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I was looking for a reliable van, and this was the one.

This vehicle has been very reliable. Although this van is roughly 19 years old, the exterior has stayed intact very well. The interior has also been very easy to keep up with. The engine is easy to work on. We have only experienced a few engine issues since purchasing the vehicle and they were both easy and cheap to fix ourselves. This vehicle has been a great back and forth to work van and has also been great in hauling groceries and my 3 children around. In all, although no very pretty to look at, this vehicle is very reliable and trustworthy.

- Angela B

It's trustworthy - it works like it should and keeps on working. It always starts in the morning, even in the coldest weather.

One thing I like is that it almost never breaks down. I almost never have to take it to the shop. Another thing is the cargo room is big. One thing I dislike is that it's impossible to get factory repair parts for some things. The door handle, for instance, got broken and we can only get a cheap plastic replacement which doesn't last very long. Nissan should do something about that.

- Mary C

The care runs well and that is important to me.

I love my vehicle because it is mine, I bought it off the street. I like that it is big and fits all the kids. I do not like that is I have some dents that somehow r on my van. I do not like that it is known for the door handles break and fall off. But it is mine and I appreciate every vehicle I have.

- Jeanette D

My 2001 Nissan Quest is a one in a million!

Best car I ever had (besides my 1970 GTO)! Over 180,000 miles on it and still going strong. Only problems I have now are the seals all have a slow leak to them. Still I would love to have another minivan like this one. So dependable on long trips. BWM

- Brian M

The vehicle has not broke down since I bought it and I bought it used .. keeps running good I bought it 5 years ago since then it has not broke down on me not even once .

I enjoy my. Car for the simple fact that it runs really good .. doesn't waste a lot of gas. It's a good minivan for the family and it is comfortable. I really enjoy it the kids and family enjoy going out in it with no hesitation I enjoy this mini van

- Mayra E

I do not know, I like my car and it is a used car.

I like the way my car looks inside and out, she's pretty to me. She has issues, heat wiring is messed up and water pump went again.

- Jeanette D

It has a lot of room. But it stalls a lot when I am driving it.

It stalls out a lot and needs a lot of work. I haven't been able to figure out what exactly is wrong with it.

- Kris G

Great family vehicle for driving with young children.

It was very practical when my children were younger. Now that it is older I can only use mid grade gas

- Diane P

that It's a good driven van for the most part

It's a good driving van but the parts is twice the cost of a american made van is

- Ray T

It saves on gas when running at a certain speed

It runs good. I love the color of the van. The tires are great on the van.

- lisa B