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You cannot lose, Toyota 86 Rocks!!

Driving a car always seemed so tiring until I purchased my 17 Toyota 86. I love the styling which is not overdone, the interior is amazing with a suede type material on key points in the car. The seating fits me perfect giving me lots of headroom and legroom. The car shifts well and I immediately changed all fluids to Motul. If you drive the car right, you’ll be at higher rpm’s Giving you the feeling that it has more power then it really has “207hp manual transmission “. Wear out your tires fast so you can get into some better tire. A simple lowered spring will drop you 1inch and give you much better handling in the corners if you like drifting your 86. Out of the box this car is amazing, consider the GT model with some of the TRD upgrades, it’s a noticeable difference in braking and handling. So you can spend 33-34k on an 86 or drop another 25-30 on another brand equivalent to the 86....Take it for a test ride, you just might be taking one home!

- Rob Ruzicka

The handling and the placement of the boxer engine

The best and worst part of the vehicle is that it comes with only 205 horsepower. If you are really into working on cars and adding parts and working on the engine than this is for you. Great on gas, good with handling and a very responsive braking system. The only quirks would be that vehicle does take some wear and tear with it being lower to the ground.

- Zain J

My car is extremely reliable. It is comfortable. However, it is not very fast, it is a 2017 but does not offer anything most cars from this year offer and it is not very big. It is a coupe, it is fun to drive and safe. It is made well and I have never had any issues with the way it functions.

- Marina T

The motor and the entire car is made by Subaru actually a not Toyota.

Toyota 86 performance is pretty good, for a sport car is not that fast, and is semiautomatic, the seat are not that comfort and is hard to seat passengers on the back, but everything else in my personal opinion is perfect, and I am planning to upgrade to a new year one,

- Felix A

aggressive driving, you will never regret buying it.

It's not a luxury car for sure but you can have so much fun while driving it, most of the interior is simple the sound quality was fine enough for what the car is, every time I got in the 86 it instantly improved my mood, it is just a simple, fun car to drive.

- Anthony B

The car handles like an absolute dream

The sporty look of the vehicle sets it off from all others. The vehicle could use a better built engine and slightly more power but where it sits is fine for people who wanna build there vehicle up on their own and go there own way.

- Axel H

Best performance car at this price point!

The most fun you can have driving for less than $50k. Great performance steering and low center of gravity allows the car to hug the road. A true joy to drive. Prefer the manual transmission.

- Jack H

This is the true driver's car - a 6-speed manual car, rear wheel drive with a lot of potential to be tuned. It could use a lot more power!

This car is the true drivers car. This is the perfect car for anyone who wants to enjoy a true rear wheel drive car. I don't like that it does not have a sunroof

- Bernard K

Proper rear wheel drive fun sports car

Fantastic car with great agility and low centre of gravity. It isn't the fastest sports car on the market but its cornering easily outweighs the lack of power

- Carl L

It's just the best thing i've ever driven really.

This is the best car i have ever owned. it has only one problem but it runs well. The AC doesn't work. But thats because its used and i got what i paid for.

- bob h

The gas mileage is great!.

If the AC is on, it drains the engine so I cannot drive faster. I learned I have to turn the AC off when entering the freeway or if I need to speed up.

- Portia R

It might not be as quick as yours but it's definitely entertaining to drive.

Sporty, great on gas, rear wheel drive, great handling and steering. Most of all it's fun to drive.

- Erik J

Even though It's a sporty car it feels very safe

It is a fun car It's my first fun car i've always had a practical car

- Sue W

My car is extremely reliable. The front seat is comfortable but the back seat is only for show and carrying books. The trunk was larger than I expected. The car has an extra charging port which is helpful. The car also has a backup camera that comes in handy. This is a fun car to drive!!!! We went to the dealership with the intent of looking for a car. When I test drove this car I fell in love.

TOYOTA 86 is a fun to drive car that handles very well

- Shelia D