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Love my 2019 Subaru Outback!

It's one month old and I've had no problems other than when my daughter rides with me there is no room in the front for my purse which is a nuisance. It is otherwise very comfortable, quiet, has a smooth ride and all the bells and whistles since we got the top "Touring" model. It has the larger engine so has lots of power. Its lock system seems to be inconsistent...or I just haven't figured it out.

- Kathryn M

One of the best SUVs on the market.

The car is surprisingly spacious and roomy. The car is very smooth to drive not many bumps are felt within the cabin of the car. The car comes with plenty of features including seated heats and separate air temperatures for driver and passenger. The car has never failed me and is 100% reliable. The car drives incredibly well both on and off road as it is an off-roading vehicle.

- Garrett B

Subaru - the perfect Pacific Northwest car.

Subaru versatility is beyond compare. I can drive on snow covered mountain roads and be comfortable knowing my car can handle it without worry. The space and trunk are the next best features. The trunk, because with a button push it opens and closes. The space, because my son who is young will still fit in the back when he is older and well over six feet tall.

- Danielle S

The coolest high-teching car I have ever driven.

I have had zero issues with the car thus far. The features are all really cool and slick. The plus is that it is a super safe car and I feel very comfortable driving it. The eyesight features tells you when you are going over the lines and will set a speed a certain distance from the car in front of you.

- Jim B

Subaru Outback. Safety features and ease of handling.

I purchased my Subaru for the following reasons: referral from other owners, researched reliability, safety, crossover vs SUV, economical, five star safety ratings, standard features included, blind spot, GPS easy to use, " comfort of seats, heated seats front and back, lift gate is great, cargo space.

- Betty J

Online 24/7 assistance! Hands free services. Bluetooth.

No problems yet! And because it is linked to all the advances of technology, I always feel safe and assured I will not have many troubles. Quality all wheel drive. Great for alaska winters. Carry and towing capacity. Navigation and surround sound. Online 24/7 assistance.

- Ann O

I love my Subaru outback!!

Subaru is very safe and reliable. Great pickup and sturdy car. Comfortable seats and roomy interior. Plenty of room for my growing boys and all their sports equipment. Love the cargo room too. Gas mileage could be better but it is not too bad. Love this car.

- Jennifer J

Provides an absolutely incredibly smooth

I love the screen in it and ability to use CarPlay. The interior is extremely comfortable and spacious. The car provides and incredibly smooth ride and i always feel safe in it. It's an all around great car to have and would suggest it to everyone.

- Marissa C

It is super safe and reliable. The features it has makes it much harder for accidents.

The Subaru Outback is the most dependable and safe care we have ever owned. So many great features that I could no longer live without.

- Ian P

auto braking for object in front or back of car. Eight way power automatic seat for driver

My car has all of the new safety such as lane assist

- Carl S

very comfortable

Outback is stylish

- Angel Y