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Silver 2011 Nissan Altima 2.5 sl with black leather interior.

I think my vehicle is excellent. The interior is extremely spacious, especially due to the bucket seats. I was able to fit all of my belongings and drive cross country in it. I also love that the seats are leather and have the heated option. The seats heat quickly, too. The ac/heat circulates pretty quickly and well. But not as excellent in the back. I haven't had any surprise repairs needed for the car, so it seems to hold its own pretty well. When I get an oil change, the notification on the led screen doesn't always register the oil change. Luckily, I can reset it myself on that same screen. The key battery has lasted 2 years and counting. The seat has always felt very comfortable and I adore all of the ways I can adjust it. The buttons for the seat also work faster than in other cars I have been in before where it can feel like forever trying to adjust your seat. It is very easy to clean the interior. I feel the speakers can be sensitive sometimes to any amount of bass, even when the volume is only halfway, but it is not usually a huge issue and for all I know could be related to a single event where someone damaged them in some way. I love the rear camera. It doesn't have the (to me) annoying lines on the screen when you backup and I have never been unable to see the rear camera feed in any weather. The best part of the car maybe its ability to stop/save me from locking my keys in the car. Overall, I am a big fan of my purchase and hope it lasts me another few years.

- Ashley R

2011 Nissan Altima review.

It is beginning to show a little wear, but we've been steadily driving the car for a few years now. It still really gets the job done though and I have not had any problems with its functionality beyond minor mishaps. The start and stop are a little touchy, at first it took awhile to get used. But over time it is become a lot easier to maneuver around. I use it mostly for driving short distances around my college campus but it has fared well driving for long distances on the highway as well. It is becoming a little outdated and could use a new radio. There is an AUX cord outlet which is great, but it is not a USB outlet so we have to provide a separate cable. The blind spots on it are terrible to get used to at first, but I think part of that has to do with how I sit in my seat. Again, you can get used to it and with a little extra caution it really does not cause any problems. It is very comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time, I have never had to provide extra cushioning for the seats. There's also a ton of room, in my opinion, in both the back seat and the trunk. The trunk holds a ton of stuff - which is great because I recently moved into a new apartment and was able to transport a lot of stuff inside of it. The size of the backseat also makes it easy to drive people around comfortably.

- Shelbie T

2011 Nissan Altima customer review

For the most part it's been a very reliable vehicle. It has great gas mileage, I'd say 35 miles per gallon and 25 miles per gallon of gasoline. That was one of the reasons we chose this vehicle. We have went on multiple road trips all over the southeast of the United States and have had a great experience will long stretches of driving on the highway. Lately there's been an issue at about 150,000 miles were the my RPMs don't want to climb over 2.25 on the dash meter. There may be a recall of some sort but I haven't brought it to the dealership because I'm afraid of the cost it will end up. I have replaced a few parts with nothing that seems to work, until lately. I stopped using the cruise control on my car and it hasn't happened since. I'm not a mechanic or even close so I don't know if it worked or if I have just gotten lucky that it hasn't occurred again.

- Spike D

Good for the money (used)

Purchased a used 2011 Altima 3.6SR and now have just over 100,000 miles. Two major issues have been an air flow sensor that went bad at 85,000 and a right side wheel bearing that failed at 90,000 miles. Both repairs were quite expensive. On the other hand I continue to get over 24MPG in town and over 30MPG on the road. Not bad for a big V-6. Choice of tires is critical. Not a place to skimp as I found out by making a big mistake. With its sport suspension the 3.5 requires really good tires, (read that Michelin or Continental). Quite comfortable overall and the CVT has been OK so far. Service is expensive but worth it. It is really annoying to return to the dealer for service but only the dealer has the necessary computer codes. I hope to get at least 200,000 miles from this car. Time will tell.

- James Drummond

Sporty but room for family

The Nissan Altima has been a very reliable car. I love how spacious it is from the front seat to the trunk. The trunk has a lot of room for groceries or anything else you are needing to haul. The Altima drives and rides very smooth. I like that when you are driving on highway to gravel roads it is a very smooth riding car and you don't feel all of the bumps. I also like the looks of it. The Altima still looks sporty but has more room for the family. The sound system is great in it. I like the features it offers as far as a sunroof, cruise control, tells you when your tires are low, and many other features. I believe that I will only buy Nissans from this point on.

- Melinda C

Performs like a sports car.

Nissan Altimas are great on gas, I have had mine for several years now I bought it when it had 11 miles on it and now has over a hundred and thirty-five thousand. I would recommend this vehicle to anybody who would like to save money on gas, and wants to get a good performance out of their car. The inside of my car is very spacious and has lots of legroom, in the front seat or the back seat. If I ever decide to trade this car in I will probably buy another Nissan Altima. I would also recommend getting the 3.5 engine because it acts just like a sports car oh, but you don't have a sports car fees from insurance.

- Christina C

I am very happy to own a Nissan.

My Nissan Altima has been extremely reliable. The price was a major factor when I purchased the vehicle. It is very affordable and stylish. I have found Nissan dealers are accommodating and honest about the product. When I left the dealership, I was happy and satisfied with my purchase. I travel a lot and I can always depend on my Nissan to get me to my destination without any road complications while driving. This is the second Nissan vehicle I have owned and when I get ready to trade in this vehicle it will probably be to upgrade my current Nissan. The who family enjoys riding in my Nissan.

- Holly L

A sensory Nissan experience.

I love nissans in general, but my Altima really is one of the best I have owned. Comfortable ride. Great gas mileage. Nearly silent motor when idling. The one flaw I found is that warning lights pop up for random purposes. The tire maintenance warning is the worst. I do not like that it just says low air, but does not specify which tire. In bad weather, you have to check all four to get the warning to turn off. A valve sensor had to be removed on one tire so the light stays on because the sensor is gone. Never really know when the tires truly are low.

- Deborah S

Power to the foot pedal and you feel like you get pushed back into your seat.

I have no problems with it. It is very comfortable. The performance is awesome it is quicker than any car I have had. I have the technology package which means there is a button for everything. The radio is a Bose system one of the best. It out does a DJ. It has an alarm. I just got into a major car accident and I did great. There is nothing wrong with it except front cosmetic. Otherwise it drives perfect and straight as can be. It is a very reliable car and so far it has beat every car I have raced.

- Michelle M

A very reliable vehicle that has served well over the years.

I bought the car new. . I have had excellent reliability.I have never been stuck on road. In addition,I have had very few major repairs. The most expensive was less than $700..It was for the tailpipe and converter. The car is comfortable. However, seat adjustments are manual and awkward if you are in a hurry. The biggest complaint is the failure some of the dashboard illumination. The problem is annoying but not a safety hazard and to fix it would require part replacements that would be expensive.

- Will W

Spacious car with abnormal issues

I love the comfort and space the car has inside but other than that I have had nothing but problems. I have a leak in my floor board so when it rains water gets in and you could hear it while driving. On the highway my steering wheel shakes so much I almost feel like a wheel is about to pop off. A belt snapped a couple years ago that causes my car to lock and I couldn't drive. It's just random problems that I've never had with any other car. Plus, others I know complain of random issues as well.

- Cathy B

The Nissan Altima, one of the most reliable cars a person can own.

I really enjoy my 2011 Nissan Altima. I purchased the vehicle *used* around 8 months ago and have had a wonderful experience. I am 6 foot 4 and fit in this vehicle with no problems. It is a great car for anyone from college students to mothers and fathers. It has been very reliable, I can always count on it to start (even when it is cold) and it performs wonderfully and I have had little problems with this car. I wholeheartedly recommend a Nissan Altima and think it is a very wonderful car.

- Trace B

Great car, minimal problems

My vehicle is reliable most of the time. The gas mileage is great, which is a huge plus. It also has really good acceleration, and it doesn't take long to speed up. When I first bought it, the brake switch broke and it wouldn't turn on but it was an easy fix. I love the leather seats and the sun roof. I also love the push to start feature. The only other complaint I have is that the shift doesn't stick very well, and it's easy to push into neutral if something pushes on it by accident.

- Aliyah S

My rocket review my kids call the car our rocket ship

I love my car it's stylish comfortable and has lots of legroom. All my seats are heated and I can control the AC and music dials from anywhere in the car there are control dials on steering wheel and in the back seat so if the kids don't want to listen to what's on they can change it themselves. It has a mesh net In the back window so that helps a lot too it keeps the sun from getting into the kids eyes and makes it cooler in the car making everyone's ride more pleasant.

- Krystal S

Best quality for lower price.

The car is very comfortable & safe. Nice smooth riding. Wonderful features & never have any mechanical issues. Lots of space. I have never owned any other vehicle besides a Nissan, but the car has never given me any troubles. Will not allow you to lock the keys in the car either. You can also leave the car running while locking the doors & taking the keys into the store with you. Absolutely best, safest family car for someone who doesn't like SUVs.

- Ashley B

It's an efficient car. It's great on gas.

I have my Nissan Altima for about 2 years now and I have never had a problem with it. If you're looking for a good gas saver this car is indeed for you. I have gone from Gilroy, Ca to Los Angeles, Ca ( 4 1/2 hour drive ) and came make it back with just filling it up once before I leave Gilroy. The car runs very smoothly. For it to be a small car it is very roomy, there is plenty of space for the passengers. The trunk is very spacious too.

- Tapia B

I Love it and I hate it, but I love it again...

I love my 2011 Nissan Altima 2.5s but I hate it at the same time. It gets me from here to there but it has 144k miles on it and I'm starting to notice both of my CV joints are going out. I'm putting it in the shop this week. Also the factory radio luminosity fades in and out when the sun shines on it for to long. Other than that, it's holding up pretty good for me. I feel like she has another 100k Miles in her as long as I keep her up

- Bel-Ami B

The vehicle is dependable and the air conditioner works great.

I have never had any issues with my Altima. My husband sees that all maintenance is completed timely. It is a comfortable car but does not ride as comfortable as an escalade or bigger SUVs. It gets good gas mileage and seats 5 people comfortably. It will probably be the last vehicle that I purchase as I am retired. Larger vehicles headlights shine in your eyes if they are directly behind you making if difficult to see at night.

- Bonnie S

Reliable, fast car. Needs to be taken care of properly

I don't know a lot about cars, but I don't think that there's much wrong with this car. It was reliable for many years, but just has a lot of miles on it. My stepmom, the previous owner would use it to drive to Chicago for work so it just has a lot of miles. I haven't had the money to keep it in good condition so it doesn't run the best. I know people have said that the transmission is also not the best.

- Cheyenne W

Nissan Altima overall performance.

Gas mileage is not very good. Very nice car overall, drives smoothly and is decently comfortable for long drives. It has heated seats and a sunroof, otherwise I think there could be better features. This is the car I drive the most, the reliability is good - I take this car when I am doing long distances (3 hours or so. ) If I am going any farther, I typically have another car I choose to use instead.

- Lex B

Nissan Altima - luxurious.

It is nice and big, it rides very well and smooth. It is very pretty, it is comfortable, it has a lot of good features in it, I like the cruise control, please are it is nice and big, it rides very well and smooth. It is very pretty, it is comfortable, it has a lot of good features in it, I like the cruise control, the electric seats, you can adjust them to any position. Very comfortable car.

- Cat S

Nissan Altima, affordable but not strong enough

The car is a gas saver and great on mileage but it's not sturdy enough. It has all the high end features like carplay, hands free, steering voice controls, air bags, moonroof, rearview camera, heated seats but when it comes to rough roads, the car shakes a little bit. Also some parts in the cabin makes noise after a 100k miles for no reason. Overall an affordable ride but not a luxurious one.

- Garry G

Nissan Altima is a great car for all occasions!

Only routine maintenance. Consistent oil changes. Filter changes. The USB outlets need to be recharged. Handles well in all weather. City driving and traveling has been great in this car. Space is good in the car and the trunk. I would purchase again. I need more space with 3 grands all in car seats. I will probably consider a small SUV/truck type car. It will probably be as Nissan though.

- Rhonda G

Great car for long time ownership

The car has held up really well over the several years that I have had it. My favorite feature is probably the gas mileage with it being a hybrid it gets a really good amount. The main problems that I encounter are surrounding spark plugs going out somewhat frequently. Additionally sometimes the body of the car can hang onto water after rain. However, overall I very much enjoy the vehicle

- Sam M

Spacious, comfortable and enjoyable.

I love my Nissan. It is comfortable, spacious and user friendly. The dashboard is easy to navigate. I drive my car for work on average sixty miles a day and I get great gas mileage and the car always runs smoothly. I never have to worry about blind spots and people always comment on how comfortable the seats and legroom are. The trunk is plenty large enough for storage of everyday items.

- Whit S

It is safe, reliable, and does an amazing job of getting you from home to work.

The brakes on the car are very smooth, which has always been what attracts me to Nissans. They drive easily, and I rarely run into problems with its performance. The only thing that I have had issues with is the air conditioning running out soon after being fixed - but I think this is a product of living in South Florida and often running the air very high for extended periods of time.

- Nora L

Nissan Altima: a short person’s dream car.

It is an extremely smooth, easy vehicle for riding and driving. The gears shift smoothly when in manual mode and there is great pick-up when in automatic mode. I enjoy the sleek feel of the steering wheel and electronic buttons. The best feature for me is the ability to raise the driver's seat without moving the length, because I am short and need extra boost to see over the wheel.

- Rebecca S

Great from mile 1-160001!

My car currently has 160,000 miles on it. I bought it brand new and it was such a smooth ride. As I have taken it regularly for maintenance it has held up great. Nothing major is wrong with my car. The color has held up, interior still looks great and it is still a pretty smooth ride. Hold two car seats comfortably and has enough space in the truck for traveling with the family.

- Lea W

No fast acceleration for 2011 Nissan

Comfortable, generally pretty reliable, but the 'check engine' light has been on and even when we get the car checked, it doesn't go off. Also, the car can't accelerate too fast (it starts making a weird noise at about 70 miles per hour). It starts to feel bumpy and the wheel almost vibrates if I get fast on the freeway too quickly. Basically, you just can't accelerate quickly.

- Bella W

Pearl white Nissan Altima

Transmission issues and mass air flow sensor issues are the main issue. Sometimes it locks up with the skidding thing, then I have to turn it off and turn it back on and it usually fixes itself. I like my car otherwise. It has nice leather seats. Drives well. Good on gas mileage. Pretty color, it is a nice pearl white. Special paint job. Smaller so cheaper tires.

- Nicki H

Well I have a s and it grey in color it's a very nice.

I have had my car for 6yrs. The only thing, I really done is change out my tires and brakes. After a while the brakes go out and squeal. Be careful because there 2 different types of brake for the front and the real. It hold the road really nice and it get great gas mileage. It has a lot of space for travel. I would get another one it has a very comfortable ride.

- Key K

The Nissan Altima is very nice and affordable.

It is real comfortable to drive on the road. It is smooth drive and has a nice speed to it. No major issues with this car. I have only had to get the brakes checked and fixed. It is real comfortable on the inside. It does not have too much space, it is just enough space. The tires are nice. I would definitely recommend this car because it is safe and affordable.

- Amber G

It is dependability, my family has had it for years.

Having been a hand-me-down from my mother, the vehicle has proven to be very reliable. It is a comfortable and smooth driving experience even after all these years. My only wish is that it was more up to date in terms of features, such as Bluetooth connection, but that is purely only for convenience. It is a quality car and I am thankful that it was/is my first.

- Alex V

Great car! Awesome on gas and drives so smoothly.

I love my car! It is so roomy to be a car. Great on gas! The only negative is it does sit low to the ground. It has a huge trunk to store a lot of stuff in. The radio system is great as well. There is a little window area on the dashboard that tells you how many miles 'till empty as well! You can go far on just a little gas! That is what I love most about it!

- Jodi S

I like how the back seat in the middle has a pull down thing with a cup holder.

I have had issues with trying to diagnose the problems when the sensory lights come on. It is a comfortable car and I feel safe driving it with my child in the car. I wish it had things that updated models have, like built in GPS Bluetooth etc. I have had to repair my brakes multiple times. I've never had an issue with finding/purchasing pets for this vehicle

- Candice C

2011 Nissan Altima. Amazing gas mileage!

I love my car. It has warning lights for almost anything that could ever go wrong. It has great gas mileage. The stereo system is pretty nice sometimes. I would not recommend turning the bass all the way up. Even if you are listening to a song without bass, it still muffles the words in the song. Overall though, the 2011 Nissan Altima is a very reliable car.

- Nicole M

The Nissan Altima is a great family car.

I have loved my Nissan altima. It has push start which I love because I can have my keys in my purse and still start the car. It has great gas mileage. The windows lock in the front so you do not have kids rolling up and down the windows. Also when you lock the car if you try to get in without unlocking it the alarm will go off. It is really a great car!

- Maxine Z

My baby girl she takes care of me.

My car is wonderful, I have really enjoyed my Altima. It runs so well that I will be a Nissan owner for life! The only thing that bugs me is that it didn't have an ashtray, but the performance is outstanding! It has room enough for 4 to ride very comfortably. It drives like a dream. If you have a chance to get a Nissan Altima, jump all over that chance!

- John H

Great first car very good quality.

I have recently dealt with my car overheating and it ended up blowing my engine which is not based on the car itself but was more influence on other issues such as the motor mounts. Overall the car is a great car it does run a little steep on gas varying from 40-50 dollars for a full tank other than that the car was an excellent car for my first car.

- Claudia U

Happy with my reliable Altima. Hoping for a hybrid version in near future.

No major problems. Wish it had more acceleration power for highway diving. Comfortable rides and good sound system. SI model is premium but worth the cost. Gas mileage is good. Future purchase will be a hybrid or electric vehicle. I've had the car 7 years and happy to just keep up with the maintenance and tune ups. No major repairs. Reliable vehicle.

- Sam D

Nissan Altima. A Great commuter car.

This car really runs great. It has awesome gas mileage. Great car for commuting to work during the week. . It has Spacious in front. The seats really tight in back. It Makes it difficult with toddler car seat when squeezing in the family. . Back seat is tight for plus size woman. Seat belt is not long enough and locks due to the length of it.

- Rachel S

It's a solid, reliable vehicle with lots of space for a long-legged driver.

I like my Altima because the driver's seat goes back far enough for my long legs. I would have preferred to purchase a cheaper, smaller, more efficient car, but the seats don't go back enough for my comfort. I don't like that the dark exterior and interior make my car hot in the sun. I don't like that I need a working fob to operate the car.

- Andrew W

As long as you have the keys you can unlock and start the car!

My car is very reliable has push start engine, which keeps me from having to find my keys all the time as long as they are on me I can start my car. I also only push a button to open the doors which keeps me from locking my keys in aide, which I use to do all the time. It drives so smooth. I love my rearview camera which make me feel safe.

- Rachel R

For a family the car provides a lot of space which is really helpful.

The car drives good with no problem. When I first got the vehicle I was not too happy to have something other than a Toyota. I was totally surprised the car drives smooth. The interior there's a lot of space. The truck is very big and has a lot of space which I really need with my kids. Overall the car is amazing and I will recommend it.

- Jessica D

Most reliable vehicle to meet my family needs.

My vehicle is very reliable. Make sure to get your oil changes very inexpensive and keeps the very functioning well. The vehicle can drive very smooth and is spacious. I recommend if buying used to get a vehicle with low mileage as possible you can enjoy the vehicle a c not have to spend a lot of money upfront on preventive maintenance.

- Querida T

Reliable and fun to drive.

The 2011 Nissan Altima is a reliable car. It is a four cylinder 2. 5 liter that gets good gas mileage. The large gas tank is a plus because it gives the capability of going long distances without fueling up so frequently. The steering is surprisingly reactive and it is fun to drive. The entertainment system, the speakers, work well too.

- Max R

It has a 6 disc CD changer that I have never used. It is Bluetooth compatible.

My car has a smooth ride. It is a 2011 and I have never had any problems with it since I have bought it. Its fully loaded. The leather seats are a must with small kids. The sunroof is nice as well as the Bose sound system. The DVD was a huge bonus but I do not see the benefit being I can only use it while in park. Defeats the purpose.

- Tara F

Awesome Nissan Altima 2011.

What I love about my car is that it is push to start, it is good on gas, has a high star rating on safety with the safety features like anti-lock brakes, airbags for both driver and passenger side including airbags, a smooth ride, and moonroof. The body shape is rounded and contoured with the smoothest gliding ride and cruise control.

- Jess G

Perks of an Altima in Today�s World

I have not had many issues with my vehicle, it came with the basic features which I thoroughly enjoy, it is reliable in a sense of getting me where I need to go with little to no issues. The only thing I don't like is the gas, it uses more than when I initially bought it, but overall the vehicle is comfortable Like it was made for me

- Maya H

Perfect car for moms and teenagers.

This vehicle has been very reliable. No complaints at all. It has a comfortable ride. It is a perfect car for a single mothers, the cost was reasonable, and requires very little maintenance. It still performs well even with high mileage. I will be able to hand this car down to my teenager and not have to worry about high cost fixes.

- Sommer A

2011 Nissan Altima has given me no problem at all

It's been the most reliable car I've ever owned and I will buy another one of the same again. I've never had any problems with my Altima from the time I bought it and it has just over 100,000 miles on it now. I would greatly recommend these cars to anyone that is looking for a nice, comfortable, elegant and dependable vehicle.

- Wanda A

Dependable, quality, low maintenance.

I have had very few problems with this vehicle. It has almost 250,000 miles. Other than normal maintenance; tires, oil changes, brakes, wiper blades, etc., I have had to replace the air conditioner compressor and the radiator. I get over 30 miles per gallon on the highway and around 25 miles per gallon in the city.

- Paul Allen Reeves R

Stylish, compact, and economical.

I think it gets good mileage. I love the size, style and color. The extra features like heated seats moonroof and back up camera are pretty cool too. It has a hood sized trunk with seats that fold down for extra large storage. I believe it has really good safety features although I've thankfully not had to use them yet.

- Tracy J

Its has a good acceleration for a 4 a cylinder. And it has a large interior.

No problems it runs like a champ. I just have to keep the oil changed on a regular and rotate the tires. The only issue I have is that the body style changed 1 year after I purchased it. Bit when I do upgrade it will be another Altima. And maybe I will get the sir series. And the white one body style is the best color.

- Emma M

Great running vehicle. Would buy again

Great car. Runs well. I like how the car drive the quality of the car. The vehicle is made well and has a lot of features in the car. Nissan are one of my favorite vehicles. The engines are well built and the vehicle runs well even after 7 years of having the vehicle. The next vehicle I get will be a Nissan.

- Denise W

I enjoy my car mainly because it is classy looking and it is gas efficient.

I enjoy my car because it is classy. It is also reliable. My car is very good on gas; therefore, I enjoy driving it because it is gas efficient. Look you guys are making people come up with stuff or just lie when you put the character link. I have fully explained what I like about my car, now I am doing filters.

- Ora L

The Altima is a decent car.

It has over 100,000 miles now so things are starting to go wrong and need repairs. It has been a decent car so far. It is a comfortable ride and fairly quiet. I do wish it sat up higher. The blind spots are alright, I can usually see cars in my mirrors. It gets good gas mileage and has a fairly large gas tank.

- Kristin J

It is a car so the trunk and backseat space is not super tiny but is kind of small.

I love that my car is a car for one because it is just the right size for me. Having a car makes it easier to park personally since I am so short. My car gets good gas mileage and as of right now everything is running as it should. If I had one complaint, it would be my alarm system and how sensitive that is.

- Brandy B

Love my Altima no problems

I love my Altima. I had to get used to the CRT transmission at first, but other than that I love it. I have had it for almost three years and have had no major problems besides brakes, tires, and the minor car things. I would definitely recommend this car and definitely purchase another Altima in the future.

- Shawn K

2011 Nissan Altima coupe has great style and reliability

I have had no problems with my 2011 Nissan Altima coupe. It has been very reliable. The car is comfortable. It drives well and hugs the road. It has a sporty style that gets noticed. The trunk, because of its low sleek profile, does not hold anything tall, but the seats do go down and so there is storage.

- Monica W

My car is sleek, rides smooth. Very reliable. I can always count on it starting. Even in the Massachusetts cold weather. The heat temp is great and the a/c is cold.

Performance of my car is incredible. Not one problem in 4 years. My car starts every time with no hesitations. It is very comfortable. The seat are soft and move to my exact requirements. I have many features that are close to hands or on the steering wheel. I would never buy any other car than a Nissan.


Nissan Altima sr is the best car I ever owners.

Love it. No problems with the engine, . Cvt transmission, or anything else. I am very pleased with the power, performance and durability of this vehicle. The interior is easy to maintain and so is the exterior. It has more than enough power for every situation and handles wonderfully best car I ever owned.

- James E

My review of the Nissan altima.

I haven't had the car long but it has been very dependable and easy on gas. It gets great gas mileage. Haven't ran into any problems yet and it has almost 200, 000 miles on it. It is very comfortable. It handles well on wet roads. It would make for a good starter car for a teenager. Great safety features.

- Carolyn E

My Vehicle Review in Retrospect

I don't really have any problems with my vehicle. I have had to get new tires, change the oil regularly but other than that that's it. The comfort level is top notch, I love every about my car from the way the stereo sounds to the way the car drives, it's very nice. I would recommend anyone get an Altima.

- Sarah T

I love the performance of Nissan Altimas, dependable.

I have the 2011 Nissan Altima 3. 5 sr. It has 74k miles roughly and it is an amazing car, as long as you keep up with the maintenance. I've never had problems with it, and it runs very smooth. It goes really fast, very quickly, and the performance is an overall 10. Would recommend this car to anybody.

- Reagan C

Reliable and Dependable Nissan Altima

From driving a Nissan Altima, I can say it is a reliable car if it is taken care of. Runs smooth and rarely has any issues. The only thing I would say about my car is that I feel like it eats up a bit too much gas for an Altima... but other than that it is a great mid-sized sedan. Spacious inside as well.

- Saul D

My Nissan Altima is a good reliable car.

It performs well. It is very reliable. Fits 5 comfortably. I wish it was a more up to date car with the electronics with in. I also wish it had auto lights. The car itself is very good and has taken me far since I bought it. Currently it has about 150000 miles on it and it is still driving smoothly.

- Shan J

Right now I cannot enjoy my car. I go on vacation /trips, I pay for a rental.

When driving long distance I loses power especially going up hills. I have taken the car to many inspections, but they're saying that it does not have anything thing showing up. I am hoping that someone can tell me what wrong. The mean while l was taking the car back and forwarded while under warranty.

- Loretta L

The most important thing to know about my car is how reliable it is.

I love how reliable my vehicle is and that it keeps its resale value. I love that the dash tells me when there is a maintenance problem that needs to be done such as an oil change, tire pressure change, etc. I dislike that it doesn't have power seats and how much the front window fogs up on the inside.

- Amy A

The spacious trunk and extra leg room from and bank is awesome.

I like the comfort and convenience the care has to offer. It is a set friendly and family friendly car. The style is my favorite and trunk capacity is incredible. I have been a loyal Nissan owner for over 20 years. Very reliable car and affordable with great safety features and up to date electronics.

- Monica R

Nissans are extremely efficient on gas. Also a very good value for the price. Driving and handling is better than expected.

My Nissan Altima is a pleasure to drive. The driving feels very good and smooth. The handling and brakes are very precise and efficient. The Nissan is also very good on not consuming a lot of gas. Gas last a long time and doesn't go away quickly. Also a perfectly spacious car and a nice stereo system.

- Mario C

2011 Nissan Altima is a good quality vehicle.

My 2011 Nissan Altima has been a very reliable vehicle. It has quality performance and the level of comfort has far exceeded my expectations. I have encountered no major problems with this vehicle. My particular vehicle only has the basic features but a broad range of features are otherwise available.

- Tina M

It is a very sporty looking car. It has a sleek design and fast.

It drives really good. I like the 2-door style. It is very fast. It looks very sporty. The interior design is amazing. It is all around a very good car. I have never had any trouble out of this car. It has a spoiler on the back that makes it look extra sporty. It has alloy rims. It is a very nice car.

- Kim D

My little Altima has proven to be very reliable.

I have had my Altima for about a year now and it has not given me any major issues only flat tires, etc. It has approximately 102k miles. I have noticed the slippery road now on the dashboard and service engine soon comes on and off but the car seems to drive fine so I am not really worried at moment.

- Dora C

This car is beyond perfect!

It's perfect! I have owned this car for over a year now and it has never gave me not one problem! The inside is made very comfortable and it is very spacious! I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone. It is also great on gas! I would not want any other car I am glad I decided to buy this one!

- Lindsey W

Just my opinion on the Nissan Altima.

Haven't really had any problems with my car. I have had it 5 years and it has great gas mileage. The brakes have only had to be changed once. It has a great manufactures stereo system. Oil changes and maintenance upkeep is not that expensive. . All around it has been one of my best cars ever to own.

- Kelly S

I do believe Nissans are good cars I am no mechanic for a 2011 it is holding up.

I have really only had problems with things dealing with my a/c and compressor but I have only had the car for a little over a year now for it to be a 2011 I honestly think it is holding up pretty nicely I just need something a little bigger than the 2.5s which is a two door car and I am 5'10 lol.

- Joy D

Gas efficiency, style, and class.

Seems I have electrical issues at times. It is good on gas and reliable as far as traveling goes. I am sure when I purchase another vehicle Nissan will be my 1st choice. I do like the body style and leg room it gives me. I would prefer if the cars were a little higher, it seems low to the ground.

- Albert A

Altima 3.5 SR best in performance and class

The performance on this car is amazing. The V6 engine allows you to get to the speeds you want quickly when you need to. This car gives a real comfortable ride, dual temperature zones, heated seats, and leather interior. The Bose sound system with 12 premium speakers adds the icing to the cake.

- Dean B

My Nissan Altima is very smooth.

I really enjoy my Nissan Altima. I shopped for cars for a while and what drew me to the Altima was how it was still a "small car" but feels very roomy inside. My Altima drives very smoothly and is extremely reliable. My only complain would be it is a little loud when you initially hit the gas.

- Faith K

Nissan Altima is a good looking car as well as a cost efficient vehicle.

I have not had any problems with my 2011 Nissan Altima. The car drives great, good gas mileage, great sound system, air conditioning and heating system works great. It is a very dependable vehicle for the price. Great looking car design. I would buy this car again without any second thoughts!

- Annie L

I think my vehicle is great. The car is a nice car, and very roomy.

My vehicle is very good on gas and it drives very smooth. I get lots of compliments on how roomy it is. It is very comfortable. I think the car has great headlights for driving at night. I had problems with the acceleration sensor. When I step on the gas the rpm is hesitant to move passed 2.

- Liz A

Nissan Altima is a modern marvel.

My car runs well. I haven't had any problems. I have cloth seats, and they are comfortable, but they stain easily. Its big enough to be comfortable, but easy to park. It has Bluetooth driving, and it's a great find. It will surely last awhile. It's also push to start with an amazing sunroof.

- Jah G

Too good to be true and money!

It's a good daily. However, the problems that have arose in a matter of weeks after crossing the 130000 miles on the CVT transmission. Plus a slew of other issues with the suspension due to the recall . simply, get the standard manual transmission. It'll save you so many headaches and money.

- Hoyt L

I love my 2011 Nissan Altima 2.5s

The car is comfortable and comes with Bluetooth capability, a good speaker system, leather interior, 4 wheel drive and 6 cylinder, reliable engine with a lot of get up and go. The brakes are wonderful and my gas mileage is about 32 miles per gallon on the highway and 23 in residential areas.

- Julia R

It has a nice overall look.

The car is pretty reliable I like the vehicles overall performance. It's a nice looking vehicle has a little screen that gives options on mpg are temperature and other options. The car has been fairly reliable tells me when oil change is needed. I like the look and its range and speed is ok.

- Joshua R

I will never leave my car keys in the car again. How wonderful is that.

My last car was a 1996 Ford Taurus and this is my first vehicle that has a push button starting system with foot on the brake. This is also the very first vehicle with a push button door opener and trunk opener. The car rides so smooth and I have never been happier joining the 21st century.

- William R

The steering is easy enough for a child to steer.

It is easy steering and drives like you are sitting still. Got to watch your speed or you will be going faster than you think. Rides like a smooth dream. I find it easy on gas and everyone that drives it does not want to get out of the driver seat. I feel everyone wishing my car was theirs.

- Evelyn N

Satisfied customer in 2011 Altima.

I haven't had any problems out of my car. It drives and runs great. The only thing I dislike is the rubber texture dashboard. But other than that all the features are good. The seats are comfortable and the design is nice. I would definitely recommend this vehicle. I would buy another one.

- Brad C

A bang for your buck with a car that is reliable, high performing and luxurious

It has absolutely no problems with it the performance is immaculate is very reliable comfortable acceleration is really good it gives you the most for your money. When it comes to the many amenities for the price of vehicle you could not get another call with a better package at this value

- Charles M

I love the tinted windows

I honestly have never loved a car more. From exterior to interior. It has so many good useful features. Easy access to pop trunk and pop gas lid. Huge trunk and huge inside of car. All around good car. Good on gas and mileage. Good radio even though it's not the one it originally came with

- daisy K

Nissan is terrible. If you can get any other car, you'll be better off.

The car is too long so I have parking issues where I overshoot the parking spot. Repairs on Nissans in general are way too expensive compared to other vehicles. It's also falling apart far too fast considering the amount of work I have had to have done so far and it's only at 88k miles.

- Ashley H

Great car. Love it. Great gas mileage.

Car drives smooth. Good gas mileage. Lots of room for traveling. Easy to take care of. I never had any problems. Seems low to the ground. That is my only compliant. Steering wheel has easy to control radio. Very uncomfortable. I very safe. Great car. Would not trade it for anything else.

- Helen V

My vehicle is a good image of me.

I love this vehicle. The model is very good and drives smoothly. It has everything I need inside and it tells you when tire is low, gas is low, etc. Great features. It has very good gas mileage as well. I have not had any major problems with it at all and this is my three year having it.

- Devin M

2011 Altima 2.5s sedan review.

handling around curves is lacking but not terrible, the suspension could be a bit more stiff to reduce body roll. Engine performance is okay for a cylinder but it pales in comparison to other 4 cylinder cars, they should have done like other companies and included a small turbocharger.

- Tanner F

Reliable and will not let you down, money will be well spent

Nissan Altimas are really reliable. They are great of gas for starters, I only put gas once a week. Plus the inside is comfy you can adjust your chair to your comfort level. Maintenance is also not a problem the parts come really cheap so I love this car it's not going to let you down

- Jean S

My car runs really smooth and with upkeep can run for years to come.

I like the trunk space which is very roomy. I also like the lights that I can turn on/off in the back seats. I have learned that there is no USB charger/connection. I have the cigarette lighter to charge my phone. I definitely love that I can lock my glove compartment when needed.

- Carissa W

Altima coupe 2011 is amazing!

I love my Nissan Altima coupe 2. 5s because first of all she is beautiful black and sleek, while still looking like an Altima, the coupe has so much style and very comfortable. The car has a nice interior and boss radio, the tires are 17s and the performance of the vehicle is amazing.

- Kati D

Nissan' is a super reliable car company.

My family and I have been in our Nissan Altima for about 5 years now... and the car itself is really nice presentation wise and the performance is still outstanding. With regularly scheduled maintenance this car was definitely a good pick! The push to start is very convenient as well

- Jeremy M

People should know that the Nissan Altima is reliable and affordable.

My vehicle is very good on gas. It has good weight to it, so I feel safe when I drive. The maintenance costs are manageable. It's easy to maintain my car in my area (parts and qualified technicians are readily available). I wish it had more modern features like a back-up camera.

- Kaileen A

The 2012 Altima is a trustworthy car at a Great price!

I really like this model. I do a lot of driving for work, and I get FANTASTIC gas mileage. With cruise control and a good sound system, I drive comfortably to and from my destinations. Electronic brake assist and vehicle stability control make the ride safe. A ton of great features!

- Ellen S

I have none that I could think of to tell about. It runs well and is good on gas.

Reliable and great on gas I love all of the urgent lights. . The car runs easy to clean rides smoothly. The tires are on good rims nissan is a good vehicle. The engine runs well keep oil change and air filters. Everything is working well the transmission is great continually moving.

- Anji W

Comfortable vehicle for commuting and travel.

I love our Nissan Altima! The push button start is extremely helpful (keys don't leave my purse). There is a huge trunk with plenty of space for our family to go on camping trips. It is not a super roomy vehicle; however, it does serve us well. We have owned it for almost 3 years.

- Beth J

Smooth, good speakers and great gas mileage.

My car drives really smooth. Sometimes you can't tell what speed you are going. My favorite part is the back up camera and the Bose surround sound. Also it has very good gas mileage. I drive for Lyft and it does wonders. There's usual wear and tear but it's just such a good car.

- Eileen A

Dependable and great on gas.

Very dependable, reliable, never had any problems with the car. I have only needed to change the oil, rotate tires and replace tires and replace the brakes and rotors, no major issues. It is spacious and practical. It has a large trunk, is great on gas and is a comfortable ride.

- Shannon B

My ' little red' is what I call my Altima.

I'm very comfortable with driving my Altima. In the last couple of years I have notice my car will suddenly accelerate on its own. This occurs and ends rather quickly. Outside of that maintenance is low. My Altima can drive long distances without issue and is excellent on gas.

- Beverly F

Although my car is a basic sedan I enjoy its basic comfort and no frills price.

I love my car because its so reliable and easy to use with my push start button. Sedans are the best for me because I can go fast or slow with quick precision. The more user-friendly the better. I wish I had a sunroof, though, like my last car (another Nissan Altima but 2005).

- Jessica M

Awesome Altima. Reliable and efficient.

I really like that it is reliable, good on gas, and comfortable. Alignment and air flow problems lately. Overall it is a pretty good car to have. It has a sunroof, electric seats, and helpful dashboard visuals that tell the temperature, maintenance issues and gas and mileage.

- Destiny J

Just love all the information given to me on the dashboard.

I love the smooth quiet ride and this is my first car with an automatic door opener from the keychain. Great mileage and other features I am learning on a weekly basis. I got myself a book and on you tube I learned what all the lights mean making me more familiar with my car.

- William J

My Nissan Altima is a great daily driver.

The Nissan I own is very well made on the comfort side of things and works very well. The AC has saved me from the heat of many summer days. I've driven the car almost 90 thousand miles with nothing going wrong or needing repair. Overall I like the quality of Nissan vehicles.

- Logan M

The SUV are really nice always like Nissan cars.

No problem I like the car it is reliable save on gas good on the highway they have different cars and trucks on thing the parts are expensive if you need repairs otherwise good car on mileage compared to other car been driving the brand for long time the SUV are really nice.

- Tanya F

Awesome looking, reliable vehicle.

It is very reliable, spacious and comfortable. The audio player is a little outdated compared to newer vehicles, but could easily be updated. The look of it is still very modern looking when compared to most current vehicles. I would absolutely consider buying a newer model.

- Bryan W

Great car, couple of issues.

The car has been very reliable with the exception of a few issues. One of the battery cables became so corroded that it at threw the cable and left me stranded. Right now the check engine light is on but no idea why. It keeps going on and off so it is hard to get it checked.

- Robert L

Nissan Altima is a very reliable car.

The car itself is really good. The only issue is it gets low tire pressure very easily and sometimes heat blows out even when I have it off. The car itself is very comfortable and has a great sound system. So far the car has been very reliable and gets me where I need to go.

- Mckenna K

The thing that shocked me about the car was the built in Bose sound system.

I have no complaints about my car so far, it has been a great car since we got it. The car has a Bose sound system in it has a sunroof which is great in warm weather. It has a lot of miles on it and still going strong. If you want an Altima I really recommended getting one.

- Brittany M

This is a great car. Very easy to drive.

The gas mileage is pretty great. All the sensors work really well, like when I need an oil change or air in my tires. The side mirrors do not fold in which is very unforgiving. Overall, it is a great car. It is very easy to drive. It has decent acceleration and a nice ride.

- Kate C

I have really engine my Nissan Altima

I have really enjoyed having my Nissan Altima. The car has been very dependable with little work to be done other than normal wear on a car. The Nissan Altima drives comfortably as well as the vehicle has great room for a family. I would highly recommend a Nissan to anyone.

- Amanda B

My reliable 2011 Nissan Altima.

My 2011 Nissan Altima has been an extremely reliable car. I have experienced no big problems with my vehicle. All repaired that have been done are basic wear and tear issues. Its performance exceeds expectations. The comfort and features are everything I want in a vehicle.

- Tina M

Nissan Altima always reliable.

It is super reliable, no real maintenance issues just the normal maintenance like oil change, brake pads, and batteries. The paint is a little dinged up but that is from being 7 years old and driving on the freeways during rush hour 5 days a week. I like the Nissan brand.

- Lindsey P

I have had the car since 2012 and it has yet to rust out.

Love the colors that are available, has good gas mileage. Seats move with and automatic lever, the 2011 Altima has a sunroof that can open either all the way or half way. The trunk is a little smaller than I'd prefer and it does not come with Bluetooth or a backup camera.

- Cathy W

Good car, most basic model.

Overall, very good and reliable car. Gets good gas mileage and have had no major problems in 6 years of driving. Has a roomy back seat and a large trunk for storage. Wish I had made different choices aesthetically, such as leather and rims, rather than fabric and hubcaps.

- Lindsay R

The car is spacious on the inside and the back up camera is nice.

This car is great on gas, it has a lot of upgraded features and rides very smooth. The push to start feature takes some getting used to if you are not familiar with that. The keyless feature is nice, until it needs new batteries. I would recommend this to anyone who asks!

- Lauren G

Safe and sound is the title of the car review I just gave.

I feel it is whatever feels safest and/or the most comfortable when you test drive the vehicle. Most cars have very similar advanced features which includes Bluetooth and satellite radio. You also have to consider storage for you belongings and is it good for gas mileage.

- William S

Do not hate it, now it has 145k miles and is becoming a problem.

All around it is an okay car. I do not hate it and its getting old which is causing it to be a nuisance, but it is been reliable for the most part and I would recommend Altima's to any one, really. They're affordable and get the job done while looking pretty nice as well.

- Josh N

Buy a ALtima you won't regret it

I do love my car it rides smooth and they road and doesn't cost too much money to keep up with. The only downside i have to my car is that its a basic package when i bought it i wanted to save money so i got that package but now looking back i wish i would of upgraded it

- shateak r

2011 Nissan Altima 2.5 s coupe

The Altima is a great car and it's very reliable, fantastic on gas mileage. It's a very comfortable ride and has a very spacious passenger seating. It's a great vehicle to have for the family. The trunk has plenty of room to fit things. I would say this car is great buy!

- Michael D

2011 Nissan Altima: I love mine.

In terms of reliability, this car is one of the top cars that I have ever driven. Gas mileage is pretty good for the year it is. My mom has a newer Altima and her mileage is a little better than mine. No issues to report. Typically a tank of gas lasts about a week or so.

- Danielle F

2011 Nissan Altima is the best first car ever!

I bought my car used and didn't know anything about it, but I love it. I did have some problems with it because the owner didn't know anything about it. Other than that my car is perfect and is my first car. I am considering buying a newer model when I pay this one off!

- Haleigh L

The vehicle has given very well accessibility to commuting to long distance job.

The vehicle is very reliable. Very well comfortable and spacious. However, one concept I dislike the most is the push to start. I am old school and prefer key in the ignition. The reason for this is because without the key in the ignition, tend to lose track of the key.

- Tony R

Cute little sedan with a lovely interior

Mileage can be finicky. Bluetooth phone connect for calls but no Bluetooth connect for radio/music. Headlights are fairly dim. Very comfortable. As long as I've owned it it's been reliable. Stereo system is great. No problems with heat or air. Lots of cup holder options

- Ash M

Nissan Altima and all its average wonders

It's good to date but sometimes the keyless start button fails the first few tries. The inside is comfortable. Definitely a good family car. It doesn't waste too much gas either. I fill it up about once a week sometimes less than that. Overall it's a good option to buy.

- Daniel D

Updated cylindrical lights makes car looks good like much more expensive cars.

Good shaped and looking, comfort of driving because plenty legs room, for this power of engine good responding car with good acceleration, no problems except I have one with water gathering at the back door after the heavy rain, very good performance - miles per gallon.

- Andrew G

Altima is dependable and comfortable.

Vehicle is great. Not many repairs on except the normal brakes and oil changes. It has been very reliable. We bought it used at CarMax which was not a happy situation but the car is doing just fine. It has 86, 000 miles on it right now and are getting breaks next week.

- Sarah R

Fully loaded Altima that rides smooth and is proven to be reliable.

My car is fully loaded and even though it is a few years old the ride is still smooth and I have never had any issues with it. Everything from the sunroof to the Bose speakers and leather seats makes me feel like I am riding in luxury! I would still buy this car today!

- Tara L

It is comfortable. I have a bad back and I do not have any problems.

I enjoy the power of the car. The gas mileage seems good. Sometimes the car is noisy but likely that is due to age. I love my sunroof. The seats warm up in cold weather and feel great. I bought the car used but it had been taken care of well. I enjoy driving this car.

- Sandra V

as long as you maintain it (chg oil, etc.), the car should last a long time.

I am short and have difficulty reaching the gas and break. the seat adjustments in the altima allow me to reach the pedals without sitting very close to the steering wheel (airbag). The car is not too small or too big. these were the main reasons I bought this car.

- connie d

A good summary of my vehicle it would be stylish and sporty

I haven't had any problems The transmission is good the motor is good the gas mileage is excellent. It ends with backup camera and CD player and navigation system. It's very smooth and controllable to operate. One of the best cars I've had in awhile. Nissan Altima

- Sergio W

Over all the car is extremely good. It is a good car For small family.

Love the car never have had a problem with it comfortable to drive. I have a daughter and feel safe driving her in it. Dashboard notifies me when oil needs to be replaced also when tire pressure low. Power locks and windows. It has a large trunk and lots of legroom.

- Arianna P

It's an extremely reliable vehicle with very few problems.

This is the first Nissan I have ever owned and now I say I only want Nissans. It feels almost luxury to me - it's easy to drive, it looks sharp, and a comfortable ride. But there is a ton of room (I can fit three car seats in the back seat) for kids and groceries.

- Stephanie J

It's good on gas and road trips but could be more roomy and have more cup holders.

It's good on gas but the car has had a lot of electrical problems. It's not as roomy as I'd like. To top it's not good on roads in winter months. Have had a lot of problems with tires and brake line replacements. The seats are very uncomfortable and not very roomy.

- Michael M

Great car buying experience.

I have not had any problems with my Nissan Altima, good gas mileage & very dependable. Great performance, changes gears smoothly and has a stylish body & features. Nissans are great cars and has many great models to choose from with many affordable features.

- Cynthia E

My Nissan is sleek and glides down the road with ease and comfort.

I absolutely love my Altima. I fit the seat wonderfully, the comfort is great. You have a great view from all side windows. The size of the car is perfect. The best car I have ever had. This is my first Nissan and I will buy another Nissan again if I ever need too.

- Cindy C

Nissan Altima the best car ever.

It is great. There are just problems with the brakes constantly. I got one problem fixed and then there was another. I got it fixed and it was fine for a little but now it is messed up again. The horn is also a bit hard to honk but nothing major. Overall great car.

- Ashley R

Really nice looking 2 door car.

The vehicle looks great but as a senior a car with 2 doors is not easy to get into or out of. Thus far with 70, , 00 miles the car has had no serious issues. We did have to replace the air conditioning compressor which since we live in Florida was an inconvenience.

- Donna S

Push button feature. Tells you if something is wrong with car.

It gets me from point a to point b. Reliable, convenient, smooth drive. Does have sensor issues but can usually be resolved. One of the better cars to drive. As long as you keep up with maintenance. The car should not let you down. Performs well, does well on gas.

- Fatih E

Is a fine car to purchase.

No problems, engines runs well. Accelerates smoothly into gear. Steering is firm, nor wandering side to side. Seats comfortable m2 in front and 3 in back - comfortable for all. Is a good buy, plus many come with sunroofs. Front storage compartment for necessities.

- Douglas J

Reliable, great on gas, highly recommend!

I have never had an issue with the car over the last 7 years. I have changed the oil regularly and replaced the brakes and rotors a few times. It is comfortable, spacious, great on gas and reliable. This is the 3rd Altima because they have always run great for me.

- Shannon B

Comfortable, reliable, and looks good

I absolutely love my car. It's reliable and comfy plus I get decent gas mileage. I bought it used and it's still in great condition. I haven't had a problem with it yet and I feel like Nissan is a trusted brand. I would buy the same car again if I needed another.

- Eve A

Driving a Nissan Altima car.

There is a current recall on it, and I do notice the gas is touchy sometimes but other than that I do love this car. It drives good, has good gas mileage, and it is even push to start, the car is comfortable to sit in but I could use more space in the back seat.

- Maria F

Great Family vehicle and good for commuting!

My Nissan Altima really gets me everywhere I need to go. It's spacious as I am six foot four and has plenty of room. The gas mileage is acceptable, and doesn't drain my bank account.I have had no issues mechanically which is a rare commodity in today's market.

- Adam G

the car of my dream that takes me where I want to go.

I love my car it give me good mileage I can go and see my sister in St louis and come back home. It ride smooth no wobbling. It is air tight no sound from outside. The CD player works real find. There is another room in my car to seat five people if necessary

- norie J

Cheap but good Nissan brand.

I have no problems. I love the speed and it is very reliable. I've been a Nissan customer for years because their cars are cost efficient but seems like a luxury brand. It provides good mileage. It has the features of a luxury brand but is super inexpensive.

- Kori W

Very dependable care highly recommended.

Dependable good gas mileage nice looking. If you buy used very reasonable very safe has a decent warranty would recommend the Altima. Mine is 4 cylinder but has great pick up and rines smooth. I think it books out with no problems. Would buy another nissan.

- Nita H

Nissan Altima: nice cars, terrible transmissions.

Well the transmission went out at 142, 000 miles. It cost $4, 500 dollars to replace it. I really liked the car until this happened. It was frustrating because I was told that the reason it went out was due to the type of cvt transmission that's in the car.

- Ash J

My vehicle is reliable, comfortable and very spacious. So great on gas.

I love my car! Is very spacious and comfortable. I never have issues with it and it does not great on gas. Power everything! Which helps and out of every car I have ever had it is the most reliable. I will always go with this make and model over any other.

- Kayla R

Great choice in vehicles!!

This is the second time I've owned an Altima and love this one just as much as my first one. They are great cars! I love how it rides and how comfortable the seats are. There is so much room in the interior and the trunk is huge!! Great, reliable vehicle!

- Cassie W

My take on a 2011 Nissan Altima and why you should buy it.

Very reliable car; works well with icy roads because of the front wheel drive. Gas efficient, sporty, and gets the job done. Definitely a car that I would recommend to anybody that is looking for a starter car and one that will usually be really reliable.

- Oscar N

Low outdated, yet sturdy vehicle

my car is very reliable has never given me any problems mechanically, the only issue I have with this car is that it is a little too low and sometimes rubs against speed bumps if too much weight is in the car. I wish it was more modern and had Bluetooth.

- Crystal I

It is a great handling vehicle; a smooth ride both in town & on the freeway.

My Nissan Altima is a good handling car and typically gets nearly 30 mpg on the open highway. It is nice to have the leather interior; however I wished it were a cloth type material. It has Sirius xm capability. And it is also equipped with a sunroof.

- Brian H

Nissan Altima driving review.

I bought my vehicle used in 2018. It had 85, 000 miles on it and was in immaculate condition. I am very happy with my purchase it drives great. Would buy a new one given the chance. I have had know trouble with the vehicle and it's been almost a year.

- Melinda L

It is s dependable and great looking car.

I Like how reliable my car is. It has some pep when going from stop to moving forward. The controls are easy to reach and change or adjust. There is plenty of trunk space for what I need. I would like it to sit up a little higher off the road.

- Lee Ann H

The fuel economy is is great. It also is a great ride.

I like the high miles per gallon I get, as I drive a long distance to work. I do wish that it was still getting the same mpg that it did when we first purchased it. I also wish that it was a bit roomier than it is as I have a large family.

- Heather N

It is a very reliable yet affordable car. Very sporty looking. I have had no major issues with this care.

No complaints. I have a black with black leather interior Nissan Altima SL with sunroof, etc. Has a sporty look. Drives very well, comfortable and easily. I have had no major repairs at all. Simply recommended maintenance. Very reliable.

- Marie B

It's reliable, gets excellent gas mileage, lasts a long time, and has plenty of room for everything.

I love the leg room available in the front and back seats. I like that my car gets good gas mileage. I like the look of the car. I wish my car had heated seats, and some fancier features, but that's what I get for getting this model.

- Kandice N

It's a high class vehicle with an affordable price tag.

It has always been a reliable vehicle. It offers great features (heated seats and iPod hookup) and I feel safe driving it. It's a small car but the inside is spacious and it drives extremely well. It's a great vehicle for the price.

- Danielle H

Sometimes it does not want to go, it will lose power.

The Nissan is starting to go out, so problems keep adding up the last few weeks with it. The transmission is having problems, needs new tires, sucks down gas now. Used to be a great car until it wasn't taken care of before i got it.

- Valerie K

Very dependable and fun to drive! Great car, but it's small.

It is a two door coupe. I absolutely love it. It has a sunroom and heated seats. It is so much fun to drive. Accelerates very quickly. Great sound system too! My only complaint is that the back windshield defrost stopped working.

- Taryn L

The Nissan Altima is a family friendly car except it has no rear air vents.

The seats in the 2011 Nissan Altima could be a little more comfortable. Also the distance between front and back seats needs to be a little further for car seats. I love how reliable it has been over the last 5 years though.

- Katelyn B

Nissan Altima is a solid vehicle.

Altima has plenty of power, yet it still gets decent gas mileage. It is large and roomy on the inside. I have had zero issues with the car and have owned it for three years. Minor complaint, the car is very low to ground.

- Ryan R

My favorite part about my car is that it has the Bluetooth set up for me to play music

My vehicle shows great performance. It is my first car but it has been working like. Champ since I first purchased it. Only problems I have is with my tires but that's to be expected. On the other hand it's a great car

- Alexis J

You get what you pay for.

I love my car, I bought it myself as my first big purchase. I love the car's safety features, handling, and aesthetics. My car could have a better sound system, be easier to clean, and have a more up-to-date Bluetooth.

- Jane G

I love how good my car is on gas mileage...I rarely have to fill up.

My car has been very reliable with no issues in the past few years that I have owned it. It is comfortable with a simple dashboard design that is easy to control and not distracting. It is good on gas and roomy.

- ashly s

It is safe to drive and is very reliable. It's also fun and a good looking car

I like how it is comfortable to drive. It can get going fast quick so I feel I can merge and get on the highway safely. It has never left me stranded on the side of the road and it is blue, I love the color!

- Emily C

It's a good overall value for the price.

I like the ride is quite comfortable. Steering is very smooth and responsive. Normal maintenance is more affordable compared to other cars I have owned in the past. Finally, it has very good gas mileage.

- Stanley M

It is worth the money. And it will be a good choice for anyone who buys it.

The car is nice I love some of the features. However, the driver's seat in this model is awful for those who have back problems. I also love the color . It has not given me hardly any problems at all.

- Denise c

My Nissan Altima has been one of the best purchases I've ever made.

The Nissan Altima has been one of my best vehicles due to the reliability and great mileage. Over the years I haven't had any major issues. With all the driving I due to work the mileage has been amazing.

- Monica L

It has a pretty good life span among cars and is not high maintenance at all.

There are no complains with this vehicle, mechanically or practically. It is a very comfortable and smooth ride, in terms of feel and driving. It is a well designed car and I would genuinely recommend it.

- George F

Altimas are a reliable car that provides good value for the dollar.

My Altima is a good car for the money. It requires little maintenance and provides nice levels of trim for the price. While it isn't flashy, it serves Its purpose - which is all I ask of it.

- Geoff G

The dealership stands behind your purchase 100% and service department is great.

I love my Nissan Altima it handles great, performs great, It's a great looking car. The inside front and back is roomy and comfortable. Trunk space is huge. I would recommend this car to everyone.

- Karen L

Good gas mileage, good college students' car, works well

My vehicle gets me to where I need to go. It works well, has pretty good gas mileage, and I haven't had many, if any, problems with it. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so low to the ground, though.

- Madeline G

2011 Nissan Altima: 110k Miles but still like New

It has been very very reliable. The performance has been great. I have over 110,000 miles on it and have not encountered any problems, other than a check engine light coming on on occasion.

- Macy M

It is not meant to be for speed or meant to be flashy.

I love how dependable the vehicle is. I use it daily as a commuter for work and school. Very reliable even as a second hand vehicle. It is well over 100k miles but still running very well.

- Jean M

It's really reliable and is a smooth ride. Being in this car in traffic is not so bad in this car

The car runs very smooth, I use it to commute nearly one hundred miles every couple of weeks. There are some issues with the check engine light turning on without there being a problem.

- Joseph R

It is a light blue, almost looks lavender, has a sunroof and drives very smooth.

It is not good for driving in the rain or snow but it is very comfortable and reliable. It gets me to point A to point B with no problem, if there ever is any issues is usually minor.

- Megan M

Great on gas, reliable, and comfortable for long drives.

My Nissan Altima is great on gas, getting around 30 mpg on highway. It is been very reliable. The only issues I have had with it over the years, it noises coming from the heat shield.

- Amy B

It's a great car. Good pickup, easy to drive, lots of options.

Love the options including backup camera Love the Comfort Love the reliability Wish I had A/C seats Don't like the chips on my hood Would like better gas mileage (26 for 4 cylinder)

- Debbie K

Keeps on running even after 150 miles.

Its reliable but has electrical issues and also the door is way to heavy and constantly shuts on you when you try to get out. Also way too close to ground makes it hard to get out.

- Renee R

It works good as new after 7 years of driving it everywhere.

The leather seats burn you in the summertime. The car flashes the song titles on the radio which is annoying. I like how it senses the keys when you press the button to start it.

- Laura H

The air conditioned seats are amazing.

I like that I get great mileage and it does not cost much for me to fill my gas tank. I only dislike that it is a sedan because I am currently considering purchasing a small SUV.

- Nikki M

My car is dependable and fun to drive.

I really like my car. It is fun and sporty and cute. It is smooth and drives well. The only thing I don't like is that it is small and there is not much room for passengers.

- Becky W

My car is safe and reliable.

The car is reliable and decent on gas. It is a good starter car. The car is safe and easy to handle. I trust it on long trips and have had the car for years with little issues.

- Kaitlyn S

It does not use that much gas.

It is comfortable, drives well, and it does not look ugly or old. The radio is buggy, but it is just the screen on the radio. Best thing is that it does not eat up gas a all.

- Ariana B

The pick up is not great and steering is too sensitive.

It is comfortable, drives well, and seems safe. I do not like that it does not have daytime running lights, the pick up can be a bit slow, and the steering is too sensitive.

- Jennifer P

My care is reliable and fuel efficient. I need a car that I can rely on since I live alone and there are no other cars in my household.

I love my car because it is reliable and fuel efficient. I used to travel a lot for work so I needed a car that was reliable and fuel efficient. This car has served me well.

- Shawn R

Compact car with lots of extras.

I love the size, style, and all of the extras inside my Nissan Altima. The only problems I've had are the seat warmers not both warming & a loud fan noise when the airs on.

- Tracy J

It is very reliable and built for safety.

I like Nissan. This is the second one I have owned and they are very reliable. Other than standard maintenance, I have not had problems. The mileage is also acceptable.

- bob C

Great running vehicle, great on gas.

I would say the Nissan Altima is a good car, I do not really have any complaints on it. In fact, I used to have a 2002 Nissan Altima before I got my 2011 Nissan Altima.

- Katie S

Good family car on a budget

It drives well and gets good gas miles. I like that there is a good amount of trunk space as well as leg room in the back seats. Seat warmers are great for the winter.

- Lauren S

reliable easy to maintain. it rides comfortable. love gas mileage on road trips

it is comfortable. it is very reliable. i have not had any mechanical issues thus far. the only complaint i have is the carpet wore pretty quickly under the gas pedal.

- jesse k

Great gas mileage, never given any huge problems, drives great.

Like everything except the dashboard and problems occurring with the electronics. My radio was replaced by Nissan twice and still have issues with the new replacement.

- Erika T

Nissan Altima 2011 Review

The car has lasted for quite a bit, as long as you have regular maintenance of your car, you should have a great time with it, the leather seats are also quite great.

- Emran T

I have not had any issues with the vehicle, except the door/flap that covers the gas tank. I will never buy another car with one of those. It freezes shut in the winter time. Right now it has somehow came out of place and will not open and close right. I have to find something to hold the handle up that is by the driver's seat, then I have to use a screwdriver to pull it open.

The hassles of the gas cover, as of now that is the only issue i have had with the vehicle, oh and the check engine light comes on if I do not let it warm up enough.

- Angela B

Big enough for a family and very comfortable for long drives.

Great car for a great price, big enough for a family of 5 or less. Car runs great, no noises and no problems with it so far. I wish this model/year had bluetooth.

- Arianna D

Its good, good gas mileage,.

I like the way it drive and I dislike the car color and I like the gas mileage. Nissan is a good make of a car and it drives real well and it hold the road well.

- RHonda J

The fuel efficiency of the car is very good.

I like how the vehicle rides and it's gas efficiency. However, the air conditioning does not work and the dashboard lighting is starting to fade in hot weather.

- Erik C

It is a very well made car that is still in excellent shape and runs great even after 7 years.

My altima has been a very good car. I get about 33 miles to the gallon, absolutely no engine problems since I bought it new and I have over 100,000 miles on it.

- Pamela G

The gas mileage is great! I can travel several states away on 1 tank of gas.

It gets me where I need to go with a smooth ride. The gas mileage is amazing! I love the push buttons outside of the doors and on the trunk for ease of opening.

- Megan F

Looks good & works good & plan to keep it for a long time.

It's very comfortable. gets good gas mileage, in excellent condition, easy to maintain & service. Not thrilled with the color, dark grey, prefer lighter colors.

- Bonnie V

It is amazing on gas! I only put gas in my car every other week and don't even fill it up.

I love that it is great on gas and is the perfect size for me. I don't like that it is constantly telling me to check my tire pressure, but my tires Are fine

- Angela K

It is a car that rides smooth and is good on gas.

I like that it has good gas mileage, and the ride is quite smooth. There is nothing outstanding that I dislike about the car. All in all it is a great vehicle.

- Jessica K

SO MUCH TRUNK SPACE your head will explode! It can fit so much in there

I LOVE that it has so much trunk space! The entire car has a ton of space, even with my son's car seat. It's a smooth ride and it was relatively inexpensive

- Katie H

The Nissan Altima rides well in summer as well as winter with some radial tires.

The Nissan Altima is a great gas-miser car that won't win any races, but always is reliable and gets you where you want to go. quiet engine and long lasting.

- tyler o

Nissan Altima the dependable sporty 4 door sedan for the everyday person

4 door vehicle, very roomy in the back. Radio speakers are great. Very reliable. A Con would be that the tires are more expensive than a normal 4 door sedan.

- Angelica M

The Altima provides reliable transportation.

Reliable.. Inexpensive maintenance.. Good looking.... Dislike the time it takes to get to 3rd gear.. Dislike the noise the car makes before speed is reached.

- Portia A

I love the leather and how easy it is to clean.

The cvt transmission is not great I have had many issues driving for a long period of time no acceleration or power to accelerate other than that it is ok.

- Steph V

It is great on gas mileage, easy to handle, and very affordable all around.

I love that it gets phenomenal gas mileage. I also love that if it breaks, parts are cheap and easy to replace. I also love that it looks sporty and fast.

- Ashley C

It has great gas mileage.

Good gas mileage. Nice interior and rim package. And it is very compact which allows for great maneuvering in and out of traffic as well as easy to park.

- Rob J

The cooling and heating system in the vehicle is reliable. You must care for the vehicle.

The Nissan Altima is a reliable comfortable car that will last if you so chose to take care of the car. If you do not care for your car it will not last!

- Wendy S

My Altima is wonderful. If I could do it all over again I would buy it again !

I love my Altima. It is so great and very good on gas. It has never let me down . Even the color. It's blue. I have loved it from the very beginning.

- Lin S

Choose wisely & research your car before you buy. They're not long lasting cars.

I do like the fact that it is a nice size for me and my kid. I do not like the fact that they take a good bit of money in gas and they're not good cars.

- Jamie L




It gets good gas mileage. Good family car!

I like the back up camera, sunroof, heated seats, big trunk. I do not like the leather seats, that there is no seek button on steering wheel for radio!

- Jennifer F

A black Nissan with black interior. It gets very hot. The windows decide when they want to work.

Each year it's something new wrong with the car. Simple parts that normally cost less are tripled when it comes to Nissan Parts. Not very good on gas.

- Stormy Z

A Great Safe Car to Own and Drive

My Nissan is a smooth. quiet ride. I have had no problems with it. I can depend on it to get me where I'm going. I have only had ordinary maintenance.

- Jan W

Great gas mileage and has stood the test of time!

I have never had a single problem with my Nissan Altima. It gets great gas mileage and still looks great. The finish and interior is holding up great.

- Derek M

It is economical and easy to drive.

I like the size and the extra features like leather seats and sunroof. I dislike that it is too old to have all the new features like backup camera.

- Tiffany A

It's hot as hell but it will get you to your destination.

My car runs well, and is reliable. I hate the light color of the interior. My air conditioner is dead, and the cost to fix it would be over $1000.

- Allison W

Very nice riding car and trustworthy. Like Nissan.

Very reliable and very comfortable. Has really great pick up on speed. Only complaint is costs more money than our Mazda cx-5 to fill up with gas.

- Kathy K

It's good on gas and has a good size trunk.

I like that it has push to start and I like the size. I don't like that the dish is not flat an at no point can I mount my phone to use as a gps.

- Jenn S

It's dependable. I've never had a major necessary repair or breakdown.

It's a good looking car. That matters. It doesn't need much maintenance, so it's cheap to keep up. The mileage isn't bad for a regular gas car.

- Peter b

Responsive and Excellent Comfort

My vehicle is very dependable and responsive. The interior is very ergonomically designed and comfortable. Performance and handling are superb!

- joe c

That it is sleek looking. It is an affordable car but yet looks expensive.

I like the leather seats and sunroof. I like the seats are heated. I also like the interior overall and the way the back of the vehicle looks.

- Stefani P

Transmission needs a fan if you are going to get an Altima.

I dislike only one thing: the transmission had problems that was common among Altima's. Other than that, there's nothing I hate about my car.

- Melissa C

Nissan Altimas have great gas mileage. Many miles per gallon.

The paint on my car is starting to chip off. Also, I've noticed that the air conditioner no longer works and I'm suffering when it gets hot.

- Jackeline R

It is using a CVT transmission and it is really smooth when changing the gear, but make sure to change the oil

Nissan Altima is a powerful car, it lasts for every long. Currently driving over 160k miles, and it's still running really good, no problem!

- Julia P

Fast and strong, big bodied and pretty.

There is no problems, it drives smooth and fast. Coupe is stylish and up to speed with all the new technologies. Sleek and smooth details.

- Celeste G

It is fuel efficient and reliable.

I love that it is reliable and fuel efficient. I have had it for over 7 years and it is still in great shape. No real complaints about it.

- Shawn R

My car has electric everything. Power windows, and seats.

My car is used. I love my car. I had it for a couple years now and it runs great. The only thing I had to do was change brakes and rotors.

- Sky L

Nissan Altima gets great gas mileage and drives great!

I have loved my car from the minute I bought it. I have kept up with normal maintenance and have not had any major mechanical problems.

- Barbara M

It's a great value for what you will pay for in a car.

It's been the best car I have owned. I haven't had any issues with this car. It had 148,00 miles and is still in good running condition.

- Jeffrey L

People should know how well it sees on gas.

I like how quickly it accelerates. It is very smooth driving. I also like how it is good on gas since I am constantly driving for work.

- Rachel M

keep it waxed in the florida sun

It has a smooth ride. It gets decent gas mileage. The radio display stopped working within 3 years. The paint is fading and going away.

- ken J

They are affordable and easy to maintain with just a little bit of knowledge.

There isn't anything I dislike about my car. There are plenty of options available and repairs aren't overly expensive or complicated.

- Patrick M

The fuel mileage is great, it gets about 25 mpg around town.

It is very comfortable and easy to drive. It is very economical and reliable. It has traction control for rain and snow which I love.

- Angela M

It is very affordable and has great mileage.

It is small coupe, four door, and is comfortable to drive in. I like how it is a smooth car to drive. It also great great gas mileage.

- Carson C

One can feel the road when driving. It handles so well, do not know how else to describe it. I enjoy driving again, not a chore as with other cars.

I like prior model years better. This is larger than I expected. Handles well, maintenance easy except for computer-related. All good.

- Mary D

very comfortable and smooth ride

The ride is smooth but the switch on the drivers side window broke very easily, hence the window can't be opened. cost to fix is high

- Pinakini C

I like my Nissan because it is easy to drive and has a convenient push button start.

My Nissan Altima coupe has been a great car. Purchased used in 2012, it has had no mechanical issues at all. Will buy a Nissan again.

- Paige B

With fuel costs being very high, having a car with good fuel efficiency is very important to me.

Things I liked about our Nissan Altima are: fuel efficiency, we only needed to get problems fixed for a few times. I love the color.

- Areeje A

It is a very reliable vehicle, I have never had a major flaw in it in the many years that I have had it.

The car is a great vehicle for everyday use, like getting to and from work, school, or any activities you may have during your day.

- Carlos C

My vehicle was the best option out there.

I love my car, everything about my car in my opinion is just perfect. It is 100% reliable and gets me wherever I'm needing to go!!!

- Jasmine S

It could get better gas mileage.

The vehicle is very reliable and does great on gas. I love the room space the vehicle has. Additionally, Nissan is a brand I trust.

- Ran L

Great performance and great car.

I love my vehicle. It runs very smoothly. The parts aren't expensive it is easy to maintain. I recommend that people buy A Nissan.

- Alicia J

Cute car and great gas mileage.

The access to the back seat is horrible. Sits too low. Gas mileage is good! Great daily driver. Not great for children of any age.

- Savannah V

Great gas mileage and great family car!

Love the gas mileage, drives good. Dislike- it is the base model- no extras- wish we had gotten some extras like leather interior

- Jill S

I am able to get about 480 miles per full tank.

I love the miles I get per gallon. It is efficient. haven't had any problems with it. However, I do keep up with the maintenance.

- Maria P

My car is push to start and it drives really smooth so speed sneaks up on you.

Great vehicle! I have had my car for 3 years and haven't had any problems with it. . My car was a used car in the best condition.

- Ivy C

Heated seats are nice when you have a back pain or leg pain.

High insurance due to poor crash ratings. My insurance is 160/month. I finally have it paid off and in market for something else.

- Kimberly B

Great car, kid friendly and still stylish

Great little two door sports car looking vehicle. Doors are not heavy at all; my toddler can easily open and close them himself.

- Megan W

It is a reliable mode of transport.

It is a nice and comfortable ride. It is a pleasure to ride with very little noise while driving. Like the keyless feature a lot

- Kiran L

Oil change. Changing tires. Windshield fluids.

Lights underneath side skirt. Weird engine noise. Passenger seat not automated. Performance average. Working is reliable enough.

- Tina S

It works! It drives well, has great pick up, and maintenance is not an issue.

My car works very well. I don't really have any issues with it yet. I know it is an “older” model, but it is perfect for me.

- Lily B

It's an easy to maintain vehicle.

I like the interior of my vehicle. I also like the gas mileage of my vehicle. I also like that it's a low maintenance vehicle.

- shawna k

Fun to drive, reliable, comfortable.

Good performance, comfortable ride, good safety features. It's reliable, fun to drive, has plenty of passenger and cargo room.

- matt k

This far handles like a dream.

I love the Nissan Altima. It's dependable, handles well, accelerates well and is a very comfortable car to drive and ride in.

- Deb O

Gas mileage is great, very roomy.

I love how roomy it is. I love the mileage it gets per gallon. I love that the back seats come down to make more trunk space.

- Susana O

It is an Altima hybrid and they are rare. No. Longer made as hybrids.

My car is great on gas. I spend about $100/month and get about 1000 miles out of it. It is a very reliable and well made car.

- Jay L

The one most important thing about my car is that it is a hybrid and it saves me on gas

I love my car because it saves on gas I love my car because It's a hybrid I love my car because it never gives me any trouble

- Rona H

I would recommend this car to anyone looking to buy one.

My car is good on gas, comfortable and roomy. I maintain it with regular oil changes , tune-ups and car washes and detailing.

- Josephine L

It has great air conditioning.

It is a decent car and would recommend it to beginning drivers. It gets me from point A to point B. I have electrical issues.

- Amy P

It drives fantastically and has no issues of any kind. Highly recommend it.

My car is a blue 2011 Altima 2.5 S Coupe and I love it. The acceleration, handling and comfort are superb. No issues at all!

- Jared W

My car is a two door but has a very large back seat and trunk. It has a sporty look while still giving plenty of space.

My car is a standard which I love because it is sporty and I can quickly accelerate. It runs smooth, is a good looking car

- Lucinda M

Very reliable. Great gas mileage and very comfortable to ride in.

I've owned Altima's since 2000. Great quality car that I've had to put very little money besides standard maintenance in.

- Michelle S

It has great gas mileage and is a wonderful driving vehicle.

Comfortable car, lots of space, smooth ride. Transmission got out after a few years besides that they are excellent cars.

- Kylie W

Never been recalled the seats go down plenty of room/.

I like this car very much low maintenance. It handles great. Looks good it has a 2. 5 engine good power good gas mileage.

- Richard H

Reliable car I have never had an issue with my car. I always just got in go.

Great car and reliable. Never had an issue with car. Maintenance is easy and the drive is great. The suspension is great.

- Erica R

It gets good gas mileage and is comfortable to ride in.

It gets good gas mileage. The car is comfortable to ride in. It has good options. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Virginia B

It is reliable and economical.

I like the miles per gallon of gas, I like the look of the vehicle. I like the spacious inside and the large trunk space.

- Avonne D

The air conditioner is phenomenal.

I like that it gets me where I have to go. It is also very stylish. I dislike how much I have to pay every month for it.

- Tan C

It is a Honda, so that means it will be reliable.

I love how reliable and roomy my car is. Aesthetically, it is very pleasing inside and out. I have no negative comments.

- Ally F

Love my moon roof, and my keyless remote start.

I don't have any problems with my car. It's a beautiful car, and runs wonderfully. My Nissan has been extremely reliable

- Jarrod P

It will last a long time as most Nissan brand cars last over 100k miles

I like the style & looks of it outside and inside. I like the extra functions internally.. The size is perfect for me.

- Traci J

Nissan Altima is a great running car and I recommend it.

It's a well running car and I don't have many complaints. It does have chip sensor issues that do get annoying though.

- Tiffany C

Inexpensive to own and reliable.

Like: it has been very reliable, has not cost much in repairs, decent gas mileage.. Dislike: not very roomy or stylish.

- Missy Y

Warranty, tires, battery and rates.

Automatic windows, airbags, gas mileage, on road and highway, safety features, alarm system, 3rd roll seats, seat belt.

- Christy G

No much to say, I got the basic model nothing fancy,

I really have not had any problems with my car. I have kept up with all the maintenance and everything has been great!

- Erika B

My Amazing Safe and Reliable Altima

I have not had any problems with the car. It has been very reliable vehicle and the gas mileage is outstanding on it.

- Matt L

Good history of reliability.

Like reliability, responsive handling, and good gas mileage. Do not like Nissan fob key. Do not like rear seat space.

- Steven W

Nissan Altima inside peanut butter outside jelly

It is nice it runs however from time to time it makes weird noises under the hood the inside and features are great

- Rami B

Car has been very reliable.

Reliable, comfortable, sporty look. Easily damaged, paint scratches all over and very noticeable. A little small.

- Cassie H

It saves gas and it is comfortable.

It is comfortable. It saves gas. It is small it's comfy enjoy driving with this car. It's super clean and cheap.

- Joanna R

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is spacious.

I like that it is good on gas. I dislike that the car is not appropriately sensing the smart key. No complaints.

- jose c

People should know that my car is faster than it looks and also is reliable.

The vehicle runs very well and has exceptional gas mileage. The parts used are of good quality and last awhile.

- David G

Good gas mileage sleek design and comfortable.

Too many warning lights but love all else. Gas mileage is good. Drives smoothly comfortable and love the style.

- Terri B

It's a great car, no problems that I can see. The car handles great as well.

Love the leather seats and seat warmers. The quality of the car has been excellent, hardly any issues to date.

- Eddie D

Its a great car for everybody teenager's or families

I love its been reliable and runs great still our starter has went bad a few times other than that we love it

- Crystal N

The car is dependable and reliable and that is important for a car

I like sporty cars & this one is not. The car itself ha been the best one I have ever owned for any problems

- Barbara G

It's very dependable and nice as well as it gets great gas.

I love it and it drives good it's very nice and good on gas I do like it and don't want a new vehicle soon.

- Beto O

Reliability and looks. The exterior of the car should be dent free.

Car is tech equipped runs smooth. But It's not sturdy enough, compared to other vehicles in the same class.


It is a good car for short and long distance.

I dislike the cup holders. I like how smooth it is when taking long trips. I like getting good gas mileage.

- Kevin J