore do not have to change as much. I love the color, grey. I do not like that it blows in the wind.

It gets wonderful gas mileage, especially highway driving, close to 50 mpg

- alicia g

It is Excellent on gas mileage, and is very nice and easy to drive.

I have a hard time with the payments, but it has been a good car so far.

- Ann H

gas mileage is incredible. it takes about 20 dollars to fill the tank.

Amazing gas mileage, hatchback, comfortable, roomy. It's a great car!

- char d

A real economical vehicle

It's really good on gas.no dislikes at all runs and looks great

- Raymond R

It's great on gas. A little small for my liking. Doesn't handle the best in wind and rain. Prefer something a little bigger and sturdier.

Inexpensive to fill up! Great gas mileage! Two thumbs up!

- Ashley C

Energy efficient and inexpensive transportation but don't expect any luxury. Gets you front point A to point B.

Very cheaply made but for the price understandable

- Thomas R

Mitsubishi mirage vehicle review.

- Ja

Mitsubishi mirage vehicle review.