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The vehicle is worth the price, has excellent features; the car is comfortable

I have had this car since it came out in 2013. I got it brand new, and it ran smoothly for a long time, and it still does but of course it doesn't feel brand new. I have not had as many problems with the car as with the other cars that I have, most of the problems have come from me hitting other cars. The car is good on gas as well, and does not guzzle up a tank. The car is very comfortable the seats are not rigid and it also has an excellent sound system. The trunk is very spacey as well, I have been able to carry much of my belongings in the back with no problem. The only reason I have given it a four is because I have driven the car to California and from Arizona to CA there are steep freeways and the car does get heavy and pull back when going up the mountains. From the beginning I was barely able to meet the speed limit as I had to press down hard to accelerate. Other than that the car runs very smooth and it is excellent for the price that is paid. I do see this car being high quality, and expect it to last me for many years. I can be very careless sometimes with my car but even so the car has been resilient and any defect it may present has not been terminal or of too great of an expense. The car is worth every penny.

- Kate A

Gas mileage feature. Fashionable design . Quality material for seat cover.

Corolla is the gas saving car. I have driven so 6 years without any engine problem. The only thing I do is just change the mobile one oil every 3 months since I commute 5000 every quarter. Now the mileage is 99000 miles and I haven't still seen any problems. It is a very reliable car for me. Not too fast as the race car but still drivable for a road trip. You can go everywhere with this corolla. I have the model s so I feel I am driving a sport car. The design on the driver side is very cool at least for me. The steering wheel is in the perfect shape for a big turn. The foggy light also helps a lot for my bad night vision. I feel it is even brighter than my Camry 2015. I had only one time for the recall of passenger airbag. The service was great at the dealer where I just drop off the car and had it replaced for free. I also love the sound system that gives me the perfect rhythms for my rock or ballad songs. I think I will keep this car for a very long time. After finishing my payments for 5 years, the look, shape and color of the car is still fashionable to me. Nobody knows I have had the car for 5 years. I definitely drive this car for another 10 years.

- Hie M

Love the different ways you can change the seating.

It is good on gas in the city and in the country, it is reliable on long trips and it comfortable. It has measured gas mileage and lets you know how many miles you can drive before you need gas. It has an gauge that also tells you when you have a tire that is low on air. It has a great stereo system with a CD player. I have had it for 4 years and have never had any mechanical failures, it has hands on meaning the steering wheel that lets you manage the stereo, volume and radio stations so you can keep your hands on the wheel while driving. It is a four cylinder but has the right amount of speed you need when pulling out of traffic and handles really great through curves and wet roads. It has plenty of trunk space for traveling and holding luggage. It has a mileage counter for traveling and a temperature gauge letting you know the outside temperature, I have to travel long distances for medical reasons and has great gas mileage for interstate driving.

- Janice K

My Corolla is amazing for me as a working student transitioning into adulthood. Everyone in my family drives a Toyota and they have been very good to us. Mine is paid off so I am going to ride until the wheels fall off!

I really enjoy my Toyota Corolla. This is my 3rd Corolla (1991, 2003, and now 2013). It is stylish, affordable, has great gas mileage and maintenance cost is perfect for my budget. I have used it to travel back and forth monthly between my home and my parent's home in different states. I have an older model, but the positives are: the seat height adjust so I feel taller when I am driving, AUX jack and CD player, very infrequent visit to mechanic (just maintenance), I make it back and forth on one tank of gas for about a week and a half including errands and fun time on the weekends, the trunk space is amazing (packed 2 oversize suitcases, 4 air mattresses, three plastic containers, and two bookbags on a recent trip) and I know that I can get over 200K miles in my car as my '91 got up to 300k. Negatives: I wish I had a newer model with Bluetooth and leather seats (so that I feel fancier now that I am out of school, LOL).

- Felicia W

You will love this car. Free factory extras will amaze you and delight you.

Drives easily, gets great gas mileage, power windows, alarm system, radio and other controls on steering wheel, side mirrors controls, CD player, presets 3-different ways on radio, with windows up you enjoy a quiet ride, all-window defoggers, auto trunk release on key fob, trunk light comes on when truck is open, sops alert on key fob, warning sound when seat belts not on or if lights are left on or if car is still in gear or emergency brake is not set, alarm sounds if one of the four doors is not closed all the way. Warning light appears on dash when one or more tires is low on air. Warning light appears on dash when any part or element on vehicle needs repair, replaced, or at least be looked at. Gas icon appears on dashboard when low on gas, oil needs changing, wiper well is dry, working lightning/or lights need to be replaced or adjusted. Lighted and mirrored visors. The list goes on and on!

- Deborah O

Comfortable and reliable car for the everyday person.

The Toyota Corolla has performed excellently for the past 3 years. I have only had one incident of having car issues and I am pretty sure the issue came from the place that performed my oil changed. I had an oil leak and it started grinding my engine. Later I found out that the gasket on the oil was ripped and it wasn't an internal issue with the car itself. The car is very comfortable and drives incredibly smoothly. Although it does not have a ton of power, it performs excellently and drives very smoothly. The radio and sound system that comes with the car is great quality. I haven't really felt a need to buy a new car stereo. The radio has a nice touch screen and syncs very nicely with my phone so I can see the songs that play on my phone. Overall I love this car and recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, comfortable, and reliable car that can travel quite the distance.

- Alyssa W

Toyota Corolla. A small car that gets you places! It won't let you down.

The 2013 Toyota Corolla is a reliable car. Has good gas mileage. It only had one recall for the airbag. Which if deployed would send out sharp metal objects. Which the manufacturer replaces free of charge. My Toyota has a sunroof. Anti lock brakes, Daytime running lights and a anti theft locking device. Which gives you discounts thru your insurance company. Who doesn't like to save a little money. You could also add Sirius Radio which is relatively cheap depending on the package you want. The speakers are clear in sound quality. It has a spacious trunk. To fit your daily shopping or beach supplies! I know I love my Toyota Corolla. My first car. That I'm proud to own. In the winter months. It goes great in the snow. With proper snow tires of course. The Toyota is a great car for any first time buyer. You'll love it as much as I do! I promise.

- Natalie K

The 2013 Corolla's 132-horsepower four-cylinder engine struggles to provide enough muscle for passing cars on the highway and traveling up hills. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, and a four-speed automatic is available. Overall ride quality is comfortable and composed, but steering feels numb and unresponsive. This sedan is suitable enough for your everyday commute, but rivals like the Mazda3 provide a more engaging ride. The Corolla delivers 26-27 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway – an average rating in the class.

The Corolla seats five in two rows of seats. Its cloth seats are soft and comfortable, but they don't offer much support. Head- and legroom in the front seats is good. The rear seats have a decent amount of space, but taller occupants might feel snug. Visibility is good all around. Cabin styling looks a bit conservative, but audio and climate controls are easy to identify and use. There are two sets of LATCH car-seat connectors on the outboard rear seats and an upper tether anchor on the middle seat. The Corolla is lacking when it comes to standard features. It comes with a four-speaker audio system and a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. To get features like Bluetooth, a USB port, cruise control, and heated power mirrors, you'll have to step up to the higher trim levels.

- Juan z

Features of the 2013 Corolla.

I honestly love this car. It's very reliable and cheap. I have been driving it for 4 years now and not a single problem. I get it serviced every year and I get my oil changed every 3 months like everyone else should. I attend the university of urn but I am from Las Vegas. So every now and then I drive back to Vegas for holidays or just to see old friends. The drive from reno to Las Vegas is 6-7 hours. I have made the trip about 50 times and my car has never broken down. My favorite features of the car are, the spacious truck, the speakers are accommodating, and the car itself is not to seal to fit my friends in it. My least favorite features are the interior lights are a yellowish dimmed light and the screen on the in car monitor is easily dented.

- Izzy C

Owner review - Toyota corolla 2013.

Problems: I got a postcard in the mail notifying me that I need to take my car to the dealership to get the airbags replaced- the airbags that come with the car have a defect that could result in them not working. . Performance: my car performs well. It starts up quickly (unless we are in a -20 degree polar vortex) and runs smoothly. Reliability: my car is very reliable. I haven't had any breakdowns since I bought it, though I have had a couple of flat tires. Toyota is known for their reliability. Comfort: I am very comfortable riding in my car, and my passengers are too. I am pretty short, so I have found this car to be sized properly for me. . Features: I got the version with a sunroof-otherwise, all the features seem pretty standard!

- Hannah S

Use the dealer; dealerships have discounts, free car washes, free road trip checks.

The Toyota Corolla has very comfortable seats do not like that I can feel the road more than I would like, would like to see better suspension or shocks. They are very reliable cars with regular maintenance and can easily last 10 to 15. The oil changes can be very costly compared to other cars because you will need a synthetic oil but thankfully you only need an oil change every 5000 miles. The trunk will easily fit 3 persons luggage unless they are bringing more than 2 large suitcases I have had 1 large suitcase and I average size carry on for 3 different people in my trunk and had no worries getting them in or out. Overall a very good car to own and drive.

- Margaret H

Small car but dependable and good car for young teen or college student.

My Toyota Corolla is a very dependable car. It was a great purchase, and gets you from point A to point B without any issues. It gets very good gas mileage and is very low maintenance. It is a basic model, with some nice features such as a touch screen, traction control, Bluetooth connection, AUX cord and USB port, and more. The seats are cloth and very comfortable. The trunk is very big, and underestimated for how much can fit in it. The back seats can also fold down to create even more trunk space for bigger items. Since the car is smaller, the passengers in the back seat do not have as much room to sit comfortably.

- Brooke H

A wonderful car and has really fulfilled our needs as our family car.

Our Corolla is a great car that runs beautifully. Gets great gas mileage especially on the highway. Steering and driving the vehicle is nice and smooth. The radio works great and are able to connect our phones to Bluetooth so we can take calls hands free. The performance is great especially in the rain. It can drive in the snow; we have driven it over the mountains multiple times and handled really well. Only have had two problems with the car; the alternator went out and one time car wouldn't start but started after a few minutes. Overall it is a wonderful commuter car and a great car to get where you want to go.

- Megan B

Why I love and regret my 2013 Toyota Corolla purchase

I absolutely love my 2013 Toyota Corolla. I bought it brand new right off the delivery truck and over the last several years I have never regretted it. This car is made very well and is very dependable. I do wish it had air vents installed in the 2nd row/ back seats. I absolutely love my sunroof as well. Many people tried to tell me that I may experience problems with it over time but I haven't had any problems with it. I love the Bluetooth capabilities, just regret not updating to get the built in GPS and backup camera. All in all this is a great first car to start out with that is very reliable.

- Stephanie S

Great Mom Car Toyota Corolla

My car is perfect for me. Others have complained they think it's small, but I am only 5'2' and I have plenty of room. I have 2 boys, currently 9 and 11 and the backseat fits them fine. The trunk is roomy and I have never had anything malfunction on this car. I purchased it in July of 2013 and not a single issue. I do however keep up with all Toyota's routine maintenance at the dealership, so that may contribute to the longevity of the car. The only complaint I have is that even though it is the very basic model you can buy, the car does not have cruise control, other than that I love it.

- Trisha H

My car is a Toyota Corolla, it is a compact car. It has Bluetooth capabilities.

My vehicle is perfect for me. It is small, so not a great car for tall people. It has been really reliable and I have not had any issues with it. The speakers are good which is important to me because I love music. It has Bluetooth capabilities. It is an easy car to use, it is the car I learned to drive in and it was easier for me to use then my parents car which is slightly bigger. The steering on it is nice and easy. The only real issue is the size for tall people my brother hates driving in my car because for him it is not comfortable. Overall it is a reliable and easy to use car.

- Kylie D

This car has a lot of space with great other characteristics.

This car was my first car. My mom bought it for me for my 18th birthday and it is an amazing first car to have when you are just starting out. It accelerates smoothly, the brakes are great and the sound system is amazing. You can really hear the bass of the music. The trunk has a lot of space, as well as the glove compartment and there is a little pocket for small things between the driver's seat and the passenger seat. For music you can connect your phone and use Bluetooth or there are adapters and plugs in the car under the radio where you can plug in a phone. Great car!

- Natalie N

The great blue car: the Toyota corolla rivals the competition.

The Toyota corolla is the perfect car. First, the car is very good on gas. I commute 20 minutes to and from work. I fill up every other week. Second, the car never fails. My husband takes the car for maintenance twice a year. With a bill of $60 to $100, the car runs perfectly. Third, my corolla is cute. The car is a pretty blue on the outside with a light brown interior. The car hauls my every day work load as well as our more heavily loads like luggage for vacation. This is the perfect car if you seek great gas mileage, reliability, and a cute style.

- Anna R

Perfect little sedan: great commuter car

I love the trim of this car! The sport edition really makes it look better. The anterior is black fabric and it is super comfortable. I really like the screen and Bluetooth system! The car drives smooth and I never have any issues with it. My only issues with the car is it only has 4 cylinders. I personally would like more power, but the small engine gives great gas mileage and it is easy for people to work on. I would absolutely buy this car again, I love it! It's my commuter car and it's a perfect size and shaped sedan and it's a great driving car.

- Jennifer L

Great commuter car and very reliable!

I love this car. Such good gas mileage, I usually get over 30 on the freeway. So far it has been very reliable, I take it in about twice a year for an oil change and check-up and so far no major problems. The back seat is a little small, but I am usually the only driver in the car, so that is not a problem. I don't have any special features (back-up cam, moonroof, etc.), but the standard trim still has all the features you need and are in places that make sense. I am happy with this car believe it is a great value, would recommend to family/friends.

- Marissa L

The gas mileage is to die for

I have had my Toyota Corolla for almost three (3) years now. I have never had any types of issues with my car. When buying with Toyota I highly recommend also purchasing their warranties. So far I've had 2 flat tires, been into two car accidents and everything to be fixed was free thanks to insurance and warranty. they're very flexible with finance options as well. And free oil changes for life! I love my car, it's reliable, my fully loaded system rocks, the gas mileage is amazing! I drive over 200 miles every week for work and I only fill up once!

- Alexis N

The gas mileage, the engine, and the transmission are dependable.

My brakes have to be changed to often. The car over all is fair. The gas mileage is good. The car is reliable and dependable. However, the frame is easily damaged and disconnects. I have had to take my car in because manufacturers' problems. My airbag light came in a week of buying the car, but the dealership said there was nothing wrong with the bag. They turned the light off and I went home; three years later I received a notice in the mail to bring my car in to be serviced because there is a recall on the airbags relating to my model vehicle.

- Sandra W

Always reliable, never fails me!

I have had my Corolla for 6 years now and have had NO problems with it so far! I regularly keep up with the maintenance (although sometimes I'm a little late). It is always reliable and the MPG is fantastic! I drive pretty conservatively and take care of my car and it does the same for me. There are no doubts or questions when it comes to my car's performance. I usually volunteer to drive for long trips with friends because I know they'll be comfortable and have enough space. It has Bluetooth connection, AUX, and even can hold CDs!

- Stephanie B

Almost as good as my 2008 Toyota Corolla!

I like the size of the car. Easy to maneuver. All controls are easy to reach. I bought this car because my previous car was also a Toyota Corolla 2008 and I loved that car. The 2013 does not have the very tight turn radius of the 2008 nor does it get the superior miles per gallon of 33-34 of the 2008. More like 25-28 mpg. Having said that, it has proven to be a very reliable low cost vehicle and I do enjoy driving it. I have had absolutely no problems, concerns, or repairs. Very dependable. Good air conditioning and heating.

- Charlotte M

2013 Toyota corolla spacious and comfortable.

It is a reliable car, only issues needed to be fixed by a mechanic have been news brakes and routers. It is Bluetooth enabled and can have multiple phones added into the database. I have a toddler and his rear facing convertible car seat fits in the back nicely. The trunk is big enough to fit his stroller plus groceries, gym bags, etc. It now has over 100k miles on it and is still running great. Seats are comfortable for long trips, I used to commute over an hour for work and was always comfortable while driving.

- Hannah W

Very dependable and love the comfort!

I have enjoyed owning my Toyota since 2014. The car handles well and I feel in control at all times. I appreciate the console radio display and it has bluetooth connect so I can play songs from my phone. The seats are adjustable and comfortable. The back seat area is also roomy. I love the size of the truck! I never have any issues fitting all of our things for a trip to the beach or to the store. I am planning on having this car for a while longer and hope that I will be able to take it into the 2020's with me.

- Tina Y

2018 Toyota Carroll's the perfect match for an active lifestyle.

Great reliability and resale value. The amenities and extras in the card are great- love the Bluetooth capabilities with the phone and music, allows all passengers to sync up and play their own music. I am very particular about the lights in the dash and the overall internal appearance is very pleasing and well laid out. Would be nice if there was a electronic adapter receptacle in the back of the center console for rear passengers. The s package is very sporty but increases the cost of maintenance a bit.

- Chris O

Compact and comfortable, the Corolla is a good pick for the average commuter.

The Corolla is very good on gas and is easy to drive. The stereo and navigation system is easy to use. Bluetooth connectivity is very quick and has no lag, which is important when I'm on a road trip and the kids are watching a video with the sound playing through the speakers. On the downside, the interior is ok for no more than 4 adults and the trunk space is not the roomiest. It's not the fastest thing on the road, but unless you're drag racing you should be fine. All in all a decent economy vehicle.

- Bill M

Great little gas saver car

This vehicle is small but it's a true gas saver. I can go to the surrounding small towns and back home with half a tank. I especially love the color blue. It is comfortable and it's perfect for me. If you are a tall person 5'9' or taller then I would not recommend this car. Not a lot of space for you to move in and if you are the driver not very comfortable (my nephew is 5'10' he hates when I drive because of his height he's always complaining about how he doesn't fit or it's not comfortable for him).

- Erica M

Not flashy, but comfortable ride. Maintenance is a breeze and relatively affordable.

I have been driving my Toyota Corolla for five years now and I have enjoyed it a lot. It is extremely reliable, and outside of regular maintenance, I really have not had issues with it. It is also pretty comfortable, I've driven across the country several times in it. Decent gas mileage is also a bonus. As for features, there really isn't anything spectacular, but it has all the necessary basics to make for a comfortable ride, including Bluetooth that works reliably and connects easily.

- Gloria G

Neoprene seats are awesome,

Super reliable car that doesn't have a lot of issues beyond regular maintenance. The interior is comfortable without overly extravagant bells and whistles. There is a touch screen for playing the radio and connecting other media. The back passenger seats don't have a pull-down armrest cup holder, but there are 2 cup holders that fold out from the front's mid console. 1 built in USB outlet, but has an adaptor for you to plug in more. Easy and straightforward knobs for climate control.

- Vanessa L

High reliability, low cost

I got my car used in 2015 with only 19000 miles in it. Now it is 2019 with 103000 miles and it has not been in the shop once other than regular maintenance like oil changes. The AC is just now starting to go which will be about $1000 repair. However, considering the car is 6 years old and has never needed work that is like nothing. I have driven this car in long mile trips with kids and it has been great. It's reliable, it looks great, it's comfortable. Not much more you can ask for.

- Kristina G

Normal with its works & unique with finishing touches

This Toyota Corolla works really well, it's blue and it has never failed me. It's never broken down, the seats are comfortable, and it's small but roomy enough to fit probably another person that is small. I would go as far as to say that it works better than all the other Toyota's I've had. This model proves to be outstanding and has lasted me close to 6 years. It wasn't too costly either, which would be great for anybody who needs a good car to be stable with their funds.

- Laine A

My Corolla - a great and economical car.

My Corolla gets great gas mileage on freeway and in town. It is comfortable to drive and passengers indicate the seats are comfortable. Must people have enough leg room in the back (for 2 people - a third person is tight). I have needed no major repairs and have approximately 63000 miles on it. I bought the maintenance package and take it to the dealer every 5000 miles. Only feature I wish I had is automatic headlights - I only have a buzzer to remind me they are in.

- Diane B

It's affordable, reliable, and a practical car to have.

I bought my vehicle new about 5 years ago. I got the base model in silver. Overall, I feel like it's a good and solid car that's pretty affordable. There's nothing too fancy about it, but it does its job by getting me to and from places reliably. It gets pretty good gas mileage and isn't prone to breaking down. My only complaint is that it has really low horsepower so when I'm climbing a hill, I have to go extremely slow compared to others around me. It's a weak car.

- Brooklyn W

It is a reliable family car.

I like that my car is reliable. I do not have many issues and mainly just need to do routine maintenance. I have had an airbag recall on my car. It is a tight fit to put three people in the backseat of my car. The trunk latch also came loose and has been causing issues, needing to now replace it completely. The color on the inside is a light grey which soaked up all the dirt. It has really good gas mileage and I have had to use it to drive out of town a few times.

- Megan I

Reliable 4-door Toyota Corolla.

I love my vehicle. Got it brand new and it has always been reliable. Performance wise, it does just what I need it to; I do not do too much driving. Mechanically I have never had an issue, very simple fixes done here and there. Some of the features it has to offer are touchscreen radio monitor, and Bluetooth accessible. Super comfortable car, however not suitable as a "family" car which I have come to realize as of lately since having my twin boys 9 months ago.

- Stephanie T

Toyota Corolla. A good car if you don't live in areas with mice

The car is a good and dependable car. I bought it used and it has been very good. I only give it a 4 because I had a mouse issue with the car where some mice got in and caused a ton of damage and smell. When I was getting it repaired it was told to me that the corolla has this issue where it has tiny holes underneath where mice can make their way in. and that some of the car parts are manufactured with some type of cheaper material that actually attracts mice

- Chris P

The best compact car in the industry.

I purchased my Toyota corolla brand new with 13 miles on it. The Toyota corolla is by far a great wonderful car. I haven't had any issues with my car. The reliability of this car is amazing! I would definitely purchase this car again. The comfort of the car is nice. I have a family of four and we have no problem with space. We travel in this car all the time. The car is good on gas mileage. I would definitely recommend buying Toyota corolla to all.

- Dianne B

Great for someone single!

Very reliable with a decent audio system. The touchscreen feature and quick and efficient user interface- especially the Bluetooth connection- are some of my favorite parts. The back seats are collapsible which helps transportation of larger items but it is still a very small car. Probably the biggest frustration is the lack of legroom in the back seats. Great car for someone single but not ideal for road trips or giving rides to groups of people!

- Abby M

My Corolla is a dependable, trustworthy, and simplistic car. I love it.

I have had my car since my sophomore year in college. It has driven across the country with me two times. As of now it has over 80, 000 miles on it and has never had a problem. The car is simple enough to not cause me any trouble, and yet has some technology that has been extremely helpful to me such as the digital radio, and my ability to connect my phone to the radio. These are my favorite aspects of the car. I feel that I can fully trust it.

- Jordan C

Great features and great transportation.

I absolutely love the size of the car. The exterior is appealing and the anterior is great. I feel it has a lot of great safety features that I know I can rely on for the safety of my child. Never had any mechanical problems with anything in the car and the technology in the vehicle is great for me music wise and hands free calling. Overall this car is fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who was looking to buy a vehicle.

- Diana C

Loving my dependable Toyota corolla!

I love the smooth, easy way my Toyota corolla drives. It is just the right size for me. I feel safe in it because it is not a little compact, but it is a mid size sedan. I do not like to drive large vehicles. My Toyota is very good on gas, especially on long trips. I have always loved the Toyota brand. I trust a Toyota to get me where I am going without any problems. I know that a Toyota is going to be good for around 300,000 miles.

- Jane E

I would say the best thing about this Corolla is the gas mileage.

The Toyota Corolla that I drive is the second Corolla I have owned. I drove my first Corolla for 11 years and loved it. Most dependable car I ever owned. I traded it in to purchase the Corolla I own now. This Corolla does not get as good gas mileage as my first Corolla. This Corolla is very nice to drive, especially on the highway. I drive quite a bit on the highway. I have had no problems at all with this Corolla.

- Karen F

Toyota Corolla one of the top selling cars and most reliable cars out there.

I really don't have much complaints about my vehicle other than I wish I had a more updated model. My Toyota is a very reliable vehicle. It's the best company out there and one of the most frequent vehicles you will see everywhere regardless where you are. Other than its usual car parts that need to be change because of the amount of years I have had my vehicle it runs very smooth and I could not be any happier.

- Jennifer M

My Corolla is a reliable and affordable car.

It's proven to be a reliable car. All repairs have been for minor things and have always been reasonably priced. It's not a powerful car but it gets average gas mileage and I never really worry about it never starting or breaking down. It doesn't have some of the newer safety features such as a backup camera or blind spot sensors. That would be a major con if you were looking for a car from that last 10 years.

- Jennifer T

Comfortable Corolla: Good gas mileage but surprise repairs.

It gets great gas mileage and can make tight turns. It's great for day to day driving, but not as comfortable for long road trips. It doesn't have cruise control and the perks our other car has. It's also had problems recently with the CD player not working. The radio works but isn't worth the money to fix it. It's also needed some other random repairs that were unusual for the age and mileage of the car.

- Bobby W

My favorite low-maintenance car.

My car has very good performance, I have over 177,000 miles and have not had to do any major repairs besides just new tires, brake pads, essential things that wear out over time. My sister has the same car same kind of upkeep as mine and over 250,000 miles. I would definitely recommend this make of car and this model is nice because it is small but seems like there is a lot of room and not cramped.

- Jamie Q

Good mileage and good on gas buy a Toyota y'all.

It's good on gas and had it four years before new tires I just got to clean it out again I got it paid off and glad to wonder what the next car going to be. I want a Jeep or something. I drive to North Carolina a lot went to Memphis and the Beach Hope this car last few more years girl its been good car all round don't have lot miles on my car either. It's very amazing I don't got lot miles though.

- Bridget D

The Toyota corolla's most interesting and appealing is aspect is it mileage.

My 2013 Toyota corolla is amazingly fuel efficient. It has a smooth ride and is easy to handle with nothing that particularly hinders an experienced or a new driver. I would recommend my Toyota corolla to any and all would be drivers, because it is an engineering masterpiece with its many safety precautions in case of any accident. It's a vehicle you can feel safe driving your family around in.

- Bryan R

2013 Toyota Corolla Review

Reliable car, mostly comfortable. However, already have small oil leak at 94,000 miles. It has never broke down on me and is a smooth ride. It has Bluetooth and a touch screen radio. I would not recommend this vehicle for areas that get a lot of snow unless you have very high grade snow tires. This car skidded on NH roads and was unable to handle hills with only a bit of snow with regular tires.

- Heidi C

Realistic view on the Toyota Corolla, a no bs assessment.

The Corolla is a reliable vehicle with good gas mileage and seating for 5. Cabin and trunk space is a bit cramped, only one charging station outlet in front of the gear shift which can be problematic. It is light on torque because of the 4 cylinder engine but makes up for it in mileage and decent handling. All in all a decent vehicle for daily use and commuting without additional comforts.

- Bill M

I love my Toyota. It is a very dependable car.

I like my Corolla. I went from a 4 runner to a Corolla because if financial reasons so I miss my 4runner. The Corolla gets good gas mileage and is a good size. Mine is just the basic model, no frills but it takes me where I need to go and the ac works well. I live in Florida so that is important. I have owned many Toyotas and they are very dependable so I am sure this car will be the same.

- Lisa G

Economic in gas and reliable. Quality at good price.

Is not to comfortable. Is a little bit noise. The cushioning system is not good. Is reliable and economic. The interior is just ok. The radio and sound system are goods. The exterior paint are nice. Overall the interior and exterior size are good. The trunk has good access. The air conditions is good. I just recently receive a recall; about the airbags but I didn't have time to do it yet.

- Ivan G

My car gets excellent gas mileage and the tank is large but not too large which makes filling up feel a little cheaper.

I like the compact size of my car when driving through traffic but in Texas some drivers have large vehicles that make driving in parking lots and on highways scary at times. The radio does not have a scan feature which is frustrating because the buttons on the steering wheel only allow for the driver to flip through preset channels. The trunk is spacious but the back seat is quite small.

- Coffey M

Our high performance car, runs very well, has a great vivid color and is great. .

Our car was bought new in 2013 and since then we have travelled on short weekend getaways, it has a lot of mileage but it has always performed well and looks great, it is very comfortable, drives well and we like it very much. We take the car for its semi-annual checkups every year, have changed the tires once, and the air cabin. It is an auto my son plans to keep for a long time.

- Maria S

Toyota Corolla, comfort on the road.

The car performs great. It is reliable, saves on gas, smooth ride, comfortable seats, drives well on long distances. You only need to service the car every 9, 000 miles. I haven't had any problems with this car. The car has four doors and a roomy trunk. It rides well on the highway and we were able to load 20 boxes in the trunk and back seat. It seats 5 people comfortably.

- Iris D

Toyota Corolla LE review on comfort, size, and overall customer satisfaction.

Toyota Corolla LE is a reliable car, but it occasionally warms up too much after an hour of straight driving and will smell. Not a very strong car and does not do well with steep inclines. Comfort wise the front is really nice but the car is only good for two. The back does not have enough space for multiple people to sit comfortably. Trunk is nice and big though.

- Radhika V

The Corolla is affordable and reliable.

The Corolla has great gas mileage, the price is so reasonable, it is a very basic and simple car, which I like, and a very decent trunk space. I just wish there was a little more room inside the car. The car is also very reliable. Our Corollas last for years and years. Our last Corolla was a 2001 and we just this year had to get a new car, and we drove it a lot.

- Nicki K

The color of the car is my personal favorites.

My perfect sized Corolla is the best vehicle ever. I cannot get enough of it. I love the four door, family sized car. It is perfect for my family. Amazing on gas too. Plus, it is cheap as well. Not bad for a used car. And I am wasting space because apparently I need to write more about it. I love the way the color blue is shiny and the interior design is soft.

- Katie E

Durable and light good gas mileage.

It is very reliable have never had a problem yet the parts that are needed horribly expensive I did pop a dent out all by myself so I guess durability is nice it is very good on gas mileage except for this car is a 4-cylinder so it is a little bit lighter than the Camry so it is not as heavy in the front so you slide a little bit easier in the snow and rain.

- Christina I

Toyota Corolla: reliable, affordable, and fun.

I love my Toyota Corolla. It has great gas mileage and it is extremely reliable. I bought it new and have only had to take it to the mechanic for maintenance. Also, it is very comfortable to drive in. The electronic features that came with the vehicle, such as touch screen for radio and bluetooth connection to your phone, make this car an all around winner.

- Jodi J

Great car, needs better speakers.

It's really a great car. It's not very quick, but it's perfect for everyday driving. It's very comfortable to drive in, and I love the Bluetooth feature. I would prefer the Bluetooth to be a little more interactive, but it works well for my needs. It could also use slightly better speakers. However, I am sure that is available in a better trim than I have.

- Chris M

If you are looking for a vehicle that will not break the bank, this one's for you!

When purchasing the 2013 Toyota corolla le, you are truly getting the most bang for your buck. Although a compact car, it does not fall short in the comfort category. Known to be one of the most reliable cars for years in a row, you can be sure that it will be easy on your wallet. The touch screen audio controls are modern and have Bluetooth capabilities.

- Kate A

Great city ride with great gas mileage.

The car is not very old and so far I have not had any issues with it. I bought a Toyota Corolla specifically because consumer reports showed it to be a dependable vehicle. I am not a very large person, so even though the car is not that roomy inside, it is comfortable for me. It has the essential features such as power windows and locks and a USB charger.

- Christine T

Toyota: a brand for the everyman and layman.

Good in city and out of city gas mileage. Consistent start in cold weather. Reliable in all weather. Comfortable amenities. Great customer service and service technicians. Smooth driving capabilities. Problems. Not a lot of space in back. Trunk space is large, but can not haul larger objects. Heat shield seems always come off due to rust like weather.

- Ryan M

Good car that gets the job done. Not good in snow.

I like the large window on the rear of my car because it makes it easy to see what's in my rear view mirror. I like that it's a more compact car but fits three comfortably in the back. The pick up and the breaks aren't that great and it's terrible in the snow. Overall, it gets the job done from going from one place to the next with no special features.

- Stefani A

Economical and great little car to get around town.

I like that I can save on gas and that it is economical. I like that I have bluetooth capability in my vehicle so that I can use my phone hands free. I am in need of a van at the moment, because now I have three kids, one being in a car seat and the car seat makes it difficult to have a passenger in the front seat due to the limited space inside.

- Audrey F

The economical features of this car in terms of mpg and repairs.

I like that my vehicle will last me years with the occasional wear and tear. The greatest thing I see is the mpg and the fact that any potential damage on the vehicle can be easily repaired without having to spend a fortune. One complaint would be the acceleration but it is just a trivial matter that never affects the performance of this vehicle.

- John S

Toyota Corolla 2013 review.

My Toyota Corolla 2013 runs really great although my tires air becomes a problem, steering is so smooth in this car also you barely have to press the gas to accelerate, or brake for that matter, had Bluetooth hands free talking so you can connect your phone and be completely safe while talking and driving, has great radio and great gas mileage.

- Angelica L

The best car to ride comfortably in.

This car is very reliable and I have had zero problems so far. It has comfortable and spacious back seats. The trunk space is generous and comes in handy. Mileage and gas are huge pros for this car. I do not have to fill up as often as I have for other cars. Overall I would suggest this car for anyone who wants a reliable and comfortable ride.

- Raven K

The best, safest and most reliable vehicle ever

My vehicle is reliable and dependable. I am a single mother with 4 children whom are involved in all sorts of sports and activities and for the last few years commuting has been convenient with this vehicle. Its has great gas mileage, I love the Bluetooth feature it has as well. It's comfortable and I feel safe driving it in all conditions

- Cindy K

Burnt orange little car by the name orangette.

Great car with good gas mileage. I have had it for 2 years and have had no mechanical issues *knock on wood* and as long as you keep up with basic maintenance of the car. I was very shocked when I found out that you do not have to do oil changes for every 10, 000 miles because Toyota cars run on fully synthetic oil. Has been an amazing car!

- Bailey B

2013 Toyota Corolla works well considering it�s used

In general, my vehicle performs pretty well. There was a time however where the engine was making an odd noise. It was like it wasn't getting enough power/over working or something was stuck. The issue got fixed though and I believe a tube was loose. For being an older model it holds up on the highway. It is a more spacious car than some.

- Tye A

Good reliable car, long lasting with little maintenance.

It has been mainly problem free. I got it used at 85k miles. A crankshaft went, along with the alternator but those were maintenance after so many miles with not being changed before. It goes and goes. My family has always had corollas. They are great on gas and can take high mileages too. My next car will hopefully be a corolla too.

- Cassandra W

It�s gas efficient, the mileage is good. It�s a nice white car.

The vehicle is very reliable and the mileage is really good. I don't like how there is tons of recalls I get since I bought the car. I think the car should have been checked before purchase so that I do not have to always go back for recalls. I do like that it's gas efficient so I don't pay a lot of gas. My mileage is great as well.

- Fendi A

It�s a good car with good features, especially for the year model.

A good car overall, not sporty, but by no means ugly. This car has a feature that prevents (or at least tried to) sliding on ice. It works fairly well, so long as the driver is reasonable. You can control the radio from the steering wheel, something I find I enjoy. I have never felt unsafe in this vehicle, and it has performed well.

- Rebekah F

2013 Toyota Corolla S Model

My Toyota Corolla is extremely reliable. I have had no issue with my vehicle at all. I have never had to worry about the reliability of my vehicle. I constantly keep up with maintenance offered with the purchase of my vehicle through Toyotacare. I will only ever buy Toyotas. They are the best and most reliable vehicles on the road.

- Anjali M

Dependable: a 91 year old lady trading in her car for an electric scooter.

My Toyota corolla has been very reliable, pretty much maintenance free with the exception of changing the oil one a year. Never even would of gone to dealer looking for a Toyota in the past. End up with this car because my other car was totaled. And we happened across this used Toyota. Now my first stop would a Toyota dealership.

- Sandra N

Incredibly Reliable and Comfortable - would recommend to anyone

My car is super reliable. I rarely have any issues that are outside of the normal maintenance things all cars need. Super comfortable in all environments and I love the bluetooth feature - never thought I would use it much but it is a godsend. Everything about the vehicle is super reliable which is great - less to worry about

- Seema P

I only waste a little over 20 bucks to fill it up

My kids and I really enjoy this car it's really specious and my kids love car rides anywhere we go. I love that it doesn't waste so much gas like my dad's truck and it's not hard to maintain. I will not change this car for any other car and if it stops working then I will definitely buy another Corolla it's the best car I've had

- Claudia H

The interior is what sold me on this vehicle.

My vehicle is reliable and has good driving capabilities the interior is comfortable and is very spacious for a family. It has been used on road trips and is driven almost every day without any problems. It is very easy to change the oil on your own and has not yet needed to be taken to a shop I would highly recommend a Toyota.

- shelby L

Its affordable, reliable, and a good car.

I have had no issues with my Corolla. In two years I have put over 70, 000 miles on it, keeping up with oil changes every 3, 000-4, 000 miles it works like a champ still! Its comfortable, it is always cheap to fill up Its tank, the gas mileage is great. No problems. The seats are comfortable, I have plenty of legroom. Love it.

- Chloe L

Great and safe family vehicle.

My car is very reliable, does great on gas. I am able to fit my family of four in there comfortably without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. With that being said, I am comfortable transporting my children in this vehicle because of the airbag features. It is a great vehicle, and it works well whether you have a family or not.

- Rose E

Love my Corolla. Why you should buy a Toyota.

No problems as long as I do regular maintenance. The only thing I have had go out is the tire pressure sensor. Unfortunately it was recommended that I replace all 4 sensors because they will eventually all go out. Other than that I have kept oil changed had brakes done twice and keep good tires on it with regular rotation.

- Kim C

Great car, great gas mileage!

I love my car. I have had no issues with it at all. It gets great gas mileage and I have only needed to do standard oil changes but no other repairs. I always take my car to the dealership for oil changes and they take such good care of me there. I would buy another Toyota in a heartbeat if I needed a second car or new car.

- Theresa W

Corollas are reliable and dependable vehicles.

I have had my Corolla for 5 years and have not had any problems, Toyotas are the best, this is my 5th Toyota in my life. . Other family members feel the same way I do. They are very comfortable and economic in gasoline. Corollas are very reliable small cars, for adults or for your teenagers. A vehicle you can trust overall.

- Olga M

Good on Gas, Bad in Snow- My Corolla

My Toyota Corolla is great on gas and is very reliable. Being in the Northeastern area of the United States, we see a lot of snow. It's not the best in the snow, it almost got stuck a few times the last winter. However, I very rarely have any major maintenance issues. It has over 140,000 miles on it and still going strong.

- Lauren R

Great economy car with few problems

It's a fantastic car. Great mileage and comfortable. The bumpers are a bit fragile and the color shows a lot of dirt. It's also hard to maintain the cleanliness of the inside because of the material. I have done many road trips in this vehicle and I am a big fan of its performance and the maintenance needed to upkeep it.

- Josh C

It's a keeper! I have driven Toyotas for 27 years now and consider them top performers to all other cars I've driven.

I have had my vehicle for 5 years now and have had no problems with it whatsoever. Of course, I drive it very little, mostly to go to doctor appts. and to the store. It only recently has passed 10,500 miles in usage. It was purchased new in 2013. But I just love it -- for comfort, size, affordability, economy and looks.

- Christina H

2013 dark grey Toyota corolla.

I love the car that I have now. I drive a 2013 Toyota corolla. Viper comfortable and easy to drive. Steering is super smooth as it the brakes and acceleration. It has a built in Bluetooth radio system that I love, makes it really easy so I do not have to be using my phone while I am driving. Really cute, super nice car.

- Katie H

College student ready vehicle.

The corolla has really gas mileage and runs very well. I have never had any problems with my car. It is small and looks sleek with the spoiler on the back. There is also a lot of space to hold things in both the back seat and the trunk. I was able to fit everything for my dorm room into just my car and it worked great.

- Erika L

It is best vehicle for all-around efficiency, affordability, and pleasant operation.

I like the smooth handling of the vehicle and how easy it is to turn. I like how cozy it feels without feeling like the interior design limits the visibility while driving. I don't like the fact that the mpg is lower than the standard rating. I also don't like the fact that this vehicle didn't come with cruise control.

- Alexandra D

Reliable and economically the best and long lasting.

My vehicle is the best. I have had my Toyota corolla for the past 5 years. It is reliable and has never broken down on me. I just had to do the usual check ups but nothing impossible or expensive. It is big enough for 5 people. It is very economic I do not have to spend on gas all the time. I completely trust my car.

- Kayla C

The best of a 2013 Toyota Corolla

It's been great. The gas mileage has always been helpful as a college student. There's plenty of room in the car for people in the back as well as front seat. The trunk is also very spacious for plenty of bag, luggage, or sports gear. The Bluetooth radio system has also been user friendly and convenient when driving.

- Aaron B

Corolla S is worth every penny!

This car has been excellent. I have had no issues with it since I bought the car. I do the required and recommended services through the dealer and I haven't run into any issues so far. The car is spacious and comfortable. The black interior has been easy to keep clean and the design still looks great after 6 years.

- Maria C

Economically sound and great car.

My car is great. It runs smooth. It has great gas mileage and is very comfortable! It is reliable and has enough room for me, my kids and my grandkids! I like the color and it is easy to keep clean. I do not know what else to say about this car other than it is affordable and wish I could have found a brand new one.

- Crystal R

For a sedan car, it is pretty fast.

This is one of the best cars I have had. I have no complaints about this car. As long as it is maintained it could last someone a long time. It's a good starter car. Only thing is that the backseat is a little small. This car also gets good gas mileage and runs good as long as the owner keeps up on the maintenance.

- Courtney V

Corolla: reliable, modern, affordable.

My Corolla is reliable, low maintenance and gets me where I need to go! It averages about 30 miles to the gallon, and has fairly good pick up for a 4 cylinder. It has a decent sized trunk and the back seats flip down for even more space. The driver's seat is automated and I love being able to connect my Bluetooth!

- Jessica F

It's a very reliable car with very low maintenance

Very low maintenance. Very smooth driving. Easy to handle. Compact. Not the fastest pick up, but a great extremely reliable vehicle to get from A to B. Also very good on gas. About 30 miles to the gallon highway. Also the stock speakers are high quality for only being stock and Bluetooth enabled with touch screen.

- Mark B

Another Generation of the same Ol' Reliable

Safe, Reliable, and Boring. Underpowered and pretty cheaply made. I wish they put more thought into the design. Nothing about this car is individual. Very underwhelming and uninteresting but it will get you where you need to go every time. Toyota's aren't the most attractive cars but they are so easy to maintain.

- Rachel P

It is an affordable way to get a reliable car

I like that it has a really nice amount of trunk space for being a compact car. I also like that it has been very low maintenance and held up well. I have not had to spend any money on repairs. I don't have any complaints, though now that we will need two car seats we will have to get a bigger car to accommodate.

- Julie R

I like the gas mileage of the car.

I do not like the fabric on the seats because it leaves weird white marks. The seats are hard to vacuum. I wish the trunk had a side panel storage. I do like the gauge features with the gas mileage and outside temp. The car does get good gas mileage. The back seat is easy to fold down for extra trunk storage.

- Jen B


The Toyota corolla 2013 that I have is a very nice and simple car, I have been driven it for 5 years now and all I do is changing oil and brakes pads and I changed the tire once! It's very reliable car. I drove it from southwest to the north west then from north west to the south east coast! I really like it.

- Jay J

Toyota Corolla is an amazing vehicle.

I love my Toyota Corolla very much! There is plenty of space inside the car and the actually car is not large at all. Easy to park in small spaces, Bluetooth and touchscreen radio are very nice. Very reliable car, never had any problems out of mine! If you are looking for a car that will last, go with Toyota!

- Cora L

The best purchase ever - you won't regret it!

I bought my car brand new on 1-1-13 and I LOVE it till this day. I've had zero issues with the car. The sport seats are incredible - it's easy to clean especially if you have a little one. It's fuel efficient. It's small enough for me to squeeze into any parking space. Definitely a good buy and so worth it!!

- Cheng F

Minor issues but decent car

Has been a very good car there was a recall for the passenger side airbag. Right now there is water leaking into the floorboards from a clogged hose. Gets really good gas mileage and smooth ride. Slight issues with radio connecting to phone but there is a tsb for that to be corrected not tall people friendly

- Heather S

Reliable car great for a first car.

It is a reliable car which is something I do like about it. It always gets me from point A to point B. It's not too big so it's easy to park. The only thing that's not that great is the tires it comes with even when I first had it they always cause the car to hydroplane in the winter and when it is raining.

- Sam J

Reliable car could use a tiny kick !

So far the corolla has been incredibly dependable. It's great on gas and in the last 6 years has had no problems. It's interior is comfortable for me but I am on the petite side. I do wish it had more push. It's s enough to climb a hill but I can hear it struggling on steeper inclines when the car is full.

- Sasha Y

I get very good gas mileage.

I love everything about my car it is very reliable.My back seats pull down from inside the trunk I love that I can answer my phone on the radio it's a 4 door car I have a CD player it have a lot of room for my grandchildren and the only problem I have had is the light on my radio gets really dim at times.

- J W

It will get the job done, but it's not exciting.

It feels very utility and I've had quite a few problems with it compared to my Honda Civic that I own for 15 years. My trunk doesn't always work and my key fob circuit is screwed up that doesn't handle as well in the winter. I feel like it's a very average car that gets the job done, but nothing special.


Smooth ride with a smoother look.

Safety is key for my family so I love the rating my Corolla has. I also enjoy the advanced touch-screen radio system, along with quick-action A/C units. The gas mileage is compatible, and the sedan is quite spacious. The acceleration is not the greatest, but that serves me well to keep me from a ticket.

- Abby S

Highlights are comfortability and how great on gas it can be on long road trips!

Performance wise I haven't seen any problems with my corolla. It is very comfortable car. Extremely reliable and great on gas! I have driven to Vegas from the San Fernando valley without having to fill up the tank again. Perfect for road trips. I have driven near and far and my Toyota has been the best.

- Claudia R

I feel the most important thing is the economic value of the car. I spend very little money to commute and payments are manageable.

The car has fantastic gas mileage. The stereo system allows for Bluetooth connection so I can listen to my own music, as well as make phone calls with ease. It is comfortable for long road trips. Only dislike is that there are so many other cars that look similar so it is hard to find in a parking lot.

- Mandi O

Small, compact, and fuel efficient 2013 Toyota Corolla.

The vehicle is small and compact and is easy to maneuver. Although, it is not great as a family vehicle; it is too small and somewhat squishy. I have not had any mechanical issues with this vehicle. It runs smoothly and efficiently. It gets about 28 mpg. It has Bluetooth capability and powered windows.

- Grace Y

Toyota reliable, safe, comfortable car for someone of any age.

Toyota is a reliable vehicle. Excellent performance. No problems or minimal. With upkeep it can last a long time. Great on gas. Very comfortable car. Lots of room and still stylish. Great features and can be customized to fit your life and your needs. The resale value holds better than most cars.

- Sara M

The one most important thing about my car is she's reliable and meets my needs.

My vehicle is my favorite. It has a touchscreen radio. It also has the capability of connecting your phone through the radio. This makes it hands free if you receive a phone call. I have a sunroof and it's my 2nd favorite thing. I love driving around with my sunroof open and feeling the summer breeze.

- Sky L

My Corolla is my workhorse.

I love my Corolla. It drives quietly and smoothly. Gas mileage averages better than some hybrids. I wish the seats were a tad more comfortable, but overall, I am quite pleased. The Bluetooth system is great. I love that I can answer the phone hands-free. The trunk is remarkably spacious for a sedan.

- Veronica F

My vehicle is a sparkling cherry red, with chrome tires and like new radio.

My vehicle was bought used. It has been very reliable with great gas mileage. I have never had many major mechanical or troublesome issues with my vehicle. Surprisingly, it has a lot of space so that I can get my stuff from school to home. Also am obsessed with the performance of my vehicle so far.

- Kelly W

Reliable and comfortable car.

This is my fifth Toyota. The previous one I had for 19 years and it had 230, 000 miles on it. The Toyota is safe and reliable. I have had no problems. Just the usual maintenance issues. Brakes. Tires. Light bulbs. Oil changes. Windshield wipers. It is a comfortable car to drive. I really enjoy it.

- Jack K

Red 4 door sedan. Great reliable vehicle.

I bought that car used with 30000 miles. Great car definitely been a great car. I have had it since November 2014. Toyota Corolla 4 door. Been very reliable never left me stranded. Only stuff I have done to it oil and transmission fluid change. Battery brake pads. I have a 3 year old plenty room.

- Joann C

Corolla of the Year and for many years to come. The car that keeps on giving

I love my car it is reliable and safe for me and my son. I have no real issue aside from west and tear. I get an oil change regularly and I make sure everything is kept up to date. Gas is cheap and this car is a huge upgrade from my previous cars. I couldn't have picked a better car for my family

- Tina S

I love my Toyota Corolla !

Wow what's not to say about it, it is very fuel efficient , haven't needed any repairs outside of normal wear and tear ! It is very comfortable can fit 5 passengers total 2 in front 3 in back. The touch screen radio and GPS display is of perfect size does not take up a lot of space on console .

- Melissa H

It is very intuitive and easy to operate. The mileage is great!

I really love this car! It gets good mileage and the seats are comfortable and easy to adjust. Besides the normal maintenance, I have never had to bring it in for a service. I hope to have this car for many years to come and would recommend it to those who are in the market for a new vehicle.

- kylie m

Great commuter car and reliable.

Wonderful commuter car. Runs very well and very reliable. Only problem so far was having to replace alternator. Fits our babies car seat but not really a lot of legroom for a little guy. Good trunk space enough for our stroller and groceries. The seats are comfortable and stereo sounds great.

- Megan B

Why I like my car and plan to keep it for a long time.

I like my car because it is reliable. I bought it from new so I can take good care of it. I plan to keep it for a long time and no trade in for the next 24 months. To me car is just a form of transportation. I do not care for anything fancy as long as my car is safe with regular maintenance.

- Shane A

Toyotas never let you down!

I haven't had any problems, but the car only has 21k miles on it. I only buy/own Toyota’s.. This is my 6th one! Have had 2 Celica, 2 Camrys, & 2 Corollas!! Toyota’s are reliable, easy to drive, require few repairs, & “go forever. ” I would, and do, recommend them to everyone I know!!

- Fay C

The Toyota corolla has Bluetooth capability which is great!

I absolutely love the Toyota corolla s. It drives very smooth! I have had zero issues with the vehicle. It is great on gas mileage! There was recently a recall on the 2013 corolla airbag which I can get replaced for free at any Toyota dealership. It is a perfect first time car or family car!

- Christen I

Amazing car for amazing people

I love my car. I have not had issues with it. Gas is great, way better than I expected. Also the space is perfect for my kids and I. Plenty of trunk space easy to clean, inside and out. I love that it always reminds me when it needs maintenance. Also tells me when it is time for oil change.

- Laura G

My 2013 Toyota Corolla! With all bells and whistles

Toyota corolla has some issues, the suspension could be better. Overall the performance is great, low maintenance. Gas saver it is. No major problems, easy to fix and parts of car inexpensive. The inside is roomy, seats 5, has a awesome Bluetooth radio, which you can connect your phone to.

- Serena P

Great road runner with icy flare.

I think the car has been very reliable. I haven't had much of an issue (the corroded battery terminal was my only issue) and the car has run well. It is fun to drive and comfortable. I am not happy with the mpg but it is still okay. It gets me where I need to go but I paid too much for it.

- Jacques J

I am very happy with my Toyota Corolla.

Very reliable, great gas mileage, quiet road noise. I like the way the exterior looks. I have owned this car for 4 years and have never had any mechanical issues. Only complaint is that is a small car so it can be cramped. My husband does not like driving it because he’s larger than me.

- Laurie F

My Toyota Corolla review!

I absolutely love my 2013 Toyota Corolla! It is very reliable, comfortable to drive, and not to mention I love the look! Since my car is a couple years old, there are some problems such as my passenger door lock must be locked manually, but other than that everything works perfectly fine.

- Alexandra M

No interesting details identified.

I wish the inside was more comfortable. Seats should be electric. Molding is coming out from around back window as well as windshield. Wish the car was a heavier ride. Windows should have been tinted when I bought the car. Seats are discoloration from heat and sun in the Florida weather.

- Jean M

Great car for a good price.

The overall performance is pretty good, the exterior is great and interior is not beautiful, but sometimes it takes a minute to rev up and speed up. If you take good care of the car it works perfectly. Brake system is amazing, it stops very well. I never have issues and it keeps me safe.

- Abraham S

I like the black color of my car.

I like my car, but since I live in Asheville, the winter season makes driving difficult, if not impossible. It is very dangerous, when the roads get icy, in combination with the incline of most roads. Other than that, I am fine with my Toyota. It is served me well for the past two years.

- Parker G

Reliability with my Corolla

I bought my vehicle in 2013. It has been extremely reliable. Good on gas. Maintenance has been very affordable. Because of my great experience with Toyota we just bought another Toyota last year. We will continue to purchase from them. Came from an Audi will never get one of those again.

- Joseph M

Why I would buy a Toyota. 4 out of 5 stars.

My 2013 Toyota is an amazing car. It is good on gas which is the first thing I look for in a car. It has over 90000 miles and I have had no problem with my vehicle yet. I do not like that my car does not have heated seats or a good radio. Overall I would give my Toyota 4 out of 5 stars.

- Jacqueline B

Great family car sporty and. Economical. Low maintenance with vehicle upkeep.

I've only had my Corolla 8 months. I love how comfortable it is to drive. Handles beautifully. Great on gas and very roomy. The trunk is huge as well. Took a road trip to NY and back to Florida. Absolutely the best ride ever. And great on gas. I hope to have my Corolla as long as I can.

- Regina C

Smooth driving and it has good warranty

It is a stronger which does not breakdown so far. I can easy to drive around in the city and also easy to park. Since I have a kid it is stronger which does not breakdown so far. I can easy to drive around in the city and also easy to park. Since I have a kit I need a little more room.

- Amy H

Great car! I love it and very sporty.

I haven't had any issues with my car so far. Gas Mileage is about 29 mpg which is good. Not as roomy as I would want but still works well for me. Very sporty looking but I found out after purchasing that the engine and actual performance of the vehicle is the same as the standard class.

- Michael M

Compact, good on gas. Touch screen radio.

This is a good driving car, it is good on gas, I can go two weeks without filling the tank. I like that it is a compact car. It is very good in the snow. I do not have anything fancy in the car. Does have cruise control, touch screen radio. Very roomy in the back. Plenty of trunk space.

- Donna M

This car have best opportunity so I like the car.

This car is so easy to drive that's why I like it and it have much space for my family, it have another good thing that it parts have more hardy and their parts have available any please. So if you have any problem you find help. So I like the car very much and always like to drive it.

- Jose J

Reliable, safe and comfortable.

I do not have many problems. The drive is not as smooth as a new car, but it is comfortable. The car is reliable and clean. It has Bluetooth capabilities and CD. Cup holders and auto defrost. Auto locks and daylights. Paint still looks good. My main complaint would be the car sits low.

- Tee H

I enjoy the way of how it drives like a sports car

A recall on the airbag, but everything has been okay. Recently my grill came off while driving and it flew off on to the highway. I like how it drives, because it drive like a sports car and I really enjoy that. It is very reliable and hasn't broken down on me every since I bought it.

- Shard A

Reliable and cost effective.

Toyota Corollas are very reliable, do not need constant repairs if taken care of with all normal maintenance items. After 100,000 miles, you will need to replace worn out items and the cost may be more than American made items, but are worth it in the long run for such a reliable car.

- Karen K

It is usually reliable! I have had it for 5 years and it has 80, 000 miles.

I drive often so I always have to get oil changes. I feel like the brakes also do not last very long. I currently have to get my brakes looked at. The locks do not work anymore either. Its electrical but probably expensive to fix. The stereo works really well and is usually reliable.

- Megan P

Great value for the cost, reliable and gas efficient

The car is a good basic commuter car. It gets relatively decent had mileage and requires minimal maintenance for the amount of wear i put on it. I wish the interior were more durable, door panels, etc are flimsy. Not enough air vents, no blue tooth. I think it's becoming a bit dated.

- Shan B

Toyota cars a great buy for first time buyers!

Great car! When I am ready to get another new car Toyota is going to be the cars that I look into getting. I have had no problems out of my car and loves how it drives. Toyota care is great was given a year a oil changes. I feel that the size is great for the cars that Toyota offer.

- Von M

A+ and efficient car—wouldn't trade it!

I have been rear ended twice, once on the highway, and only got minor whiplash. It is smooth and pretty and gas-efficient. I drive a lot for work, long distance, and it is comfortable and modern. The fabric seating and neutral colors are also both pluses. I genuinely love this car.

- Helen F

No mechanical issues, perfect size!

My car has never had any mechanical problems. I routinely take it for oil changes, tire rotations, etc. on time and it continues to serve me well. It is spacious enough for me and guests but small enough for me to take solo to work and back every day. Perfect vehicle for my needs!

- Casey W

Why I love my vehicle and you will l love it as well.

I do not have any details with my vehicle. I am very happy with my vehicle. I haven't had to change many things with my vehicle. It already came with a touch screen and everything I wanted in a car that is why I bought this vehicle. You will be happy with it if you buy it as well.

- Sara P

It is a white Corolla with black wings and black cover in the front.

There is not problem. It saves a lot of gas and is pretty good. Also have a mini TV play in the front. Nice back up camera. It is good to drive when driving far away or traveling. Make sure to always change your oil on time and it is all good! Would recommend getting/driving it.

- Tina M

Excellent vehicle: spacious, good mileage, and has a hands free phone.

This is a great car for long and short distance travel. It gets excellent mileage. A full tank holds about fourteen or so gallons. This car also provides the ability for the driver to sync their phone, using Bluetooth, to the car's built in computer for hands free phone calls.

- Natalie M

Toyota Corolla 2013 review

Toyota Corolla some issues would be having to replace the battery twice, right now the dashboard light is dim. Features are basic, performance is fine, I would say it is pretty reliable. Comfort took some getting used to moving from a different make car this felt like plastic.

- cat n

Toyota Corolla is a reliable buy

We've owned a 2013 Toyota Corolla for five years and have been very satisfied with it. It's been incredibly reliable, with no problems or performance issues to speak of. The Bluetooth connection to our phones is convenient and intuitive. I cannot recommend this vehicle enough.

- Austin B

2013 Toyota Corolla, good basic vehicle.

My 2013 Toyota Corolla is a good basic car. It is not fancy but it runs well, is dependable, gets good gas mileage and is fairly cheap to work on. It is fairly comfortable and safely gets me where I am going. It takes a little while to build up speed but eventually gets there.

- Richard S

Car has an eco mode and instead of using gas it glides it is not an electric car.

This car goes about 400+ miles on a full tank. Breaks have lasted 95,000 miles. It is so comfortable for long road trips. Extremely reliable. Never have any issues at all. Not bad in the winter either. I feel 100% comfortable in my car. I will never buy anything but a Toyota.

- Sarah F

Summarize your vehicle is the title of review

Toyota is awesome carr performing excellent and I feel more comfort as it has more space inside the car. One can travel to a long distance without any fear as it gives good mileage. Compared to other car it's functions are good and there will be less service needed for a year

- Kumar V

Great family car! Ease of use and comfort for all drivers

The Corolla runs great with no issues. I've had it for 3 years and only had to replace brakes. Comfortable car. Also, great car for new drivers as easy to handle. Gas mileage is great as well. Does well in bad weather conditions. Large trunk. Fits 5 passengers comfortably

- Danielle L

Good quality and safe vehicle.

My vehicle is excellent. No problem. Technical service in all Tampa bay. Better radio, less expense gas, comfortable for 5 person, easy drive safety on highway good balance. Easy to drive for my wife. Automatic direction is the best. Easy to parking at compact area.

- Julio O

Gas Mileage is fantastic in this vehicle.

I really enjoy my Toyota Corolla. The gas mileage is fantastic. Normally, with a car with good gas mileage, the size is reduced. However, the Corolla provides plentiful space for passengers and in the trunk. I love the added sunroof feature on my car and the Bluetooth audio.

- Donald S

It is great for a first car for sure. It came equipped with a touch screen radio.

I have had no problems with my vehicle in the last 6 years that I have owned it, it is been a great first vehicle. It is reliable, and comfortable. There was a recall which was easily fixed. Other than that I have never had any issues with it. It is small, yet not too small.

- Danielle L

Perfect family care, safe, convenient, with rear view camera

Perfect family car! Smooth driving, the cars 6 years old and never had a major issue. The rear view camera is my favorite feature. Parallel parking is now a breeze, I don't know what I would do without it. Bluetooth, is awesome too! Best part is that it's not a gas guzzler!

- Heather D

My gas mileage. Since gas is so high today.

My car is good on gas. And Toyota is a very dependable car as long as you keep up on your maintenance. My father made me buy this car he said it would last a very long time. As well as my brother had the same car and he had no complaints about it. I trust the Toyota brand.

- Robyn M

Looks and drives great. Extremely reliable

I love the car. I bought it as a single person but now that I have a newborn and a toddler I need more space but that's not the cats fault. I definitely wouldn't recommend for a family but for anyone else it would be perfect. Great on gas and drives awesome. Super durable

- John D

It is reliable, easy to drive and safe.

Compact. Very easy to drive. A sharp turning radius. Very few mechanical issues other than regular servicing. The only problem is sometimes the check engine light comes on when there is no issue. This is the third toyita I have had, and they all have had the same problem.

- Lane M

It is a black Toyota and can last on 28 dollars of gas for over a week

Toyota doesn't ever give problems. Very reliable safe and awesome gas mileage. Further it runs forever. It's a good car but isn't the nicest or fanciest but has never given me any issues. And is a good price point. Wish there weren't fabric seats but overall not a bad car

- Mary K

Old reliable took me across the country for 15 years!

I drove a 1998 Corolla until it fell apart. It had almost 300, 000 miles on it and I adored that car. When it was time to get a new car there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted another Corolla. Now I have a 2013 and I plan on driving this one until it falls apart too!

- Miranda B

A good used car and is in good condition.

I get good gas mileage. It is a reliable car. I keep it well maintained. It has only 70, 000 miles and it is 5 years old. It is not as comfortable as a average size car, but is ok for only one person driving. It has a large trunk so when I travel, I have plenty of room.

- Linda L

The safety features for Toyota are the best. These are also amazing cars.

Toyotas are made to last. That is why I have mine. The safety ratings are great and I believe they are the most dependable vehicle on the road. I will only purchase a Toyota. I drive the Corolla which actually has a lot of room for a smaller car with a comfortable ride.

- Dana H

A great little Toyota corolla.

I do wish the car had cruise control. Otherwise, it is a very reliable vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. It runs smooth. It is very responsive. We have taken it on several road trips, and it has performed well. It has been very low maintenance. Very reliable, as well.

- jason M

Must buy. Good first car for a Teen.

Good gas mileage. Reasonable repair rates. Affordable. Nice car to drive. Sunroof is a nice touch. Good audio system. Hands free talking is a plus. Very good on highway. Wish there were more features like a back up camera. Nice body. Really stylish. Overall, great car.

- Asia C

Great on gas good ride like it.

Has everything I need in an economy vehicle. Great on gas. More comfortable for me than my husband (very tall). Bluetooth compatible, hands free, sunroof, electric windows/door locks. Nice ride, did great on a long trip. Would recommend. Nice car, would purchase again.

- Barbara K

Standard Toyota dependability.

I love the reliability and look of my Corolla. I do feel that Toyota could have given it a little more power though. I am never comfortable trying to pass people for this reason! It does offer a very comfortable ride and a decent sound system. It is pretty good on gas.

- Kris R

Toyota Corolla 2013: good car

It's reliable however the plastic it's made out of tends to come off or break rather easily, it runs very smoothly, it's comfortable, has an unfortunate blind spot where windshield meets the door but other than that great car. I drive it nearly every day and I love it

- Karen G

How I love my Toyota in every way possible.

Runs great, very comfortable and reliable and fits myself and my son perfectly. I have no complaints. This by far is the best Toyota on the market. The sunroof is big and the windows come darkened. I will keep this vehicle for at least another 10 years if not longer.

- Portia D

The car has a lot of problems here and there, but they are due to it being used.

I got mine used so most of my problems stem from that. I need a new battery, new front rotors and brake pads. One of the dials for air flow control gets stuck one way or the other. My drivers side door lock is not locking and unlocking right with the automatic locks.

- Camille S

Good Satisfaction overall

I really have no issues with my car whosoever. The only small criticism is that I guess I expected a little more gas mileage than I get but it's still pretty good on gas. The interface of the screen for the radio and stuff is a little dated but I did not buy it new.

- Brett C

Smart, reliable, sporty car.

Extremely reliable! A little compact for a growing family but it drives beautifully. If you need a car that does not consume fuel a lot but drives beautifully, you should get this! But for regularly 3-4 month check, I have not dealt with any problems with this car.

- Bus A

2013 Toyota Corolla my favorite car.

This is a good car. It rides smooth on the highway and it does not require too much maintenance. I get oil change every 10, 000 miles and I am good to go. I haven't had any major issues since I purchased 2 years ago. One of my cons is that it gets scratches easily.

- Dee C

I love my car it drives great it never breaks down .

It drives very nice and smooth. Not for having kids if you get black interior. You can go forever on miles. And it never breaks down. But I love the car it will last a long time. Good as it is comfortable. I love that is has Bluetooth and a touch screen built in .

- Brittany W

Toyota makes a great car!

I like that I feel in control of the vehicle when I drive. I have had no mechanical problems. My car currently has 110, 000 miles. It gets great gas mileage. My only dislike is that I do not have much room. I will only buy from Toyota again! My car was affordable.

- Allen B

Gets great mileage.saves a lot of money

No problems heat and air conditioning work. No problems with shifting gears. My phone synced I. Works well. Great on gas. Tires still have thread. The radio and CD player work great. No overheating .no electrical problems..it has good pick up. Drives well in snow


Nice car with minor problems.

I really like the design and I have never had any problems with it. The only negative thing is that the GPS is not updated so sometimes there are new roads that do not show up on the GPS. It also is difficult to get up hills and it is not good in the snow at all.

- Cara D

Great gas mileage and dependability

This model of car has never given us any issues at all. We have been owners for 5 years and the reliability of this vehicle is insane. You can never go wrong with Toyota. Go for it if you are looking to buy. Great gas mileage. Only con would be this car is small

- Corinne G

Speeds up quickly and has a great audio system.

Haven't had any issues other than the basic upkeep you would have with any car. Runs so smooth, really cost efficient with mpg, and very easy to drive. Have taken it on long trips (6+ hours) and I'm never uncomfortable or worried about the performance of the car.

- Val O

The vehicle is very reliable and have low mileage and no damages.

My vehicle it runs really great and it only have 90000 miles on it and it have some features where I could talk into the car instead of holding the phone in my hands. It is reliable and do not have any problems at this time so it really is a good running vehicle.

- Laverne D

Affordable, reliable, Toyota Corolla.

My Toyota Corolla has been reliable and the gas mileage is great. I love how it offers power seats and hands-free calling. It does not get up to speed quickly and sometimes seems to lag when taking off from a stop. I would recommend the car to friends and family.

- Autumn B

Great Bluetooth compatibility

Great performance! Acceleration and power is just right for a compact car. Perfect size for my son and I. Great gas mileage! Very spacious trunk storage. Comfortable ride quality. Love the 8 inch touchscreen along with Bluetooth compatibility. Great audio system.

- Connie M

How I feel about my Toyota corolla

I love how gas efficient it is and how fast on the road and smooth it feels and how I am barely notice so I can have an easier safer commute. It makes me feel like I have the word on my fingertips and I can travel without worrying about gas, making commute fun.

- Christella L

The power of the Toyota Corolla.

No current problems and is great on gas and reliable, perfect for small family. Comfortable. Has power locks and windows and Bluetooth car hook up for music and phone calls. Can switch the 3 wheel drive. Has auto driver side window and controls on steering wheel.

- Haley S

Best vehicle at an affordable price!

Very reliable family car. Have not had major issues in the 5 years I have owned it and I am not necessarily the best at keep up with all the proper maintenance. All parts and pieces can be found at any major store at reasonable prices. Would recommend to anyone!

- Patricia V

It's safe, sturdy, and so very reliable.

I like that my Corolla is a safe car and easy to drive. When it was just me and my husband, it was the right size. But now, with two kids, space is more limited (especially with car seats), and the trunk space isn't big enough when there's a stroller in there.

- Kim N

A Sleek Silver and Simple Car

My car runs great and gets good gas mileage. It doesn't have many bells and whistles but it gets me where I need to go. I like the way it looks - it's sleek and silver. However, I wish it had darker seats or leather seats because the interior stains very easily.

- Holly A

Very reliable family vehicle.

We love our 2013 Toyota corolla. We bought it new and it has held up very nicely. We have had very few problems. It's a good small family car. If you have more than 2 car seats things would be tight though. We get decent gas mileage as well which is a big plus.

- Katie B

Very dependable car and stylish too. Cheap to replace parts.

I've had no problems whatsoever with my car. I just changed my brake pads which is consistent with the miles I've put on it. I keep the oil changed but if I had a complaint it would be the oil change price. Its $75 to do it as recommended which is pricey to me.

- April C

I do not hate or love it. I am content with driving it for now.

I like that the car is small and compact, which is great for parallel parking. I also like that it saves gas and that it is pretty reliable in the long run. What i dislike the most is that it is weak in horsepower and that acceleration is the worst on freeway.

- Florence P

Great car, for the most part

The 2013 Toyota Corolla is very shaky and my sound system malfunctioned. Additionally I was informed that this car was recalled, plastic and metal shard apparently can burst out of the airbag is deployed. Otherwise the car is fine, plenty of space and storage.

- Samantha T

My car is fuel efficient and safe for the environment.

I love the gas mileage my car has. It gets about 35-40 mpg. The one thing I dislike is the size of the tank. It only holds 13 gallons. I love the backup camera and the comfortability of the car. It's pretty reliable and I'm not scared to drive it out of state.

- Emma S

Most reliable car ever! I love it so much!

The back seat could be a little more roomier but big enough for 2 kids. My car has been really reliable for 3 years now. It only had one car owner before me. I have only had to replace my battery. Have even travelled long distance with it and she done great!!

- Toni P

2013 Toyota Corolla is reliable

The vehicle is very comfortable but sometimes has problems accelerating to high speeds. Very reliable for in town driving and commuting. The radio screen sometimes does not show the correct song and the aux plugin does not work but the speakers are very good.

- Rebekah S

Reliable, good everyday kind of car

The car has been reliable and low maintenance. I enjoy the size for driving to and from work but not big enough for my family to go on vacation. It is not luxury and not the smoothest riding car but I have appreciated the low maintenance and good gas mileage.

- Ivy H

2013 Toyota Corolla Honest Review

The only exterior problem I have encountered is metal pieces hanging often from the underbelly. Other than that I have not had many under the hood problems other than basic parts replacements that all cars need. The car is compact, comfortable, and reliable.

- Alyssa B

Very reliable. A little bit too small.

My 2013 corolla s is a really reliable car. Does not cause any to no problems. Only downfall it may have is it is not a future family friendly car because of how small it is. But it is an excellent car to fit into difficult places because of how small it is.

- Maria C

Car that will last forever.

It is a good, reliable car with good gas mileage. For a small car, it has a lot of trunk space. The only problems I have with the car is the hubcaps seem to come off easily and the front bumper is fragile. This is a car that will last you a long time though.

- Pam Q

Great to travel long distance with .

Very reliable car. Great gas mileage. This car is very comfortable to travel long distances in. I have had no issues or problems with this car. The truck can fit everything I need it to fit. The vac seat is a little small but can fit four people comfortably.

- Jennifer H

My corolla is a great size for a young couple without children:

I love my Corolla. It never has problems and it is reliable. The size is great for what I need (no kids). My husband and I take it on short trips and it does a great job. I've never had any problems. The trunk size is perfect. Not too small and not too big.

- Whitney W

HUGE trunk room and you can move seats for even mode

The car runs and works fine. Good on gas. Love the sunroof even though we don't use it often. The ac and heating works great. So far have had it a few months and no problems or fixes needed. In dash deck is nice but I'm not sure how to work it entirely yet.

- Savanna M

Perfect vehicle for a single person or someone without kids.

Honestly nothing wrong with my car. I love how it saves gas. It take me from point A to point B. Very comfortable car to be. Do not recommend as a family car. It may be too small. This vehicle is very convenient for someone who is single or has no children.

- Kayla G

It will last a long time if you take care of it, and it has great gas mileage.

I like that it is stylish and affordable. It is very reliable, I have done very little maintenance on it since I've had it. It also had great gas mileage. My only dislike is that it is a base model, it does not have a backup camera, and it is a 4-cylinder.

- Amanda B

Good ol' reliable Toyota Corolla

It was a rental prior to me purchasing it, so a lot of mileage. I should have asked for detailed history. However, it performs very well and I haven't had to make any repairs, drives smoothly, super reliable, and no real features because it's pretty basic.

- Alyse H

Durable, compact, reliable.

This car is good and works best for me so far. It have all the basic features in it which is required. Also good for anyone who begins driving as is easy to drive, durable, compact and reliable. Car life is also good if used properly with good maintenance.

- Rid M

The radio and dashboard are very attractive.

Great vehicle. Good gas mileage. Suspension a little noisy but the efficiency and reliability outweighs any minor negatives. Great doors and wheels. The roof is nice. The engine sounds like a kitten purring most of the time. Definitely a sharp looking car.

- Dan F

Computerize smart and fantastic.

Its super comfortable. Seats have warmer. Its digital. If fantastic. It tells you when there a mechanical problems super smart car. Gas mileage is fantastic. It lets you know when your tires need air or rotation. I couldn't of being happier. I love my car.

- Mary L

Why must you pick a Toyota?

It doesn't get much mileage per gallon. But other than that it's a great car. Very reliable and small so I fit in any parking space.it's comfortable for the inside for myself because I'm only 5'3 however my fiance is 5'9 and he says it's too small for him.

- Maria A

Your Basic Toyota COROLLA

The bumper brackets in the front are faulty and leaves the bumper hanging on the sides. There is no vents in the back seats. Takes a while to feel the ac or the heat. Back seats space is a little tight. Smooth ride over all. No engine or trans issues.

- Naomi B

Best thing about my Toyota Corolla is the gas mileage. I get between 30-38 mpg.

My 2013 Toyota Corolla is a great car. Handle very easy and gets about 34 mpg or more depending on certain factors. Touch screen radio is awesome and the Bluetooth for phone calls is always great. I have had zero issues with the car and I really enjoy it.

- Amber S

I love the performance of the vehicle.

I love my car. It's reliable. I have Bluetooth capability which is really convenient. I have an USB and auxiliary output. The horsepower is great. Mpg is a great plus as well. The only thing that I have had to replace is the wheel bearing and the starter.

- Qiana L

Honest review of 2013 Corolla S

Not to many problems I've put 50,000 + in a year and just had to replace basic maintenance issues. Gas mileage is really good. Sound system is ok not bad. Only real problem is the clips on my bumper are broken but that's a Toyota issue all the way around.

- Mia B

Play vehicle is a silver compact car.

The functionality of my vehicle is very high. It fits my needs for both long and short drives. I feel like it is a very reliable car. I would suggest it for anyone who is a college student, just starting a family, or is a single person living in the city.

- Jordan C

Corolla is very good on gas

The car performs very well. Recently we had to change the carburetor, but other than that it has been a really good car. The seats are very comfortable and the ac and heat run great. The car has good gas mileage. The gas and brakes can be a little touchy.

- Mary S

It is a good value car in term of mileage per gallon.

What I like about my vehicle is that it has a good rate of mileage per gallon. What I dislike about my vehicle is that they did not put the window tint right when I bought it. The tint started to peel off only within 6-9 months from the time I bought it.

- Agus R

Best feature is the gas mileage you can save with it.

Very reliable and simple to drive, love how smooth it is on the rode and very roomy. So comfortable as well and just an all around wonderful car. Would recommend to all friends and family, has great gas mileage to and has a very quiet engine. Top choice.

- Anthony R

It is a good price and reliable car.

I love my Toyota. It drives good, comfortable and good on gas. It's easy to park in tight spots. I has tinted windows which helps keep the sun out. I take it to the dealership for service and the Toyota dealership are very professional and knowlEdgeable.

- Andrea C

Comfortable low-maintenance great car.

My car is extremely comfortable and has everything I need. It drives well and gets great gas mileage. The maintenance and upkeep is minimal and easy. It is the perfect low maintenance vehicle. I drive a lot and it is been really great for getting around.

- Ann T

Corolla SE, very good speed and fuel efficiency.

The vehicle is Very light in weight so it might be dangerous when involved in an accident, It's very efficient when it comes to fuel so it is good to last you for a week. The speed of the car is very low, I will recommend for new drivers and older women.

- Kevin G

comfy. great, amazing. convenient

it's a great car that runs good, has great air conditioning, and very liable in gas. You can go anywhere with it. Very comfy inside and love the stereo system. I love my car and wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world. it's a car anyone can depend on.

- Crs C

A great car for everyday living!

A very practical car! Great for commuting and driving in general. Ideal for a young professional. There is also enough room for family and friends. Awesome gas mileage and a comfortable ride. It is a great and dependable vehicle. I would buy another one.

- Kate D

Corolla: Your Grandma�s Hidden Gem

Honestly a great car overall. If you're in the market for a car that'll you love and own for a lifetime the Corolla is for you. Super reliable, great in gas, and did I mention how comfortable it is. Driving for hours feels like you're riding on a cloud!

- Jay W

The Toyota Corolla gives me pretty good gas mileage considering prices today.

I really like my car. Toyota is a very reliable car. The car runs well as long as you follow your proper maintenance. The car is also good on gas considering the high gas prices today. If I had to purchase another car I would stick with another Toyota.

- Robyn M

It handles really well. It takes turns nicely and it's responsive.

The speakers are great, and so is the steering. The gas mileage is really good as well, I also like the way the audio system in the car is set up. The only thing I dislike is that the lever to open the gas tank isn't as accessible as I'd like it to be.

- Nicole B

Gas Saving, roomy, best car ever.

I have 106,000 miles on my car. No problems at all so far. I have had it since 5/2014. I put about 200 miles a week on my car. It's small but somewhat roomy. I get about 30 miles to a gallon. I change the oil every 5000 miles. I love my Corolla.

- Michelle W

The car has a safety design for traction control, it. Perfect for rainy days.

This car gets good gas mileage it is comfortable to seat 4 people. It has. A large trunk. It drives well. I have had no maintenance problems except the tire sensor. I wish it was higher off the ground but over all have been satisfied with my purchase.

- Kathy P

Toyota Corolla S - great car

Vehicle is very reliable, very few issues mechanically. I've had to have the engine carbon flushed once or twice. Beyond that, it's been general vehicle maintenance. Gas mileage is decent and the vehicle is very easy to handle. Great for city driving

- Rae M

Reliable small car that has small quirks

The weight of the car makes it hard to drive on highways , otherwise if maintained it is pretty reliable. I'm having an issues with brakes not lasting, which nobody can seem to figure out. The spacing is moderate and the trunk can fit a decent amount

- Kayla C

A very reliable and affordable family car.

My 2013 Toyota Corolla is a very reliable car. I have not needed to do any work on my vehicle, just typical maintenance. It feels very safe driving as I drive my infant child around in it and it is pretty good on gas, filling up once every two weeks.

- Theresa F

It is very reliable, function, and affordable. It has met all of my needs.

My car has served me very well. Maintenance has been very easy and affordable. Overall, it has remained very reliable and has all of the basic features that I require. The biggest downside that I have noticed is that it does not have cruise control.

- Alissa S

It is affordable and reliable

I love my Toyota Corolla. This is the second Corolla that I have owned. It is comfortable, handles well on back roads and highways and has a large truck for a small car. Car seats are easy to install and backseat has child locks and window locks.

- Julie B

An interesting detail is the Bluetooth Technology and Audio Features Right on the steering wheel that makes it safer for me to listen to music and answer the phone without taking my hands off the wheel..

I really enjoy my 2013 Royal Blue Toyota Corolla. Prior to this car I had a 1999 Toyota Camry. I love the updated features, including bluetooth, and audio controls right on the steering wheel so I don't have to take my hands off the wheel.to listen.

- Angela H

It is extremely reliable. In the past 5 years, we have really only had two incidents of issues, and we are not people who keep up with our car maintenance like we should.

I like the seat size. They are appropriately roomy. I like the sound system and the control panel for music/bluetooth. I don't like that you can only connect bluetooth when the car is in park. The passenger would like to control music sometimes too!

- Sophia S

Great riding Efficient Car!

I love this car! It rides smooth not bumpy at all. The engine is so quiet you do not even know it is on. It is comfortable especially on long trips. Good gas mileage and the maintenance schedule is the best I ever had! Hardly no maintenance on it.

- Patricia O

The price was great very good on gas, no issues with this car since I have has it.

Great on gas, room is great, body size in mid size. The back seat can fit 3 adults with no problem. I have about 75, 000 miles no work done other than oil changes. Tires and body is in great shape. This is a car that I will gladly purchase again.

- Devon C

They should know that it is extremely reliable. I consider reliability a premium luxury these days.

My 2013 Toyota Corolla is very Reliable, fuel efficient and cheap to maintain. Its however not a performance vehicle at all. It has power windows, mirrors, AC, cruise control and touch screen radio with bluetooth. It's a excellent commuter car.

- Alfred S

Solid, reliable car. Definitely a worthy vehicle.

My favorite thing is that it's reliable and gets good gas mileage. I'm not a big car person, so these are the most important things. I'd like it better if the upholstery was a bit nicer, but this isn't something that I care that much about.

- Emily N

The backseat can fit 3 people, even with 2 car seats in it.

I like how comfortable the seats are, the sound d is good, plenty of leg room in the back, and a spacious trunk. I dislike the squeaky windows when wet, and I now feel it is too low to the ground. I'd like to get a crossover or SUV someday.

- Barbara M

It is comfortable, safe, and gets good gas mileage

I really enjoy my car because it is spacious, easy to maintain, and gets good gas mileage. The car does wear bumps and bruises easily which is slightly disappointing. I do very much enjoy this car, it is my favorite i have owned to date

- Michaela B

It's a very reliable car that won't let you down and takes you where you need to go

My vehicle is very reliable which I like. It's also very good on gas. Repairs are often very cheap because the parts are cheap. The only thing I dislike is the color of my interior it gets so dirty so fast but that's not a Toyota problem.

- Cynthia G

2013 Toyota Corolla s, great compact car, good gas mileage.

Perfect size with plenty of trunk space. Good gas mileage, easy to drive. Comfortable and smooth ride. Very reliable, no major issues if maintenance is kept up to date. Nice features for the price. Overall would definitely buy another.

- Nard G

Very reliable and excellent gas mileage.

The Carola is very dependable and I love the gas mileage. I've never had any issues with it and I highly recommend it. I wish the stereo system was better quality. The screen could definitely improve but overall this is not a big deal.

- Matthew B

Brief summary of the Toyota Corolla

There haven't been any major car problems. It's a reliable car and hasn't broken down on me at all. It's not the most comfortable car and it's not the smoothest ride, but it's functional and works which is all I really care about.

- Elma B

The car has very Low maintenance

I like the mileage that I get and with over 100K miles, it has never had an issue. The car is strictly for convenience and gas mileage. The biggest issue with the vehicle is the space for the kids and all their sports equipment.

- Mike V

Nothing But a Toyota Corolla For Me

Bought it used with low mileage. No problems whatsoever. Very reliable. No extra features. I love this car because I never have to worry that I will have an issue with it. I do bring it in for regular check ups/oil changes though.

- Grace W

Storage space is much more than it seems. You can fit a lot for a midsize sedan

There is a lot of room for transporting a large range of items. The other day I put a 6ft ladder along with some medium sized boxes and other items. If packed/loaded properly you can fit a ton which is very important for my needs.

- Nikki M

Toyota Corolla 2013 description and features.

Name of my vehicle is Toyota Corolla 2013, bought last year, in good condition with no problem nor faulty, easy to drive/manipulate, speed well, 30 combined mpg, 132-hp, used regular gas, front wheel drive, 5-speed manual w/od.

- Rachael A

What is the most important quality of my car is the reliability, if you take care of your car it'll stay functional longer.

What like about my Toyota corolla is that it is made in the US. What I dislike about Toyota is the stigma around It's cars like comparing fast food companies to junk food. What I want in a toyota is a full battery powered car.

- Malcolm C

It gets great gas mileage, and if you take it in for regular maintenance, the engine, battery, air filter, brakes, etc. last long and work very well.

I got the corolla for the cute body style, reasonable size, and efficient gas mileage. I have not been disappointed. It gets very good gas mileage, it has good grip on the road, usually, and all the parts are really well made.

- Julie T

My Toyota Corolla featured

I like my car a lot. It hasn't had many problems, just normal wear and tear. It gets decent gas mileage and decent acceleration. It's fairly comfortable and has enough features to feel like it's almost a premium level car.

- David S

It is a very safe car, and will most definitely be reliable in getting to one place and then to another.

I love my 2013 Toyota Corolla because, the car has amazing gas mileage on it, and it survives long trips. I love taking vacation trips, so this is important to me. It also looks very sleek, and gets me where I need to go!

- Kristen S

An enjoyable and affordable ride

The 2013 Toyota Corolla has adequate room, handles well on the road and gets good gas mileage. I like the radio volume and channel controls on the steering wheel, which is convenient and safer. Also has good trunk space.

- Mike G

That it's cheap, has good mileage and is very comfortable.

It's very cost efficient when it comes to gas mileage. I love that it has Bluetooth and can listen t9 my music or make calls. I d9 not like that the front bumper is very sensitive and it appears as if it will fall off.

- Ellie S

Even though I bought it new in 2013, it still drives like new.

I love that my 2013 Toyota Corolla is good on gas. I love the color. It is a special edition so the color is a beautiful orange. It has a built in GPS. And with the Bluetooth I can also listen to music from my phone.

- Christine G

It's a wonderful running car.

My vehicle is reliable and has few issues in terms of functionality. I don't have to have my vehicle fixed all the time, just an oil change and tire rotation. I like that it's a four door and has decent trunk space.

- Mckenzie M

It gets great gas mileage.

It does not have a navigation system, which requires using my cell phone for navigation. However I live the gas mileage I get on it. But it does not have the power to keep the speed limit of 75 going up steep hills.

- Rob W

It is so quiet when it is running.

I like my Corolla. I have always been a fan of Toyota. Have owned many and they run forever. My Corolla runs great and is a good car for the price. I shopped around and got a great deal. I would buy this car again.

- Lisa G

Good gas mileage and basic transportation.

I love the gas mileage this vehicle provides since I used it every day to go to work and back, what I dislike is the low ride and not so comfortable ride it has. It handles pretty good on the road and drives fast.

- frank s

Great gas mileage. My Corolla gets great gas mileage and handles easily.

My last Corolla had 200, 000, miles and never any major problems. This 2013 Corolla now has 82, 000 miles and drives beautifully and as long as I keep up maintenance there are no problems. Good car for one person.

- Barbara T

Nothing, it is dependable, gets good mileage.

What I like about it runs well. What I do not like about it it is too small and not comfortable to take trips in. I also like it because it fits my needs. I dislike it because people are squished in the back seat.

- Michele M

The gas mileage is not as good as claimed.

I am disappointed with my corolla because the gas mileage is not as good as I thought it would be. I thought that I would get at least 25-30 mpg, but I only get 20 mpg. Also it is not a very smooth riding car.

- Lloyd M

Affordability! Great price for a Toyota!! That is why we have 2 Corollas!!

I love my Corolla for its size and comfort! You cannot go wrong with a Toyota! We are a Toyota family! Great gas mileage and very dependable! I have had no problems with my Corolla so I have no dislikes for it!

- Tammy D

Two Thumbs up for the Toyota Corolla

This vehicle has been very reliable. It has only had regular maintenance, like oil changes and new brake pads, but never anything else. It has great traction in the snow and is comfortable and easy to drive.

- Abby O

Good car for a single person. Not for a family.

The Corolla is not a very smooth ride. Overall it is a trustworthy car and it is good on mileage. It is not very comfortable for more than 4 people. The trunk is large which makes it nice for hauling things.

- Ai C

Comfort and class in a reliable package

My commute is less than 10 miles round trip, but the Toyota Corolla makes for a good ride. It's comfortable and the 2013 model has a good stereo and Bluetooth capabilities that make driving more interesting.

- Amy A

Affordable,dependable, great service...overall a perfect starter vehicle!

My 2013 Toyota Corolla is dependable, cost effective, and practical for my needs as a college student. I have already paid the car off, so as long as I maintain it well I hope to drive it to 150,000 miles!

- Thea C

My car has a sunroof! I love being able to open it and enjoy the sky at night.

My favorite thing about my car is the ability to hook up my phone to the bluetooth. This makes it convenient to answer calls and play my music without being distracted and ensuring I am staying hands free.

- Skylar N

It is a reliable car that won't break your bank and will last a long while if you take care of it.

I've had the car for about 5 years and so far i have had no major issues. It's comfortable but a little small if you are a bigger person. My model has all the basic features and they all work as expected.

- Ste A

With regular servicing, I never have to worry about car maintenance.

Great car! It needs minimal repair: I only have to take it in for standard check-ups. It gets great mileage. It is roomy enough for toting friends and larger loads and is comfortable enough for long trips.

- Nancy N

It is reliable with great gas mileage. It is easy to get around in as it is just the right size for city driving. I will buy another Toyota to replace this one when the time comes. My husband drives a Toyota too and loves it.

I love the color. I love the features on the car. The gas mileage is wonderful. The driver's seat could be a little more comfortable. My next car I want a backup camera which this vehicle doesn't have.

- Donna K

Others should know that it's MY car and I'm proud to own it!

I have owned and driven Toyotas since 1991 and I LOVE them. My first was a pickup truck that ran for well over 200,000 miles and 17 years. They are comfortable, attractive, economical, safe and affordable.

- Christina E

It's dependable and easy to care for. Rare repairs do not require removal of half a car (hello Volkswagen and Lexus), but are quick and inexpensive.

It just about never breaks. Love the way it drives and maintenance is not a killer on cost. Problem-free so far. The dealer bends over backwards to stand behind their product. couldn't be happier with it.

- Marina A

That it's great for a younger person in high school, college or in their 20s.

I love that it has a great gas mileage. I love the way it drives and that it is great for road trips. I do not like it's size. I wished it was a little bigger, especially for passengers in the back seat.

- Kayla M

Best choice I could've made

This car has been extremely reliable. I have gotten great gas mileage, filling up once every two weeks at the most. The only issue is I've recently had white, sand like particles blowing out of the air.

- Courtney N

Easy to drive car. But has a lot of maintenance issues once it gets old! so wouldn't recommend the car.

I liked it initially when it came out because of the style and smooth driving. I have now gotten tired of it. I need to keep changing vehicles and this one has been with me for a longer time than usual.

- afrasiab k

The Toyota Corolla is a really low maintenance and reliable vehicle.

The Corolla is a nice car. It is compact and has great mileage. It is comfortable for short trips but becomes a little cramped and uncomfortable on longer trips. It has held up well and been a good car.

- Stephanie W

My car is my space. Yes it's messy, but so am I. Just watch your step...and your seat lol

I only gave my car a 4, just because I know what features newer model vehicles have that mine does not. But truly, I love my vehicle. There's not much to dislike, though XM radio service would be neat!

- Dominique D

Her name is snowball & she's my baby.

I used to drive a 1998 Toyota Corolla, it was my baby & I drove it until it literally fell apart. When I got my new car I just wanted a newer version of what i'd had before & it has not disappointed!.

- Miranda B

It is a good car if you drive alone a lot. you can fit 4 people, no problem, but it is not to big for when it is just you

It is a nice car. Just what I wanted, a dependable car on the compact side.I have not had an major mechanical issues. Maybe because it is white, but the paint seems to get scratched up really easily

- veronica m

Super dependable vehicle with a great look and excellent driving experience.

Very dependable vehicle. Smooth ride, easy to drive. Maintenance is relatively inexpensive. I do not like the front bumper, it always cracks at the bottom of you hit a pothole or snow in the road.

- Jason S

They run forever. Good with gas.

Our Toyota runs good and never gives us any problems. Although it is a little small for me I still have great leg room. They can do more style like the American cars. We have always had a Toyota.

- Michael B

It represents one of the better values, all things considered, for a car in its class.

it is a reasonably well-made, serviceable car. It requires relatively little maintenance and has held up well under my rather normal driving conditions. It is slightly underpowered but livable.

- Michael S

Reliable and safe compact car

It is a safe reliable car but does not accelerate as fast as other cars and when you have to brake hard it skids a little. I have also had a problem with moisture getting in the inside of my car

- Ashley A

Affordable and commoners car.

My white Toyota Corolla is so easy to drive, reliable, comfortable and have enough space for the whole family. It is not difficult to look for a mechanic to fix it and parts are always available.

- Janet S

That it is my car, love the design and would love to buy another in the future.

I love Toyota cars. My most of family also owns the brand. I do not have any dislikes. I think it is a great car, love the design and it is clearly one, if not, of the popular cars in the world.

- Anesta D

2013 Toyota Corolla Economical and practical transportation for everyday use. Always starts in extremely cold (-40 degrees F) weather. Reliable with very comfortable cruise control operation.

Very economical to operate. Pushing 100K miles and had no problems at all. Very practical for the use (work mostly) that we use it for. Large enough for long trips with two adults and two dogs.

- Richard A

Amazing Travel Car for Anyone

This car is amazing on gas. The compact size makes it easy to park, but it isn't so small it can't be used to move boxes and such. Driver seat is extremely comfortable for long distance driving.

- Corey M

The Toyota Corolla is fun to drive and it is good on gas.

I like my vehicle because it looks good and it is great on gas. I just paid it off and I have had no problems with it up to this point. I am planning on keeping it for at least another year.

- Jenny H

It is very fuel efficient and has the standard amenities everyone needs.

The vehicle drives smoothly. It will last me a long time and has not broken down yet. It requires little maintenance as well. I feel this is a car everyone should have as their first vehicle.

- Beth P

Toyota Corolla is dependable.

This Toyota Corolla has been very dependable with little or no problems. It rides very well. It handles great and has lots of power. It is roomy and comfortable. I would highly recommend it.

- John O

Toyota Corolla is very low maintained and a pleasure to drive.

Love love this car bought it used and have never had any trouble with it in the 3 years I have owned it. Very good gas mileage.I would recommend the corolla to any looking to buy a new car.

- Paula A

The air conditioning is terrible but other than that it is okay.

The air conditioning really sucks. You have to drive pretty fast to get it to become cold and that is really annoying especially when it is the end of the month. Other than that it is okay.

- Alex K