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Feeling fun and fancy in my Rogue.

In searching for a new vehicle I kept coming back to the Nissan Rogue. It is outside appearance is very sleek and although it is not classified as a luxury vehicle the interior is nothing shy of sophisticated. The leather seats have been easy to take care of and the heated front seats leave you feeling nice and toasty. I really like the memory seat to program just the way I prefer my seat when driving. Even though it seats five, three adults would probably not fit comfortable in the back seat. In the Texas heat air is a must. The Rogue comes with dual air conditioning and rear vents to help keep the whole car cool. With my active family and sports equipment it was important to have plenty of cargo space to lug everything around. Plenty of space for groceries, luggage, and the adjustable shelves make it easy to make the perfect fit for anything. The Rogue’s gas mileage does not disappoint on daily drives and longer road trips. I have been averaging between 27-32 mpg. I have enjoyed the moonroof on these fall days and starry nights. My teenagers never complain about the entertainment system and able to keep their phones charged. Many features include automatic headlights, front and back windshield wipers at adjustable speeds, front and back defrost, rear backup camera allows additional safety measures, alerts you when someone is in your blind spot with a warning light located driver and passenger sides, airbags, navigation system, Bluetooth that allows hands free phone availability. There is some road noise and occasionally not the smoothest of rides. Overall I love my new Rogue!

- Laura R

Nissan rogue sport sl partially autonomous vehicle.

I love my Nissan rogue sport sl. The car is very intelligent. Some examples are: we were going out of town on the first trip with the vehicle. We didn't realize all the potential the car fully had. When driving the car audibly told us the highway was shut down due to a collision. We were able to exit the highway and find a shorter route. Sure enough there was a collision on the highway and the highway was totally blocked. Good thing we exited. Also when driving down an unpaved road the car will audibly tell you unpaved road. The rogue sport sl has lane assist that helps you to stay in your lane, remote engine start, keyless entry, power mirrors, leather seats and dashboard, back up camera, an on-board hands free communication system, heated front seats, bucket seats, safety features which includes brake assist, daytime running lights, blind spot monitor, lane keeping assist, lane departure warning, cross traffic alert, and integrated running lights. When we test drove the vehicle the salesman asked us if we knew what we were buying and I have to say no we didn't but we do now. The vehicle has a panoramic sunroof. I cannot say enough about this vehicle other than to tell you it is the best vehicle we have ever bought. The insurance premiums are a little high but the car is the top of the line vehicle.

- Brenda M

It has great safety features, like blind spot detection and rear camera.

The only problem we have had with our rogue are the bearings. It drives great on side streets and the highway. It has great features like sport drive or economy drive. If you use the sport it has great pick up but eats up the gas pretty fast. If you use the economy drive you won't have as much pick up but you will save a lot of gas. It sits four comfortably but can sit 5. Has a large trunk area. You can also lay down the back row for more trunk space. It also has Bluetooth features that are easy to set up and you can also access Sirius XM. They have great safety features that include a backup camera and lights on both front doors to let you know if someone is in your blind spot. The steering wheel has radio controls on it and also the Bluetooth audio controls. The steering wheel isn't a full circle wheel. The steering wheel has a straight bottom, so if you have big legs you have more room. The seats are comfortable and there seems to be enough leg room. It has good storage space. The a c has worked great and you can control how cold or hot you would like it. The wipers work great. You also have a rear wiper for your back window that is helpful.

- Teresa S

Quality and reliable daily driver

The 2018 Nissan Rogue is a reliable and quality daily driver. The interior is sleek and spacious with comfortable seating making it a nice car for a road trip. The electronics- the display and the carplay screen- allow for the driver to stay connected to texts, calls, maps and music without being distracted by your cell phone. The trunk is spacious with an additional space underneath the carpeting for storage. The ride is smooth and it handles beautifully in the snow. It has an optional eco mode which helps reserve fuel and make sure you are making the most out of your gas. Finally, it has many safety options including sensors on the mirrors to alert you if someone is in your blind spot and automatic braking if you're too close to someone. Overall it is a quality vehicle and this is the second one I've leased. I would highly recommend purchasing or leasing a rogue.

- Brie L

Fantastic family car with plenty of room and great gas mileage!

My Nissan Rogue has been a great vehicle for my family. For me personally, I drive several miles a day for work. This vehicle provides me with good gas mileage (28-32 mpg) and smooth ride. For my family, this car allows room to have a car seat in the back and still have room for two more people. Sometimes I do wish I had a little more space/ leg room, but for the size of the car I am happy with what is provided. The back hatch has a feature that I love! As long as I have my key in my pocket I can kick my foot under the car and it will open. This is great when I have my hands full with groceries or my toddler, or both! I have close to 30,000 miles and I have only had one problem and that was the sunroof busted unexplainably. The dealership warranties this quickly, but other than that, the car has been fantastic and I would highly recommend the Nissan Rogue!

- Kelsey H

Love the car, hate the seats

This car is an easy, fun, smart choice. It gets around 27 mpg and because it's hybrid, it has a run gage that shows you your miles per gallon so you can almost play a game of trying to step off the gas to get it higher. It takes a little getting used to at first because the gas pedal takes a minute to engage so it feels like you have to press hard at first, but once you adjust it's very easy to drive. The only downside I've found is that the front seats are uncomfortable and cause back problems. The headrest is forward a lot but the middle of the seat is curved way back so it causes back pain. I've bought a car seat pillow and it helps a lot. I think a lot of new Nissan's have this design because it reduces the risk of whiplash but just know there's a price. Overall, I love the car and the fact that I'm doing my part to reduce emissions.

- Sarah G

Great driving experience. Electronic s not user friendly.

My review is lacking a star due to the electronic aspect of the car. My car does not always pair back up to my. Phone or will disconnect from my phone while in use. The Nissanconnect app is not straight forward or easy to use. My husband had to call the dealership so that we would be permitted access to even connect the app to the car. The navigational system is not the most up to date even though we just got the vehicle. The voice command never knows what I am saying no matter how slow or how clear I pronounce a word or name. Other then the electronic aspect I love the car. I love the safety features. The cruise control works great and I love how it breaks for me if someone cuts me off. The car's reaction time is much quicker than mine. I feel safe when I drive the vehicle.

- Casey L

Things I love about my 2018 rouge.

I love my stereo, steering wheel, it tilts, and pulls out more and pushes in. I like the passenger assist. The light up marks on mirrors help see cars in blind spots, because there are 6 new spots 1 3 pair on each side that are new blind spots, due to car looking more area dynamic, or its because I a m just short, lol. Cup holders in right spot. They should have 2 different sunglass holders. The subversion on passenger side causes a blind spot, with a reflection. I still love my rouge. I have been getting a rouge every other 2 years since 2011. I love the eco button, its comfortable and fits shape of body. And the seat warmers are good. This winter will be the first winter with the auto start and wheel warmer. I am definitely looking forward to that.

- Tammy S

The Rogue isn't such a Rogue decision for customers expecting the best.

We love our Nissan Rogue. I never worry about my wife when she's driving it because I know she is as safe as she can be on the road. The vehicle is extremely comfortable. We drove every vehicle of the same type and discovered that the Rogue is both the most comfortable and spacious. It has a 110 socket and rear air, which are necessities for my family. The controls are marked well, lit up well, and placed in excellent positions. It is almost two years old and has had zero issues and drives as though we just drove it off the lot. I suspect this is a vehicle that we can put half a million miles on, if we chose to do so. I will definitely buy another Nissan and have nothing negative to say about either the company or the particular vehicle we drive.

- Ryan T

Big, comfy, fun, attractive vehicle.

The rogue drive is so smooth and the gas mileage is great for the size car it is especially on eco mode which I regularly leave on. If you want a more fun drive put on the sport mode. I haven't had any real issues with the car other than the radio seems to shut off now and then but I haven't had it looked at yet. It is really comfortable inside and the steering wheel and all the controls are set up with ease of use in mind. I am lucky enough to have the premium package and the 360 camera is awesome, as well as the automatic drivers seat adjustment. If you are looking for a large crossover definitely give the rogue a look. Sometimes I wish it was a bit smaller but that is personal preference.

- Rebecca D

Safe, Fun, and Reliable Family Vehicle

I love my Nissan Rogue. I love the backup camera as well as the lights on the side of the mirror that let me know when a car is in my blind spot. Before getting the 2018 make of this car, I had an older, 2016, Nissan Rogue. That vehicle came equipped with, not only the backup cam but also a front camera. It also came with a GPS built right in. I was disappointed to see that the 2018 make of the same vehicle did not come equipped with the front camera or GPS, and I would need to pay a decent amount more to have those features upgraded in. I do however highly recommend the Nissan Rogue. It is a great car, for a single person or for family use. It's good on gas and very safe and reliable.

- Kate F

Curb alert system assistance you in backing up to prevent tire and wheel damage.

Love this SUV! The side mirrors have curb detection- when you put it in reverse the side mirror lower to a downward slant so that you can see where the vehicle is in relationship to the curb. Off course the backup camera engages when you put the car is reverse. It has the ability to detect vehicles on either side of the car and it also has the ability to signal driver when you are veering out of the lane. Gas mileage is good - miles to a gallon. One drawback is that if you have small children and have car seats they have to be placed on the passenger sides -if you put one in the center position the passenger who is sitting next to it next to the door cannot use the seatbelt.

- Joyce S

Very smooth riding vehicle.

Very pleased with the smooth ride and performance of the vehicle. It is also comfortable, easy to get into. One of the disadvantages is the 15-gallon gas tank. I wish the gas tank was larger so that you could go a further distance without having to refill. The back seat is very roomy. . . And being our first SUV, it is probably one of the most comfortable vehicles we have ever owned. The trunk space is also sufficient, and the back seat folds down for additional storage room. All of the display screens are easy to read and understand. The stereo system is of good overall quality. Would highly recommend this vehicle for a family of 2-4.

- Robin M

All around great vehicle, especially for a family.

It performs well, although sometimes it would be nice if it had a little more power. The safety features are nice and make you feel more secure. The beeping and lights letting you know if you're over the lines on the road or if someone is too close is helpful especially door blind spots. The front and back cameras along with the surrounding view is excellent for parking in tough spot. It's a comfortable car to ride in with plenty of legroom. And plenty of room for our child's car seat. Back storage isn't the best but you can put the seats down for more room. It's been a very reliable vehicle and we would recommend it.

- Alyssa W

A Rogue by any other name is still a Rogue

My Rogue is a gas guzzler on the highway so I've cut back my road trips. Acceleration after a complete stop is a bit slow which I can attribute to the CVT. I don't mind that's so because I'm not in New York. A feature I really love is the blind spot indicator light with added bell tone that warns you the vehicle is still pretty close. It's less stress with this feature. The entertainment center is taking too much time to figure out. I'd suggest the dealerships have at least one person knowledgeable for instructions. Once you learn how to set everything up it'll feel like the Starship Enterprise.

- Valerie E

The trunk has options for different storage.

I travel weekly for work. When I arrive at my destination I rent a vehicle. I tried many different vehicles but mostly SUV's, as those are my preference. I fell in love with the Nissan Rogue. I like the way it felt when driving in town or on the interstate. I'm sure there are more expensive vehicles that have a smoother ride but my Rogue drives comfortably. I like the style of it and the color options. Everything on the dash is easily accessible. It has a nice size trunk and the back seats fold down for more storage if needed. Now when I rent a vehicle I rent a Rogue if they have one available.

- Deb M

Why We Love Our Nissan Rogue

My Rogue performs well in town and on the freeway. Safety features that notify the driver when vehicles are in the next lane are very helpful. Love the assistance the system gives when parking and backing up to alert you to potential hazards or 'bumps'. Seats are comfortable even for 2 people who are 5'11 and 6'2. Only issue we have is that the rear view mirror gets loose periodically and the car has a rattling sound on the front dashboard. Overall we love the reliability and the gas mileage is better than expected getting almost 30 miles to the gallon as we do mostly highway driving.

- Inez A

2017 Nissan Rogue: i'm in love!

I've had 2 recalls on it. There is a feature on it that stops your car when it senses you're too close but it has done this on the highway with nothing in site. It's an issue they recalled. The car drives smooth other than that. I've had zero problems with it and it's so spacious. It's truly a beautiful car. I wish all the windows rolled down with just a press of one button but you need to hold them down until they roll down all the way. The sensor in the back for your foot to open the back door is tricky and I just don't use it because I got tired of trying to make it work

- Natasha A

Minor flaws - still love it

I love the safety features. It has an automatic alarm and light for when a car is in my blind spot or next to me. It also tells me not only when the person in front of me is breaking but also the person in front of them. The only issue I have is that the front sensor sometimes doesn't work when it heavy rains and also on small bridges it sets off the alarms for safety. I have the option of turning it off when that does happen. I also like the heated seats provided. I do wish that all seats were electric; it is only the driver's seat.

- Christina J

Poor communication on navigation

I feel that the navigation is not easy to use. It does not understand my commands when I say a street address. It's difficult to type it in because the screen is small. Also I have had it in a few times because the screen locked up. I was told the software needed updated. I would have thought I would have been notified of updates. But they do not notify of any updates when they are needed. You are just suppose to know. The steering wheel does not heat up all the way around as it did in all my other cars and I have had it replaced.

- Penny T

Very satisfied with this perfectly sized crossover SUV

Love the size and look of my Rogue. Also gets great gas mileage. Great storage and easy to access dash. Could be a bit more comfortable seats and quieter ride. Looked at all of the most popular crossover SUVs before buying... also test drove each model. Air conditioning cools really well and quickly. Love the rear camera and front screen. The paint colors available for the Rogue are really appealing. Overall we are very satisfied and would buy a Rogue again for a future purchase and also recommend to friends and family.

- Melody E

Reliable and a good high end family car.

I am so happy that I went with this vehicle. I went with the sl model, I was going to get the sv model but at the time the dealership did not have the color I wanted as a sv and only sl. So I test drive it and I fell in love. The headed seats are great. Also you have the option to heat up your steering wheel. The model is more luxurious, so obviously it is comfy and roomy. I love the double sunroof but I wish it could open all the way. The sunroof only opens half way. I love all the safety options on it and the 360 mirrors.

- Allison A

The thing I like most is the sensor that tells me a car is next to me.

I like the way it drives. It handles well in snow and rain. It is gas mileage is really good. The only thing is its trunk is a little small. I had to downgrade from a pathfinder to rogue sport. I like the features on it. On the inside of doors near mirrors it blinks when a car is next to me and when I have my blinker on and a car is next to me it notify me by blinking and making noise that I shouldn't go over. It has a backup camera which I didn't have before which is nice also. It is a comfortable ride.

- Ida G

Benefits of eco-friendly drive feature.

I have had my Nissan rogue 2018 for about 10 months. I have been satisfied with the safety, reliability and comfort of my vehicle. The gas mileage compared to my former Toyota hybrid is much better. I have three features of 'drive', sport, auto and eco. I usually drive on the eco driver because 1. I find it less sensitive 2. It requires less gas (better financially) 3. I feel a little more eco-friendly, which is always a plus. This vehicle is very common around the St. Louis area and I can see why.

- Caroline E

Nissan Rogue - comfort and style.

I have a 2018 Nissan Rogue sv and I absolutely love it. First, the seats are so comfortable and they have electronic settings with memory. The steering wheel is telescopic and the side mirrors have memory, too. I purchased the middle model and upgraded to the premium package which adds remote start, navigation and Sirius radio. Basic features include keyless/push button Start, Bluetooth, cloth seats, heated seats, heated side mirrors and so much more. Great on gas. Seats 5 people comfortably.

- Susan S

Nissan Rogue, great long lasting vehicle.

The Nissan Rogue drives smooth, great on gas and hasn't given me any problems. It is very roomy for a smaller SUV and the price is great. This SUV will definitely last a long time. I drive a lot and for long distances and I have made it through multiple states without having to fill up. This SUV also has an eco and sports mode to enhance your driving experience and save on gas. The only negative I have is that it seems to sit lower to the ground than other SUVs. I prefer to be higher up.

- Lauren P

My vehicle is an affordable transport that takes me places.

This is my 3rd Rogue. I love the gas mileage and the space within. My passengers are seated with comfort. The maintenance is minimal. The most work done are oil changes. Features include the rear camera allowing me to clearly see behind me. It is also best to turn my head around and see for myself. The sound system is okay. The Bluetooth features are great along with the ability to use the hands free phone service. Knowledge of who's approaching your blind side is really helpful.

- Durant H

Love my Midnight edition Rogue

Handles and drives really well. The seats are very comfortable love the heated seats feature especially in the winter. The safety features like the all view camera is great because you can see all around the vehicle, this especially a great feature to have if you have small children or pets. The interior is very well made and put together. Only problem that I have had with it is the voice recognition sometimes doesn't understand my commands for calling using the hands free.

- Heather R

Nissan Rogue, heated seats and steering wheel! Very child friendly!

I absolutely love my Nissan Rogue! It is comfortable and very reliable. It has a navigation system that I have used more than I thought I would have. It also includes heated seats and steering wheel, which I love because I am very cold natured. The heated seats are also beneficial for relieving back pains! It is very child friendly as well, with optional locks that allow for you to lock the door from the inside so that the child can not open the door for any circumstances.

- Kate R

Life with a rogue. Feel the road, rattles to the music.

I had 2 previous Nissan murano so from going from that vehicle to a rogue is like driving a chevette. You feel every bump it rattles you do not sit as high up. I sit closer to the steering wheel so when backing up the side mirrors lower so imagine looking at the ground as you are backing up. When you put the vehicle in drive you have to reset your mirrors before you take off or you will continue to look at the ground and not be able to see a vehicle next to you.

- Debbie H

Safety Features. The interesting highlight is that it is safe.

It is a very reliable vehicle. The added features as they relate to technology ensure for a safer ride and maintaining adequate driving distance from the vehicle in front. The lane assist feature is very helpful, especially on a crowded highway as the vehicle remain in the driving lane. It at any time there is a need to overtake another vehicle, there is a beep to alert you if there is another vehicle too close. I like this feature as it helps me to be cautious.

- Max S

Enjoying my Nissan rogue sport.

I love the comfort of the driver's seat and it has adjustable lumbar support. I love that I am am seated up higher so I can see better. The nissan rogue sport handles extremely well in the snow. I enjoy the ease of being able to turn the wheel without much effort. The heated seats and steering wheel are a welcomed option in the winter. The bluetooth connection is another bonus, to be able to receive or make calls. Yes I love my nissan rogue sport!

- Terri R

User review of 2018 Nissan rogue.

The 2018 Nissan rogue sl AWD is a practical vehicle. It is push to start and can be started from a couple feet away via remote. The collision prevention feature is extremely helpful, especially in low visibility situations. The trunk is spacious and can be arranged in multiple ways. The trunk is automatic. The suspension handles potholes and uneven roads pretty well. Sometimes there is a delay when connecting your phone to the Nissan car play.

- Liz B

Eco friendly Fast Comfortable Affordable

The car run nice and smooth it has great features. It's really good in the snow with the AWD on. Great sensor. Lots of space when bringing the back rear seats down. This car is the sports model so it's somewhat smaller than the regular model so it's convenient for parking especially in high traffic city's New York. It also has ECO Mode which helps a great deal on fuel. The car had a 14.5 tank of fuel available which for the nice it's perfect.

- Gary D

The Nissan Rogue is the car to have.

I absolutely love my Nissan Rogue. It is a hybrid so I get very good gas mileage and I rarely have to fill my tank to full. The sound system is a Bose speaker and have nice quality. As for the physical vehicle, there is a ton of room in it and you can fit just about anything. The seats fold down to make way for whatever you need to fit in it. I wouldn't trade this vehicle for anything and would definitely suggest others to purchase this car.

- Emily F

Good on gas but questionable durability

I purchased my Nissan Rogue in July of 2018. The best thing I enjoy is gas mileage and safety features with rear view camera, Bluetooth phone features, and passing car alert feature. However I feel like the car is poorly made after driving for almost a year. Front Bumper is poorly designed and was easily pulled off after pulling close up on a cement block. For the price 26,000 I can't say that I have ultimately enjoyed driving this vehicle.

- Nef R

Roomy, comfortable and enjoyable to drive.

My Rogue has great mileage. It runs smooth and quiet. It takes off pretty quickly. Lots of room. The back has enough room for lots of groceries and boxes. It also has a flat board like that lifts to create a shelf and giving you a deeper storage area. I have used it and transported fully bloomed plants. Back seats fold making it easy to load a bike, lumber or a long object. No need for a truck. Driving is comfortable and enjoyable.

- Margarita B

The Nissan Rogue: safe, spacious, and elegant.

My Nissan Rogue is absolutely amazing! I have had the car for about 3 months and it was the best decision when car shopping. Nissan has wonderful basic features that strongly support safety and ease for consumers, and their maintenance support is very helpful. I love the size of the car, it is tall but slightly narrow, so it fits well parking spots but still feels spacious and stronger than a sedan. I highly recommend the Nissan Rogue.

- Val C

It gets great gas mileage and is better than most other SUVs out there.

Love the gas mileage I get from my Rogue. It is front wheel drive until you need AWD so you get better mileage. Lots of good features such as the all around view monitor where you can see all around your car when backing up or pulling in to a space. The only complaint I have is the emergency braking system goes off when it shouldn't and scares me. It stopped me right in front of a railroad crossing when I was coming down a steep hill.

- Pam B

2018 Nissan Rogue SV FWD Review

The emergency braking system has glitched a few times and engaged while driving down the road causing my vehicle to completely stop when there is no object in front of me to avoid hitting. The technology is less than to be admired because the touch screen freezes up on me a lot. The seats are quite uncomfortable in the cloth. However, I do like the BLIS and backup camera, along with Apple Carplay and the overall look of the vehicle.

- Samantha B

The dashboard of the Rogue is clear, colorful, and above all very functional.

I love my Nissan Rogue. This is my second one. They wheel is stream lined with buttons to control the radio, hands free devices, and additional technologies. I love all the technology in the car. The beautiful display screen is colorful and not too bright. The screen on the dashboard that displays various elements of the car is pretty cool too. It is not too large or too small of a SUV. It handles well in all types of weather too!

- Jessica G

The car drives so smooth over bumps makes for a quiet and enjoyable ride.

Vehicle drives very smoothly. The acceleration is quick and the gas is very efficient. The Bose speakers in the car are fantastic and make for a clear and loud music experience. The car also has a nice moonroof and heated seating which is nice for the winter time. The car manages the snow and icy weather extremely well. The four wheel drive is a must have for living in areas with colder weather. The car is very fuel efficient.

- Catherine C

So good on gas mileage! The all leather material is so nice too!.

I like everything about my vehicle. From the sound system, which I can connect my iPod to with a sub, there's is 2 sub connection for my phone or any device, aux connection, CD and Bluetooth. Only thing I do not like is that when I have my gaps on and I am listening to the radio I cannot hear the directions. It has been reliable so far it allows me to check if tire pressure is low, or if when the next maintenance is needed.

- Jessica M

The 2018 Nissan Rogue, your family, sport, luxury, vehicle all together into one.

I love my car I am able to take most of my tools with me as well as my child and my wife to work. And if I unload it I can load up and go to the beach for the coolers and blankets and towels. My wife really loves it. She's super jealous. Lol. But the cool thing about it is for the past three vehicles that we've owned have all been Nissan and they have been a great company to purchase from. Into words it is awesome!

- Greg G

Great vehicle for a family or travelers!

The Nissan Rogue is reliable, very comfortable their seats both front and back seats are cushioned and relaxing, great for long travels. The performance is smooth, the engine sounds great yet very subtle. The back seat warmers are an amazing feature! I love heated seats. The trunk is so spacious and even more when you put the back seats down it can fit a whole blow up mattress. The speakers are good , they're Bose.

- Rebecca R

Fantastic SUV with all the bells and whistles.

I love my car. It is not the highest model but still comes with all the features and more. It handles very well, has great pick-up, and is pretty good with gas mileage. I really love the backup camera. The camera has a 360 degree view do it really helps with parking. It also has the cruise control option of sensing the car’s speed in front of you. My only issue is that it has a pretty bad rattle in the dash.

- Alison G

It is a wonderful car with a spacious interior, sleek design, and drives well.

The Nissan Rogue is a wonderful car. It is very reliable. It has very good gas mileage for a SUV. It comes with a lot of features that you would expect with a newer car. It holds up very easy to what devices and has a nice sounds system. The sun roof extend almost the entire span of the car and is really nice for long drives. I would highly recommend this cat to anyone who needs more space in their vehicle.

- Eric T

Great and safe Family SUV

I really love my Nissan Rogue. This is my second one and the features and design have only gotten better over the last few years. The main features I wanted were a roomy interior and vehicle safety features. My rouge has the automatic brakes, lane switching / proximity detection which have been great. I have two children in car seats so having that extra room in the back for them and all their stuff is nice

- Kenia B

Nissan's Rogue's Surprising Fuel Efficiency

Our beautiful crimson red Nissan Rogue is stylish and comfortable. It has great gas mileage, usually over 30 miles per gallon, and it's got great get up and go as well as being easy to handle. The trunk provides lots of space and even offers a shelf for greater versatility. My only complaint right now is the poor air conditioning in the backseat of the vehicle. That could be greatly improved by Nissan.

- Joan B

Pay Attention to features

It's a good size vehicle and rides nicely for an suv, I made the mistake of not checking three things. 1) the back foot is not connected it is manual, 2) the passenger seat is manual and 3) the driver seat cannot go down to allow more headroom, otherwise I've had the car a month and enjoy it. The problems listed are not the fault of anyone but myself for not checking I was interested in other features.

- JoAnn M

The Nissan rogue has a lot of technology and safety features.

This car has a lot of blind spots it also has a lot of technology that indicates whether you can change lanes it will automatically stop if something goes in front of the vehicle I have had to take it back to the dealership because the car would automatically stop the seats are supposed to be more comfortable but they are not nearly as comfortable as my envoy in my opinion the envoy is a much better SUV.

- Michelle A

The boomer challenge of electronics.

The vehicle, like most new vehicles has a learning curve on how to use the various features. Sometimes you are driving along and suddenly an alarm goes off and you have no idea of what it means and you are trying to interpret an icon that makes no sense. The car is roomy in the front, has excellent head space for tall people, but it performance is lacking due to its small engine size and limited weight.

- Harry S

I love the way the car drives.

The nissan rogue is comfortable to drive. The only thing I do not like about it, is the backseat I feel is tight and not comfortable. . The driving is good, brakes are excellent. I love that I have carplay, I could connect my phone cable to the car and charge it, also listen to my itunes and send text messages out while speaking into the car. . It is reliable, just wish the backseat was bigger.

- Mena R

Fuel economy is great and it has a very good kick for the engine been that small.

Love the vehicle is very roomy, the price is very fair, and gives me excellent gas mileage. I got a package from the dealership that will take care of my oil change for forty eight months. It also provided me with a great transmission and motor guarantee. The vehicle comes with Sirius for 90 days, and the sound system is very good. Have no issues at this time. With the vehicle since is brand new.

- Manuel E

Responsive, roomy, comfortable ride.

My Rogue is peppy, responsive, roomy, incredibly comfortable, and reliable. My one issue is that twice the car let me put it into gear, and then rolled backward (without being able to break), even though the ignition didn't turn all the way over (hard to tell when the radio is on). But now that I know this is a thing, I make sure I can hear and feel the engine is going before putting her in gear.

- Alison h

My Nissan rogue I love the most is the safety features.

Reliable family car. Fits 3 car seats. Back up camera and several safety features. Very comfortable. Has blind spot indicators. Bluetooth connections back seat heating and ac access. Had automatic brakes if about to be in collision. Has steering wheel buttons for hand free opinions. Power windows. It is been reliably since we have had it so far. Was great for our trip that 1400 miles away.

- Cheyenne T

Love the Nissan Rogue, very economical

The Nissan Rogue has been an extremely comfortable car for me. I love the way it drives and it is easy to maneuver in parking lots and small spaces. It is very economical so I save on gas costs. There is plenty of room in the backseat, I am able to fit three child car seats when needed. Also, the trunk is very roomy. I love the package that I have that allows for keyless entry.

- Valerie P

My vehicle is a midsize white car which is up to date on technology.

My vehicle is great. I like how it has an eco mode which saves gas and the environment, and a sport mode when I'm trying to get onto a busy highway. The car is very comfortable and the electronics work well. I have had one problem which is my car randomly stopping when there is no one even around to set off the emergency break. I have since gotten it fixed. Overall, I love my car.

- Madison D

18' Nissan Rogue. Love it!

I absolutely love my Nissan Rogue! It's roomy enough, but not "too big", for my family. The basic options that come with this car are great in themselves but you can always buy up and get even more options. It drives great so far, even in pouring rain. No issues with spinning tires. It's super comfortable as well. All of the seats can be moved and made to fit the individual need.

- Katie B

It is comfortable and it has great pick up when getting into parkway traffic.

I like the rear area where the floor pulls up and you can "hide" things in there. I like the blue tooth so I can speak on the phone if necessary with out searching for it or holding it. I also like the backup video that shows what is behind me. I don't like the paint on the most rear windows in the back. The bottom is painted black and it looks like another car is alongside you.

- Luisa C

wasn't with Nissan Rogue. Do not recommend to anyone interested in an Compact SUV

The computer system was great at first but after the first 4 months it started to glitch. The overall drive of the car was decent, until it began to have issues. The overall ranking of the car is very low and believe that for the price of the vehicle it shouldn't have as many issues as it does. I don't think that consumers should purchase from Nissan and I wish I hadn't either.

- Izzy S

Nice and smooth drive. Lot of fun and relax. Best model. I refer to drive every.

It is good but ok it gives little smell when you drive uphill. And spend little more gas compare to others I think. But it drive good and lot of fun. I like it. I want to keep drive some more years of same kind of car. I have another one too but it is little old and not a SUV. It has lot of new features like as sun roof moon roof and latest navigation system and nice camera.

- Ram R

30+ years with my Nissan vehicles.

I have had Nissan vehicles for over 30+ years. My first car was a Datsun that I bought when I got my first job teaching in 1982. I have enjoyed all of the vehicles from small SUVs to family vans when my children were young. The service at the two car dealerships that I have purchased my cars at have been very professional and I have been very satisfied with their service.

- Melanie R

Nissan rogue SUV or oversized car.

The car is extremely comfortable. It has the feel of a car but the comfort of a SUV. You sit up higher than a car but you can maneuver easily into parking spots. The back seat is comfortable with plenty of legroom and easy to get in and out of. There is plenty of storage room in the back of the car and the trunk is opens easily leaving your hands free to load and unload.

- Cindy H

All the amenities allow for relaxing trips. The mileage is great for a budget.

The thing I always look for in a vehicle is good gas mileage. My car gets 25 miles per gallon in the city and 40 on the highway. The sound system is clear, and the air conditioner takes maybe a minute go cool down. The interior is cloth seats which makes the inside cooler in the summer. There is a back-up camera which helps with seeing your surroundings. I love this car.

- Christy B

The 2018 Nissan Rogue: A Car to be Leased

I love this vehicle. It is my first time driving an SUV and I would never go back to driving a sedan. It is a spacious car and I always feel safe driving it. In my personal opinion, the best feature on the car is the backup camera and side mirror light alerts. The car comes with Apple Carplay, another safety feature which allows for you to stay off your handheld device.

- Veronica P

Rogue is a great smooth ride vehicle.

I have had my vehicle for almost a year and have not had any major issues. However, sometimes my screen will freeze but doesn't really bother me. It rides really smooth. If you are a bigger person then the Rogue is not for you as it isn't really roomy. It is great on gas and easy to maneuver. It is family friendly, I have the basic model so the others might be better.

- Genesis G

Disappointed and dissatisfied with my purchase

My check engine light came on my vehicle already and I just bought it in 2018. I took it in to have it check out and I was told that my fuel pump needed to be replaced. Now it explains why I had to keep filling up my gas tank like 3 days.. I bought a new car so I didn't have to worry about my car breaking down on me and this is the first thing that happens to me

- Joann V

2018 Nissan Rogue vs. and midnight edition.

I have leased from Nissan for years. I started out with the Altima and worked my way to Rogue vs.. It has the safety cameras all around it. Heated seats and steering wheel are great for cold weather. I can honestly say I haven't had any problems with one of my vehicles. That is why I go back every three years. I get compliments all the time on my midnight edition.

- Julie C

Nissan Rogue 2018 Good choice for consumers

I like the new features. Blind spot indicator, back up camera, and heated seats are among my favorites. It is a fun vehicle to drive. It is comfortable on long trips, and there is plenty of legroom, even in the back seat, for our tall family. There is ample storage space for anything you may need to haul. The back seats fold down for even more storage space!

- Sue F

The rouge is a great car you get a lot for your money.

I have no issues this is my third rouge and I absolutely love the car. It drives well the seat are comfortable the radio plays well I love the sunroof and all the extra features that come with the car, this car has Apple play and it is amazing all your apps are in your car, you download the music and listen to your text messages and answer them by speaking.

- Lisa B

Review for Nissan Sv Rogue

The only issues I have had is the brake assist was going off when nothing was around. Other than that I got that fixed it has been a great vehicle. This Nissan is a comfy ride fits your body well. I have heated seats and a heated steering wheel which comes in handy in cold weather. You can never go wrong with a Nissan. They also stand behind their vehicles.

- Jamie O

It is a perfect fit for me.

It is the perfect size for easy handling and parking. I especially like that it is height makes getting in and out of the car so much easier than a sedan. The storage space is ideal for in town shopping as well as vacationing. I have had no problems with any aspects of my new car. The manual helped to guide me through learning about the features of my car.

- Judy H

This car is safe and accessible...great for busy moms!

I love my car's safety features, which include blind spot monitoring and emergency braking system. I also love the keyless entry system and remote start. Opening/closing the trunk is also possible electronically from 3 different locations (key fob, rear of car, and driver side. All of these features are great for when you have kids and your hands full!

- Lauren G

The Nissan Rogue has met all of my expectations

It is very nice and I love all of the features I just wish it was a little bigger. My favorite feature is the back up camera and I have not had any problems with it yet. It has been very reliable. There is enough room for our family of four comfortably but occasionally there are things we want to take that don't fit. For everyday it has worked very well.

- Heather B

A car with style and affordability.

Need to get around town with ease and efficiency? Then the rogue sport is just for you. It drives so smoothly, you forget you are in the car! Stereo system I perfect, comfortable seating, and enough room for five plus loads of space for groceries, sports equipment, etc. And, it is a perfect 1st car for your teen! Highly recommend and does not disappoint.

- Brian W

The blind spot notification is one of the greatest features.

The steering wheel is a little too small. It does not really handle rain very well. Gas mileage could be better for the type and size of the vehicle. Love the backup cameras. The interactive smart screen has is loaded with features that you would only expect in an expensive l. Vehicle. There is so man features in this vehicle it is well worth the money.

- Kathy L

Nissan Rogue is a classy performer.

We love all the built in features in our vehicle. Technology is a wonderful thing. Cant see ourselves ever having a vehicle again that does not have a navigation system or a backup camera function. The Rogue is very efficient and gas mileage is above average for a car with its performance and handling, Nissan seems to us to be a high quality auto maker.

- Bill G

Nissan Rogue has is the whole package in one car

I bought this vehicle almost a year ago. I really love the comfort of the car. My favorite feature is the heated leather seats, and the remote start in the winter. The speakers and sound system in the car are great. I also think the car drives really well. I would recommend this car to anyone! No problems thus far, and I keep my car regularly serviced.

- Autumn M

2018 Nissan Rogue is the best quality vehicle for its price on the market today.

The seats were created in conjunction with NASA so comfort is top of the line. All wheel drive and multiple features such as blind spot warning, safety shield, and emergency braking provide a safe and high performance driving experience. Features such as the kick to open trunk helps when hands are full. Every detail makes this car the best of the best.

- Brianne L

Happy Nissan rogue owner moving forward

Any issues that have arose have been covered by the warranty. The stereo and Bluetooth opportunity has made driving without distractions easier. The transition to Nissan has impressed me with performance, smooth sport steering, great gas mileage, and the space. The 2nd row seating has enough space for a full grown male adult to sit with ample leg room.

- Brit M

The smart cruise control is a very nice, handy feature.

I love this vehicle. The Nissan Rogue is so comfortable to drive and handles really well. Having remote start is a game changer for me and I use it all the time in the winter. The motion activated liftgate can be difficult to use but when it works it's amazing. I didn't think I'd like the smart cruise control but once you get used to it, it's so nice.

- Alyssa L

The space in the trunk can hold a ton to what it looks like.

My Nissan has a ton of space. It very roomie. It gets great gas mileage. Heated seats, steering wheel and even mirrors. It's rated very highly on safety. I don't like how it breaks if there is something in the road because sometimes it will break without there being anything in the road. Overall I like my Nissan and am happy with my purchase so far!

- Kelsey B

Safety features of the 2018 Nissan Rogue.

It is easy to drive & has a back up camera and that makes it easy to park also. It has many safety features that other cars do not have to help keep you safe when changing lanes and looking to slow down. Lights will tell you if a car is in the lane next to you in your blind spots & a sound will alert you if you get too close to a car ahead of you.

- Chuck M

My 2018 Nissan rogue review.

The car has been a safe comfortable reliable vehicle. The gas mileage is 50% better than my past vehicle, ford explorer. The appearance is favorable and the interior has ample space for leg room in both driver and passenger sides. I would have liked a larger cargo area for groceries and such. The service from the Nissan dealership has been great.

- Lisa L

Great vehicle, economic, spacious, comfortable and economic with gas.

I do not have any problems yet with my car since I bought it brand new. I love it is comfortable hand free cell phone, easy to park, let you hear when a car is coming or behind you and let you view when you are back in off. I also like the radio system how easy to switch to CD and GPS is great you can listen to music and not missing your way.

- Jean S

Bluetooth radio and the heated seats make it nice for cold weather

No problems at all, it is a great car, drive really smooth and makes riders in the car more comfortable, The car has heated seats which is really nice, my favorite is the Bluetooth on the radio, I can never turn down Bluetooth, the car is very reliable, I don't really like the keys in the car so the start button is really nice to have as well

- dana H

Nissan rogue a wonderful introduction into the SUV world!

I love how smooth the ride is, as well as the quality of the inside for a great price. The downside to this vehicle is my back windshield was not placed on properly and there was poor service through the Nissan shop. It is wonderful in all types of terrain. I do wish there was a little more space due to the seats not fully collapsing down.

- Lauren S

The silver flagship of the century.

There are no problems, the tires are great, and the audio system is swell. The only thing I can say I am confused about is the right window stopped working for a little while then began to work again. This vehicle has it all. The audio system is expansive as well, featuring Bluetooth , CD, and 3 mm inputs with great speakers installed.

- Marcus C

Nissan Rogue on the road drive.

Vehicle has smooth driving where you don't feel bumps in the road. Has a great system to advise when cars are near. Has a great sound for the radio and excellent air conditioning. A huge trunk space area and can carry large items including tables. Has great air pressure in tires and cost efficient when it comes to gasoline and driving.

- Norris J

A great buy - a comfortable drive!

I do not require a lot. I like a car that has no problems. I like an SUV but not a big one. The 2018 Rogue has a ton of features that I will never even understand! Good storage in the back. Super comfortable seats in front. I used to drive a Murano (two of them) and find the Rogue a much better buy. I cannot really tell the difference.

- Melissa G

Nissan rogue- what a great car!

I love my 2018 Nissan rogue sv AWD. It is the gun metal color with chrome details. The inside is very user friendly and is very stylish. The 4 cylinder engine takes a bit of time to get up and running in 'flooring it' situations and is sort of loud when doing this but other than that, everything runs well and is a very dependable car.

- Erin M

My vehicle has been a positive experience and it is currently being leased.

Nissan rogue 2018 is a great car for families with multiple people. Has wonderful four wheel drive and smooth performance. The silver model is very classy and fit for any age. It is somewhat difficult to park because of its size but it is worth it. When the weather is bad, the car never has any trouble and drives over snow very easily.

- Nadia B

Awesome ride that feels luxurious.

Heated steering wheel and seats, backup camera, spacious, comfortable, SiriusXM radio, back seat folds down, dependable, blind spot detection, lots of compartments, can carry lots of items and people in vehicle, color is beautiful, push start and I can start car ahead of time without being in car which is great because it can warm up.

- Gina D

Nissan Rogue is a great family small SUV. It is very reliable and very roomy.

Love the room that the Rogue has. It is very good on gas. It also has a lot of room for my family to travel back and forth comfortable. I would recommend the Nissan Rogue to any families with small or teenage children. The vehicle is made with a lot of sturdy parts and comes in a lot of different packages that is right for the buyer.

- Rosalyn M

High quality Nissan Rogue. Looking for comfort and quality all in one!

This is the first Nissan I have had and it is wonderful. It is a very easy smooth drive. The seats are comfortable. Only downside is I wish there was more trunk space. Would definitely consider another Rogue in the future. Really enjoy the different color options as well. The midnight edition with the all black rims is breathtaking!

- Meredith M

The title of my review would be: summarize your vehicle.

My vehicle is really great on gas. Being a SUV, I thought it would be a gas eater but it is not. It rides really smooth. I love the backup camera. It also comes with Bluetooth and aux so you can talk on the phone that way and listen to music. The only thing I wish it did have was a sunroof. I enjoy using a sunroof in the summertime.

- Erica R

Great gas mileage and very smooth drive!

I actually have a 2018 Nissan Kick, but that was not an option so I picked what I thought was closets. I love the kick it's a great vehicle and gets good gas mileage but it does have a small tank. The car drives well but in terms of exterior pieces is made a little cheap though that's to be expected for the price the car is sold at

- Ariel A

I love my Nissan Rogue! Must buy

It's a great reliable vehicle. To date, I have not had any issues. Lots of room for hauling. It's been great in the snow so far. It's comfortable, efficient and was very affordable. I have the cold weather package - works great. Push to start and keyless entry. It has an automatic start which is amazing for weather in the Midwest.

- Sarah L

Eco friendly, mid size crossover.

I like the size of the Rogue. I wish it was just a little bigger in the back seat because it's a little right with the car seat. I like that you can drive in eco mode. It helps save on gas and the car gets great gas mileage for the size. I like that it has a backup cam but I wish it beeped when you were close to hitting something.

- Becky B

Nissan Rogue best for your money

I have had no issues with my vehicle. It is great on gas, has lots of room, is easy to park, does great in rain or other weather and is just overall my favorite car I've driven. I previously drove another SUV and after a short while traded it in for my Rogue. For the money you really can't beat what you get with the Nissan Rogue.

- Audrey F

Nissan, a brand you can trust.

Numbers of safety features are available like a sensor if a car is near you. Smooth to drive and easy to handle. The design is one of the best. Spare parts are easy to acquire. Good assistance from the dealer. Resale value is high. It has very good performance overall. I would consider buying another Nissan vehicle in the future.

- Lou L

Nissan Rogue one of the best cars I've bought and owned.

The Nissan Rogue is a great car with having great mileage for a gallon and amenities. It comes in multiple styles and can transport five people with ease and everyone being comfortable. It is a cheap car to own and Nissan is great brand. I've used Nissan for years and not once ever had a problem with any aspect of the ownership.

- Al E

2018. 5 Nissan Rogue sport (lease).

Brand new, lease, good deal on price ($170/month for 36 months or 36, 000 miles), no problems yet, I enjoy the safety features, comfortable ride, sport edition, other than safety features not many additional special features, white outside with black cloth interior, good experience at dealership, owner for about 1. 5 months now.

- Hanna B

Small SUV but very easy to drive.

The rogue sport is very easy to drive and I love the eco mode it has. The camera are also nice when making in tight spaces. I didn't realize how limited the was in the backseat and truck. It was a struggle to get a car seat and stroller in there. I do like the fact that it is shorter than the rogue when it comes to parking it.

- Robyn S

It is very comfortable with mane safety features.

Love the way it handles and all the extras it has. Heated seats and steering wheel. Also easy to drive. Comfortable. I:like sitting up high. The side mirrors have lights to alert a car; on the side of you. It has hands free which is a safety feature. The price was a decent price. The rear trunk opens with a swipe of the foot.

- Elaine K

Needs improvement with interior.

My Nissan rogue is very reliable but it drives rough at times. The interior scratches up very easily. However, the Nissan rogue is good on gas and is fits a family of four comfortably. Overall, the Nissan rogue is a good mid-size SUV but could use more comfortable interior and sometimes it is more bumpy than smooth if a ride.

- Caprice H

I love the air condition.

I enjoy my car very much. It has the space I need for my two children and the car seat. It's great on gas and the air condition gets really cold. I love the indicting lights that alert you when something is wrong or another vehicle is beside you or to close. The space in the back is a wonderful. Also like the back up camera.

- Maggie C

I like the upgrades (leather seats, heated seats, automatic start).

I like the rogue, the car play, heated seats and steering wheel and the automatic start. It has quite a few 'upgrade' options. It is a good car for me. I have had a problem with my touch screen freezing up but Nissan was able to replace it within a day. The trunk space could be a little larger, but I like the back seat room.

- Lora R

It has a huge trunk space and veterans can carry there tool box in the trunk

Nissan rogue does a tremendous job on its performance, the design of the car is great and has 8/10 safety measures, easy to drive, highly smooth performance, the boot space is big and it's perfect for family, the driver's seat is designed perfectly for it's safety and coming to the trunk it's so huge best for long vacations.

- Sharon S

Great Car, Amazing gas mileage

I really love this car. This is my 2nd Rogue I've leased in the past 6 years. Nissan did a great job with the upgrades and safety features! The ride is so smooth and the tires take nitrogen, which allow for a longer tire life. The oversized visors are also amazing and block out so much of the sun, it makes the road visible.

- Shay M

Rogue One. I like my vehicle and enjoy driving

Starts everyday and drives nice. Comfortable to ride in and good stock sound system. I haven't had to use all wheel drive yet but i'm not looking forward to a time when I need to. The interior is spacious and exterior looks nice. Overall we are happy with our purchase. Only thing I didn't get that I wish I had was a sunroof

- Matt T

Great performance car for family.

I have not have that many problems since I got this car couple months ago. I like that it has all the functions and great performance I am looking for in a car. The only feature I am having problem with is the GPS. It sometime loses signal when I am not even at the destination yet. Other than that, this car is great for me!

- Anna T

2018 Nissan Rogue Review for New Nissan Driver

Love the drive of the car. Very smooth and safe. The seats are perfect for long road trips. The backup camera overhead view takes awhile to get used to. Not super thrilled about not feeling the shifting on the 2018 models. Haven't had any issues yet, but I have only had the vehicle a few months. Turn radius is phenomenal.

- Elizabeth J

Perfect sized SUV for our family of 3

We wanted an SUV as our family started growing and our Nissan rogue has been perfect. It feels roomy without feeling too big to drive comfortably. The dual air control is great for my husband and I especially on longer trips. The heated seats and remote start are especially helpful in the winter as we have to park outside

- Katie P

My car is awesome for the apple carplay feature for navigation and music.

I love the apple carplay feature, backup camera, blind spot indicator, and comfort of the vehicle. It has an electric lift gate and great cargo organizers and storage. I appreciate the child safety locks and automatic power locks and windows. Something I wish it has is a digital speedometer to help regulate speed better.

- Emily G

Comfort, safety and a pleasurable drive.

My Rogue runs so smooth, much better than my previous one. I also love that it comes with a heated seat and remote start. In addition, the blind spot monitors, front and back safety features are extremely helpful and make me feel much safer. I also enjoy the power seat, it allows me to be very comfortable while driving.

- Kristina P

2018 Rogue, I really like it.

It is overall ok, I wish it had leather seats. I got this car because my 2016 Rogue transmission was failing, so we'll see how this goes. It drives really nicely, I like the safety features, the gas mileage has been excellent. I like the remote start, steering wheel heater and the ease of use the GPS, radio, phone, etc.

- Patricia B

Lots of room. Great on gas mileage.

I love my Nissan Rogue. It has a lot of room for when I need to take groups of people with me. I feel safe being higher off of the ground. It is really good on gas mileage. I like all of the extra features that the vehicle has, especially the cover in the back so that I can cover packages that I buy throughout the day.

- El L

Outstanding innovation it is.

The Nissan Rogue is a pretty nice car, has blind spot signal alerts, backup camera, heated car seat for the winter times, emergency brake system, exterior looks good too. Nice dashboard screen that tells/shows/reflects current status of the vehicles performance, one example is the screen showing all four tire pressure.

- Fortune F

It's helps you switch lanes safely. You'll always been able to make a proper lane change without being in an accident due to the indicator lights on the passenger and driver side panel.

I've wanted this vehicle for a few year due to the features, it has backup camera, it has Bluetooth, and it has playing indicators on both sides to help you maneuver from lane to lane safely, it also has gas saver button, for safety when it's raining and it holds the road pretty good it's very roomy and I love it.

- Anagatto W

Comfortable, reliable vehicle!

Car is very reliable and great on gas. I have not had any issues and this is the second rogue I have owned. I have the basic model, but the features are great! I love the new style of the steering wheel and the touch screen radio. The only complaint I have is that I didn't get the roof racks for my camping adventures.

- Bryan T

Maintenance issue but a overall good SUV for the money.

I believe that there is issues with the brakes since I had issues for the longest and brought to the dealership but was not correct. I do enjoy the 360 camera as well as the engine. I do wish the AWD was better and gave users the ability to remain in AWD instead of 2 wheel drive. It is not a bad vehicle all together.

- Miguel D

Best Nissan Rogue of the year.

I love my car. I have had this car for about a year now. Runs smooth and I feel safe in it. I love the rear view camera and Bluetooth capability. It has a eco driving mode that helps with gas saving. The back is very spacious and the trunk is huge. It has a double compartment in the trunk that saves a lot of space.

- Rita L

Does the job, but could feels flimsy in motion.

The car is a tad difficult to handle. The backup screen is not as bright or clear as others I have seen. The car is comfortable when driving. The gas mileage is not as good as I'd prefer. Maneuvering around the screen is not intuitive or easy. The cream color gathers too much dirt and the interior color is too dark.

- Verge C

Nissan rogue- a safe car for your family.

It drives well and it has good safety features. It is a good looking car. It is comfortable. It gets good gas mileage. I feel safe in it with my family. I like the back up camera. The satellite radio feature is nice- it came with a free 3 month trial. It has hands free Bluetooth so I can make phone calls if needed.

- Maria C

Caspian Blue Nissan Rogue

I love my Nissan Rogue. But especially because it's a 2018 my display is completely different and I love the dark interior. I have the Caspian blue color and it's my favorite. The my car feature is great. I love seeing my phone on my display. The back up camera is so clear even at night, love the blind spot sensors

- Lorena R

Love the High Tech Infotainment System

No problems thus far, the only issues I had were things the previous owner neglected at first and Nissan took care of it upon purchase. It was mainly things such as the seat having a little give and other cosmetic items. Currently there is the stop sensor issue plaguing the model but I have yet to have any issues.

- John Z

Nissan rogue 2018 review and performance.

I really like my car. It is very comfortable for road trips and roomy. I also love the gas mileage I get on the vehicle. I think the Nissan rogue has a lot of truck storage which is something I was looking for. It also does really well in the snow and in the rain which is important to me. It also has a slick look.

- Anne L

Smoothest car ride ever you'll ever experience!

The Nissan Rogue drives smoothly. It has many features such as a rear camera, and screen. There is a car shield that allows you to be notified when a car is getting close. Very spacious and seats are foldable, helpful when going on long trips. The speakers are nice and loud and allows you to connect to Bluetooth.

- Jessica J

Love my 2018 Nissan rogue.

The rogue is a great car with amazing tech features like apple carplay and amazing digital screen. Drives great and is incredibly safe. Love the option to switch between eco and sport mode and also love how much space the vehicle provides. The gas mileage is also amazing and we have had no issues with our rogue.

- Tyler S

I love the carplay feature. It makes life so easy and makes driving fun.

It is a smooth ride, efficient enough as an SUV. It is larger/roomier than a sedan, but not as obnoxious as a full size SUV. Design is clean and not too crazy. The seats and driver features are comfortable. I love how customizable the trunk are is. Specifically dividing storage area and creating a covered area.

- Nancy R

Midwest rogue- great crossover for all weather along with great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage and is great for long road trips. We traveled from Midwest to AZ then to ma. Our dog enjoyed the car. Ours has a sunroof and multiple settings for eco, SUV or economy which are all great. Mine also is all wheel drive, heated seats, and heated steering wheel. Big must for living in the midwest.

- Denise N

Why I Love my Nissan Rogue

This is my second Nissan Rogue. I think they are sporty looking on the outside, but feel luxurious inside. The car is quiet, smooth riding, and reliable. Doors and windows work smoothly. Great gas mileage for how much get up and go the car has! The rear view mirrors on the newer models have greatly improved.

- Amanda D

Comfortable for long trips

Love my Nissan Rogue! It is comfortable, easy to sit in for long rides (front or back seat), lots of room for storage in the back. The only thing I don't like (and it's the same with most cars) is that the side mirrors are large and can actually block the view on your left side if you are not a tall person.

- Chris F

2018 Nissan Rogue review, so far this is a pretty good car for the lease price.

Just switched from a luxury car (Cadillac sts) to this SUV, I like it so far. The gas mileage is great about 32 mpg and it has pretty good acceleration for a 4 cylinder. At first I thought the ride was rough, but had to be reminded this is not a car. Overall its a good car, but I've only owned this 6 months.

- Betsy W

Pearl finish Rogue with Blind spot assistance.

I absolutely love my car! I got it last January as a lease. It is very reliable and comfortable especially the seats. I love the Bluetooth in my car and my back up camera. The lane assist is very useful as well. The remote start is probably my favorite feature of the car especially in the cold winter months.

- Alexandra H

2018 Nissan Rogue SV Positive Review

I absolutely love my Nissan Rogue! I recently traded in my 2016 for a 2018 because I felt no need to switch manufacturers but rather just upgrade. I had gotten into a car accident with my 2016 and it kept me completely safe! Not a scratch on my, and barely anything on my car! The other car was VERY beat up.

- Savannah T

The New ROGUE is Safety conscious!

I absolutely love this car. It has numerous safety features, including automatic braking, and blind-side warning indicators. I also love that when you put the transmission in REVERSE, the camera comes on and the side mirrors angle downwards. The car is roomy, quiet, and spacious, and gets good gas mileage.

- David C

2018 Nissan Rogue - review.

The Nissan Rogue is a very reliable vehicle, we have had no issues at all with the car and trust it on a daily basis. The vehicle is very comfortable, the back seat is very spacious and the trunk has a lot of space which offers some optional dividers/separators to help when transporting items in the trunk.

- Emily M

I love the size and comfort of this car.

I love this vehicle. It is very comfortable and spacious. It's a great family car and has not had any malfunctions in the last year I have leased it. I will probably either buy the car after my lease it up or release a newer model. Nissan cars are great quality. They also provide free lifetime oil changes.

- Tiffany A

The car handles like a dream with lots of added accessories, such as the nav system. I had never used the Nissan Connect before, but I'm finding it to be very helpful

We actually have the Rogue Sport, which is 6 inches shorter than the Rogue. We downsized from a van, and we've found that this car is the perfect size for the 2 of us. It handles great and my gas mileage is averaging 30.1 mpg! We love the all-around cameras. Makes it so much safer when backing out, etc.

- Diane F

2018 Nissan rogue highlights.

Nissan rogue is a great commuter vehicle, we live in. Rural area and have a long commute. The fuel mileage is good and on long distance trips the eco fuel economy can be engaged to help save on fuel and wear on the engine. The few drawbacks are rear seating is a bit too compact. Cargo area is very small.

- Quinn M

My Nissan Rogue is the most beautiful vanilla sparkle.

I like my Rogue. This is my second Rogue.. I am leasing this car. I am new to leasing, and have found that it is a great way to go. My car has heated seats and steering wheel. Very comfortable on trips. The sunroof is a great feature that provides the ability to have the sun and the moon shining through.

- Susan A

The back up camera ad the light on the side that tell you if somebody is close.

I really like my car specially the camera that let you see when you are backing up, the sound system is really good, and the feature that brakes when your to close from another car, the driving is really soft the trunk has a lot of room everything about my car I like there is nothing I dislike about it.

- Grace G

Good car at a great price!

Good performance and reliability within the first year and change of owning the vehicle. Love the all wheel drive option that it has and good mpg. Overall for a family of 5 it fits us all well and has been great on road trips. Comfortable ride and priced well for my budget. Was able to get a good price.

- John G

It gets great gas mileage.

Great vehicle, it drives very smoothly. It has a v6 engine, the gas mileage on the vehicle is also great. It is a SUV type car, reminds me of the batmobile. Black rims and leather seats that can be adjusted, also built in seat warmers. Goes 0 to 60 in about 5 seconds, a black metallic paint job as well.

- Michael P

Love the Rogue: it has everything we wanted.

Outstanding crossover. Very comfortable. Many safety items on the car. It has 7 airbags. We bought this car recently. It has all the features we were looking for. It has backup camera. It also has blind spot indicators. It has automatic stop feature which stops the car in the event of an eminent crash.

- Nancy T

My car is a special edition which includes all black rims and grill.

I love my car. The ride is great, the interior does not look cheap, and the gas mileage is great. The trunk hatchback is a wonderful use of space. The car has a lot of upscale things without having to pay top dollar. The back row is elevated so the passengers can also see and the back is tinted nicely.

- Kate C

If you are looking for a family car that is not a minivan, this is it!

We just bought the 2018 Nissan Rogue for our growing family and we couldn't be happier with it! The ride is smooth and come winter time the lock in feature for the all wheel drive will be a saving grace. We love how much room there is and especially the storage compartment in the trunk! Best car ever!

- Roy H

Great performance vehicle.

No problems at all. It is good on gas and plenty of room inside. There is a touch screen radio with XM satellite radio. CD player and Bluetooth capabilities. Different storage features in the back. Including hidden storage. Overall this has been an excellent vehicle in performance and everything else!

- Carol R

My dream car sums up this car.

When I test drove my car, I was in love with vehicle. Drives like a dream, takes the curves like a race car. Has every feature you could possibly want. Some of my favorites are fog lights, moonroof, the capability to play my iPod, when you turn on windshield wipers headlights come on in 10 seconds.

- Mary Jane G

My second time owning a Nissan Rogue!

This vehicle is very comfortable. I love the interior it is very roomy as well as easily positioned for access to console. This is my second time owning a Nissan Rogue. It feels like a luxury care even though many do not consider it one. My passengers always tell me how smooth the care rides for them.

- Kelly C

Nice looking SUV with excellent safety features.

I have never had any problems with my Rogue. I never had to take them in for any kind of service except for oil change and tire rotation every 5, 000 miles. I have leased three of them. The Rogue has a very comfortable ride. Love all of the safety features. I would rate this vehicle at a 10 out of 10!

- Becky C

The Nissan rogue is an excellent value for the money.

The vehicle is roomy and comfortable. It fits four people comfortably. The engine is a bit underpowered. However, the vehicle has on demand drive and is excellent in the snow. It has many safety features. Also, the cruise control accelerates and decelerates the vehicle automatically based on traffic.

- Dom M

Decent vehicle for the price.

I wish it had a place that told you which direction you are going. I miss having navigation and it needs to have digital speedometer. Comfortable ride, great size for zipping around and great gas mileage. It does not have an alerts tab in the music section which is a really nice feature it is lacking.

- Heidi B

Safe and accessible - great for busy moms!

I love this vehicle for safety and accessibility! It is equipped with blind spot monitoring as well as emergency braking. It has a keyless entry and push button start. The rear door is automatic and can be opened from the key fob and the drivers side, and it can be closed at the press of a button.

- Lauren G

Nissan Rogue sport is a small-size SUV with great maneuverability & acceleration.

Fuel efficiency is good, especially for highway driving. Vehicle is just the right size and has enough get up and go for freeway driving. Standard features were good. I especially like the cargo space, has a top tray that conceals any packages, items that might be in car. This tray is also removable.

- Jan H

My true view of a bad car choice.

Too small for family size Very uncomfortable on long rides Not enough trunk space Looked better on dealer's floor I thought it was what I wanted or needed at the time that I bought it I would not recommend this car as a family car but as a good car for a small family or as a 1st car for a teenager.

- Cal D

2018 Nissan Rogue- all options included.

Car has had no issues. Nice design very comfortable. Engine is slightly underpowered but smooth and quiet. Intelligent drive is awesome. The technology in this car is great although could use some tweaks. Sound system is awesome, with sat radio and also apple auto and android auto, Bluetooth etc..

- Bruce J

It has a backup camera that I love keeps those around me safe.

My car is easy to handle around curves. spacious, nice color, seats fold down for more room. Features are air condition, CD player, Bluetooth cell phone connects with car. It has rear view camera for safety. It locks itself, alarm system. Sound system is wonderful. It has a hatch, great defroster,

- Fran T

Great for comfort and smart for the road.

Great for long day trips with the sunroof open. Perfect for cold nights just turn on the seat warmers. Has many great safety features. The car looks out for you. All around one the best new cars out there for safety and comfort. I would recommend it to many families out there. Perfect for travel.

- Kelly A

It does not have all the gadgets a higher model does.

My vehicle is standard with no automatic start, electric seats, or heated seats. It also does not have leather seats. I prefer leather, automatic start and electric seats. It is much smaller in the back then the pathfinder. It is the perfect car if you have older children, or a teenagers 1st car.

- Stacy G

It is a great car and gets great mileage.

This is a new Nissan Rogue. It is gray it is the sv model. It is loaded with heated seats and heated steering wheel. The ride is great. It is an all wheel drive but can be put into 4 wheel drive when needed it is a four cylinder. It great mileage on the highway it get 33 mpg. In the city 26 mpg.

- Gr V

All details on this vehicle are easy to use and understand.

This car is the best in snow handles well. Great performance, good gas mileage. A all around comfortable car, great features,backup camera, lights on the side to let you know that there's a car to your right and left. The trunk opens with a wave of your foot. We are very pleased with our choice.

- Sandra K

I love all the safety features on my Nissan rogue. I happy with the service only have to occur every 5,000. I love the lights on the mirrors that indicate a vehicle coming up on the side of my vehicle. It gets wonderful gas mileage for a SUV. I also have the heated front seat that are wonderful.

- Teresa B

The ride is very smooth!!

Only problem I have, personally, is the take off. The features are nice, although the speaker system could be a little better. I love the backup screen, it is very helpful. The motion lights for your blind spot is awesome also. The fold down seats add a lot of room if needing to haul something.

- Dawn B

The light that lets me know a vehicle is near is very helpful.

We lease this car. Features I have had before but not in this car and miss are == keyless entry. Leather seats, auto lift of trunk and having to use the key to start the car and drive. I like the size of the car and color. I really like the light that lets me see if a car is near before I pass.

- Pam D

Nissan rogue from heaven!

The 2018 Nissan rogue is a very nice car. Each trim level comes with plenty of standard features along with more and you upgrade. The infotainment system is very user friendly and responsive, heated memory seats and very nice mpg ratings. It is a very comfortable ride with a very stylish look!

- Chris R

My car has heated seats, apple CarPlay, and an eco and sport button

my car is okay. I have to restart the radio often because it will freeze up or won't play anything. I love that the car has apple CarPlay which allows me to have a GPS and to use Spotify. There haven't been many other issues with my car except for the windows sometimes squealing after it rains

- Morgan J

Heated stealing is amazing in the winter months... such a comfort

Good car drives nice good features. Fuel economy is great. Handles great . I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a comfortable ride with spacious interior. Without a doubt one of my favorite cars to own and drive. Remote start also a nice added bonus in the winter months and summer months

- Duane P

This vehicle has several important.

Just purchased vehicle and little time so far to enjoy the performance, reliability, comfort and features. Looking forward to many years of enjoyable times with this 2018 Nissan Rogue. This vehicle I hope will provide my family with many happy miles of travel all over this beautiful country.

- David M

Nissan Rogue 18 is awesome.

My Nissan Rogue is the most reliable vehicle I have owned in my lifetime the fuel efficiency is great and the inside is very spacious for those long road trips and the storage space is nice too all in all my 2018 Nissan Rogue is very pleasing to me I would recommend this vehicle to everyone.

- Brian C

Rides well, love the acceleration and safety features

Purchased the vehicle new, love the ride. There are plenty of bells and whistles, most of which are actually standard now. I'm enjoying my xm radio, navigation, and cameras that help me park. We are still figuring out the kick motion activated trunk, but other than that it is a good vehicle.

- Ccc B

The tech package allows for safe texting, that is, texting via voice.

I enjoy my new Rogue. I love the safety features such as park assist, lane change assist, and brake assist. I love Apple carplay and the navigation system. It also provides a comfortable ride. The biggest drawback is the acceleration. It is a bit sluggish. Overall, I really like it.

- Dawn H

Comfortable, modern, and sleek.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. It is comfortable and spacious for myself and my passengers. I love the features such as Bluetooth, car play remote start, and heated seats. I like the having the option to use sport, eco, or regular mode. The trunk is spacious for large cargo.

- Kristina S

Carplay and hand free text is amazing.

I love my Nissan Rogue! It is very spacious and great on gas! I love the carplay feature, it allows me to use google map and use the touch screen to navigate. My text messages appear on the screen and are read to me, I am able to respond back by talking. I feel safe while driving my car!

- Taylor R

The passing and stopping warning feature.

It drives very comfortable and feels safe, sturdy and solid. It has features that makes me feel safer while driving. The passing warning lights makes any blinds spots not matter and keeps me safe. There is a lot of storage space in the back. The back seat has comfortable passenger space.

- Sue P

Fun to drive family style SUV.

So far I have had no major mechanical issues with the car, in the heat the touch screen on the command center can short out and sometimes the back up camera can freeze. The car handles great and driving in the snow has been no issue at all. The storage in the car is a big seller for me.

- Elizabeth F

My favorite feature is the CarPlay.

The car is great on space and reliability. There is plenty of trunk space. The technology such as CarPlay, as well as, the user friendly motion control gesturing really enhances the vehicle. It drives smooth and is fairly good with gas; a little bit less than reviews / like normal.

- Dorothy B

It is great if you want a smaller type SUV.

Roomy, but does not feel too big when driving it. It is comfortable, and the hands free phone features are very convenient, though it is tricky to turn off the automatic text reply that is sent if someone texts you while you are driving. Overall, a very nice, smooth driving experience.

- Teresa J

Convenient and affordable.

This car is very reliable. This car is great on gas. The drive is very smooth. It is a safe family car. Plenty of legroom in the back row and the trunk is big enough for luggage and strollers. The seats are easy to recline and bend, which makes it easy for passengers to go to the back.

- Mari B

Rockin rogue.. Best buy ever.. Reliable spacious comfortable vehicle.

The only thing I do not like about my car is when on the highway it feels like of its too windy you don't feel as steady on the road and the car shakes a lot. I wish I got a 6 cylinder over a 4 cylinder but this rogue is amazing aside from that. A lot of space and storage in the trunk.

- roxanne G

2018 rogue sl SUV awesome ride!

Nice ride with all the bells and whistles, heated seats, heated steering wheel, lane departure warning, GPS, Bose stereo system, 2.5L engine, so much more to mention, driving lights, safety shield airbags front and back, heated passenger seats, back and rear camera defrost mirrors.

- Linda D

Great SUV with good performance and eye catchy.

I love the performance of Nissan Rogue it is a smooth drive and very comfortable. It is very spacious and has good legroom and it has good mileage. It has reliable features like crash detection and other features that secures the safety of passengers also it is a good looking SUV.

- there's a T

Too much tech takes away from the thrill of driving.

It is not a manual transmission. There are also issues connecting the Bluetooth with my music sometimes that can only be fixed by turning the car off and trying to connect the phone again. The tires do not keep air very well so I spend most of my time with the tire indicator on.

- Amanda C

Nissan Rogue Review 2018 SL

The car has been great! I love that the SL has the seat memory. Also the lights for changing lanes are amazing! Good amount of storage and comfortable seats as well as good gas mileage made it a great little SUV. Cons would be that it does not have a USB plug for the back seat.

- Julie E

Is a gun metal color leather seats, touch tone pad for news and entertainment.

Is nissa metallic midnight rogue 2018 . Economical in gas, drives beautiful . With 6 airbags... Leather seats metallic rims. I love it. Is a vehicle for a smaller family or parents that are done with raising kids, good and economical for road trips wherever you might wanna go...

- Cynthia S

The vehicle features cloth heated seats, blind spot detector and rear camera.

The comfort compared to my Altima is times 10! I love the space and extra cargo space in the truck. No to mention it comes with automatic start, rear camera, blind spot notification and heated cloth seats. The vehicle also includes sport and eco, definitely helpful in the city.

- Brittany R

Is the rogue a good family car?

Performs great in snow or nice weather. Very reliable and comfortable. Trunk is smaller than I'd like with two young kids, strollers, diaper bag and groceries. There's enough room for two car seats if one or both are the slim models otherwise you would lose extra middle space

- Maria S

Comfortable and cost efficient.

This vehicle does not get up to speed as quickly as I would like, but is very comfortable and efficient on saving fuel. There is a good amount of cargo space while still being a compact vehicle. Great audio system. The steering is responsive. And the car handles well overall.

- Lauren G

A really good car to drive.

I love it so much good car to have it drive very well I have no problem and good performance really a good car to have I am so happy I have this car I love it so much it is so beautiful love taking it on the road it the best car I ever drive I really love it good on the road.

- Chu M

Bold black car, with nice interior leather

The comfort of the seat, is nice and dark tone, with Bluetooth. Up to 5 seats max. Call service speed. Nice leather. It's not comfy, but it does get really hot, super fast. The drives I go are really smooth and the height is really enjoyable. Plus really nice air conditioning

- Marcell G

The trunk is spacious and very usable!

My radio screen freezes sometimes. It will not let me use the touchscreen sometimes. I turn my car off and back on and it usually works. Also, when I push the trunk button for it to go down, sometimes it does not go and I have to do it manually. The car is comfortable to me.

- Karen G

Great family car, good for long distances

The car is very easy to drive. It is great on gas. The kids love it too. It is very roomy and perfect for long drives. There is a bunch of room in the trunk as well. It hard very well. The dashboard is digital and gives you a warning whenever something is wrong with the car.

- Sarah A

The Good and Bad of it all...

Doesn't get as good of gas mileage as I thought it would. I like the dashboard layout of all the features. I wish that the hands free liftgate would work when the key fob is in the car instead of requiring the key fob to be on the person. I like the remote start feature.

- Lis D

Great gas mileage, plenty of room for groceries and the kids.

The Nissan Rogue is super comfortable and great for in town driving as well as long road trips. The Nissan Rogue has great gas mileage. The interior is beautiful and comfortable with seats that conform to your body and great power steering. The design is sleek and slender.

- Shanna W

It is the perfect sized SUV - not too small yet not huge either where you feel the need to justify driving it for only 1 person!

I leased a base model of the Rogue in 2015 and loved it so much that I now leased another (top model)! I like this one even more because of the tinted windows. It also has automatic trunk opening, and if my hands are full, I can open with my foot! Love the Nissan Rogue!!

- Tina B

Nissan rogue - your next car!

Excellent performance, reliable, comfortable no mechanical issues. Great car. Has a reverse camera build in, spacious from inside, no problems at all. It can detect obstacles while in drive mode and automatically reduces speed. Very convenient to drive it, love this car.

- Varda K

Able to use Siri is great.

Love the back camera. The safety shields (blind spot and front warning) are very helpful. Voice command is a good key and of course you can connect your phone to the car making it easy to make calls, speak and even heard incoming text messages. It a great car. I love it.

- Maria C

amazing ride and spacey room inside

Amazing car. Great for family vacations or long drives. I love how much space it has in it for me and my friends/family to travel in. If your looking for a vehicle that has room and is easy on gas for long trips for your family adventures a Nissan rogue is the way to go.

- Katie H

This car is definitely a family car. It has some pros and cons.

I notice that it has problems with the tires being low when I first got it. So having to put air in the tires right away was not very impressive. I just feel like it sometimes is slow and just has certain sounds I notice, I do not think there is anything other than that.

- Roma D

Rear floor is configurable. Easy to use and hide packages.

Love the car, especially the front camera and the rear (trunk) configuration. Love the fact that I can hide things under the rear floor and can have only part of the floor available. Only things I dislike are loose steering and visibility. Just have to be extra careful.

- Maddie D

Affordable and comfortable

Car is comfortable. Has a 360' camera. The cruise control allows you to stay in the line and the car will turn with the road as long as your hands are on the wheel. Vehicle has a full sunroof and you're able to open the back door with foot movement, it is very spacious,

- Danielle S

SUV comfortableness and convenience

This current vehicle has about 2 small blind spots which I discovered after purchased and driving vehicle more frequently but, overall it's a great vehicle/SUV. I will continue purchasing SUV as I like a roomy and comfortable vehicle types. I cannot complain, I love it.

- Sandra L

The best Nissan model I have ever owned.

Great car with a ton of trunk space. Back seats have plenty of room. Absolutely love all the amenities. The back up camera is very useful. It also has a sensor that automatically opens up the back for when you are hands are full. Hands down the best car that I have had.

- Kris O

Rogues are the way to go!

This car is by far the best car I've ever had. It's very affordable and worth every penny you will spend on it. The interior is AMAZING!! It has all the bells and whistles. Driving it feels like you're floating in thin air. It's extremely roomy, and has a lot of space.

- Hayley H

The car works fine no problems

There are no problems, perfect performance with seat warmers the car has 2 rows of seats with enough space for 5, there is an automatic trunk opener when you place your feet under the rear of the car, there is a Bluetooth speaker, back up camera and a large LED display

- Shanna F

The car is a hazard on our roads and must be recalled.

The vehicle has front collision avoidance that really doesn't work. It activates when road conditions are clear and no fixed objects are in front of it; creating a dangerous condition for highway users. I got my car serviced recently. The solution? They turned it off.


Great for small families!

Great car for a small family. It drives well and has enough power for merging onto busy highways, but can easily fit into parking spaces. Has lots of safety features and pretty good gas mileage. My only regret is not upgrading to the “OnStar” and 360 view options.

- Amanda A

Has lots of room for a family and more.

Love my rogue it is comfortable and spacious. Can fit my golf clubs in the back and still have room for groceries. Realty like that the seats fold down. Only drawback is that I am used to a car not a SUV and the gas mileage is a lot different. The ride is very smooth.

- Sandy M

Sporty, safe and economical.

I really like driving the rouge. I had a pathfinder previously, but felt it was too large for me as I am only 5 feet tall. . The rouge is easy to steer, park, and drive. The heating system works quickly. I like the remote start feature for extreme weather conditions.

- Lisa K

I love the roominess of the vehicle.

I really like my car and have not had any problems at all. I would choose a different interior color than black as it is really warm in hotter months. I have a back up camera which is really convenient. Also the back is roomy enough for my sons that are 6'3 and 6'2.

- Melody W

It is best vehicle and I recommend it to everyone.

I love my car its is amazing and I just love it. I enjoy being in my car. It takes me wherever I need to go and I make it there safe and sound. Nissan rogue is just an amazing and trustworthy vehicle. I feel comfortable driving long hours with my family or by myself.

- Luz L

I love the color. Royal blue it�s stands out and it�s so smooth when it drives!

I love this midsize SUV. It's comfortable and is great for kids with roomy back seat for sports equipment or car seats. The trunk has ample space. I love the touch screen with backup camera you can even navigate directions. I have not had any problems with this car.

- Brittany M

The best car to travel with family & friends.

I love the interior of the rouge. The inside looks much bigger in person then what pictures and videos portray it as. The car drives very smoothly and reacts well to pot holes and construction bumps. The brakes are very strong so hitting them lightly is just enough.

- April W

My rogue reliable smooth and cute

It reliable it performance is great love the details inside of the vehicle and how it drive smooth. Even dough I want to trade it for a rooftop. I'm a stick to what I have until I'm ready to trade it off. Beside that no complaints whatsoever. It a cute women vehicle

- Brenda P

There is a lot of value in the 2018 Rogue!

Love this car! It has great features for the convenience in driving, with carplay for Apple, Navigation, heated seats and automatic windows. We chose the midnight package which has additional features. Enough cargo space. Good mileage. A very comfortable ride.

- Lit J

The car's computer is really smart and alerts you of road closures, drives itself, takes over the steering wheel, keeps at least three cars in front of you and brakes on its own when needed. This car talks to you and tells you when the road is not paved.

My Nissan Rogue SL 2018 is a genius. This car has a computer that tells you when the road is blocked, when an accident is ahead, has a light that signals a passing car, has steering wheel assist, brakes on it's on and is literally the smartest car I have ever owned.

- Marie M

Great price for something reliable.

I like the car. I should have got an upgraded packet the s is very bare minimum. I would have loved a sunroof and leather seats. I can say I like the Nissan brand so far though. As well it is spacious but I will upgrade to something bigger with the next year or so.

- Lillian J

Tons of space and reclining back seats

The Nissan Rogue is a very promising car. There is a back up camera that is very clear. The trunk space is very large in the rogue with flip up mats to separate groceries. The tires are very strong and the back seats recline. I have never had a issue with this car.

- Tricia P

Love the rogue, it is the best.

I love the Nissan rogue. It drives like a car but has the room of a SUV. It is always reliable and I have never had any problems with it. It is comfortable for the 5 seats and is roomy for cargo. I love that I can connect my phone and listen to the music I want to.

- Alicia S

Decent gas mileage and keyless entry.

I love the Nissan Rogue. I love that you don't need a key in ignition, I love the back up video- great tool. The lights on side of door to let you know when a vehicle is close to you. Good gas mileage and has hands free to open trunk- just wave your foot under car.

- Vicki G

Great car for a family of 4

It's great but it the basic model so a lot of things like the seats are manual. The breaks are not good enough for the weight of the car. It always take longer to stop that it should. It is comfortable but yet you can only really fit 2 car seats on the back seat.

- Gale S

Nissan Rogue, great car.

Car is a bit sluggish on the pick up. Drives very smoothly when at speed, even at 75/80 mph. Great gas mileage. Very comfortable and great safety features. Very clear back up camera as well as park assist cameras on sides and front, never parallel parked as easily.

- Pat P

Great features and great car

The car is reliable and has so many amazing features. The backup camera is great and my favorite part is the camera you can use to park in the front. The heated steering wheel and seats are an amazing addition. It is great in the snow and does more than I even need

- Cordelia V

The Nissan Rogue has a comfortable ride.

Nice smooth ride; comfortable seating; spacious back seats; adequate cargo space; good gas mileage. No experience with problems or issues yet as the car is still new. So far the car is reliable. Love the backup camera and warning signal for vehicles in blind spot.

- Ch M

Fuel efficient and safe SUV

I really love my car. It is fuel efficient and runs quite and smooth. The security guard around it is remarkable and has prevented me from having accidents during the bad weather. The music system is great. The only problem is the undercarriage keeps coming loose.

- Melanie K

Nissan Rogue good work vehicle

Love the comfort. There is a blind spot on drivers side that's the negative for me. Love the large trunk and extra place that can be covered up separately. Decent gas mileage and easy to maintain. Radio system and speakers are great easy to use phone and Bluetooth

- Debbie W

Great value and ease of use.

This is the 2nd Nissan rogue I have had and I love the reliability, the ease of service at the dealer. The ride is smooth, seats are comfortable. I can now use my iPhone for the navigation system and everything on my phone appears in the console..Really easy use.

- Miriam B

Small SUV with big space and great mileage.

My Rogue gets 25 mpg and I drive as much around town as highway. It has plenty of power on acceleration. There's a ton of room in the seating area as well as the cargo area. The cargo area has different levels to make several configurations with removable panels.

- Kathleen A

The amazing Nissan rogue sv 2018.

I have had no problems with my car so far. I have only had the vehicle for a couple months and got it with 20,000 miles. I am currently up to 36,000 miles and the only annoying thing is getting the oil changed. Since I drive so far for work it sneaks up quickly.

- Rebecca C

This c is really worth purchasing today.

The car itself is great, however, the backup camera freezes sometimes and also have trouble connecting the Bluetooth. The seats are very comfortable. Easy access to controls for stereo and cruise control. Highly recommend this vehicle. Great storage in the rear.

- James M

The backup camera, the alerts on the side mirrors.

I love my car!! It's the perfect size! I love the all the features on it. Not too big. My favorite features include, the trunk opening St at a foot touch, the side alerts on the mirrors and the back up camera. I have referred several people on the same vehicle..

- Jennifer E

The Nissan rogue with comfy seats.

There are very few problems with my rogue. The trim on drivers side door lifted and when the weather is cold the steering wheel makes a whining noise. Other than that is a great car and investment, it drives smooth seats are comfortable and it is very spacious.

- Rouge B

2018 Nissan Rogue Excellent Review

The vehicle is perfect for road trips with lots of room, the seats are comfortable and soft. The vehicle drives very smooth and is perfect for driving around town. Excellent gas mileage, most trips averaging to almost 400 miles per tank! I love my Nissan Rogue!

- Miranda T

To rogue or not... That is the question.

The car runs well, performance is excellent. There is an eco and sport boost which is great. The inside is spacious, sleek and the features are above par. I have apple carplay, blind spot detectors, and a back camera. This is a wonderful car worth every penny.

- Karen C

Technology at its best to make your driving easier

Vehicle is very comfortable to drive. It has great technology features to assist driving especially the camera for parking. The camera allows for pulling into parking as well as parallel parking. The only downside is it picks up a lot of outside road noise.

- Gary F

My Nissan rogue experience

I purchased my vehicle February of this year. I haven't had any issues with my vehicle yet. I have had Nissan vehicles in the past and they drove very smooth with little to no issues with the cars. The quality of this brand is what made me purchase any Nissan.

- Betty B

Very good gas mileage for a full size SUV.

Seats are very comfortable. Had issues with the touch screen radio at the very beginning. After getting a new one installed no issues. Had some issues with the automatic braking systems. The dealership said that when it rains the braking system can malfunction

- Robyn F

Best navigation system and speakers.

It has a smooth ride. It's very good on gas and I love it because it's good in the winter weather. I love the navigation and how comfortable it is. It has front seat warmers and a wheel warmer. I also love how roomy it is. It has tons of space to carry things.

- Andre P

A good detail would be the lights on the inside when a car is coming.

It has a good backup camera, and features with seat warmers. It also has adjustable seats and a button operated back. The quality of the vehicle is awesome plus it has great gas mileage! A bonus that not that many people know about is the heated steering wheel

- Just B

The Rogue is a pretty average vehicle.

Poor vision. Comfortable. Drives like a go kart. Very weird feel. Good gas mileage. I would recommend this to soccer moms who do not want to drive a minivan and perhaps do not have 10 obese kids that take up a ton of room. My two beautiful dogs hate the car.

- Mike W

2018 Nissan Rogue is an awesome car!

The 2018 Nissan Rogue has been a good fit for me as I travel a lot for work. It is a very reliable car for me and is excellent on fuel economy. I would recommend this car. I do like the Apple car play. And the touch screen is clear and is not hard to operate.

- Misty W

Nissan features and reliability.

Reliable, comfortable, excellent gas mileage, love the moonroof. No problems experienced. Like the auto gate lift. Nissan makes a reliable car with good performance. I would highly recommend a Nissan for its features and reliability to my friends and family.

- Theresa V

Comfortable and reliable ride for an SUV!

I have a new issues so far. I love the smooth ride. Enjoy the car play option it provides as well. The lumbar setting is a bi s plus and also the blind spot sensors. Great upgrade! I would recommend this vehicle to others who are looking for a reliable SUV.

- Virginia C

Lane change notification / warning makes my day to day driving feel safer.

There are a lot of blind spots. The change lane notification is great. Love the smooth ride and sturdy feeling. It has great gas mileage. I only have to fill up once a week and I have a 45 minute each way commute. There are a lot of cargo space in the back.

- Sue P

Perfect vehicle for safe drivers.

I don't really have car problems, only the fuel and leakage should be checked periodically. I just really love my new Nissan, it's amazing for safe driver, perfectly safe. Though it is big, it is a perfect fit for me. I enjoy my car. It is very comfortable.

- Sandy P

Nissan Rogues are an easy drive, with many features even at the basic model.

I like the touch screen. The blind spot and backup cameras are great as well. I do wish that it had the technology that would automatically slow you down if you were losing distance with the car in front of you. I do not like that it doesn't have a sunroof.

- Kristie K

Rogue is a solid vehicle.

It is a smooth ride, good gas mileage. The interior features are adequate. I would make the center front arm rear adjustable. It has heated front seat. The cup holder count could be higher. The seats are comfortable. The satellite radio is a bonus as well.

- Darr B

Sporty car. This is my first 'non-mom' car. It is fun to drive.

I have found this car very reliable. Not a problem yet with it yet. About 7,000 miles on it now. It is definitely a crossover. I came from driving a mid size SUV so I feel the difference sitting lower and it handle fine in the snow, but not as good as SUV.

- Robin C

Our Rogue impresses my family, We use it for travel, hiking trips etc...

Love how compact it is yet has a lot of space for short trips. I can fill up the gas tank for $20 which makes traveling less expensive. The only downside is that the dash touch screen has frozen on us multiple times especially when we needed the navigation

- Dorian R

I love the heated steering wheel.

I have had my vehicle for 5 days! So far so good! It is comfortable, roomy, and has the latest technology. I have a lot of reading to do to understand all the bells and whistles but I can also watch videos provided by Nissan. I feel safe in this new Rogue.

- Nancy W

Nice comfortable, smooth ride.

I love that there is plenty of seating space for adults in all seats, plenty of legroom. Love how smooth it rides. Still learning about all of the features that it has but I like that it has a back windshield wiper. Also cruise control is a nice addition.

- Debbie E

Best model made ever made BY Nissan.

Very roomy and comfortable. Great gas mileage. Love the huge trunk and ability to make levels in it. My sons are big and tall they fit comfortably. Great sound system. Backup camera is great. Overall very pleasurable vehicle. Good sturdy and safe vehicle.

- Lori M

True Mom Car: Nissan Rogue Edition

Anti brake lock is reliable. 0-60 mph in 9 seconds. Interior is superb. Apple carplay is easily compatible. Performance is up to date. Smooth ride on drive. Eco saves money on gas and decreases emissions. Sport mode is great on highway. Off roading is ok

- Key S

Pros of Nissan Rogue, it rocks.

Cons: back hatch sensor, closes on own. Pros: blind spot sensor, large dash, backup camera, steering wheel comfort, buttons at fingertips. Theater seating, performance sensors, text reading. Quick dial phone log, voice command, pictures next to contacts.

- Chloe Y

Safe, yet zippy! Chic, yet accessible.

This car feels very zippy & smooth, & it has an excellent turning radius. The back up camera is a wonderful safety addition! I also like the Bluetooth feature - it sinks up to my phone effortlessly for phone calls & automatically starts playing my music.

- Brittany C

It is a wonderful car for traveling..

Love the inside, the auto hold, the controls, the leather seats, the hand free lift and push button. We love the assistance with steering. We love the look of the outside. It a perfect small SUV. Great for the price. Great for long trips. Awesome ride!.

- Michele L

Fun to drive. Great handle.

I love it. Fun to drive. Great performance. The best car owned so far. Great cargo space for road trips. Cannot think of any complaints, only compliments. Handles great. No problems so far. All features are great. Cameras and all safety features on par.

- Sonny H

Benefits of the Rogue - Cargo Space and Visibility

The best thing about the vehicle is the cargo space. Lots of room and configuration options. The tech is also nice, not too of the line, but all the basics you need. I am short, but the visibility is good and the sun visors are the best I have ever had.

- Regina H

Amazing car! super efficient

fuel efficient! great back up camera, love the fact it has sensors and you can tell if you are going over the lines. Very spacious, turns easy and very safe. It is super reliable and has different fuel features for different terrains. Bluetooth capable

- Tony K

Nissan's are a great brand. I always check out what they have to offer before any other company. Nissan's look expensive, but are actually quite affordable.

I really like that my car is big, but doesn't feel like I'm driving a boat down the road. It handles well & it's stylish. It also has a lot of cool features that I don't need, but I enjoy. I spoiled myself by buying this car & I feel good for doing it.

- Kim A

Summarized? My vehicle rocks!!

Love the fact it has got hp when you push on accelerator. Very good maneuvering and handles curves really well. Comfortable to drive. Love the lumbar support and that the seat elevates. It's a little above average on gas usage. Very spacious and roomy.

- Michael C

Amazing vehicle, I would recommend getting it.

I recently bought my vehicle, so far they aren't any problems. It has Wifi and touch screen features. Performance, reliability and comfort is excellent. It drives smooth. It also lets you know when your too close to another car. It is also good on gas.

- Marvel C

It is comfortable and affordable while feeling high end.

I love the interior features of the car as well as how spacious it is. I love all of the things that come standard on the vs. model, such as alloy wheels, blind spot detector, kick open back door etc. So far there’s nothing I really dislike about it.

- Lindsey H

My vehicle is very comfy and it also is fuel efficient.

It has no issues. It is very reliable. I am happy we purchased it. It is very good on gas and mileage. It is also a greatly designed vehicle. I also like the features in terms of auto lights, anti braking system, inside is very spacious also and comfy.

- Dee S

It is safety features like the blind spot alert.

I like the blind spot safety feature, I like the back up camera, I like the interior design, I like the external design. The only thing I dislike about my Nissan is the trunk size which is not big enough to put groceries after shopping from the store.

- Fortune E

Gas mileage for an SUV. Plus it�s amazing in the snow.

It doesn't have roof racks which is disappointing, and the heat can be really loud. But other than that I'm in love with my car. It gets amazing gas mileage, it's great in the snow. I wish it was a tiny bit bigger too. The full-size rogue was too big.

- Jennifer C

It takes me everywhere I need to go

It runs very smoothly. It is high tech and very safe. I commute to college from Brooklyn to Long Island and it is a great car to drive long distances. It's great for people who need assistance with parking and for first time drivers to learn to drive.

- Nicole S

Perfect economy SUV for small families. Very comfortable.

Smooth ride with great space. Great gas mileage too. I use this vehicle for long road trips and it seats everyone comfortably with reclining back seats. There is the ability to save two seat options for the drivers. I'm definitely a fan of the Rogue.

- Rachel G

It big and spacious, has room to grow into.

The rogue is very spacious. It is drives smoothly and it is looks sleek and beautiful. If you live in a hot state, tint is recommended. We purchased tint and it has increased the value and the sleekness. Nissans are also very reliable and affordable.

- Heidi V

The one most important thing that people should know about my car is that there are two types of Rogues. The original Rogue and the Rogue Sport. The original Rogue is a lot bigger than the Rogue Sport and has more space.

I have a palatial ruby 2017 rogue sport. I love my car because it is a 4 cylinder SUV with a decent amount of space. It gets great mileage for all of the driving I do for work. I love that everything is updated and the benefits of a backup camera.

- Alyssa K

It seats 5 not 7 (like the older models did). I assumed that it would seat 7 like the others, didn't notice till a week after I got it that it only seats 5

Just got it, so far so good. I like the remote start, push to start and some of the other features. It's a nice ride, the second row is pretty comfortable. sometimes if feels like the engine isn't going to make it through the 3 years of the lease

- Isaac B

That it is super safe and is wonderful for learning drivers.

I love everything from the heated seats to the foot activated liftgate. I love the leather interior. I love the panoramic moonroof. This car is amazing with the driving assist as well makes me feel like my family and I are all safe riding in it.

- Rhiannon E

Nissan Rogue is an Amazing SUV!

Nice vehicle! Smooth ride! Very quiet! Comfortable riding in the back seat, too! Great gas mileage and handles great on the road. Highway driving is comfy for both driver and passengers. Backup camera is an awesome extra feature! We love it!

- Sharen L

Enjoy all the latest technology on a new car without spending a fortune!

I love that my Rogue has all the latest technology and safety features. I love that the car has a beautiful design. My only complaint is that the lane change feature seems to pull toward the center, but I think it just needs calibrating.

- Crystal H

It is definitely a nice small family vehicle or for a single person.

I have recently taken out a new lease on my rogue sport. It is bigger than my last vehicle. But as of the date of receiving it I have had nothing negative to say about it. Come this winter we shall see, but I am sure it will do fabulous.

- Sabine G

The back trunk area has an adjustable cover and shade. It works well with many types of cargo.

My Rogue is very comfortable to sit in and very smooth to drive. It has great safety features like the back up camera and lights that light up when there are cars in the lanes next to you. I really like the adjustable cruise control.

- Steve H

It has many safety features as well as excellent gas mileage.

This is our new car purchase. Prior to this we purchased two (2) 2003 Ford vehicles new. The vehicle we just purchased is quiet, gas efficient and has several safety features. We haven't had it long but so far really like this vehicle.

- Mary P

The gas mileage is great. It gets about twenty seven mile to a gallon. It easy to handle and park.

The rogue has great gas mileage. I drive an hour one way. It is a bit small inside. Although great for smaller frames owners. The cargo area is sufficient. Easy to back up camera. The traction control works great off road and highway.

- Stephanie F

It is sleek and cool with all of the features wanted and some I never dreamed of. I adore my car and can't wait to take a long trip in it.

It is the car of my dreams and realities. I was put in a situation where I had no choice but to get a car. However I feel so very blessed to have my car. I thank God for it everyday, well I should thank him for the blessing everyday.

- Tamara S

Other people should know that the Nissan Rogue is a good value and has a lot of features for an affordable SUV.

I like the quality and the features I got for the price I paid, along with the safety features. I also like the advanced technology and integration. However, there are some blind spots due to the way the car inside was designed.

- Alexandra W

It's safety-conscious. It is designed to give you maximum relaxation when driving it yet also designed to help you drive safely.

It's an SUV. One thing I like about it is the blind spot detector which helps me to drive safely. It also has a way of controlling excess speed. I also like the lightness of the car, it is not heavy in my hands when I drive it.

- Charles O

The blind spot notification lights on the sides of the inside of the car.

The comfort in the front seats allows for spacious family trips or road trips that will be comfortable. The back seats are adjustable which is a great perk. The features for safety with blind spot monitoring is a great add on.

- Sasha V

My rouge takes good care of me.

Has a camera to aid in backing, and self adjusting mirrors. Drivers seat sets to adjust upon cranking. Light inside vehicle that lets you know a vehicle is in your blind spot, beeping when backing cause someone is behind you.

- Lovely P

The safety features such as the camera and warning lights.

It is a medium sized sports utility vehicle. I purchased the "midnight edition" and am happy with the black color and darkened shades. It has in console navigation and cameras all around. I have had no issues at this time.

- Jason G

My 3rd rogue and I have never had a problem with any of the! They?re all well made.

I love the new safety features. It now has blinking lights under your side mirrors when there is a car present in your blind spot. I love carplay, because I now finally can afford a car with GPS. I love how smooth it rides!

- Bianca P

It beeps when there is a car in my blind spot.

I really like this vehicle because it has features like Bluetooth I can connect to my phone and talk while hands on the wheel. Beeps when a car is in my blind spot screen so I can see what’s in back of me when reversing.

- Lydia A

People should know that this vehicle is worth it's price.

It's a very comfortable vehicle. Lower than my 2014 Nissan Rogue but feels like more of a SUV. the basic version has apple play which is very convenient if you're an iPhone user and has a huge trunk. Not so great on gas

- Ained P

It is a brand new 2018 Nissan rogue, the newest model there is.

I love that it still has that brand new car smell. I also love the fact that I can use my Bluetooth to listen to my own music. The only thing that kind of stresses me is the GPS system, it is really hard to follow.

- A J

They should purchase it for themselves so they can see.

I like all the safety features and options I have of driving. I feel very safe driving with my son and family. The trunk compartments and folding seats really come in handy for larger projects or grocery shopping.

- Ahniya O

Great car; check it out. You will not be disappointed by this car, just ask me,. The style, the ride, the safety of this car makes it a great deal.

My new vehicle, provides me with a comfortable ride, sits up high, and has good gas mileage. I have no complaints. The piece was right. The appearance of the vehicle is nice, it is just what I was looking for.

- Brian V

Leather seats black on black very nice looking.

Lots of room touch screen for phone and music comes standard good gas mileage driver seat that goes up back seats have there own air conditioner vents everyone can plug in a charge there phone front and back.

- Victoria T

Safety features are awesome.

Love the safety features and the media screen with Bluetooth features. Dislike that it does not pick up speed so well and easily. Dislike that it does not have a feature to open the garage door from the car.

- Irene L

Great family car, very reliable and great gas mileage.

My car is a Nissan Rogue SV AWD. It is a very reliable car, loaded with lots of extras, such as gps, Sirius radio, skyroof, automatic stopping, etc. The only thing is it needs a better engine. More Power.

- Lori D

It has all the great features I wanted, but it was reasonably priced.

Just bought this car two weeks ago. And I love the way it drives. I love that it has remote start, heated seats and apple carplay. There is enough room in the car to be comfortable and take a road trip.

- Michele C




Excellent handling in 4 seasons weather, great gas mileage and loads of safety features

This is my 4th Rogue..like that the safety features get better each time I trade in and love the 360 degree camera..would like a bit more flexibility on what features are available in what packages..

- Pam M

Safe and reliable for my family.

My car is new. I absolutely love it. It is loaded with so many features. I especially like the heated seats, sunroof and heated mirrors. I also feel secure knowing it will handle well in bad weather.

- Becky D