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The way that the rear doors will be open. Huge high quality front

People said this is the best car we ever seen. Cool, modern, comfortable, attractive, easy working, kids friendly, all equipment. Like Superman car doors will be open to the top. We can search all songs online in Tesla front screen. The front and rear tank is so huge and everything can fit easily. It is luxury electric car that everyone loves it.

- Lida A

The Best Car anyone can ask for

This car is really a good vehicle. It is very reliable. The added features such as the auto-drive and the song mode are great. Even though I do not have a dog it still is good to have for any friends and their dogs. When I have children in the vehicle they really like it especially for the games on the main screen. Overall it's a great car.

- Sami A

My favorite part about the car are the doors.

This car is beyond comfortable. We road tripped across the country and had a great time while doing so. It was always fun watching people's shocked faces as the doors of the car opened upwards. The car is navy blue with a tan interior, and although I would've preferred white, it really grew on me. An overall great car.

- Anna K

Best in business tesla cars.

Best is its a battery operated car which saves environment and have best driving experience. Pick up is so quick. It goes 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds which is mind blowing. Model x looks amazing and they have best customer service in car business. Very impressed with the manufacture design of all the tesla models.

- Mark P

The auto drive is my favorite

I love it provides a smooth and safe ride an drive the auto drive feature is amazing an I how no complaints about the car at all I totally love it!! I have a child and one on the way and I feel totally safe when my family is in this car it's fancy fun and safe an amazing trio if you ask me

- Talon L

The lights on the car are amazing!

The nice smooth driving when I do Uber. It is fantastic! It has flaws but I am ok with that. I can fix it. I think my family is enjoying this too. They love the blue color and the interior of the car looks amazing as well. It is fun to ride in as well one of my kids says.

- Robert C

Is energy efficient and great for the environment

Beautiful car energy efficient drives well no complications. Would definitely rate 5 stars and buy future models. I would recommend. Could be a little pricey but what can you really expect for such a high quality car. Overall excellent and maybe one of the best makes

- Courtney C

Awesome electric vehicle by tesla.

Zippy electric vehicle but great styling and range. Though servicing it can take time since parts from tesla take time to reach the service center. But charging is cheap and I do not ever have to visit a gas station. Also, is a great conversation starter.

- Nick M

I love the autopilot feature

I really love the car and its features, it is really fun and safe and I love the autopilot function. I will never get over the falcon wing doors. I would recommend getting solar panels because it helps with the car and also helps with the environment

- Zander D

Its incredibly fast, it's crazy how fast it goes. Electric power is awesome

Awesome performance, excellent to drive. Very unreliable, the build quality is extremely poor there are so many issues with everything from the tires, to the seatbelt harness squeaking and the customer support has been awful

- Tanay V

The Tesla Model X is very modern, safe, and very comfortable.

The Tesla model X is a great car. One of the many great features about it is that it can self drive. This feature makes sure to be weary of crashes, and can easily save your life.

- Meme M

Battery charges amazing and I love the leg space.

It is extremely reliable but sometimes it can take a while to charge but it is also comfortable and looks great it is my favorite car I have drove and I have owned a lot of cars.

- Jaun B

Tesla's onboard computer (CPU) is incredible

Love that there is a central computer that controls the entire vehicle. Every few weeks there is an automatic update that improves this system immediately. I love it!

- Isaac S

The doors are the like butterfly wings going up and down. A very highly tech car if I do say so myself.

My Tesla is honestly the best. Amazing quality and easy to drive. It has good gas mileage and it's so smooth and quiet. I would recommend buying it!

- Abby R

If you like technology you will like this vehicle. It's loaded with lots of high tech features.

Great car. Runs and rides beautifully. What is really the best is no more gas stations, smog testing or oil changes.

- Mike P

there is no gas involved and it is super fast and a fun drive

the coolest vehicle ever made. it is the funniest car. plus i never have to go to the gas station ever again.

- angie g

That there is a self driving/autopilot which is really functional

I love how I do not have to go to the gas station anymore and all the automatic features.

- Shirley L