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Tesla performance and 'easter eggs'.

I love my car however occasionally I have to reset the car because some of the electronics stop working. Once reset the car works perfectly. The Sirius radio also does not work consistently. The 'easter eggs' found on the car are fun and I love that the car does not become outdated since it gets updates through the car so all tesla's have the same features. Unlike other cars that become outdated once you drive them off the lot. I have owned many cars and this one is my favorite car ever.

- Sandra S

Tesla, Best car Ever! No Maintenance Required!

The Tesla Model S P100D is a driver's dream come true. Other than replacing the tires, there is no maintenance. This is my second Tesla and I will have another. I particularly enjoy the AutoSteer feature. The acceleration is very helpful in pulling out into traffic and for navigating through traffic. I never stop at a gas station. Charge at home and at work.

- William B

0-60 mph in under 5 seconds.

This car is sporty, will a comfortable and classy looking interior. Drives like a dream, smooth and fast. Simple to drive with excellent automatic feature. Auto bright and dimming headlights, auto windshield wipers, auto pilot, it can even drive itself in stop and go traffic. New features are automatically downloaded while you sleep through Wi-Fi.

- Pamela F

New car of the future in the world.

It is very comfy and very reliable, especially with its airplane mode. It has to charge so that is unfortunate, but it's a lot more convenient than gas I think. I have not had any problems with this car so far as I've had it. My friends and family love riding in it as it's easy to keep looking clean and new.

- Hannah W

Electric cars are so much better than gas, quiet, clean, no stopping at gas stations to pump gas, just plug in in the garage overnight when the car is parked there anyways, etc.

It's awesome, all electric, no gas needed, great performance and great range so no worries about range anxiety. Great features, like autopilot cruise control etc.

- Michael S

This vehicle is an amazing one, I would recommend to anyone.

It's an amazing car, I love it, it's pretty cheap and economic, even with its price, it has great features, such as assistive driving and relax.

- Nathan C

The car is quick 0-60 in just over 4 seconds and economical with the superchargers.

Like using electric and access to carpool while driving solo. Dislike service is slow for parts and need more superchargers.

- Joseph H

it's a expensive car but i like to travel with him around the country

it's the best vehicle i ever have, but i like it be a little more powerful and faster than the competition

- pablo e

best car ever built period

is the most beautiful car I ever drive very powerful very quiet and very fast a great car in all aspects

- Matt F


It's a really pretty car and elon musk is dope because he likes mkbhd

- Bruce K

no gas is needed. battery operated and will save the world

energy efficient. no fuel ups battery drains after a while

- jojo k