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Good on gas and perfect for the family if you do not own one you need too.

I love my car it is perfect. It is a white four door Nissan. It is very easy on gas which is definitely a plus in the world today with gas prices going up and down. Very reliable car, haven't had any problems with it so far. Drives very smooth which is good for my children while doing homework at the last minute. I would definitely recommend it for any family.

- Brandy K

Nissan quest pro's and con's.

It is spacious and comfortable. But you feel every single bump. At times it shakes if you are going at high speeds. The seats in the back should be more spacious. Front seats recline quite comfortably. I bought it kind of old so perhaps if bought as new it would not shake going at high speeds on the highway. The speakers do not sound too great now either.

- Teresa G

My old trusty vehicle Betsy.

Runs well, gets me where I want to go. Driver window wont roll down, left rear door wont open. A/c works very good. doesn't cost much money to operate. Good acceleration. Paint is peeling off, does not look good but is paid for and I plan to keep it for a while.

- Leon M

An all around comfortable dependable minivan.

Very reliable, good on gas, comfort, good tire ware, not much maintaining, no problems to think of, or no major problems for a 10 year plus car van. Paint color does not fade in Florida sun. Quiet, smooth riding. Plenty of inside room very comfortable seats.

- John W

I have had it for almost 15 years.

The vehicle has been running for a solid 10 years and is still going strong, which I like about it. I dislike that the vehicle does not have an aux cord input. I also dislike how the wheel is a little difficult to turn.

- Theresa T

Long lasting reliable vehicle that I have own. This model has lasted for 18 yrs.

I have replaced the struts only twice in the past 18 years that I have owned my vehicle since I bought it. Just the regular maintenance has been enough to keep it working for so long.


doesn't look good but runs fairly good, good on gas

just changed the distributor, runs pretty good now. needs some work on it . the driver's window won't roll down.Left rear door won't open

- Leon M

It takes me where I need/want to go with no issues.

I like the fact it is a van. l like the fact it rides comfortably.I dislike the handling of my vehicle. I dislike the fuel economy.

- lisa G

That I can fit a lot of people into it.

Like that it's dependable and large and I sit up high. Do not like that it is old and one door is difficult to open.

- Lisa B

It can last you a long time it has over 200,000 miles on it

I love it's size. I also love how durable it is. But I don't like it's so old.

- Lucinda J

It's the baby of the family and it will never go away until the day it dies.

There's a lot of history in that van. How could I not love it?

- Yareli M

Dependable great handling van plenty of room! Uses less gas never burns oil not too expensive replacement parts

Like mileage per gallon.very snappy handles like a car!

- Scott M