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Catastrophic wheel failures swept under the rug.

I wish I could rate the car higher, my Dad had three 240 Z's in a row when I was a kid, I had a 280Z that was bulletproof, however recently I discovered a huge issue with 350Z cars, being their wheels crack on each spoke and they break off around the center hub with little to no warning. My girlfriends daughter called her from the freeway saying her tire flew off her car getting on the freeway and passed her up and bounced along the guard railing for about 1/8th mile, luckily it never went into traffic. Upon arrival I see her car with the center of the wheel intact on the car, I expected her lug nuts or studs to be damaged however they were fine as was the center of the wheel, the spokes were all broken around the wheels hub! I investigate this and learn that a motorcycle cop was recently killed by a 350Z wheel that broke off and bounced over the center divider of the freeway and the wheel smashed into the Highway patrol motorcycle officer head on! nothing he could do. There are many other identical examples of wheel failures all are out of the warranty so Nissan has dodged the ball when by doing so a police officer was killed! and probably other deaths attributable to catastrophic wheel failures, it is just luck my girlfriends daughter's car did not lose control or that her wheel did not enter the freeway and smash into a car and be sent into the opposite side of oncoming traffic! It is not hard to see that coming and it finally did! I thought after that Nissan would do something about this well known design defect, it s a time bomb waiting to go off on every car!

- Keith Grayson

Best car if you want to do good things in summer.

When it is cold sometimes I cannot start the car, it is a small car, good looking, expensive when you fix something, it is not a family vehicle, this car does not work in the snow is too small for that and in the cold you have an accident with the tires and it is a really nice car.

- Maria L

It is fast and is very stylish looking.

I love my car. So fun to drive and it is stylish. It is a convertible so that is fun as well. It is red and a black top.

- Debbie R

beautiful and very convenient

it is a good car. you can use it to trip. and you also can use it to buy the things that you like. it is very beautiful.

- Nicholas d