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I love my 2001 Nissan pathfinder.

I am the second owner, I've had it for 6 years and have had no problems with it. I live in North Dakota and the winters here are very cold but it always starts right up the first try I can definitely rely on it. It fits me perfect as far as comfort but my husband is a big guy and he says it has to many blind spots for him so he only drives it if he has too. When it comes to features it has pretty much other vehicles this year has.

- Tina P

My highly reliable but slightly old pathfinder.

My pathfinder is great for a lot of things. The 4 wheel drive makes me feel safe and has gotten me out of some trouble before. Most problems I have with this car is due to the older model, a couple of parts have needed replacing. It also makes the gas mileage unfavorable. But it is very spacious and a very reliable vehicle. I would definitely recommend a newer model of pathfinder!

- Aubrey B

They seem to run for a very long time very efficient and perfect for the whole family

My 2001 Nissan Pathfinder is extremely reliable decent miles to the gallon plenty room for family, one of favorite features would be the Bose system and GPS four by four so you can make it anywhere in any weather. It's perfect for those who live in the mountains and for those who live in the city common vehicle so if I need to go to the shop it is usually cheap to fix.

- Laila M

Reliable, roomy and comfortable 2001 Nissan Pathfinder.

My vehicle's only problems are a result of it being a 2001 so it is general wear and tear due to age. I love that it is a Nissan because in my experience Nissans are very reliable and outlast the typical mileage of many other makes. The cloth seats are very comfortable and the backseat and trunk space is very roomy. I have very good gas mileage as well.

- Alex B

A Good Dependable Vehicle

This vehicle has been really dependable. I bought it used and I've had it for 3 years now without having any major issues. The air conditioner and heat work fantastically. It has four wheel drive and good gas mileage for its size. The seats fold down to allow for more carrying capacity in the hatchback. And it even has a back windshield wiper.

- Kat H

Nissan Pathfinders Rule!!

This vehicle is amazing! Four wheel drive never puts me down. I love the heated seats and sunroof. This vehicle has 343, 511 Miles on it and still going!! The only issue I've had was rusting around fenders but is an easy fix. It's a tough vehicle but not a fuel saver as most older SUVs are not and gets around 15mpg.

- Stella L

It has a super neat VCR player in the trunk.

Love the navigator that my Nissan originally came with after all these years it still works and drives like a gem. I've driven it to North Carolina and back to Ohio and had absolutely no scars or felt unsafe. Great mileage as well only had to fill up twice going down there and one and a half times on the way back.

- Beau M

Nissan Pathfinder 2001 is a great car.

I absolutely love this car. I have a 2 year old and I love the space it has for getting in and out. I will say that as a grown person the back seat kinda sucks. But other than that it's actually super nice. I am a traveler so this car gets a run for its money. Its okay on gas not the worst but not the best.

- Zoe S

2001 Pathfinder will be your path maker.

This car at its old age still runs amazingly and smoothly. I have never been uncomfortable in it and its maintenance is not very demanding, This beast is ready to take a beating for you, too. At nearly 300,000 miles, this micro polished engine is still going strong. Great as a first car.


My 2001 Nissan Pathfinder is large and can handle any terrain.

My car has lasted a very long time with some major work but mostly minor work. The gas mileage isn't the best, but the car is sturdy and will protect me if something were to happen. I would keep this car forever if it were to last. Unfortunately, the car is about to be on It's last leg.

- Emily D

Its green and has a big back seat for my 3 kids it has heated seats that's amazing.

I love my Nissan but it is getting old and the transmission is slowly failing. But if it wasn't then I'd still be in love. It has heard seats and its nice and roomy. I could only imagine the updated versions. They have a lot more features. I'd recommend a Nissan. They are very reliable.

- Cinnamon W

Best reliable of old car.

This is a very good car and reliable. The issue with this car only, when you are doing mechanical,it's kind of hard because it does not have enough space. So it does not break down easily if you do regular service as require. This is the reason I like the car very much .

- Jacques J

Excellent car material that is made to last for a long time.

I have an engine light problem that keeps coming on. I love the performance, reliability and comfort of my luxury Pathfinder. I like the heavy duty material that the car is made of. I like the feel of the car. It is very stable driving it. I feel very safe sitting in it.

- Cathy L

Great performing vehicle.

Performance is great. Room for carrying quite a bit. Comfortable leather seats. Great in the snow with 4 wheel drive. Easy to put into 4 wheel drive. 216000 miles and still going strong. Leather seats have held up great. Gas mileage is pretty good for the size of SUV.

- Shirl T

Great vehicle, easy driving, good condition, gold not my favorite color.

I bought my vehicle in 2013 with 34, 000 miles on it, in wonderful condition. I have enjoyed driving it and have room to carry items around, including my dog! It is comfortable, reliable and has all the features I need. Great for grocery shopping, plenty of room.

- Karen L

The gas mileage on my car is great.

My car has enough room for my family to travel with ease. The SUV style trunk allows me to carry all the things I need for myself and my children. Gas mileage is great on my vehicle. My children who are toddler still have plenty of room for their legs in the car.

- Alexis H

It is a SUV with plenty of room. Family car for sure great for big trips!

Good car big spacious. It is good if you have kids it is a little older. Has a big trunk I love it drive very good need to maintenance every 3 months. Has a beautiful sunroof. Seat warmers. Car seat accessible. Plenty of car charger imputes. Overall great car.

- Victoria B

Clean and looks great. Room to haul items in and great for my dog.

I have a 2001 Nissan pathfinder that now has 76, 000 miles on it. I just bought new tires and had new brake shoes put on the front, other than that, it is a great car. I bought it used in 2013 with 34, 000 miles on it and I pay way to much for insurance.

- Karen L

Great space, not great gas mileage.

I love my car! It has a great amount of space in it, which is very helpful. It has been overall very dependable and especially great when going off-road. The only problem I have had is with my shocks. I wish it got better gas mileage, but it is an SUV.

- Dae L

This car is the most reliable car I have ever owned.

I really like the four wheel drive and powerful engine. It does everything I need it to do as a homeowner, and I am not worried about inclement weather. However, it is very top heavy and has a bad turn radius. I can't even do u turns.

- Carter M

It can be switched from a 2x to 4x4 and can go pretty much anywhere.

I bought this vehicle, used, to replace my Subaru that was destroyed in a wreck. It has been a good replacement since it can be switched from 2x to 4x by turning a dial. It doesn't get good gas mileage, however.

- Susanne H

Nissan pathfinder: gas for the average traveling teen.

The four-wheel drive is great and it easy to control. Only complaint is the gas mileage is not too great. Driving for a day drains almost half the tank. I wouldn't get it if you travel often.

- Nicole H

The most important thing that people should be made aware of is my gas pedal does stick, so my acceleration can become jerky

First off I like the fact my Pathfinder has a sunroof. Secondly I like the convenience of an aux port to connect my phone to the car's speakers. And third off I was always a fan of SUVs.

- Dominic B

Four-wheel drive Knox toes very well

4 wheel drive knocks drive good good performance good understandable driving slow and four-wheel drive I was not very good so that's what I think about the Nissan Pathfinder

- Levy W

Go right with a pathfinder.

Pathfinder has lots of room for people and cargo. Mine also comes with a pull over cover to hide the things in the back of the SUV. Drives like a dream with no major issues.

- Debra B

It is super easy to operate. You feel you own it the minute you start driving.

I totally love the vehicle I am driving these days because it is really spacey and comfortable esp. in rough weather conditions. I wish it could use less gas, though.

- Solyda K

Almost 20 years old and runs like it did brand new.

This pathfinder has been very reliable and the ride is smooth and solid. As long as the required maintenance is kept up this car seems like it will go forever.

- Kelly C

It is great on gas mileage.

It is perfect for the winter and is a perfect family car. It has amazing gas mileage. It has a bunch of leg room as well. Great car overall.

- Mikayla K

Its is not new and I have never had any major issues with it very reliable.

The trucks is reliable, four doors and seats 5. The middle back seat is just a lap belt. It's a little low only complaint is the seat belt.

- Heather S

Faithful and reliable car

My car is old, but reliable, it makes some noise and is beginning to rust but it is faithful to start up and get me to my destinations

- Edward H

My car is a great family car. There's lots of room in it

I love that it's an SUV. It sits higher. It's fairly roomy. I just like the gas mileage. I just like how expensive tires are for it.

- Tabitha M

Old, reliable and I love it!

Although this car is dated, I love it. With regular oil changes and typical upkeep and maintenance, it is a very reliable vehicle.

- Jessica D

As stated before, the best thing is the great thing

It is a great vehicle with many great things. One of the best things that it has is the great thing in front of the good thing

- Daniel W

Great car great color love this vehicle

Great vehicle love the 4x4 and color. Great ride was great price 2 low mileage good on gas would buy another for good price

- Frances S

My truck is one of the most luxurious older cars on the road.

I love the fact that my truck is a tank! It's been moving for a while. I don't like that it's still so expensive to fix.

- Jamarr H

Smaller SUV. 2WD. 3.5 engine

It is definitely a good car. It is just hard on gas. It gets maybe 17 miles a gallon. We use at least $20 a day for gas.

- Keisha G

travel high above traffic, able to see

four door, lift gate, big storage space, driver side window doesn't open, remote open and close doors, step up to cab,

- Christine d

My truck has children passengers and I handle with care

I like my truck drives fine. Feel like it is safe and practical for my family. I do wish that it was a little bigger.

- Sumer W

It was built to last and it's doing what it was built for. The engine is smooth. Only problem I have is rust.

I love Nissan and this Pathfinder, It's my 2nd Pathfinder, and my 4th Nissan vehicle. I have never had any problems!!

- Jean J

It's very reliable and dependable.

My Nissan pathfinder is very reliable. I've only had to do minor repairs like belts battery and regular maintenance.

- Tj S

It is top heavy when going around curves.

The pathfinder is very roomy. It is drives smooth. The auto 4x4 is convenient. I have no complaints at this time.

- Alexandra G

Plenty of room in the hatchback for groceries.

This car may be old but still runs. Not bad on gas, feels safe on the highway. And wonderful in the wintertime.

- Pamela D

Very reliable, parts are pretty cheap,

Body rusting out, everything else is great. Besides having to the top of the motor to change the spark plugs.

- Cindy G

2001 Nissan pathfinder review.

Very dependable, roomy, not too bad on gas, parts are pretty reasonable. Strong motor and transmission.

- Cindy G

While driving the car, you have to be careful while turning. I have done 360 turns in that bitch.

I like the size of the vehicle. It rides smooth. Although I have a lot of problems with the tires.

- Courtney G

The Pathfinder is a great SUV. It's been super reliable.

I like how roomy it is. I like how much power the engine has. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Leslie C

It's a very old vehicle. The repairs of cost me a lot of money

48 it is still reliable if you maintain the oil changes but otherwise it is over 17 years old

- Gil W

I love my car because it is a great size for my family and I. It is a great car to take on road trips. There is plenty of space for the whole family. It is also great for everyday use.

It is a great reliable car to have for a single person or for a family.

- Erin D

Vehicle has aged well. Starting need repairs not every place knows how to work on nissans.

SUV older vehicle. Vehicle is outdated. Starting to need repairs

- Melinda W

great for trips long and short trips. low on repairs

I love it! Great on miles, small but rough and tough on roads

- Pam C