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Extremely fun little sports car.

I haven't had any problems with this car so far. It is not one of the quickest cars in it is class but it is no slouch with it is naturally aspirated, Subaru, flat four and it is lightweight. It excels however in it is handling capabilities. It was designed for twisty roads. Because of it is sportiness though it has a fairly stiff suspension so it has a bit of a rough ride especially if you lower it as I have. It also comes with a nice sound system including mid-range speakers and tweeters on the dash where they should be and subwoofers in the doors. Mine also has a 6-speed manual transmission with a nice short throw shifter. The automatic has paddle shifters on the wheel which I wish they would have offered with the manual transmission. Overall, I love the car.

- Don N

Beautiful, Rough, and Noisy

First, people stop and stare at the beauty of this car all the time. She's gorgeous, the downsides are primarily the noise and the ride. It's like being in those old 1960s sports cars. It's hard to hold a conversation during freeway driving as the road noise is awful, and the seats provide little padding. The ride is rough on the best day and if you are traveling on an old road it would be best to bring thick seat cushions along, This ?'? Is very low maintenance and beautiful, but take a lengthy test drive.

- Jasmine S

It is very smooth and great on gas.

It rides very smooth. It is only a two door so it is very uncomfortable. It is good on gas. Goes very fast and it is small so parking is not a problem. A 2.0-liter 4-cylinder that makes 200 horsepower. The front of the car looks like a mean face and the back of the car is curved out so it has a big back to it.

- Ali H

It has a porsche engine. But it is a very affordable.

The interior buttons for the air don't look very sleek. Also, I wish it had keyless key. But other than that the car runs great and it is very sleek.

- Cecilia M

The electrical system doesn't work properly, you must keep the battery on an external charger or it will never turn over.

I like the color of the car. I dislike the electrical system, engine and the lack of mats. Overall it is an average over priced car.

- dave h