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Scion IQ, tiny, sleek, and comfortable

Though small it feels large on the inside. Excellent gas mileage and smooth rides. I love the turn radius and how easy it is to maneuver. I don't really like the fact that my glove compartment is a bucket under the passenger seat but in terms of making space for the back seats I understand it's necessity. The car is very sturdy and feels like I'm safe inside of it. The car does have an odd blind spot on the left side that makes it a bit hard to change lanes if you don't know where to look to see there but visibility is overall great.

- Sydney C

Scion IQ: The car for the space-conscious, but not for the family

The Scion IQ is a car designed for a specific person- small, easy to drive, but not really useful for the average driver (try fitting your groceries with 2 kids inside!), the Scion is mostly useful for traveling to and from work. Doing other things, like long drives for vacations, or chores, really isn't the best with this car. But for commuting, this car is great!

- Matthew P

Why I love my small car. =).

I love the fact that I do not have to put in as much money to fill up the tank. I get great gas mileage. Seats are comfortable. I love the simple yet sleek look of the car itself. The grey color is pleasant to the eye. Able to drive longer distances without having to worry about car breaking down on me in the middle of the road.

- Sandra K

Great gas mileage, 31 airbags and just all over amazing!

This sucker is awesome! Great gas mileage (almost 40 mpg), 13 air bags, small turning radius, comfortable, Bluetooth built in, USB port, and so much more! I don't know what I would do without it! This has been the most amazing little car I have owned. If anything ever happens to it, I would totally get another one!

- Jennifer L

Do not underestimate the size of the IQ.

We went on a cross country road trip from Indiana to California in January. It handled the Colorado mountains like a champ. This little car is AMAZING. It can take a beating with no problems at all. We've even hauled 8' long lumber in it. I would recommend this car to just about anyone. It is reliable and FUN!

- Gabrielle B

There is a lot more room in the car than most people would expect there to be.

The scion qi is small, but inside feels like there is a lot more room than expected. It is very comfortable, and even great for long road trips. It is extremely fuel efficient and performs well. The scion qi is a car that I would recommend to anyone looking for something fuel efficient and cozy.

- Emily D

Great seats and love the air conditioner

I personally like my scion because it's reliable. It's gets me too and fro. The handling on my steering wheel is a bit iffy after 150,000 miles. But other than that it has been great. Good gas mileage. I live in the country so it's good for me because it goes a good distance on one tank

- Jamie M

The Scion iQ a smart choice and makes Mother Nature's smile.

The Scion iQ is a well-made vehicle. The gas mileage is outstanding and it is comfortable for two people. Acceptable for 3. The only complaints I have is that it does not come with cruise control, interior lighting could be better and the gas tank could be a smidge bigger.

- Tod A

Small and fuel efficient hatchback.

It is really reliable and fuel efficient. It fits into almost any parking spot but it feels spacious when you are on the inside. The rear seat fold down easily for lots of storage space and when the seats are upright, you can for two people in the back of a car seat.

- Amy R

2012 scion iq summer it's great

needs to be a lot faster. Interior is nice very spacious, and roomy even for a small car it's a very small car on the outside but on the inside its big. Great on gas mileage. Fifteen dollars to fill it up. doesn't have rims it has regular steely rims..

- nick C

It is a car that people should always look for when they are driving, just because they're using a truck doesn't mean that they have to disregard me and my car while I'm driving.

My vehicle is small and compact, but fast. I'd like it better if other drivers respected me on the road. I'd like it better if I wasn't always getting cut off because of how small it is. I like that it is fuel efficient.

- Jazmn T

It is extremely compact, so it doesn't fit four people very comfortably.

It is compact, which is good and bad. The sound system is great. The air conditioning is great. It doesn't fit four people very comfortably.

- Paul S

That my car is awesome and is very cute and easy to drive. Saves gas too.

I like it because it is easy to park with my small car. What I do not like is it won't fit more people that a normal car has.

- J H

It is not built for "highway" driving. It is designed as a city car.

My vehicle is too small, and seems to develop a lot or carbon build up, which causes it to lose power and run rough.

- Eva G

That it is a reliable vehicle that will serve you well.

I like that it is reliable. It is easy to drive and gets average gas mileage. I like having a dependable vehicle.

- Maria S

Small. Fits everywhere. Great turning radius. Driver/passenger area is big.

It goes from 0 - 60 in over a minute. Putt-putt car. No spare tire. No back seat. No glove compartment.

- Leslie G

It's larger on the inside and turns comfortably, despite what they reviews say.

I love It's gas mileage and cuteness. But If I need to transport more than 2 people it sucks.

- Heather F

It's not as small inside as you would think. People walk over to it and shake their heads.

I can park (fit) anywhere. Roomy inside. Love the color. Great in the snow with snow tires.

- sharon b

very good on gas, great for small places, easy to park in tight places

I have no complaints at all. love this car. best ever

- cindy c