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Cool navigation system. Filtered air system. Spacious interiors.

The performance of the car is absolutely amazing, as well as comfort. A very smooth ride. The only thing that I find it a hassle is that it is huge and it also gobbles lots of gas. That is the downside of the vehicle. It has a lot of cool features like built in navigation, filter system for air which to me is very cool. It is very spacious inside. Overall I like my ride.

- Nissan O

My car takes me everywhere.

The Sentra is a nice car. The interior is really nice, I like the stitching and colors. My car specifically has Audio Bluetooth but not music Bluetooth so that is a con. It drives very well and I can't complain about that. The tank is about 5 gallons smaller than my last car and has the same mpg so I do have to fill up more but that's okay too. Overall pleased with it.

- Nathan F

Titan strong and reliable,

This is our 3rd Nissan vehicle and we have owned fords, Chevys and Mazda in the past. I must say that I have never enjoyed a vehicle more than our Nissans. The titan xd is very fuel efficient and heavy duty. The seating is very comfortable with more than ample head and leg room. The leg room in the back seat is more than I have seen in Dodges and fords.

- Renee W

My vehicle is nice and wouldn't buy another.

My vehicle is a blue Nissan titan xd diesel truck that is new and not used and it works fine, I hardly have problems with my truck. I do not have any intention on buying any other cars any time soon. Only problem with my truck is the cost of the diesel. I cannot think of anything to better describe the truck.

- Melissa B

It is clean it is new it starts up every day and runs.

Engine knocks a little bit since factory said nothing was wrong with the engine when I took back in to the dealer but it still runs and seems to be knocking the rear tailgate fell off while driving but Nissan did replace the plastic piece on top of the tailgate for free but they did want $100 at first.

- Chris B

Some problems, but overall pretty happy. Hope it lasts..

The transmission is not very good. I have had a few problems with it that have been covered under warranty but the dealer cannot seem to find anything wrong with the transmission. It does not shift properly and struggles to downshift. The interior is very good and the ride is good. Tows well.

- Ian B

2017 Nissan titan you will like it.

Have had no issues with my Nissan titan I fish tournaments all over the world and tow a 21 foot bass boat with ease and fuel efficient I would consider to anyone looking for a truck rather your pulling campers boats ats or whatever or just a luxury truck definitely look into them.

- Jon G

Nissan titan, reliable and safe storage of important items.

I love the titan, it's a very reliable safe car. With the extended cab there is enough room to seat 5 like most cars. The storage space is great. I also love the center console. It makes storing items convenient and easy. Also the locking feature for the console is amazing.

- Dona M

What an amazing ride this vehicle has!

I love the truck. It has lots of room in the back seat for my grown kids. The ride is very smooth. The tow assistant was a great help towing a boat from Texas to Oklahoma. The heat and air work great. The bed of the truck is big enough to haul what we need.

- Dot G

The truck is huge and it has run of storage in the issue and spacious too boot. Space is the most important detail to me. The bigger the space the better the vehicle

The truck all around is a reliable and affordable truck. The only thing I do not like about Nissan is there software in their radio. Most vehicle come with apple play or google play app for your phone. Nissan had outdated software in theirs.

- Frank A

It is a reliable car and handles well in all weather conditions.

This truck drives well. Love the windshield wipers, they can detect the rain and adjust speed the to the rain amount. Handles well in rainy and snowy weather conditions. Also, gets pretty good gas mileage for a truck. Backseat is roomy.

- Sasha J

Look at Ford, Chevy, and Dodge. The only reason why you should consider the titan is the warranty.

It gets really poor gas mileage compared to Its competitors and It's tow rating is lower than Its competitors. The payload capacity is also lower than Its competitors. The turning radius also isn't nearly as good as Ford's.

- Jason B

Nissan Titan, A great all-purpose vehicle

It's slightly comfortable, seat in front is bench style so there's no special seat adjustments. Back seating isn't comfortable because there's no room to recline.Other than that, nice truck, great quality!

- Maryann K

It is a beautiful and dependable piece of machinery.

I love my Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve. It has all the bells and whistles I could want, and it has plenty of power when I need it. I have almost 20000 miles on it and have not had any problems with it.

- April B

Nissan 4 wheel drive titan

I like the towing capacity it allows me to do anything I want with the 4 wheel drive. I did have a small problem with a sensor going out but the dealer replaced it under warranty with no problem

- Richard P

It is comfortable for road trips and has tons of room in the backseat.

I love the look and feel of the truck. It fun to drive and comfortable to ride in. I don't love the gas mileage. It gets decent gas mileage for a big diesel truck but I wish it was better.

- Nichole F

The most important thing to know about this vehicle is that it is a multipurpose vehicle.

We have owned this vehicle for a few months. I have not discovered anything I dislike about it. It has all of the bells and whistles that I like to have in a vehicle.

- Jennifer f

Spacious interior and great hauling capabilities!!!

I love the hauling capabilities and cab space along with the interior design.y I don't like the fact that the rear door fails to open. I have to go get it repaired.

- Kathryn P

Driving is easy when you get the hang of a big truck.

Nice size pickup for 5 full size passages. Comfortable ride for 5-6 riders for distance trips. Good gas mileage for full side truck even in city driving.

- David M

Great dependable 2WD truck. Grey exterior, black interior with navigation.

Grey crew cab, navigation with a backup camera. Also has a truck bed cover. Love this truck, very smooth ride, lots of space and dependable.

- Jimmy C

It is not a gas saver be prepared to spend a lot of money at the pump.

I love the v8 engine and the power it comes with. I also love the sound system and the navigation. Only dislike is how low the truck rides.

- William B

It is a comfortable, reliable vehicle that makes a great family car even though it's a truck.

Been driving Nissan trucks since 1988. They have all been reliable and one even had over 200,000 miles. Never had any mechanical issues

- Tim R

Titan: The Beast and not a fluffy Ram, Ford or Chevy...

Great ride, smooth for a pickup. Standard Cab with 8 foot bed in order to haul and move things easier. Great view, and air conditioner.

- Tim S

It has integrated brakes. It has 10 ply tires that last a long time but make for a rough ride.

I like that it is a heavy half ton made for hauling. I like it's room and towing capacity. I don't like the way it wobbles when towing.

- William C

It's dependable, and has a 10 year warranty

I like the roominess I like the available horsepower I dislike the fact that the dash lights aren't bright enough for my tastes

- Terrell S

Fuel economy is ok. Could be a bit better.

Done well for work on the ranch. Would prefer bigger but this works for now. Not a bad pickup a all. Good family vehicle to.

- Katy T

2017 Titan, comfortable for our family of 5

Love the truck, runs great, no problems, great space in the cab for us and our three kids. Comfortable and great features

- Katrina M

That it is a diesel and that it drives well.

I like that it has the Cummins diesel engine. I like the way it drives. I dislike that it costs so much to maintain it.

- Jonah B

So far it performs quite well.

I love the way it drives and sounds, fuel mileage is slowly getting better, has front and rear alarm, back up camera

- Joanah B

That it is tough and it gets me where I want to go

I love the amount of horsepower it has and love how it looks. I can't really think m of anything that I dislike.

- David G

Why I like my Nissan. Titan

Very nice truck, great gas mileage for a truck. Love the diesel option. Very sleek and clean and tows well

- Steven R

I have never had any problem with my vehicle and it is fully loaded.

My vehicle rides real smooth. It has alot of safety features. It don't get very good gas mileage.

- Glenn D

It is a push to start so it is not as easily stolen as a key start.

I really like my vehicle. It is easy to drive and rides nice. Nothing that I really dislike.

- Patrick L

Dependendable and reliable. It has good technology for the price.

I like Nissan vehicles. I wish it had apple CarPlay. I also wish it got better gas mileage.

- James L

It's Mine, hands off!!! Nissan ate good vehicles and dependable

Very nice truck. Not a good turning radius. Hard to park at times. Nice get up and go.

- Donna D

The depreciation has been much more than I thought it would be

I like the price The quality isn't the best Has been in for warranty work already

- Alicia Z

Gas mileage is terrible in my truck.

It is not great on gas. It had black interior. Can see all dirt on black paint

- Steven R

Has a great one hundred thousand mile warranty

Rides well not to stiff for a pickup. Plenty of power for pulling a load.

- Juan W

several safety devices from airbags, lane change, cameras and sensors

a little difficult to park because it is wide no other complaints at all

- michelle m

it's a good truck comfortable all the right features drives good was a good price tows a lot and seems like it will be good

it's a good truck with good features and good towing

- tim t

That it has lots of power

It's an awesome truck. It had lots of power.

- Tim N