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Scion is is a great and affordable car.

The car is reasonably roomy in both the front and back seats, it has decent mileage and isn't a gas guzzler, it also is equipped with a lot of cool features such as Bluetooth connectivity, automated voice command system, and a face display monitor station that also has a rear view camera for when you are backing up or want to connect a maps visual and a readout of whatever music you want to stream with the Bluetooth connectivity, it also comes with multiple charging ports for you electric devices that need to be charged up. The is also comes equipped with a 1. 6 liter engine that has decent pickup and acceleration with good standard mileage and an economy or sport fuel consumption option button for different road conditions. The is is a small size sedan so that makes it easier whenever you are in downtown situations where often parking spots are hard to find for larger vehicles. I am about 6 ft tall and the front of the car is reasonable for my height and space requirements as well as my family in the front and back seats. Another feature I enjoy is the ability to set the car on auto speed adjustments for those long hauls that can wear your leg or foot out with a constant application of pressure. Over all the Scion is has been a reliable car going on 3 years now which included a initial two year maintenance package that has pretty much only been needed for the oil changes and a small repair on a carpet mat, the biggest let down has been the experience I have had with some of the people at the dealership and their attitudes towards me having a decent customer experience during the maintenance visits, the car is also affordably priced for the amount of options and features that it includes.

- Doric S

Good car for the most part but would not recommend.

This car comes standard with many features that would cost extra on most cars. It's a bargain. It drives great when in sport mode, adequately when in the normal mode, and slightly sluggish with the air conditioning on high. The transmission sometimes hiccups but Toyota checked it out and said that's the way it's supposed to be on this model. That said, I've had a few problems. The transmission does feel like there is something wrong with it despite Toyota's assurances (the issue started at about 10,000 miles) and the heater core started to leak at 35,000. The paint job is thin and not very durable. This car has more chips from road debris at 37,000 than my last car did at 150,000. I actually do like the car for the most part and will be keeping it for a while longer but would neither recommend it to others nor buy another.

- Kate R

Scion IA and what you should know

I love my car, it gets 30-40 mpg. It's super comfy for about 4 hours then you need to stretch a little bit. It runs great and has a switch for sports mode which I use when I need to get to speed quickly (turning into traffic or getting on the freeway) It also has Bluetooth so your phone connects to it and your music will start playing as soon as you turn it on. My only complaint with that is when you use the button on the steering wheel you can tell it to 'call John Doe' you have to use your phone to do that and then it will go over your car. I've experienced no problems with my car and find it very reliable. It also has a setting that when you look above your gas bar (yes it's a bar) it tells you how many more miles you have before running out of gas.

- Sarah C

Spunky little car that save tons on gas

At over 3 years old, the only think I have had to replace has been the battery. It still runs well with no engine noise or pings, and I get excellent gas mileage (avg. 34 mpg). The only issues I have are that the radio does not turn off (you can only turn the volume down), and I sometimes wish it had more legroom in the back, or more car seat room. I never worry if my car will get me where I need to be, it has always been dependable and still runs like new. It comes standard with push button start, remote entry, and bluetooth for hands free phone connection. There is an option to add navigation, which I highly recommend, as it has been a godsend for me.

- Mica H

It is a fast and reliable car.

Dislike the space in the back seats, but I enjoy the speed, consistency of my engine and motor when it is changes gears. Includes several perks such as a safety brake program that prevents my car from crashing, as well as the program that keeps record of my mileage, oil change, and tire rotations. The small space provided in the back seats indicates that it is more of a modern day 2 seater without taking the option of driving with friends. Overall, it is an amazing sports car, includes a spacious trunk, and serves well for long distance traveling at a low cost. Parking spaces are also a perk since the car does not require too much space.

- Jasmine O

Amazingly great car, expensive parts.

The scion IA is a very affordable vehicle with added extras like Bluetooth connectivity for my phone. It has a decent sized touch screen with a great quality backup camera. The mileage is pretty amazing as well I get an average of about 32 miles per gallon and that is combined city and highway mileage. The only negative thing I have to say is that part can be pretty expensive when it is time to change things. The IA has specific parts and there aren't a lot of affordable option to use other parts.

- Jew R

34. 5 miles per gallon and extremely reliable.

The only real issue I have had with my scion would have to be that the tires are rare. When the time came that I needed new tires I couldn't afford the 800 odd dollars the dealership quoted me and when I called Walmart they were $200 a piece because they had to be shipped. Other than that everything's great, I get 34. 5 miles per gallon, it has good handling and is a really good car for college kids commuting back and forth because not only is it affordable but it is extremely reliable.

- Whitney H

Toyota product without the high price. Back up camera & good quality technology.

This is an inexpensive car. It has been reliable for the 2 yrs I have owned it as I drive 400 mi per week. I don't like that it doesn't have arm rests and it idles a little strange at stoplights but it has never died. I am very good at keeping up with maintenance and just got new tires & brakes installed. For an inexpensive car I have had no trouble as I know it is a Toyota product which usually is decent made vehicles. I hope it continues to get me to my destination s.

- Lori S

A reliable, affordable, stylish, and smooth ride

Tires are small, so unless you upgrade you are going to have to special order tires. SINCE not a lot of places carry the size. Had a little problems with the AC. It is great on gas, comfortable, reliable. After 3 years the battery gave out. About 45k. I don't sit in my car for long periods of time so that probably wore out the battery quicker. My screen did crack I'm into sure from what or if it is a common issue.

- Karla C

Acceleration, fuel economy, features.

I love all the features that you get for the price of the car. It has features that you would normally find in higher and model cars. The navigation is pretty cool as well!it actually has pretty good acceleration for what it is including a sports mode which I really liked and use often. One thing I do not like is sometimes it idles rough. But for the most part it's a good car and it gets awesome gas mileage!

- Chris A

This car loses value very fast and has had issues since we bought it.

Had transmission issues since it was bought, got it fixed through the dealer. Then the ac went out at 65k miles and we were told we needed to pay a lot for it to be fixed at the dealership. Sometimes the display in the middle turns off, then it switches off being paired on Bluetooth. The Pandora app in the vehicle rarely ever reads on the car so you go to the app on your phone.

- Emily B

Too many small annoyances

I like that is has a backup camera. The cup holders are in an awkward position. I don't like the way the seat belt lays across me; I constantly have to adjust it because it cuts into my neck. I don't where the back-up camera is positioned, it doesn't leave room for a GPS on the dash. I can't keep my Bluetooth connected for some reason (could be my error more than anything.)

- Christine S

Quick review of 2016 Scion IA

The car is very reliable and gas efficient. I commute to work everyday with this car and drive 70 miles round trip each day. I fill up my tank every 5 days. The car is pretty comfortable for long trips. Some complaints I would have is the acceleration of the car. It's pretty weak compared and often takes a while to get it up to the flow of traffic speed on the freeway.

- Jason L

The scion IA has pull down back seats for extra room for the trunk!

The scion IA is great for a single person who is looking for a car that is great on gas and getting back and forth from work. The interior is a bit small but for a one person car it would be perfect. I have had my scion for 3 years and I have not had any issues with the performance of my car. The Bluetooth is amazing for my music apps and the sound system is amazing.

- Alejandra S

Amazing scion IA review:).

The Scion IA is a really good, reliable car. I have leased for about two years now and it's been amazing. I have not had issues with my vehicle at all (knock on wood). The seats are very comfortable and they're spill proof so if anything is spilled it comes right out. I also love the screen in this vehicle and how I can pair my phone to read all of my text messages.

- Erica P

Seriously, the acceleration is just awful.

The acceleration is just awful, I basically have to floor it to pick up any kind of speed and it makes merging a nightmare. My favorite feature is definitely the rearview camera - that was a must-have when I was looking for a lease, and it is been a godsend. Other than that the car is pretty comfortable, but I wish I was paying less monthly for my lease.

- Nicole J

Scion IA is sleek, reliable, and has great tech features.

Car has been very reliable so far. Love the Bluetooth connection. Air conditioning/heat works very well. Seats are fairly comfortable even for long trips. Sound system is very good. Child locks included for windows and doors. Love the cruise control feature and stripped down look of the car. Very sleek on the controls. Touch screen included.

- Lauren H

Smooth drive like a sports car.

I love my scion IA has great gas mileage in the city and on the highway. Has a lot of room to be a compact vehicle. Very up to date as far as features with Bluetooth capability. The only cons is the car is very light so it does not do well in the winter months and it is not too good in thunderstorms as well. Smooth drive like a sports car.

- Nona N

Small car with Big Features.

I love The Scion 2016 IA. Although I wasn't excited about the color. I did my research. This car has excellent gas mileage and is very reliable. The front seats are roomy and spacious. However back seat does not give much leg room. Truck is spacious. The fosgate sound system is amazing. I love listening to music with my sunroof open.

- amy M

It is a great car that I will have for many years.

I love that in a city with so much traffic and hardly any parking space, this compact car is small enough to maneuver and fit into tight spots, but big enough to actually be a car. It runs perfect, its reliable, and I love the features inside. From the Bluetooth to the GPS screen, it has what's needed to get around and enjoy driving.

- Jessica T

Amazing, Reliable, Awesome Car

It is very reliable and has gave me a sense of calm that my old car didn't. I have had it for 3 years, and I have only had to change tires once, regular oil changes, and alignments. I drive a lot as well, so this car is sturdy and drives amazing. I love the look of the car as well. The interior is super nice and easy to take care of.

- Caitlin B

There is a tradeoff for good gas mileage. If you want gas mileage above 40 mpg consistently you need to accept you'll be shaking on the highway.

My biggest complaint for my car is how light it is when driving through the flat midwest and driving faster than 70 mph (the car starts to shake and is very loud). It has great gas mileage which makes up for the weight for the most part. It has a small but sleek interior and was a great starter car as my first new car purchase.

- Nicole D

Great on gas, great car overall.

2016 Scion IA is a very nice car to have. I drive it to work everyday and it's very smooth, fun, and it's honestly great on gas. The biggest problem I've faced with the car is dealing with the radio/internet. It tends to freeze every now and again and you'll have to reboot it. But overall it's a very great car to have.

- Cameron S

It drives well and has not had any real issues.

The car handles well and has good gas mileage, monthly payments are also affordable. Our only long term complaint is the lack of CD player in the vehicle. Otherwise one side of the speakers blew due to a AUX cord being unplugged while it was on. Unsure if this is due to user error, it has not happened in any other car.

- Ivy E

It has a pretty good stereo system and speakers and bucket seats

The main issue I have had with my car is that no one really sells parts for it. I usually have to go through Toyota dealership for tires and any other type of maintenance. Which can get pricey with time. Overall it's a really good car it is great on gas and I love that it has some of the new technology.

- Thalia R

Toyota scion Im hatchback.

Nice roomy dependable vehicle for getting around town. Great for my wife as she is small and finds it very easy for parking the hatch back makes easy for loading when she shops. Maintenance is quite reasonable which we do at the dealership. Came with two years of free maintenance which was very nice.

- Joel B

Reliable, overall good value

Performance is good although the car can be hesitant to accelerate. The alerts on the dashboard are helpful and a good reminder for needed service. The back up camera is great. Seats are comfortable and the trunk is spacious for this size of car. I would recommend buying it, now known as Toyota IA.

- Miriam B

Great reliable compact vehicle.

Small compact car. 4 doors. Navigation system is great for getting someplace with turn by turn directions. Excellent performance and reliable. Car is fully loaded with stereo sound system, cruise control, navigation system. Bluetooth for connecting phone for hands free phone calling and receiving.

- Donna B

Reliable vehicle but not the best.

Very reliable but I wanted more horsepower. Good a/c not great possibly because the vents weren't very big. Cheap repairs and affordable. Not the most luxurious but will get the job done in getting you from point A to point B. Do not like the body design kind of like a older persons car or girl.

- Robert M

The headlights/running lights turn on automatically.

This small sedan is comfortable and great on gas mileage. During the time I have had this car, it has been very reliable and I would suggest it for a young, commuter. There are not many extra features, but the digital screen, back-up camera, and Bluetooth phone/audio connection are nice perks.

- Alexa L

Very smooth on turns, economical the car is definitely a chick grabber.

The IA is a really economic car. The car is really sensitive which for one is very good. The problem that I am having is getting the low tire pressure signal to go away. The car space is small for a big guy like me. The drivers sit is also small and the car picks up slowly while accelerating.

- Marcus M

Gas mileage, no recalls, very nice dashboard

You have only one option for tires brand Toyo brand, and the front seats little bit small, if someone sit in the back seat you have to move your front seats forward. it's very good on gas about 36 miles/gallon. And the small engine 1.6 L. Which it makes it little bit hard if you live uphill.


nice car and good price for scion IA 2016

it has no problem with the car! but the only thing is the car's tires are really small and difficult to re-buy at other stores ( or you can find it at Toyota). some materials are not really good but it work for the prices of it ( I can say this car is good price, nice for the model design)

- Yee H

2016 scion IA review from consumer.

I have not had any problems to date. It drives nearly like a go cart and the turning radius is great. Good on gas as well. The back up camera is helpful as is the warning lights. The built in GPS and music system are a nice addition. I would recommend this car to others if interested.

- Jennifer H

Review on Toyota scion do and do not able the vehicle.

I do not have problems but I wish I had 4 wheel drive then the car will be better. But other than that the car is good no problems or concerns. Maybe the car could be a little bigger and spacious because the car is very little and squishy. It is for people with little to no family.

- Shi C

Scion IA is a really nice car.

I really like this car I bought it with 20,000 miles on it in 2016. It has been a really nice, dependable car and was a very reasonable price. It is a very comfortable car with a lot of nice features like a nice screen to program different options and see the rear view camera.

- Shannon C

It is a small car, but that is convenient for parking! I love the back camera.

I love my car. I haven't had any major problems so far, I just need to get new tires. It is small and comfortable for me since I am short. It is reliable and I love the Bluetooth system, although sometimes it does not connect to my phone right away. I have had it for one year.

- Chelsea H

It's comfortable while traveling on long trips

No complaints at all it drives and operates wonderfully, the seats are very comfortable and the steering works great,we love the backup camera it is very nice to have because we live in town and there are small children and with the camera it makes us a little more secure

- Diana D

I love the sleek look of the car. It has nice lines and nice visual appeal.

The pros for my car outweigh the cons. It is compact, good on gas, very modern, and has a sleek look. However it is small on the inside and as a new mom it has been difficult to get the car seat in and out and it is almost impossible to fit more than 2 adults in the car.

- Jessica K

Small car, bigger inside than looks on the outside. Easily fits up to 5 people

Perfect car for someone ages 18-25 who want a comfortable and reliable car that connects with your smartphone. Great for going out with friends, average in regards to space, but the style makes up for that. Large trunk, drives well. PERFECT FOR A COLLEGE STUDENT!

- Steve B

Great mileage car with a small price tag.

It is small and low to the ground. It gets really good mileage. Usually about 44 miles to the gallon. The tires seem to wear unevenly. I wish there were interior color options. I Have not needed repairs after 3 years use. It does have good pickup for passing etc.

- Cynthia B

Scion is is rare because it is no longer a brand that they manufacture.

It is a comfortable car, the ac unit blows very nicely. We have good gas, it has a rearview camera which makes it more convenient to reverse it also has sports mode and touch screen so overall advanced technology that is beneficial to both me and my husband.

- Imani R

I love the color (red) with the grey interiors. It has a Bluetooth that I love

I have no problems with my car. It is great on gas and it is very reliable. The only issue I have with the car is the slow acceleration but not a big deal. I am not out to race my car anyway. If I decide to purchase another car, it will be another Scion.

- Loretta C

Overall a very well put together vehicle!

Car runs great. Very comfortable and easy to drive. The air conditioning is very comfortable because you can adjust the vents to get best coolness. The back seat has plenty of room and so does the trunk. The gas mileage is really efficient and affordable.

- Christine S

Overall I love this car, pros def outweighs the cons

Love my scion. Very sporty and clean sleek interior. Gas mpg is great, and due to the compact size I can legally park just about anywhere! However, acceleration in sport mode is VERY shifty. The stock shocks are weak, you can feel EVERY pebble on the road

- Ariel S

They should know that this is my car and I don't care what anyone thinks about it.

My vehicle is really a Saturn Ion but you guys did not have that as a choice. I like that it has 4 doors and it is fun to drive. The only thing that I dislike about this vehicle is that it is hard to change the oil and it doesn't drive well in snow.

- Jessica S

The gas mileage and affordable price are great.

I like that my vehicle gets good gas mileage. The price of the car was cheap for a fresh college grad looking for first starter car. I do not like that the engine is only 4 cylinder. I also do not like how small the car is at times.

- Matthew A

It saves me money on gas but is it worth the price tag.

I purchased a new 2016 Scion iA. For the price, it is not up to standards. The brakes constantly make noise. The screen monitor is no longer working. I do like that it saves me money on gas but I don't see this car lasting long.

- Aly G

Cool features, and luxury feel. Easy maintenance and decent gas mileage

The car has a lot of the cool features that aren't really standard, things like the rear view camera and the touch screen radio. I don't like that there isn't a CD player though... and car seat covers don't fit all that well...

- John T

Love/Hate Relationship with Scion

I the color and house move the car rides. It gets great gas mileage. But it's little things I overlooked there's no Center armrest there's no cup holders in the middle in the back the tires suck in only one company makes them.

- Clarissa W

The gas mileage is as good as some hybrids with a much lower sticker price.

It is a great car. It gets over 40 mpg. It came with many extras for less than 17,000 including a back up camera and alloy wheels. I would recommend the Scion iA to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable vehicle.

- Lee L

Sporty, reliable, and bigger than it looks.

The trunk space is bigger than it looks. The gas mileage is good and the features of the car are easy to use. Acceleration isn't the quickest, but it is a good and safe car for a single person or small family.

- Shannon T

good for traveling on the highway, good and quick and maneuvers well.

it has Its quirks but it also has Its perks. which are the good technology functions and comfortable seating. good heater fantastic air conditioner. and i also have a good stereo system in it as well.

- Bonnie W

The parts are more rare, so maintenance is more costly than your average sedan.

I had my car for awhile and it seemed pretty reliable until it was about a year old and my transmission completely blew out. Luckily I was still under warranty, so Toyota took care of the expenses.

- Eileen M

Compact, spacious comfort

The scion ia is a comfortable, compact car that gets you where you need to go. It has great gas mileage, a lot of trunk space and comfortably fits 5 people with plenty of legroom.

- Melissa P

I would definitely recommend the scion iA

I haven't had one problem since purchasing my scion iA. It's great on gas, comfortable and very roomy. It hardly makes noise, and has a Bluetooth system that I use everyday.

- Veronica G

Most important thing about my car is how great it is on gas!

Perfect size for me. Not too big, not too small. I love the touch screen radio and it connects very easy to Bluetooth. Also great on gas, get about 39 miles per gallon!!

- Catherine N

It is got great mileage and drives great.

It has a lot of nice electronics on the inside. It drives nicely, but I dislike the key fob dying so my push to start does not work sometimes. But still is great!

- Megan E

It is the first car that I bought.

Good on gas, small, low maintenance, no problems. It has nice dark interior, bucket seats, is clean, comfy, and luxurious. It has a camera for reversing as well.

- Gabi G

Reasons why I love my car

I love the car! It's small and I don't have to spend so much money on gas to fill it up. I love that it has a back up camera and hands free radio and phone.

- Marissa H

One thing people should know about my car is that it is amazing.

I love the backup camera. I also like the comfortable seats. It cools down fast after sitting in the hot. Downside, The backseat is a little crowded.

- Katie B

Gas mileage and fuel mileage.

Car is amazing but also very small wonderful gas mileage but not something for a family of 4 of more to have because there no room for them to fit.

- Patrick P

smaller vehicle, but very good on gas mileage. Would recommend for people who are on the road a lot

smaller vehicle, great on gas, has more technological amenities than the standard toyotas. Not too powerful going uphills or accelerating

- stephanie u

Available with Toyota now that scion has been discontinued.

Great gas mileage. Easy to maintain and reliable. Unique that it is branded as a scion, but the components are made by Mazda.

- Walter Y

The great gas mileage we get with it, it is saving us money

I love how it looks and the gas mileage we get. I love how comfortable it is. I never had such a newer car before.

- Cathy W

It rides extremely smooth and fast.Getting gas is easy because it's cheap

I like that I have Bluetooth. I love that it's good on gas I hate that Bluetooth doesn't let me change the song

- Anesiya R

It is a quality vehicle.

It drives great and has great gas mileage. It does not have enough room in the back. The seats are comfortable.

- Tina P

The gas last for a while. It is also a good car for 6-10 hour road trips.

Great mileage good pickup for small engine too unique parts difficult good features small back seat good trunk.

- Don H

I got nothing to say about this

I have never had a problem with it. It is great I love it. I wish I could have gotten gotten a neon green one.

- Jenny C

The Scion ia is a great value with superior safety features.

Excellent for the price. Fun and cute. Lacks go power at start. Brakes squeak for no apparent reason.

- Julie K

Great gas mileage so you save money in the long run.

I like it because it is a small car, the color is nice, Bluetooth, great gas mileage and rear camera.

- Mc C

My car has a black interior which shows dirt pretty easily

it is very dependable, but a little small. it also has very good gas mileage, and drives very well

- jeff b

It is well built and comfortable

Smooth driving does well with gas, has power When you need it. Could have picked a different color

- Ron D

My car has and is a good car, it is 17 years old and runs good. It gets me where I need to go and back home again.

My car was not on your list, so I just chose something. I like my car because it is paid for.

- Geneva C

Fuel efficient. I can drive from Santa Cruz to LA on one tank of gas.

Fuel efficient. Has a lot of tech for the price. Surprisingly roomy for such a small car.

- JOe R

That it saves a lot of gas therefore will save you some money

No complaints. I love my car it saves me a lot of gas. It's cute, innovative and comfy.

- Meisex N

It's fun and simple, and a great price. I still can't believe how far I can go on one tank!

Cool tech inside, super fuel efficient and surprisingly roomy for such a small car

- tjo r

Compact, it gets you from point a to point b

Pick up is slow. You can floor it and it won't react. Otherwise, it is fine.

- Gene R

Nice small car but its slow and lacking useful features like an armrest and sirius radio.

This car is economical, with an affordable price and gas efficient

- Erin S

It drives really well through rain and hopefully snow during the winter

Great sporty vehicle and gets great gas mileage. I love this car.

- Kaitle P

it has really great gas mileage. and it has pretty good space for a small car

it's a good little car have really good gas mileage no complaints

- dakota r

I love that it's just a two-door. But it consumes gas a lot

I like the appearance. But I wish its a 4-drive one for snow

- Kaitlin V

The reliability when driving the car , feels smooth

Comfortable to drive, great on gas and it performs well

- Kate P