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Great car

I love my Subaru outback! I thought I wanted another Jeep, however had some interest in Subaru because a friend raved about her crosstrek and I had a friends and family discount through my dad who works at Subaru. After test driving the outback, which was similar in size to my Jeep grand Cherokee, I didn't even go to the Jeep dealership to look. The Subaru dealership was friendly and attentive and I was able to get all of the features I wanted at the monthly lease payment I could afford. I feel safe know my Subaru is top rated in safety. And, the drive assist features such as pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise control and lane departure and sway warning were features I didn't think I needed, but have grown to love. The adaptive cruise control is great for long road trips or bumper to bumper traffic. And, the pre-collision braking and lane departure and sway warning might seem premature at times, they are needed with all the distractions in today’s connected world. The gas mileage is amazing. I do not drive a lot either so a full tank can last me from two weeks to a month. And, when I make a trip to my parents, about 300 miles round trip, I have 150-200 miles leftover from a full tank. The harman kardon audio system exceeded my expectations as well. And, I love that apple carplay comes standard. Plus, the touchscreen is easy to navigate and Bluetooth and voice controls allow me to stay connected while driving. I am excited to lease the ascent next!

- Amber R

My first Subaru and why I am a Subaru driver for life.

I honestly never thought I would buy a Subaru because I didn't really hear much about the company or the quality of their cars however, now that I have owned my outback for a year now I do not want to be in any other vehicle. It is perfectly designed inside and out. Seemingly smaller looking on the outside which is nice because it is easy to fit in narrow parking spaces but it feels like the interior space is like that of a full sized SUV. All the materials are visually appealing and well designed inside and out making it feel very luxurious. I especially love the fact that the chassis is just wide enough to make the outback feel safe around tight turns and bumps are much smoother. The all wheel symmetrical driving, incredible turn radius, high quality gas mileage and a countless number of additional features make this car my number one choice. There is quite honestly nothing yet that I have discovered that bother me and I have owned it for skittle over a year now driving at least 30-50 miles a day. But do not just take my word for it. Look it up for yourself and see the millions of Subaru owners and their reviews. There is a reason why Subaru owners never want to get rid/sell their Subaru. High quality, luxurious, extremely safe, and overall a pleasure to drive.

- Daniel H

Roadside Assistance Sucks

Heaven forbid if your Outback fails to start and you need to call roadside assistance. It can and does take days if you live in a remote area. My first occasion, we discovered someone had switched the batteries and the dealership did not know. It had a motorboat battery, not enough amps to start. Second occasion, download for the sound system caused a battery failure. Third occasion, the navigation system would just do the little circle spinning like when you don't have enough internet connection during a download. These failures have cost me hundreds of dollars where I've had to miss work. Where I live in a rural area, several occasions have taken them days to get someone to boost or tow my vehicle. This is not what I expected from Subaru and I'm very, very disappointed. And the Outback model I got was the 6 cylinder touring edition so it was top of the line. I will be trading this vehicle off in the next week and it will not be a Subaru.


Why my 2018 Subaru outback is awesome!

Starting off with the features, there are a lot of safety features on my car including eyesight safety that watches the road around you to keep you safe, the lane tracker that makes sure you do not leave your lane accidentally so it will actually steer the car on it is own when you do not indicate, and there is also something called adaptive cruise control that is like normal cruise control but when you turn it on, it watches the car in front of you and says at the same speed as unless they turn away from the eyes view. It also breaks on it is own if the car in front of you breaks. In reliability it is a Subaru so it is one of the safest cars on the road. It is very comfortable and performs very well.

- Stephanie D

A great mommy wagon! So much room for stroller, car seat and groceries.

The outback is smooth and surprisingly smooth ride. Handles on a dime. Has eyesight and collision detection which is great for safety! I do wish instead of it “beeping” to alert me to lane departure, it would vibrate to alert me. Love the volume control button on the steering wheel cause it is raised instead of flat. The driver side seat has great lumbar support. Both front seats are adjusted automatically. All seats are heated and the steering wheel is heated. Perfect for those cold mornings. Wish the rear view mirrors automatically fold in if needed. Wish it had more front end sensors. The trunk is so spacious and if I put the back seats down. . . I have so much room.

- Tiffany Z

The Subaru outback promotes safety and awareness in all aspects of driving.

I drive a Subaru outback. It is such a comfortable and easy to drive car. It is equipped with all the newer technology to keep you safe on the road. It keeps me in my lane and notifies me when I drift out. It tracks the vehicle distance in front of me and keeps me at a safe distance. You can choose how close or far way you want to be from the car in front of you. The rear view camera works perfectly to help guide you in revere. The guide lines turn with you. It alerts you to cross traffic behind you as you are backing out of a parking space. I feel so safe in my Subaru outback!

- Susan L

The Subaru Outback in review.

It is very reliable, handles well on ice and snow. It gets great gas mileage and the ride is smooth. It is big enough to have room to haul quite a number of items. We have enough room so that our family can all fit and ride comfortably. My complaints are that the front drivers seat is short on head room, with the seat height for a tall person is limited. The car's radio automatically comes on when started which is annoying, the car cannot be locked when running which does allow for warming your vehicle up in a larger city safely.

- Karen K

The car is extremely sturdy! I had no injury after being rear ended.

The car is extremely durable and dependable. I have driven it through a snowstorm, and it handled very well. I work in sales, so comfort is important. Fortunately, the driver's seat provides lumbar support, and I am able to drive without stopping for a least three hours. The speakers that the car come with are decent, but the car is loud when driven on the freeway. Sometimes the automatic sensors are overbearing and my car has had to be manually reset because the computer freezing several times.

- Natasha S

Subaru's have the best safety features.

The safety features are what I like the most about the outback, such as the light to let you know a vehicle or other object is in your blind spot. The vehicle will also brake/stop if it senses you are not pushing hard enough on the brake, to avoid a collision. My previous vehicle was a minivan, so it is taken some time to get used to the lack of storage space. It does come with a roof rack bar so we can easily put the extra storage container up there. It is very quiet and a smooth ride.

- Sm M

Great car for snow and outdoorsy people.

This is the second outback we have bought. I love the way it handles in the snow and on ice. The paddle shifters make downshifting on hill or ice much easier. The trunk is large for all of our activities including skiing, camping, paddle boarding. I also love that the cross bars on top of the car are movable to add racks, but then move back to get better gas mileage when not in use. I think that the Bluetooth and apple carplay systems are great and easy to use.

- Colleen F

Love my 2018 Subaru outback!

I absolutely love this car! It is probably the most comfortable car I have ever driven. We have not come across any problems in over a year other than a simple recall that was fixed asap, and a stereo update. Both issues taken care of with ease. Love the room in the back. Great feature is being able to easily drop the back seats down from the rear for loading large items instead of having to physically lower each seat from the side doors.

- JoAnn M

My Subaru has great safety features and is very reliable.

What I love about my vehicle is that it has enough room for my growing family while not being overly big. It is very comfortable to drive it as well as to ride in it. I also love that it has all wheel drive so I feel like the vehicle has more control on the roads. I also love that the vehicle has great safety features as this is a must for keeping my family safe while on the road. I overall have no complaints so far about my vehicle.

- Amanda W

Everything we were hoping and expecting.

Haven't had any issues with the car except a few small recalls that were fixed very fast. The car is super comfortable and easy to drive. The engine is super responsive and quiet. Gas mileage has actually been higher for us than what the ratings say. Has tons of safety features that all work well. Love the infotainment system in this car, it is very crisp and responsive. Lots of storage space for family trips or big shopping trips.

- Aaron A

Love my rec outback and 99% of its features.

It is comfortable and very easy to drive. It has a great turning radius. Love the smart phone hook up so I can text, play music etc. hands free. Love the GPS large film. Air conditioning could work a bit better. It tends to get warmer when climbing an incline, or when it is super hot outside. Love the roomy back end but it is a bit hard to close. Inside handle on that door is pretty useless. Love the ease of the seat reclines etc.

- Cindy T

A little wiggle room, a lot of adventure.

She handles wonderfully when quick actions are needed to avoid dangerous drivers. She gets great mileage...I mostly drive freeways so it'll be a little better anyway but I get about 28 - 30 miles to the gallon right now. She is super roomy and I love how I can fold down the back seats and remove the cargo cover bar. It made moving easy and when I am working a double shift I set up the back like a bed and sleep there.

- Stephanie S

Subaru-a car that multitasks. . Subaru fits the needs of family and pets.

I love my Subaru outback but what I find surprising is that it is also loved by my husband. Being 6'2", he fits comfortably in the really well designed interior. Our two large dogs have not said they love the car but they readily enter and sit in the back seats when we go on adventures. It is a really good car not only to zip around town on errands but to take o n road trips with the entire "family. ".

- Garnett M

It is an awesome all terrain vehicle.

I had to replace the multimedia player early on. I love the eyesight system. It has lane control, adaptive cruise control, the multimedia system is awesome and uses android auto or apple play. It has symmetrical AWD, which is great in any terrain. I have been able to go through mud easily. The traction in the snow is great. It has XM mode which is like AWD on steroids. There is a camera for backing up.

- Travis B

Subaru Outback is the whole package

My outback is very reliable, I haven't had any problems with it whatsoever since purchasing it, it has a lot of room to transport stuff, lowering the back seats is easy. The Subaru Starlink installed on the dash is great as well, it lets you hook up your phone and use it totally hands free while driving to limit distraction as well as shown you any vehicle information you'd like to see

- Sara S

I love my 2018 Subaru Outback!

I have had my Outback for almost a year now & have had no problems with it! Although I miss my old Outback, nothing compares to a new one & I recommend Subaru to everyone. I love all of the features, it provides plenty of room for my dog & I for our hiking trips, or of course, other passengers as well. I feel I can go anywhere in my Outback & I always feel safe.

- Hayley P

It's fun, reliable and safe! It's got a great safety record and Subaru offers a great product across all car lines.

I love my Subaru. I previously had a Ford Expedition (which I also loved) but driving 60+ miles for work each day when the Expedition gets 16 MPG was killing us financially. So we shopped around and surprised ourselves by ending up with a Subaru which gets 30 MPG and is so fun to drive. My 13 year old can't wait for us to "hand it down" to her in a few years!


Subaru has great resale value and so much more. Fun, fun, fun!

My new Subaru Outback is top of the line. It is loaded with all the extras, AWD, fancy wheels, navigation, Luggage racks, large viewing screen, lane departure assist, speed zone notifications. It is so new I still don't know how to use everything. It is a dark metallic blue. I love it so much. I have no complaints. Best car every, so sporty and fun to drive.

- Terrie P

With driving assist package, I feel that it makes the vehicle safer to drive. It handles great on the road.

The car handles very well and I like the driving assist features that is in my model. The cargo space is awesome and it makes hauling/carrying items easy. The rear seat is spacious and I'm able to fit two car seats and third child. The fabric in the cloth seats tends to collect "dirt", this is my only dislike of the vehicle. Otherwise I love this car!

- Nancy K

Hugs the road in all weather for a safe driving experience.

The driver said back lumbar control does not have default settings so I get s backs he when my partner drives it because of the height differences so when I get in the car I drive it and do not figure it out until I go to sleep and ache. The heated seats and wipers are wonderful in winter and it hugs the road in all conditions. I feel safe driving it.

- Tam R

it's one of the more technologically advanced ones out there in the sense of safety. i know many other companies have followed suit. subaru specializes in all wheel drive. they are proven and trustworthy w/ good following

awesome overall. rugged and comfy all in one. love the AWD. biggest gripe is that the battery died just under 4 months since obtaining it. there were already issues in the very beginning where the radio wouldn't play or volume control was not responsive. also, steering/handling i wish was better. overall though a great car with awesome safety features

- Christian M

Best vehicle I have ever had!

Love this vehicle! It has settings for the seat so a push of a button puts the seat in the correct position for me. Love the indicators for a car in the blind spot. Use the navigation system a lot. Very comfortable ride with plenty of legroom. Not having to take the key out of my pocket to unlock the doors and tailgate helps when hands are full.

- Judy L

Absolutely love my outback!

I absolutely love my outback! It is safe and reliable. It is so easy to connect my phone via Bluetooth and USB and also is really good at charging whenever I want to plug in my phone. I love the safety features of it- it will tell me if I am leaving my lane or if there is an obstacle on front of me, and also has an automatic emergency brake.

- Ava W

Why the Subaru outback is sweet.

The car is a nice white color. It does not have a lot of engine under the hood. It is slow to accelerate. I like the Bluetooth and apple play. I like streaming audio books through the speaker. My engine stalled out once in the first 3 weeks. It has not happened since. It only happened once. I have had issues with the technology in the car.

- Kyle C

Provides peace of mind through a variety of safety features.

I like that the vehicle has a lot of safety features. It does not have enough storage - I wish that there was some under the passenger seat, as well as inside the fold down armrest in the back seat. The cup locations are also pretty bad. A change holder built into the fuse access door, as well as built into the back of the center console.

- Rachel A

Safety features on the outback are amazing!

Performance is wonderful in bad weather conditions. It has the eyesight feature, which is really awesome! Also, I love the all of the safety features; blind spot, Subaru OnStar, the emergency button, and all the new features on the vehicle that can actually move your steering wheel if you are close to going in the lane next to you.

- Amanda B

It is very safe. In addition to construction, there are options to make sure you don't go over the line, when a car is in your blind spot, when you get too close to another car. I love it.

Subaru is well known for its safety, so I feel very safe in it. There are many features that increase safety in addition to construction of the vehicle. I also had Lumar installed so there won't be rock chips on the paint job which I love. This is my first time with heated seats so winter will be a lot nicer for driving.

- Dede D

It handles very well in bad weather of which we have plenty in Syracuse NY.

It needs an assist handle in the front seat to make it easier to get into the car as it is quite high off the ground. It provides a very comfortable ride which is important to us as we prefer to drive rather than fly to all our east coast children -(Charleston, Maryland, Raleigh, Lexington, Binghamton, and Rhode island).

- Mary Jane T

Glad I got the Subaru instead of the Toyota.

I love that the pre owned is certified and comes with a 7 year - 100,000 mile warranty. The all wheel drive is one of the biggest factors. It is just a great car that I enjoy driving. The tech is on par with the Toyota's out there. Heck, better. At least it connects to my phone automatically. My Tacoma never did that.

- Corey E

Why I prefer a Subaru instead other brands.

I do not have issues with my car. It is, comfortable, safe, has a very nice technology, economic with the combustible, has enough space, the seats and the a/c are very comfortable and the engine is very strong and has the enough power for the car, and the customer service is very good. In one word, it is excellent!!

- Dario G

I am eager to put 300k on this thing!

I do not know what it is about driving a Subaru. There is not anything like it. I am not going to win any races, but I'll always get where I want to go. Whether that is through city traffic, or muddy creek beds. Gas is good for the size of the vehicle, and the folding seats turn it into a pickup. I love this car.

- David B

Great vehicle great design and great features.

It is a great care rides smoothly has plenty of great features seat warmers great rear end camera warning signals also choose how you want your seat ( far up or back ) grateful to my car it is most of all comfort able and enjoyable I strongly agree that you should buy one if your planning on getting a vehicle.

- Savage R

Subaru outback why I will buy another.

No problems so far. Love the features and comfort. Subaru service is very convenient. Features I like most are keyless entry, sunroof, heated seat, and dual temperature control. Gas mileage is a plus too. It ranges between 28-32 miles per gallon. This is my second Subaru and I will most likely buy another.

- Kathy W

Dream of a car. Pick / acceleration is good. Car well made.

Very reliable well made car. Easy to drive this car but I do wish it was a smoother ride. Would purchase again in a heartbeat. The car has great pick up but I bought the 6 cylinder car. Easy to put the seat done in the back and easy to put back. My dog car seat fits well and he loves coming in the car.

- Gina L

This car is built for the outdoors, so make sure to take it on adventures!

My last car was a 2005 model, so this car feels so luxurious! I love the Subaru brand (outdoorsy, dog-friendly, etc.), and I've loved all the features of the car. Safety features like the iSight and lane assist are great, and internal features like Apple Carplay and the heated seats are great too!

- Kaitlyn W

I am short and I like the height of the vehicle and I like that I sit higher.

My Subaru outback is awesome, it is very reliable. The seats are very comfortable and adjustable. The head unit feature is nice. The safety features are good. I really like my outback and I would recommend it to anyone. I have usually bought Hondas and the Subaru has been at least as good as them.

- Julie H

I love my Subaru outback!

Great gas mileage. Comfortable. Can get anywhere I need to. I think Subaru reflects my personal style and what I feel is important. The outback is a great looking car as well. It will also be great for our family when we start having kids and we can always use the luggage rack to haul more stuff!

- Sage R

It's an everything car that works great for all scenarios goes everywhere does everything

I love everything about my Subaru Outback... I love that I can go off-road and that it handles and maneuvers really well, that has a lot of cargo space, that it has most of the safety Features I like in a car. It's sporty without looking poserish. I especially like that is a really great value.

- Tan F

Great for the money. I understand it holds value well also.

Love it, reliable, comfortable, handles very well, great pick up, quiet ride. Accessories are great, love the back seats that fold nicely, even from the back you can fold the seats down. Stereo system great, gas mileage exactly as noted when I bought it. Large gas tank. Great bright headlights.

- Sue G

Great for outdoors and in the city.

I recently purchased a 2018 Subaru outback premium model and I love it. The ride is very smooth, it cancels out loud noises outside of the vehicle and the heated seats are so comforting. Its an average size SUV, not to big and not too small, plenty of room for pets and passengers in one trip.

- Allie P

Outback is perfect for getting outdoors.

The Outback is great for all purposes. It's AWD and has enough clearance to do some off-roading for camping, etc. and also has the storage you need. It also gets great gas mileage on the highway, and is comfortable. Not to mention incredibly safe with all the available features Subaru offers.

- Lesley B

It responds in hazardous conditions faster than you can, it helps you control a skid, keeps the car solidly on the ground, it is a great help on ice. Also, you can't hit things with eyesight on.

I just bought a car that has so many safety features on it. I love how the car makes it easier to drive and helps control the vehicle so I am safe. The only thing I dislike is to get the vehicle without a moonroof I had to skip the keyless feature, heated steering wheel and leather seats.

- Gwen C

Ultimate mom car. Extra space for the family and safety features so you never have to worry

This car is the cool mom car. Some cons for this vehicle is the eyesight overheats easily so I have to park my car a certain way to avoid that issue. The middle back seat is tight with 2 car seat in the back. The trunk is large for a stroller and space for groceries too. Nice safety features

- Tabitha R

Wonderful all-around car.

The car has been extremely reliable so far. It is very comfortable and riders in the back have plenty of legroom. Love the added features such as power rear lift gate, lane assist & auto braking, plus the headlights allow great visibility. Only complaint is more play in steering than I like.

- Deane G

It only comes in all wheel drive.

Good gas mileage, comfortable seats, heated seats front and back. The back seats recline, hatch has a button to close. I do not like it is only all wheel drive, and it does not calculate time of trip. The glove compartment is way too small and the dash is not flat enough to place a tablet.

- Francine S

My Subaru outback was a great choice and good value.

This car is stylish and very comfortable it has good suspension and feels of high quality. . Visibility is good and it handles well. . Dealership service is affordable and they treat me well. . Only thing it needs is a bigger glove box and more storage with some perhaps beneath the seats.

- Robyn S

The clearance is a perfect height from the city to the mountains.

My car is amazing! I love the heated seats and rear view camera! The car drives so smooth. The city that I live in has a lot of potholes and this car just drives so smooth over them. The clearance on the outback is way more than expected, I never have to worry about scrapping my bottom.

- Anne G

Mostly good, some confusing.

The ride is very nice. Some of the safety features are nice to have. There are so many features on the car, that it is hard to figure them all out. Some of the buttons work on one day, and do not work the next day. There are lots of plugins for your phone, and plenty of power supplies.

- Donald T

The facts about the outback.

Fun to drive safe good sound system AppleCare play seat warmers all wheel drive keeps me in my lane and can stop on a dime the eye sight can see what I can not a lot of features for a reasonable price sunroof automatic seats with 2 presets the seats fold with a flip of a switch.

- Steve A

Subaru outback safety features.

This is a wonderful vehicle. It has so many safety features. It get good gas mileage. Subaru had wonderful customer service. It has heated seats, Sirius radio, navigation and backup camera. Safety features include lane change alerts, blind spot alerts and front approach alerts.

- Elizabeth L

Comfortable and economic driving.

The Subaru I drive handles well on wet and dry roads. Is good on gas mileage. Is good looking with interior and exterior finishes that are tastefully coordinated. There is plenty of room for storage in the trunk. The front seat is comfortable for the driver and passenger.

- Terry B

It is an attractive car and surprisingly fuel efficient.

For the most part, I like the outback. I do not like the "nagging" feature if you get out of your lane, or if the car ahead of you has moved (sometimes you are where you need to be). It is well made--no squeaks or rattles. Peppy engine. Comfortable to drive long distances.

- Beth W

The car is very safe, and I love the way that it drives.

I have only had my outback for about four months. So far I love it. I was involved in a car accident at high-speeds when another car sideswiped me while changing lanes I was impressed on the way that the outback handled during the accident and felt very safe and secure.

- Doug B

Very nice car exceeds expectations.

The Subaru outback is a safe and comfortable car. I love the rear backup camera and the display screen for accessing all the features easily. There is plenty of legroom for myself, my husband and our two kids. The trunk of the car is huge and is useful when we travel.

- Mary G

SUBARU continues to make positive improvements on an already good car.

Great safety features. Decent hwy gas mileage(32 mpg), comfortable, good voice recognition. So many electronic features I could use a day of class instead of "on the job" training. Most everything has been improved from my 6 year old Outback (same trim level)

- Edward B

Great family car - safe and reliable.

Handles well in bad weather, great tech features like apple carplay, very comfortable for transporting kids. Trunk space is ideal for transporting groceries and kids’ sports equipment. Is not a big enough car for a family bigger than 4 though. Good gas mileage.

- Ann Marie S

Outback, the family friendly car.

Great family car. Easy to drive, great visibility, no blind spots. Very comfortable for myself and my children. Big truck for carry one and our dogs. Touch screen is nice. Speaker system is good. Color selection is good. I overall love the car wouldn't trade it.

- Nancy Y

The ability to go explore the outdoors is wonderful with this car.

My outback is extremely comfortable to drive. The technology can be weird sometimes with the lcd screen but otherwise no problems with anything else so far. Really enjoy the ability to go where I want to go without having to worry about the off road capability.

- casie w

The eyesight technology is the best feature about my car.

My car is very reliable. It is an awesome all terrain vehicle. The car has eyesight technology which gives it the ability to have lane change correction, blind spot warning, adaptive cruise control control and automatically stops when you might hit something.

- Travis B

This car offers a safe and comfortable ride with great gas mileage

The subaru outback has exceeded all of my expectations. It's the perfect size, offering comfort for the driver and passengers. The gas mileage is great along with a safe and smooth ride. Its many features guarantees I will definitely buy an outback again.

- patty r

Very pleased with our Subaru.

We love the Subaru's performance, comfort and reliability. There is plenty of storage and seating space, very comfortable seats and it's driving performance is fantastic. We purchased the car to fit our family and have been very pleased with the purchase.

- Cat L

Reliable spacious efficient safe.

Absolutely love this vehicle! Subaru is the most reliable car brand. This is the second Outback that I have after giving my 2013 Outback to my daughter. Reliability comfort good luck’s, Subaru is the whole package. I will never own another brand of car.

- Nicole D

Love this car - my forever car.

A good solid vehicle. Handles beautifully. Good sight lines. Lots of room. Looks great. Love driving it and cannot wait to take it on a road trip. Lots of storage room and love the roof racks. Good choice of colors and options. Large gas tank. Love it.

- Sue S

Outback the great family car.

Love the Subaru Outback! It is very easy to drive. Large enough for my family. A lot of trunk space of everyone’s things. The seats are comfortable, the interior is big enough for our 3 kids. I enjoy the ability to connect my iPhone or husband android.

- Nancy P

Subaru Outback great vehicle. Back seats fold down from the rear.

Very pleased with it. Leasing for $199 a month. It is very comfortable, engine has enough power. Generally I' not crazy about a cut, but this vehicle simulates shifting 6 speeds and has paddle shifters. Great gas mileage for a fairly good sized vehicle.

- Dennis L

The car is safe and comfortable. It works well in weather conditions and is a reliable car.

It does well in the snowy weather, easy to use and comfortable. I like the roof racks built into the top but I am disappointed that the highest trim package gets rid of those roof racks, I would have gotten that trim if the roof racks were on that one.

- Vienna M

Amazing all around great vehicle.

This is awesome vehicle. Does what it days. Lots of airbags. Great handling. Great gas mileage. Great performance will climb hills does not drag runs very good in low range. So far never been stuck very nice ride. Comfort, heated seats heated mirrors.

- Anita P

it has a lot of nice safety features which are very useful

It rides nicely and has great visibility. The ride is sporty yet comfortable. I'm not crazy about the built in GPS, having to start the car to close any windows I may have forgotten to close and the Sirius radio cuts in and out in too many locations

- Jerry K

It is super safe! It has probably saved my life multiple times already.

Eyesight has changed my life. I wish it worked i. The rain, but I understand the limits of the technology involved. Apple carplay is also pretty amazing. Sometimes the car’s computer is a bit wonky, but for the most part it works like a dream.

- Bob C

Great car for a growing family!

We purchased this car with the addition of our daughter to our family. This vehicle gave our family the perfect trunk space for all our bags for 2 kids 2 and under. It runs beautifully, extremely safe vehicle, and very reliable! We love it!

- Carrie J

It is very durable and reliable.

I love the styling of the car. It is super reliable and never has any issues or problems. It has loads of room and can go anywhere I want for my hobbies of hunting and fishing. The all wheel drive gives me great traction in any weather.

- Les P

Great technology, bad mechanics.

I like the new technology features. It has apple car which connects my phone to the screen in the car. It displays apps from my phone on the screen. But I've had to have it serviced twice in the three months since I bought it new.

- Todd H

The technological improvements to safety and comfort in conjunction to the approved gas mileage.

I like that it is 12 years newer than the vehicle it replaced, including all of the new technological improvements and the increased fuel efficiency. I also like that it is the first new vehicle i have owned and not just leased.

- E M

Car is long and takes practice when backing up and parking in tight spaces.

The vehicle is very quiet and very roomy. It has great cargo space. The sound system has good sound and Sirius satellite radio. The back seats are exceedingly easy to fold down, by just pulling one handle in the hatchback area.

- Holly C

Handling with ease makes a pleasure to drive.

I like its appearance. Handling. And maintenance schedule. The location which makes for efficient trips for service. The contact the dealer makes via e-mail to keep me up to date on activities and events going on with subaru.

- Terrence B

I love my Subaru outback!

Love the way it handles, rides nice & smooth but can handle more rugged terrain. Excellent gas mileage & has great pick up. Visibility is really good unlike so many other comparable SUVs. I haven't had any problems-love it!

- Kim C

I feel very safe in my car and that is the main reason I purchased it for my family.

I like my car because it has very good safety ratings. That is the main reason I bought it because I have a two year old. I don't like the length of it and the engine acceleration. It feels like it jumps into gears.

- Jessica G

Quiet, Safe, easy to get in and out of and smooth ride

of the several Subaru outbacks we have owned, this is the quietest and smoothest riding. The absolute only thing about it that is a problem is that the radio always turns on when the car is started. It is annoying.

- David m

The car is extremely safe.

I feel safe driving and would feel safe as a passenger as well. I do however think the style could look nicer and the car itself could be more comfortable in the backseat. I also wish Subaru would make a real SUV.

- Skyler S

The care is safe and economical.

The Outback has a great reputation and record for longevity. It has all the features I was looking for. The only issue is the cars phone memory keeps disappearing and does not save it more than a week or two.

- David F

It is a great family vehicle

I love that it feels like a car and an SUV at the same time. I love the cargo capacity, especially the lined trunk. It gets great gas mileage and drives smooth. I don't have any complaints at this time.

- Cris B

I feel totally safe and secure driving this vehicle.

These car is a dream to use and drive. I love how it handles the road, and the great gas mileage it gets. My only complaints are that the temps are either hot or cold, and little variance in adjustment.

- Michelle M

It is very fuel efficient which makes it a great buy.

I like me the safety features, the gas mileage, the look and feel and the price. It is no longer a vehicle simply meant for school marks but is very attractive. It was also an affordable buy.

- Lee G

Subaru's are the best vehicles on the market when it comes to safety.

I love my Subaru Outback. I drive a lot and the ease of my mind with all the safety features is what made me buy a Subaru. The comfort and space came in second. I will always be a Subaru owner.

- Christine P

It's has a tone of safety features which I think all cars should have as part of the basic car.

I love the car. Of course I have just purchased it, but it is great. I love the features on the car but I think the best is the blind sight monitoring. I have no dislikes and no complaints

- Terrie c

It's got great safety features. Feel good with my children in the car.

Love my new vehicle. Feel safe in it. Love the way it looks and the radio and electronics. Only complaint would be there are so many buttons and controls I don't know how to use half of them.

- Patti P

safety if key. With two cameras, backwards alert/braking.

LIKE: Very good all wheel drive. Has a lot of safety features. Dislike: needs a stronger battery, how some of the buttons are set up. Wish it had a more powerful horn, needs more power.

- Al S

Look ma no chains, required!

I love how the car ride is smooth and I feel safe. The car is so roomy and comfortable! It's all wheel drive and doesn't require chains in the snow, so awesome! Plus I love how it looks.

- Trish G

the all wheel drive makes it handle great in all weather conditions.

I like that it has a lower profile, but handles like a small suv. I like the all wheel drive. The safety features such as back up camera, lane assist, and blind spot alert are great.

- Ann B

The safety features in the car are outstanding.

The all-wheel-drive is amazing and makes the car feel really safe even during bad road conditions. The overall comfort of the vehicle makes it feel like a car that is twice the price.

- Doug P

i bought it because it is environmentally friendly.

i just got it last may, but so far it has been great and i am glad i bought it. it is green. the gas mileage has been okay. it is really comfortable and has a built in nav system.

- patti h

Very safe and economical to drive.

This is my second outback and I love it. Extremely reliable, comfortable, and economical. It is a very safe car and is fun to drive. It is very safe to drive on wet or snowy roads.

- Ron S

Not the best gas mileage, but ok.

I really like the electronics!.. I really love the gas mileage!.. I am very happy with the comfort.... I do not like the cruise control.. Wish you could set it by one mile/hour.

- Curt L

It has a very high safety rating, which is very important to me as I was recently rear-ended at a high rate of speed...

Vehicle handles well in the snow, is large enough to carry gear, passengers, dog, without feeling too huge. love the backup camera. Wish it got a little better gas mileage.

- Marge C

It has great safety features, and is fun to drive.

It has great safety features, seats 4 comfortably, and gets decent gas mileage. I love the way it drives, and have had good success with the same model in previous years

- Mary K

It has a five star crash rating. The dealership also takes care of all maintenance.

It's an all wheel drive. Five star crash rating. Built in NAV system & back up camera are great features. Wonderful family vehicle that's dependable in bad weather.

- Victoria T

It is rated high on safety and reliable and hold their value.

It has a comfortable ride. It has a lot of safety features. I would like it to tell you when you are getting too close to an object when getting into the garage.

- lynn t

The SUbaru Outback is sturdy, reliable, offers a smooth ride and comparable to all the other automobiles in the market yet surprisingly reasonably priced.

IT has a quick response time from the state of inertia. It feels safe and durable. The cost of the car is very reasonable. You get a lot of bang for your buck.

- FeL L

Its safety features are the best! The insight navigation and cameras are great !

I love that it has lots of space for the kids. I am able to change diapers in the back, take come lots of groceries. I dislike how expensive the gas is to fill it

- Jessica C

It has a high safety rating and is big enough for the family!

I love our Subaru. It's reliable, affordable and makes me feel safe while driving my family. All wheel drive was a must for us for making it to work in the snow.

- Shari M

The Subaru Outback offers the most value for what is on the market.

I like the gas mileage and the standard AWD. The safety ratings are impeccable. I dislike the fact that I can only fit 5 people, but that is not the car's fault!

- Katie B

Subaru Outbacks drive and ride like a sedan yet have space to carry a lot of cargo.

It is roomy, easy to drive, has loads of space to carry luggage or other items in the back. Gas mileage is pretty good and it is the fifth Outback I have owned.

- stanley p

It lives up to it's image. It is fun to drive, reliable, and will take me anywhere on our rural roads.

I like the size and comfort of the Outback. I like the all wheel drive, the cargo space, and the image of the Outback. I haven't found anything that I dislike.

- Connie G

It's great for families or individuals. There's nothing the Outback can't do. It has all-wheel drive and no issues.

I love my Outback. I get good gas mileage (28-30 mpg). Haven't had any performance issues. It's perfectly reliable. I enjoy the comfort and quiet of the road.

- Steve S

It is great if you live in an area that requires a good vehicle in bad weather.

I love that it is good in all weather. I have no complaints, it is great. I really like the backup camera, the all wheel drive and the bluetooth capabilities.

- Vicky K

Its long life span when compared with other models on the market.

It is stylish, comfortable, dependable. It is the first vehicle I have owned that long trips don't tire me out. It has all the bells and whistles that I need.

- Harold H

All the built in safety features, and the smoothness of the ride.

Like the new automated features. Like the way it rides. It's easy to get in and out of. Don't like the fact that I have had to take it in for service already.

- Don T

I due not care what others think about my car.

Drives well. Nice interior. Great radio. I like the leather seats. And how the car handles great. Paint job. I do not like the gas mileage. Great road feel.

- Hank R

Subaru is The Bomb! I love my Outback!

It handles great. It is the safest vehicle I have ever driven. Ii love the alert systems which tells us when you're out of the lane and who is behind you.

- Ann G

The car will not lock with the keys in the ignition.

It handles well on ice and snow. Gets good gas mileage. Has a fairly sizable hauling space. I dislike that the front seat/drivers seat is kind of cramped.

- Karen K

Interior room of an SUV but the feel and drive of a sedan car

Our Forrester gives us the roominess of an SUV but drives and feels like a car. It's useful for the whole family. Also we like that it has Apple CarPlay

- Mathew M

Safe and weather tested. Easy to handle, great sight lines.

Handles exceptionally well. It has wonder traction. The technology is easy to use and the center console is easy to read. I feel safe in this vehicle.

- AnnMarie G

I am 6'3" tall and I feel I have plenty of legroom in the Outback.

I love the Subaru Outback because it is roomy to drive, has safety features which I feel are helpful and can handle the ice and snow we get in this area.

- John G

Great car for a family. Plenty of space.

It's the perfect size. Lots of trunk space for groceries or luggage for vacation. It rides very smooth, and the back up camera has a decent size screen.

- Ash A

Great gas mileage, very roomy.

Perfect size rides great, color perfect. All the inside is easy to clean, love the sunroof great on gas. Handles perfect. I would buy another one again.

- Urban U

Perfect for driving around with kids and a dog. I have more than enough room for everyone.

I recently purchased this vehicle and i love it. The room it has is great and such a smooth drive.i have not found anything about it that i dislike.

- lyn m

It is a perfect fit for anyone who likes to have more control while driving in bad weather and it's a great design for outdoor adventures.

I love how much control I have in bad weather situations. I also love the overall design and features offered. It does lack a bit of get up and go.

- Noelle J

it doesn't know where the real lines are in the road and it can't tell real dangers sometimes from bends in the road

like the roominess, color, safety features. the safety features are too sensitive and can't read real road conditions and give false danger signals

- rochel d

It is a safe car that holds the road well.

Love the size and way car holds the road. Do not like that there is no front camera or sensors. Also I wish radio would not come on when start car.

- Gail R

Lasts a long time if you maintain it.

Best car ever. Goes in snow or mud. Great gas mileage.. Best ride ever heated seats CD player. Insurance is not, bad good coverage and nice prices.

- Debbie R

That it's ours .That we got a great deal and that there are many on sale.

The car is stylish, nice color Ice Silver , roomy , a lot of apps , great on gas , comfortable , good price . Have not found anything we dislike.

- Pat B

Was always a Jeep person and decided to go with Subaru. Best move ever!

No problems at all! Love my outback. Does not ride like a truck and gas mileage is fantastic! Feels more like driving a car than an SUV. Smooth!

- Marie V

The most important thing are all of the safety features and the resale value.

I love everything! The color, the style and most of all the gas mileage! It is easy to drive. I love the safety features. This is my 3rd subaru.

- Donna H

Me and my dog love our Subaru!

Smooth ride, easy to drive. Do anything in this car, it handles everything- Dogs, off roading and any minor mishaps. Great AC and media system.

- Melissa D

Excellent Gas Mileage!! It seems I go and go on a tank of gas.

No Problems as of yet. I was worried going from a rather large comfortable vehicle to this car but found that it does not feel cramped at all.

- Julie A

Subaru Outback is pretty radical.

Great handling and suspension. Goes over bumps with no issues. Very powerful engine. Great cargo room. Enough room for families and groceries.

- Ian B

It is practical not showy. A car is not an investment.

It gets reasonable gas mileage and is reliable and safe. The interface system is fairly easy to use. I can afford the monthly lease agreement.

- Kate G

The most important thing is that it is All wheel drive.

I love that it is all wheel Drive. It is very spacious inside and on the chairs. I like the look of it. I do not like the media sound system.

- Ann A

Great ride, lots of space, great deal.

There is nothing to dislike. So far we love everything about our new car. Has great gas miles, very comfortable, lots of space, many airbags.

- Charles C

Hot wheels. Collision avoidance flashes' lights to tell you where the hazard is.

It reminds me of an aircraft I flew. It knows what I need to do before I think of it. All controls are clustered around the steering wheel.

- Jon K

Is all wheel drive and gets great mpg.

It is an all wheel drive vehicle that gets great gas mileage. Is very comfortable to ride in, is roomy, and a Subaru is a reliable vehicle.

- Cindy H

It is an all around great car and meets the need of many different lifestyles

I like the style and the comfort. It handles rough roads well and gets good gas mileage. It is family friendly and has room for traveling

- April T

It is very safe and fun to drive.

My car is safe and comfortable. It was a little expensive. The subaru dealership is far away. I have no complaints about the car itself.

- Susy D

Handles well in the winter months on the ice and snow.

I love the color. I like the eyesight features. I love the interior. I love how it handles in the winter. I like the keyless entry.

- Jennifer R

2018 Subaru Outback - Great Adventure Car

Great car for adventuring! The computer system is a little slow. Sometimes the volume or back up camera freezes, which seems dangerous.

- Hannah m

Outback: Looking forward in innovation

Its great. I enjoy the tight handling and the sporty look. It gets great gas mileage and also extremely safe. This is important to me.

- Jane H

It saves lives, in an accident, and has a all wheel drive.

It is the safest vehicle out their, and for a 2. 5 4 cyl, it has so much power, it is a little expensive but is worth the protection.

- James L

Great safety and technology features that are perfect for every family.

Th rear view camera and other safety features are amazing. Apple play is great. We got a good price with unbeatable 5 year financing.

- Lianne J

Built in navigation makes it easy to get from one point to the other.

It is a larger car that rides great. It has all the safety features you would want in a car, and it has a lot of room in the cabin.

- Eric T

Make sure you get rear ac on the Outback. They don't all have it

Cruise control is wacky. Love the safety features. Why does the radio turn on every time I start the car even if off before starting

- Nita H

Subaru is the safest car on the market.

I have had the car for only a few months and love it. It fits my active lifestyle as well as two dogs that go everywhere with me.

- Karen Q

It is big and needs a large turning radius. Other people should know this.

It is comfortable, and I feel safe in it. I have no complaints. Except generally I do not understand all the technol components.

- Susan W

It has all-wheel drive, is safe and gets great gas mileage.

I just bought it and I love it! It's a safe vehicle. It has the best lumbar support I've ever seen! It gets great gas mileage.

- Valri W

Utility, safety, comfort and reliability.

Safety, reliability and quality. All the utility of an SUV with comfort and handling of a sedan. The ultimate crossover vehicle.

- Candy C

All wheel drive is great, but no on-board navigation.

No on-board GPS, I need to use my cell phone. The rear lift gate is difficult to use. Other than that I like the car very much.

- Colleen M

The perfect highway cruiser for long road trips.

Comfortable, affordable, economical, semi-fuel efficient. All wheel drive systems are exceptional. Quiet on highway drives.

- Luke R

The safety features include eye site technology and a great cruise control system.

Very good safety features included. Good gas mileage. Handled well and have good legroom and ample storage in back of car.

- George S

This car drives amazing! It could almost drive itself

I use to drive a BMW, i was nice but a pain to get serviced. This new is amazing! Almost the same car at a cheaper price

- Jim P

The fuel estimator is wrong. It showed me having 40 miles until empty... well I was empty on the side of the road 500 yards from a gas station

I think it lacks a few common features that other cars have for the same price point. Also the infotainment system lags

- Frank D

Hauling capacity is great. Gas mileage is great on trips.

Love the space, mileage, appearance, everything.. Nothing to dislike. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't have bought it..

- Linda S

Our subaru outback is white

The gas mileage indicator is always incorrect. It will say 30 miles til empty, then car is on empty after only 5 miles

- Nicholas G

Cool features, eye site and lane sway.

I love this car, it is the best car I have had. . No issues at all! I love the backup camera and the eye site driving.

- Angela M

It drives well and get good mileage.

Rides well. Good mileage. Very comfortable driver's seat with automatic adjustments. Good vision from the windshield.

- Patricia A

It is a very reliable brand and very loved model.

I like the amount of room in the back for my dogs. I like the rubber mats that come with it. I like the reliability.

- Nikki B

Better visibility looking out the back myself than other SUVs we test drove.

It has a very smooth ride. It has great safety features. It has Bluetooth technology. It has very comfortable seats.

- Linda F

Subaru great summer sale.

Love everything about this car. It has so many functions, great on gas ,phone system , App's , roomy , fun to drive

- Charles R

It's good on gas.. and the radio never turns off.

I love how it drives. It has great pickup. It's a smooth ride. But what I don't like is the radio never turns off.

- Nisa W

I feel like I got a lot of options for my money.

I really love my outback. It handles great in all kinds of weather conditions. Love the interior and the display.

- Jennifer B

The backup camera. Lights blinking when someone is in your blind spot.

Easy to drive and it is comfortable. . The safety features. The color of crimson red. . Also good on gas mileage.

- Linda G

Its safe and reliable. The resale value is better than any other car.

It's the perfect family car. Great for long road trips and quick getaways. Can't think of a car I'd rather have.

- Tom M

The safety of Subaru’s is amazing.

Love our outback. We bought Subaru because of the amazing safety ratings. Love apple carplay to as an option to.

- Monica W

There is not really anything important about this car that makes it unique.

Love the comfort, the reliability and the features. Dislike the handling as I would prefer a tighter steering.

- Deane G

It is a very comfortable drive.

I like the all wheel drive, safety and size of my vehicle. I dislike the fact that I waited so long to buy it.

- Nancy W

It handles really well and is good in snow.

I love my Subaru outback. Its roomy, comfortable and handles beautifully. It does really well on gas mileage.

- Denise K

Eyesight feature gives excellent safety awareness.

I like everything about the vehicle except the only thing I don't like is the back seat is hard to get into.

- Jan M

It's a keeper which is stylish in addition to safe. !

It's new! We just bought it because of the excellent safety ratings and resale value. So far we love it.

- Pamela S

I love the space and safety features.

I love the room in the car very spacious. The drive is nice. Many safety features like out of lane control.

- Victoria D

Its saves gas has plenty of room for your kids. Especially if your a soccer mom.

Safety features. The way it handles and drives. The comfort of the vehicle. It is a very good looking car.

- Jean R

Sleek Design, smooth ride, blind spot warning in side mirrors

Love the smooth ride and the way it looks. It has a great audio system, I love the screen when I back up.

- Kristin K

It is a very safe car and gets great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. I like the lumbar support. I like the safety features! I like the new technology.

- Val W

It shows that our family is not ostentatious and is practical when it comes to cars.

It is inexpensive It gets good fuel economy It has all wheel drive It has enough room for when we travel

- philip s

Great car with quirky electronics

Everything is great except the navigation/radio system is quirky. Subaru did update it. Only real issue

- Beth R

Easy handling, no too many bells and whistles. Simple yet versatile.

I like the all wheel drive. I like the new technology- backup pictures, connects my phone to the car.

- Pa B

Cargo room for any additional needs.

Very reliable good on bad roads. Lots of cargo room in the back. Rack on the top for additional cargo.

- Rose S

Drives and handles wonderful

I love my vehicle, great on gas, drives very smooth, comfortable seating, easy to drive, wonderful!!!

- Marcia B

Subaru outback model. Nice car

Awesome performance, great pickup. Good mileage. Nice features. Good color. Cool interiors. ..,......

- Akshatha B

It has plenty of a cargo space, and is roomy for passengers.

I love my Subaru! It is my favorite car I have ever owned. Easy to drive, has loads of cargo room!

- Lou L

The Outback has the most current safety features. They range from automatically stopping the car to letting you know when a car or people are approaching when reversing.

I enjoy the comfort of the vehicle . I like the safety features it has. It offers a smooth ride.

- Dave G

that it is a good commuter and travel car for a family with three adult sized humans and two adult sized dogs.

i like the size and cargo space. i like the fuel efficiency. I like the safety features and AWD.

- julie l

It gets around great in the snow.

I love the way it gets around. It drive very nice. It is a great family vehicle. I love it!

- nathan I

The longevity of how long it will last I'd kept up well

There isn't enough trunk space. I like the feel of the ride. I like the interior and exterior

- Alyssa W

Best for driving in crummy conditions including mud and snow.

Comfortable, great ride, good gas mileage, good driving ability, safety features. No dislikes

- Jen T

The car has Good safety features.

Like the features. Would like the garage door opener not to open when the key is not close.

- steve K

that it is all wheel drive and i love the experience of driving it

i love my outback and the fact it is all where drive and i can go anywhere i want too

- patricia m

It is good for wet and snowy weather driving conditions

I love the grip that my car has and don't like that it makes loud noise while driving

- Dan C

Very good in snow. Safety if wonderful. Ride is very comfortable and visibility is amazing for a shorter person like myself.

The radio is terrible and has already been replaced after 3 weeks of owning car.

- kelly p

It drives smooth. It's a great adventure car with lots of space. I love the feel of it and the features.

It's great for adventures and camping. All wheel drive and the lift are great.

- Carly H

It is a very practical vehicle for a family with children.

Gets good gas mileage. It has a comfortable ride and lots of safety features

- Jason I

Safety features are amazing. You don't think you need them but you do.

I love the navigation system. I also love the safety features. No complaints.

- Rachael O

incredible safety features

it's got tons of safety features, it's pretty and runs well. It's peppy, too!

- Carolyn K

It is rated highly safe and has several features to assist the driver.

Safe car. Will be able to drive in snow. Quite peppy. Comfortable seating.

- john s

I drives smooth and handles well, and has many comfort features along with being very roomy.

It has many features I want, handles nicely, and can go where I need it to.

- Elaina W

It is rugged, but looks good. The car seat latch system is not easily accessible. I like the company.

The Subaru company has a great reputation for all-wheel-drive and safety.

- Tram M

it is the best car we have owned and t can not wait for our next long trip

love the ride, handling, comfort, and pretty much everything about it.

- fran c

It is a great all around vehicle for most families.

I love and. The Android auto is a little wonky. I wish mpg was better.

- Nora D

It's a wonderful family car with good mileage and roof racks

I love it. It's Bigger and roomier. I also get better gas mileage

- Rhd H

It has a lot of safety features such as blind spot detection, alerts u to people or cars behind u if you are backing up, and kane crossover

Sits higher so it is easier to get in. Like safety features

- Joanne R

It's very intelligent. The dashboard has great info on it.

It has a nice color. It runs well. It has a nice interior.

- Eenie J

Like the style of it.Great gas mileage.Very roomy and comfy

Gas mileage is the best of any vehicles and lots of room

- Jennye A

Longevity. This is my 4th Subaru and all have been great. Have one with 150,000 mi runs like new. Can't go wrong with a Subaru.

Great build quality. Best AWD system. Easy to work on.

- Steve B

Reliable, comfortable, easy to get in and out, nice sound system.

Right size. Comfortable, reliable, good gas mileage.

- Michael T

Good fuel efficiency for an suv

Comfortable inside, good fuel efficiency for an suv

- Evan C

very good easy, reliable, and safe transportation.

safety features. reliable. comfortable to drive.

- ernest c

Other drivers like my car too!!

- Terri B