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Nissan Maxima review: This car is a affordable luxury car.

I love my Nissan Maxima! It has had no mechanical issues. This car has very good pick up when merging onto the highway. My average fuel consumption is 25 miles per hour in town. It is a little better on the highway. It is roomy in the back seat for adults to sit in comfort. I have the platinum series so I love the body style. The glass top is very sleek and looks sporty. The entire body style is sporty. I like the way it hugs the road in curves. I like the way it handles overall. The ride is smooth and very quiet. The sound system is good quality as well. The back up camera is nice because it has 6 point cameras and a overhead view when backing up. The guided lines on the monitor is superior when backing into a parking spot. The lines indicate which direction to turn and how close you are in between the parking lot lines. This feature also indicates the distance to the end of parking space showing you the closer view as you get near the designated spot. I like to use the back up monitor to make sure there are no children behind me as a back out of my driveway. This is a fantastic safety feature. Speaking about safety this car is one of the safest cars on the road. The overall performance, reliability and comfort is great. I would not hesitate to purchase another Nissan Maxima. Style and luxury at an affordable price. I would highly recommend this car.

- Kathy G

Nissan maxima with black interior and exterior.

I love my car so much. But just like everything else it comes with it is up and down, but mostly ups. I love the way it sounds, drives and all the lovely features it comes with. I have navigation but I do not really use it much. There are multiple ways of controlling the radio and other on screen options. It barely feels like you driving when your behind the wheel. I also love the blank interior and exterior but it keep the heat trapped inside the car. The trunk is very big and the cat it over all very roomie. I am most likely the driver when it comes to choosing with friend which car should we take.

- Cristina J

I love my Nissan maxima because it drives well, and has amazing features.

We have a 2017 platinum Nissan maxima. It is my favorite car that I have ever owned for several reasons. The car is very fast and can pull into oncoming traffic with ease. Even when you pull the car out quickly it handles very well. It has the most comfortable seat that feels as if it were made for me. I love the heated and air conditioned seats and heated steering wheel. It also is very safe with cameras that allow you to see from every angle and warns you when other cars are near. I love driving it!

- Nikki S

Nissan maxima, great overall vehicle, highly recommended.

I think the Nissan maxima midnight edition is a fantastic vehicle and has a smooth ride, extreme comfort, moderate on gas and has a sporty look. Today I have had no issues at all and I take the vehicle to the Nissan dealership for regular services and the service departments are fantastic as well. I think the vehicle is priced fairly for what you get, it's a solid vehicle and has the feel and look of a luxury, sporty car. Very roomy and good size trunk.

- Lisa B

Loving my Maxima, for the third time! Just cannot get enough!

I love my Maxima! It is a great car, reliable, fast and stylish. It is my third one in a row, and this one feels like you are in a jet! They keep getting better! The seats are very comfortable and there are a lot of cool accessories to add. I have the sport features with a spoiler which I think makes it pop. It is a sleek looking car and drives like you are flying. I love taking a quick corner and feeling totally stable!

- Laura S

Love my 2017 Nissan maxima!

I love my 2017 Nissan maxima. The body style is beautiful, and there are lots of bells and whistles even on the sl. The backup camera and sensors make parking in tight spaces easy. The car runs great and I have had no issues. I previously had a 2009 with the Bose sound system and I miss that on this model but overall I love my car and will probably buy another maxima when I am ready to upgrade.

- Melissa O

Love my Maxima! Very luxurious for the price.

Luxurious, calming. Love the Audio system. Does not get as good of mileage as I would like but the overall vehicle makes up for that. Ver6 quiet car. I have leased three Altima and purchased outright one Altima prior to leasing my Maxima. I love the experiences I have had with Nissan autos. I will in all likelihood continue to lease other Maxima or Altima in the future.

- Jean J

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is really special me and if it gets damaged I would be really sad and angry.

First what I like about this vehicle is how it looks the design and pearl white color makes it look really good. The technology in the car also makes it really good for navigation and listening to music on my phone. It also has good safety features such as the camera in the back and making a beeping sound when you get too close to a car and it lets you know to stop

- Jasper P

Love this car!! Maxima are the way to go!! Sporty!

I have had no performance issues with this car. I can say that this is my favorite car that I have purchased. I use all of the features except for the apple car play. That feature is confusing to use. I love the zero gravity seats, it makes road trips easy and comfortable. I like how’s you can use either the paddle shifters or as a regular automatic.

- Heaven P

Would highly recommend Nissan!

Car is really quite wonderful, no real complaints about it at all, drives well; would definitely buy again and definitely recommend to anyone that is looking, especially when looking specifically for a nice sedan. It is just as easily impressive as a single man's bachelor vehicle, or as a housewife's vehicle for her family and her children and family.

- Melissa M

Great performance and safe.

The Maxima performs great; I really enjoy the back up camera, the bluetooth option. It is really comfortable during drives, even longer ones. The only problem that I see is that there are almost blind spots when looking to the sides toward the rear (like right behind the back outside passengers seats). Otherwise, it feels really safe.

- Cherri P

Sporty sedan lacking amenities.

The vehicle does not have all the bells and whistles I was used to on my prior Murano. It has several things that are totally unnecessary or repetitive. I would not purchase this vehicle again, though I am very happy with the mileage and style. I was looking for a sorry sedan and this is definitely it. Just not the right amenities.

- Sue H

Family car: affordable, fast, comfy & nice.

My car is amazing. It drives really smoothly and has very comfortable seats. It has a really cool feature that allows you to see through a camera when you are in reverse. It also has sxm radio stations which have no commercials and it has 2 aux cords. It is a very unique and family oriented car with lots of room and storage space.

- christina E

It is a very powerful 6 cylinder vehicle, not the most economical - but it is one car you will LOVE driving.

I absolutely LOVE my Maxima. I love the power, sleek design and comfort. My complaints are few; the sun visors should be wider to cover more of the windshield. The climate control isn't the best, the fan runs too high on the lowest setting and the fan under the seats is too noisy for my liking.

- Vince N

Amazing ride and sporty look.

It drives amazing. Sporty and great ride. Love all the safety features including blind spot, backup camera, sonar. Live the dual sunroof. Love digital speed display and leather seats. Not crazy about the push to start. I never gave the keys out so if I need to open trunk I have to dig for them.

- Kathy S

The safety sensor in the front of the vehicle.

I love the Nissan maxima 2017. I have it in black with cloth interior. I love how the new model is. Reminds me of a bat mobile. I don't like how long the nose of the car is but you get used to it. I love the big radio touch screen console and backup camera. The car drives pretty fast as well.

- Natalia R

It gets great gas mileage.

It has been a great car. No issues with performance or maintenance. I would recommend the Nissan maxima to anyone looking for a dependable car that gets good gas mileage. I have been having it for two years and only think I have had to change has been the oil. It runs well and drives smooth.

- Kory A

Sleek looking, comfortable and versatile.

It is a great vehicle have had no issues. Spacious in the front and back and drives smoothly through most weather conditions. The remote start is awesome during the winter and summer. It is sleek and a very nice looking car. The boss speakers are a nice touch and the dual moonroof is great.

- Beth D

Sporty sleek powerful. It is fun to drive.

Its roomy decent gas mileage nice tech features have not have any issues so far. I haven't taken it to deal for mechanical issues or quality issues since purchase. Only for regular maintenance and warranty check-up. The ride is very comfortable. Has nice power both city and highway.

- Jesse L

Very comfortable nice looking.

The 2017 Nissan maxima was by far the most comfortable of all that I test drove. The car is very reliable with many features. Because the car is a little lower and is mid size to bigger there are some blind spots in the front of the car. Otherwise is the perfect vehicle!

- Michelle B

Very comforting car and I like it very much.

It is a good car that it does what I want. It has good tires, good kilometers and it attach goodly to the road, also, it is a beautiful car and it has good back seat and seats in general. I like car in general and the car has a really good comfort. I hope you liked it.

- Joseph P

Pros vs cons. Though sleek and sporty it lacks many features found on other cars.

It is a comfortable vehicle. However it is low and hard for an older person to get in and out of. It has several unnecessary things and is lacking in some amenities found in most other vehicles. Also some things are redundant. Hard to figure how to reset mileage.

- Susan H

Sporty sedan with many options.

Decent gas mileage, there is a recall on the abs, sunroof malfunctions, key battery dies quickly, not great in snow, sporty looking, nice interior, spacious, drives nice, has sport mode, has drive smart, takes premium fuel, many colors and options, nice wheels.

- Justin S

Excellent value joy to drive.

Nice trim, plenty of power, good gas mileage, comfortable & easy to drive, stylist, comfortable on trips, plenty of bells & whistles, very good value, very road worthy, easy to handle, has sport mode for driver that is inclined, good safety features.

- Chuck G

My car meets all my expectations.

I love my vehicle, it has all the things that I need. It has great gas mileage and premium interior and exterior. It also is very affordable and the monthly payment is in budget which is very important to most people. This car has met all of my expectations.

- Shelly F

Very responsive vehicle that has sleek lines, and a comfy and quiet ride.

300 hp, 0-60 in 5. 9 seconds, heated and cooled front seats with heated steering wheel and remote start. Blind spot monitoring system, rear cross traffic alert, and forward emergency braking. Navigation standard along with Bluetooth and backup camera.

- John W

2017 maxima Nissan performance.

Runs great. Feels safe. Have had no issues besides replacing tires but due to start and tear. Great stereo system. Good GPS. Wouldn't want another. I recommend buying it leasing a Nissan maxima. Great performance on city streets as well as highways.

- Cristina M

It has a great navigation system that helps you get where you need to go

I like the gas mileage and the navigation system. I also like that there is lots of legroom and a roomy trunk. I don't like that the driver's seat doesn't have "memory" so the seat can be changed and then go back to the original position

- Nancy M

My car is a reflection of myself, it is hardworking, solid and reliable.

I like my car because of previous experience with the same make and model.i like the styling and performance of the vehicle. I like the incentives associated with the company. I do not dislike anything about the brand.

- Edgar D

Its navigation system is very cool. It is highly accurate and simple to use as well.

It's very stylish and sporty. I love the built in GPS and the detailed dashboard. I love the features that inform the driver of fuel efficiency and tire pressure. Just wish it had a heated steering wheel.

- Peter D

Infinity is an amazing brand.

My infinity drove for 10 months straight with no problems at all. It only required regular oil changes and good grade gas. I was pleasantly surprised that a car that was 14 years old, rode so well.

- Erika J

My car has a visual menu that allows you to see the tire pressure in each tire.

I love the color of my car, how much room i have. I love the bluetooth system. I love how my radio volume will adjust to the speed of my car - it turns the volume down when i come to a red light.

- Melissa V

Speed. It is a fast car so you don't realize how fast you are going.

Great vehicle, drives smoothly, not to many buttons and to high-tech. Speed is fast, you don't realize how fast you are going so you do have to keep an eye on that. Services aren't to expensive.

- Destiny C

Great navigation feature.

Easy to navigate, great tech features. A very comfortable ride. Accessories are conveniently located. No service problems or other issues with the vehicle. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Robert K

Keyless entry able to start the car from outside and great on gas.

I love my 2017 Nissan Maxima since the day I bought it I haven't had any problems with it. Altima it does bring attention to you other than that you'll love it pretty fast and affordable.

- Crisy J

Awesome car!!! Would buy it again.

Love my car. Best ride ever. Great interior/exterior. Fast. Would like better gas mileage. Rear wheel drive is difficult is winter. Had to invest in snow tires, expensive.

- dennis r

This car is very spacious.

I drive a 2017 Nissan maxima and it is a very well performed vehicle it is very comfortable, reliable. It is a very low gas mileage fuel efficient car with very unite features.

- Tina B

It's really great on gas I can drive two weeks on a full tank

Love it rides nice handles well has big screen for radio/ navigation big trunk space love the feature that alerts you when the car in front of you is stopping so you can brake

- Tracey B

Great sport look and sport performance with the benefit of a four door car.

Five out of five stars. Very comfortable ride and good on gas. Great acceleration power, great features and overall an aggressive sporty look. Turns heads everywhere I drive.

- Miguel A

It's old, but it presently runs well. I have a detailed record of all repairs it has undergone.

I don't have a Nissan Maxima. I have a Plymouth Acclaim, but you did not list Plymouth as one of the choices. It has over 203,000 miles and has been a very dependable car.

- Brian W

It has all the bells and whistles you could ever want sonar sensors, surround cameras. The works

Our Nissan Maxima is a great car. It has a very sporty body style and performs great at any speed. It is very comfortable on long trips, jet easy to park. Love this car

- Ron M

It is a safe dependable vehicle.

This vehicle has been by far my favorite car. It is extremely reliable and I have yet to have a problem with it after owning to 2+ years. I would highly recommend.

- Alexa B

2017 Nissan maxima - great car.

My car rides well, has good pickup, and is comfortable and stylish. The sound system is great and the interior lighting and ground lighting is fantastic.

- Sandy R

The parking sensor all around the car and multiple cameras for parking.

I love the car. It has all the newest technology in it. I love the AC cooled seats and they are very comfortable too. The car rides smooth too.

- John C

I believe that Nissan is producing safer cars than they had been. And the available options are almost limitless!

I absolutely love my Maxima! I had been a regular Toyota owner, until it was time for a new car. The first time I drove the maxima I fell in love.

- Heather L

Luxury and comfort. Leather bucket seats are great

The handling of the Maxima is very good. They have gotten down the mix of luxury and sports car with the body shape and the interior of the car.

- Ryan S

It is sleek and stylish. The handling of the car is great and it was a well thought out design. The mileage is great and I hope to have it for years to come

I like that it is new and modern. The appearance of the car is appealing. I also like the performance of the car and how well it handles.

- Christina C

Other should know that my car was newly redesigned. Prior to 2009, the Nissan Maxima had a different look. It looks better now.

I like my vehicle because it's stylish. I also like it because it has a lot of safety features. It's very roomy and accommodates my needs.

- Ezra A

It doesn't get very good gas mileage, but she is fast!

I love how fast it is and how much room it has for being a more sporty car. I love the design. I do wish the trunk was a little bigger

- cynthia S

V6 high performance. Has all features for all weather. Not good in snow

Fast strong performance. Very comfortable. Lots of features that work for everyone. No problems. Just use premium gas for performance

- Victoria S

The backup/blind spot sensors are lifesavers.

I love the car. It is fully loaded with all features. A sunroof is a must, and I use mine all the time. It has a lot of gumption.

- Rich E

The best car to buy for frequent driving

I absolutely love this car. It is incredibly spacious and roomy. The adjustable back seats also make any passengers comfortable.

- Nicole H

It is a pleasure to drive.

Like acceleration amenities and looks.. Also the sound system and moonroof.. Do not like color, steering and cost of gas..

- Peter M

Nice car with a great price

it is a reliable car with all the bells and whistles. it comes with touch screen radio, navigation, normal or sports mode

- danielle w

Good gas mileage. I can go very far with a full tank.

I like the room. The space that it gives and it is still stylish. We have plenty of trunk space and the inside is nice.

- Pam D

It's A great ride it has good gas mileage and accelerate

I like the style i also like the options that i got. I like the sportiness. I wish there was a little more leg room

- Jesse P

It's very sporty but very classy.

No complaints about my car, I love it. I had wanted this car since this model came out. I love the Nissan brand.

- Jamie L

It's a great car that will make you feel like a million bucks

It's a very nice car that has a lot of speed and pickup it has great gas mileage and it gets me to point a abs b

- Tawanda H

It is very dependable and reliable

I love the quality of my car. It has great acceleration and it is very peppy. I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

- Anji M

Low seating position and large center console. Deep footwell.

Wife has difficulty getting into and out of vehicle because of low seating position. Center console very high.

- Stephen T

That the interior is outrageous, you would think your in a limo!

I love the car, it's not quite luxury, but close enough. The interior is great, and the music just rocks!

- Jeff D

It is a super safe and reliable vehicle which I enjoy driving

I LOVE my Nissan Maxima which i just bought! There isn't anything I don't like about this new car of mine.

- Megan J

It is very user friendly.

It is a great car and powerful. It has comfortable seats and great sound system. The features are great.

- Nysrene I

It's worth the price, and very reliable.

I like the color and style of the vehicle. I also like the leather interior. The gas mileage is decent.

- Idalia G

It is great on gas, I take long trips for work and my car does great.

I do not have any dislikes about my car. My car is great on gas. I have plenty of space for passengers.

- Ursula H

It is dependable. It gets good gas mileage. It is nice to drive.

I love the safety features. I love the comfort. I also enjoy the speed. It has a very nice interior.

- Autumn R

One of the most important thing that others should know is Nissan Maxima are great cars

My Maxima Platinum is the top of the line sedan cars, with leather seat ad all the features I love

- Paris T

It handles like a sports car, but rides like a luxury car.

I love the way it drives. It has a sporty look to it. I wish it had memory seats like the 2012.

- Cindy P

It's a luxury sedan. It's low to the ground and may not be easy for everyone to get in and out of.

I don't like that it's low to get in and out of. I don't like the center divider console.

- Angela T

I think everyone should know that it has an awesome center console and very comfortable seats.

Love the color. It is a large spacious car. It is fast. Very smoother handling.

- Whitley S

It's a fast and safe vehicle.

Love my maxima. It has great speed. Great options. Carplay is amazing

- Frank D

Comfortable, handles nicely, roomy, camera, beeps if someone or vehicle is near. Love the safety features.

Safety features such as camera, beep if person or vehicle close by.

- Lois B

my car has all the comforts I like and enjoy the smooth ride.

my car handles great in any weather, such as rain, snow.

- Penny p

It's awesome and Drives wonderfully. I would recommend it highly.

I like all the details, interior, design, and drive.

- Alaina Z

I love my maxima. I especially like the rear sunroof. I don't like how easy it is to speed in it though. It's such a beautiful sexy car.

It goes really fast. It looks incredible on anyone

- Anita L

Great car for anyone and well worth the price.

- Virginia S