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2018 Subaru WRX and 2015 Subaru WRX comfort and timeless style

I drive a 2018 Subaru WRX. It is the base model so it doesn't have all the features. It has a black fabric interior with some leather features on the interior of the car. It's a stick shift car so when I first got it it was little stiff when shifting. Now that I've been driving it for a little while(5,000 miles since I purchased) and it has 18,000 miles on it, it shifts really smoothly now. It's a super fast fun car that grips to the route on the turns and it performs far better than I thought it would. The WRX is the original sparkly blue such unique color. One thing that is not that great is the price for an oil change, but the car is a turbo and drives like a dream so a pricey oil change is fine in my book because it puts out the right amount of power for my day to day driving. The interior of the car was very well thought through when they built it's very roomy and modern. Now for the exterior. The exterior like I said is a beautiful blue shade. It's very sleek and the style of the vehicle will remain timeless. I love this car so much. In our house hold we have 2. The other is a 2015 and it is almost identical with some minor upgrades. We love them both because of their reliability and comfort.

- Andrea G

It's my pride and joy. It's very fun to drive.

I love that it is fun to drive and it is very comfortable. I decided to opt out for the Recaro seats and I'm happy I chose to do that. I also love the look of my car. One complaint is that the first clutch wore out on me very quick. They told me it was common for new cars which was fine because they replaced it for free. I'm just hoping that this clutch doesn't wear out as fast

- Joanna A

All wheel drive, comfortable, great handling, and attractive.

All wheel drive makes it safe not to mention that it is a Subaru, top in safety. The handling is excellent, the interior is super spacious, and the mpg is decent for it is type. I was looking for something reliable, safe, and with good performance and it has lived up to the hype. I have had no problems with it and there is a lot of potential to it.

- Michelle C

This car is not a toy. Do not think you are invincible because as fun as this car is to drive, it is also scary. So be safe.

I absolutely love the feel of the car on the road. It grips the road better than any car I've driven. It's acceleration isn't comparable to other cars in its price range. You can take it anywhere. I dislike the audio system in it, but you win some, you lose some. Overall, I absolutely love the car and would recommend it to any car enthusiast.

- Tony Q

This car can go anywhere in any weather, but still give you the performance thrill you are looking for.

For a sporty smaller car, the WRX really exceeds my expectations. Getting an all wheel drive car, with a quick 0-60 and having it be reliable for around 25k is unheard of. Its comfortable to drive and gets decent gas mileage. My only complain is the technology in it is really bad. The headunit is like one out of a car from 2005.

- Charles M

Great sports car with great gas mileage.

My 2018 Subaru wrx is my first Subaru. It is extremely comfortable seating. The vehicle is manual and the only complaint I have is that the shifter vibrates and moves when letting off the gas. Other than that its incredible in the snow, gets very good gas mileage, it has a lot of room in the back seat as well fit car seats.

- Amber C

Great car for a small family who wants good handling and great mileage.

I love my car. It comfortably fits my family of 5 all of which are super tall. There is a comfortable amount of space. My car handles great in all weather and is super great on gas mileage. The interactive system in the car is nice and convincing w controls on the steering wheel. I have received great car at the Subaru lot.

- Elizabeth L

The Subaru WRX is fun to drive.

I have no problems with my vehicle. I got a manual transmission that I love. I am not tired of driving it all I love to take it out for a drive. I feel great in it. I love the sporty look and feel of the seats. I really like how the rear view mirror prevents high beams from bothering my eyes I think that was genius.

- Nelly H

The WRX is the best car I have ever had.

My Subaru wax is the greatest car I have ever driven Subaru itself it's a wonderful company. My Subaru is beautiful, runs smoothly and is fast. The wax comes in automatic for people who do not want to deal with manual in the city environment. It also comes in many colors and the interior is beautiful as well.

- Sara B

Subaru sti. The excitement lives beyond.

My 2018 Subaru sti is a very fun performance car to own and drive. The company stands behind their vehicles 100 %. There is a feeling of community that comes along with owning a Subaru. From charity involvement to activities that are held. This is my 3rd Subaru and I have no plans on having another brand.

- Susan E

A WRX with a 6 speed manual transmission is pretty much everything I could want.

Performance wise, this is an awesome vehicle! Plenty of power for spirited driving but also enough comfort features that I can enjoy a long trip out of town. Also, I like the updated infotainment system on the newer models. Very user-friendly. Good looking car and I haven't had a single issue with it.

- Nick G

2018 Subaru likes and reviews.

I have had my Subaru for almost a year and that car is absolutely amazing. It is fun to drive, it is all wheel drive and does good in the snow, it has a sunroof that is great to have open during the summer months. I haven't had many issues with the car. I wouldn't want any other vehicle.

- Savanna S

This car is amazing, the all wheel drive aspect makes the car in my opinion.

This car is the best car I have ever owned it is reliably and I have never had any issues. It is an all wheel drive car I feel completely safe in it however I got in a rear end car accident and the exterior fell apart so overall the exterior is cheap but the engine is excellent.

- Alexis O

I love my new 90's car!!!

The car is so simplistic in its layout. Every control is visible and within reach. The seating position is perfect for me. I am only 5'6". It is a great platform if tuning is in the plans for anyone thinking of buying one. Resale value is typically great on this model as well.

- Thien H

Good looking and nice to drive.

Really good handling nice looking and four wheel drive. Would recommend going with this company. Have used for a while and do not plan on driving anything else. Why are you making this review 250 characters? That is a very long review I do not understand it is like a novel.

- Peter P

Comfy seats backup camera Great gas mileage Big trunk

As of right now, there aren't any major issues with it. They have enough cup holders for everyone and backup camera that is very helpful. The seats are very comfy, including the back seats. It gets great gas mileage, even in traffic. The trunk is huge.

- Melissa V

Very fast and fun to drive.

It is a good vehicle with amazing boost and power but it is lacking in some creature comforts. The sound system works better with Android phones than Apple. The seat warmers are located in a terrible location. And there is no spare tire at all.

- Enrique W

Super fun and cool looking car.

I love the stereo interface, it comes with different features that include changing the look and color of your interface. Can't forget about the performance of the vehicle as well. . . Handles amazing on turns and the pickup speed is amazing!

- Adrian C

It has a rally heritage yet is powered by a four cylinder engine. It's the turbo charger that makes the difference.

The WRX is stylish. I love the performance and practicality of it. I love that it has a manual transmission and high performance. So far, I have no complaints. It has been flawless from the start.

- Rob N

Nothing really comes to mind, it's mine and I enjoy it; that's all that matters to me

I enjoy the styling and performance. The car has great acceleration and pickup from rolling speed. My only complaint is no backlight for the sunroof switches, makes it hard to find in the dark.

- John m

My car is fast but still has tons of room for storage

I love my STI, I have no complaints about it. It has more than enough power and it also has the space for shopping or a carseat in the backseat if needed. We call it our "fast grocery getter."

- Amanda G

That it is very fast, but still very practical. It is like having a sports car, that can seat 5 people and have trunk space.

It's fast, and that is very enjoyable. It can be tricky, making sure that I don't get speeding tickets. Also, the all wheel drive makes sure that it's safe to drive in most weather conditions.

- Bobby G

Japanese muscle: all wheel drive and turbo.

Turbo charged, 4 cylinder, with all wheel drive I love it. Has plenty of passing power and all the technology in the car I can ask for. Has a nice exhaust rumble which is typical Subaru.

- Ryan R

That it is faster than almost any car on the road.

I like my car because it is a sports sedan and has very fast acceleration. My car has several features that I enjoy including 4 doors, great looks and tremendous acceleration.

- Joe C

A fun affordable sports car.

The subaru wrx has been extremely reliable, an incredibly fast, and incredibly fun vehicle to own. It also has a lot of great standard features for the price point.

- Skigh R

It is a manual transmission.

I really love the features and performance of my vehicle, but they should improve the interior a little. Also I always have trouble connecting to the Bluetooth.

- Jian X

That it has a 5 star crash rating.

It is a safe car. It has a turbo which offers a lot of power going up hills. It has leather seats with a good steep system and the trunk is big!.

- Melanie V

It is a very zippy, dependable, sporty sedan. It is over 250 horsepower with a cold air scoop.

I absolutely love my car. It has plenty of pickup and is very dependable. It is an all wheel drive car that works well in the snow.

- Josh M

There is a lot of customization available in the aftermarket for these cars.

It's a very comfortable car but it is lacking in many features such as a decent stereo. It has good power and AWD.

- Dave A

Turbo and all wheel drive!!!!

Love the all wheel drive!!!Funnest car I have ever owned.The interior is perfect for me.it's a bumpy ride though.

- Venus L

You will void the warranty with any upgrades except a cat back exhaust.

My 18 Subaru wry is a fun, quick car with great handling and good performance. Seats are comfortable and stylish.

- Brittany R

My car only has 60,000 miles on it and it runs good.

I love my vehicle. Gas mileage is wonderful. Great in the snow. Good vehicle to get to school in. Fun to drive.

- Nicole B

It has cool entertainment.

It's got great clearance and gets good gas mileage. The color is awesome too. It could use more power though.

- Mike R

2018 Subaru wrx that has great power and handling!

The 2018 Subaru wrx has by far exceeded my expectations. This car has amazing power and like that it has AWD.

- Ryan A

It is very comfortable and has good mileage.

I love its design. Its interior and exterior are really great. I like its sports features and sports design.

- Susan K

It's the best bang for bucks stick shift sports sedan.

The car is quick and well balanced. It's not the greatest on gas.The AWD system is fantastic.

- Donald P

It's faster than it looks! I am still surprised occasionally by the acceleration

I love the responsiveness and handling. The styling is pretty unique as well.

- Terry N

Performance. Work hard to make it look good and practical at the same time.

Great performance and easy to find parts to upgrade or modified.

- Valerie T

I pay for it, if you don't like it, dont worry about it.

Pretty nice, but summer tires don't work well in the snow.

- Devin A