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Fearless transportation is always better

2000 Toyota Tacoma Base

Since I bought my Toyota Tacoma my life has been easier. Problems as far mechanical reliability have been, are not an every day event, and I find my biggest concern is getting gas and car washes. I never have to worry about being stuck in middle of nowhere because it's such a reliable vehicle, not to mention the attractive and comfortable cab. Mine came with the full stereo and A/C, so, I have complete comfort confidence and never worry about my safe transportation. My full heater also keeps the cab nice and toasty in winter temperatures. Also, I know, flushing out my radiator twice in the summer time kept my vehicles' temperature from rising to heat the engine, maybe I had better A/,C when I got the freon topped off too, but it sure made my truck stronger, longer, just with that little effort. And as a female, I feel less afraid, driving a truck whose engine is strong, having the fluids it needs.

- Britt L

Not much interesting about it.

2000 Toyota Tacoma Base

The vehicle has been very reliable it has had a water pump a starter and a clutch replacement but still runs like a champ and was my vehicle. I always here Tacomas are really good trucks and hold a good value. It's a comfortable ride as an extended cab for a few people. Has good 4 wheel drive as well. I haven't really had major issues with the truck just minor problems here and there. I wouldn't use the truck as an out of town trip vehicle it's a little too small but I like it as a work truck and a commute for work. I wouldn't trade this truck in for anything or sell it. I'll use it till the day it dies.

- Isaac V

My Toyota Tacoma is the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned.

2000 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

This is the best truck ever. It is a 2000 with over 130k miles and has never had any major issues (other than usual upkeep like oil changes, belt replacement, headlights, etc). The gas pedal on it is a little touchy but you get used to it after a while. It is very comfortable to drive and I don't find myself uncomfortable after long car rides. It takes off very fast and has good torque. If you're short, it can be helpful to get a booster seat/cushion for better visibility (I'm 5'3 and use a cushion).

- Rachel H

The four-wheel drive in the rear differential locks

2000 Toyota Tacoma Limited

The Toyota Tacoma is a wonderful vehicle we have an extended cab which is perfect for the dog back there. We have differential locks for wheel drive all those good things you need for good off-roading vehicle. This vehicle is absolutely wonderful in the winter time we never had a problem getting anywhere. Of course we had minor problems with it where to have the clutch fixed which was like $200. But as long as you keep your oil changed on those Toyota's they will last forever

- Mona C

Why I love my old Toyota Tacoma.

2000 Toyota Tacoma Base

My beautiful old black Tacoma is strong, well running, dependable and makes me smile every time I drive it. Even though she's old, she's an amazingly agile little truck. Fast pick up, great air conditioning, engine still runs perfectly! It has had a few recalls, but Toyota has taken care of these. The emergency brake sticks a bit but that is the only issue.

- Susanna W

Toyota still running after all these years.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I bought my pickup used in 1997 when it was 10 years old. I have had a camper shell on it and had no trouble with driving it that way. It gets fair mileage and rides like a pickup. No air but plenty of heat in the winter. Good, stable, steady machine. I get asked all the time if I want to sell it but am not going to at this time.

- Marjorie C

It's a toyota and that truck just keeps on ticking. It has a ton of mileage and the engine is sound.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I have a 2000 model toyota truck. It is an older vehicle and I am having to start replacing things such as the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel injectors and the muffler. I do love this truck, it belonged to my Poppa and so I want to get it fixed and keep it running.

- Steven F

Yoda, our Toyota! Do or do not, there is no try!

2000 Toyota Tacoma Base

Very reliable, good on gas, easily adjusts to commute, easy to maintain, enjoy the bench seat, like the key lock on the gas lid, looks nice when cleaned properly, bed is a good size for hauling, Miss four wheel drive though, handles daily tasks and driving well

- Shannon K

Great truck for daily driving and off roading.

2000 Toyota Tacoma Base

The truck has been amazing. The only things I have had to do since I bought it is routine oil changes and maintenance. It gets me everywhere I need to go and can go off road with ease. It is an amazing truck. I will look at newer models when I plan to upgrade.

- jeff I

The best little truck you will ever owned!!

2000 Toyota Tacoma Base

This is one of the toughest trucks I have ever owned. Great gas mileage..If you want a tough little truck, this is the only one that I would recommend. I can haul things that looks impossible to haul in a small truck. It is easy to handle. Drives smooth.

- Ida C

It's very reliable, but not always the best on miles per gallon.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I love its reliability. I have almost 300000 miles on it. It's the best truck I have ever owned, which is why I continue to drive it for the last 16 years. I wish it was the 4wd version, and I wish it had a little more power.

- Jeremy W

Toyota Tacoma trucks are awesome!

2000 Toyota Tacoma

My vehicle is super reliable. It runs great. The air conditioning works great. It is comfortable. It is the pre-runner edition and it can go over big bumps in the road with ease. Great on dirt roads. Really fun to drive.

- Anthony R

Toyotas last forever. Great investment if you are looking at your future generations. Give them yours and buy a new Toyota.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

Long lasting - very few repairs are required. I love the colors and great gas mileage. I also love all the new gadgets on the new cars and want some of them. I want apple play and the bluetooth to my car.

- Chris K

It has lasted longer than most other trucks built in the same year. It requires minimal maintenance.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

My truck is reliable and a great fit for all things I use it for. I think it is a little small for bringing friends along. I like the fuel mileage and ability to cart things around for work or fun.

- Brian M

The truck has a pearl green paint job, and the paint hasn't faded or had any bald paint spots after the 18 years of owning this car.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

This vehicle truck car thing is pretty great. I am 18 years old and the car has been around me my whole life, and it's still in great condition. No mechanical problems have come up the whole time.

- Gangelo Q

It's good to drive. That the and but to so far no to.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

Good vehicle to drive. Never have problems. I like it. Good on gas. Runs good. Can't kill it. Clean. Why do I have to do so much, why are you nosy why do you care what I drive this is annoying.

- Megan C

That I love it! And I will have it until it dies on me.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I love sitting up high in my truck, I can see a lot more. My truck has the extra cab so it seats 4 people, My truck is very reliable. I love my truck. I don't dislike anything about it....

- Brenda T

That it has the ability to perform in any weather.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I like the compact size, the fact that I have a truck with a bed that I use frequently, and it gets good mileage. I do not like the few issues with alignment that I have been having.

- Em T

It is long lasting & just keeps going! It is very dependable!

2000 Toyota Tacoma

It is a workhorse! It has over 300,000 miles & is still running great. It is so easy to throw things in the back & go. I only wish it was a 6 cylinder instead of a 4.

- Terrie C

It is a well designed truck.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

This is a sturdy truck that requires little maintenance. It handles well but it does not get the best gas mileage. A truck is super useful and fun to drive.

- Nina B

It is a smooth ride and dependable.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

It starts every time. Great on gasoline per mile it is never gave me a problem runs well in the snow. I never got stuck in the snow. Oil changes are cheap.

- Michael I

It's never let me down, not even when I took it offroad once.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

It runs smoothly, and I've had little to know trouble with it since I purchased it. If there's one thing I could change about it it's the color.

- Jason N

Toyota Tacomas Are Reliable

2000 Toyota Tacoma

Dependable, reliable and easy to handle! It gets me where I need to go without fail. It has rather high mileage, but I've had little trouble!

- Rosalyn M

You need to put sandbags in the bed when it's snowing or icy because it's a light bed truck and at'll fish tail easily.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

Handles well. Very safe. Smooth ride. The paint scratches easier than any other car I have seen. I wish I would have gotten 4WD

- Christine D

People should know that my car is economic. Cars need to last a long time.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I like my vehicle because of the gas mileage and the low maintenance. I don't like it because of the rusting of the underbody.

- Cleo A

Rugged and it is dependability.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I like the usefulness of a small truck. The gas mileage of 25 mpg is awesome. Toyotas rarely break down and are simple to fix.

- Billy H

They most reliable car I have owned.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

My car is reliable, fuel. Efficient, and low. Cost to. Operate. It is simple inside, has been a great run around town truck.

- Marie R

It never dies and just keeps runny like a champ.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

Drives amazon and does not have issues. Still running after 18 years. Love that it is stick shift and does not break down.

- Jacob I

That it is a Toyota (the best! Brand).

2000 Toyota Tacoma

It is durable, reliable with very little required maintenance; have no dislikes or have had no major problems with it.

- Bob L

It gets great gas mileage. It's very dependable and easy to work on.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

It is getting up there in miles but gets good gas mileage still. the key is to keep it maintained. I have enjoyed it.

- Mark F

Great if you need to move heavy stuff from place to place.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

It's okay car, works pretty well for the fact that it's 18yo. Great for moving boxes and other heavy stuff.

- Dorota K

It's a good car and Toyota is a very good brand. We've always had great luck with Toyota cars.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I like our truck. It's very roomy. It has been a reliable vehicle and has given us very few problems.

- Rebecca M

My little truck may be ugly and full of dents, but it is a great truck.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

It is a small truck, so it is good on gas, and if I need to load something up it is available for me.

- Jose H

The truck is reliable in all weather and the blinker turns itself off.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

Mechanically good. Reliable vehicle. Body is rusting before any major mechanical parts can fail.

- Elaine W

It is very reliable because it has a standard transmission and it is a toyota.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I like that it has a standard transmission. I also like that I can haul stuff. And I love toyotas.

- gavin c

Its a Toyota and it has been a good truck with many more years to go.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I got my truck new in 2000 and have not had any major breakdowns and don't expect any.

- Darrell J

It's fun, it's old but gets me where I want to go.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I like the fact that it's a 4 wheel drive so it is good for off road traveling

- Theresa B

It is 18 years old and has 178000 miles on it but still runs great.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

It is a dependable vehicle. It gets good gas mileage. It is very useful.

- lydia M

It belonged to my dad. He used it to go to work and church.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

I love the style of my truck, but it is very old and needs a lot of work.

- Rebecca H

The vehicle is low maintenance.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

The vehicle is very functional, extremely reliable, and get good mileage.

- Mark L

Dependable reliable comfortable roomy. Wouldn't have another truck

2000 Toyota Tacoma

Comfortable inside. Engine power is terrific. Not to big or bulky.

- Rhonda H

it's old but reliable. i can depend on it to get from point a to point b

2000 Toyota Tacoma

its an old work horse. very reliable. no issues at all. just old

- Eli A

Bought new, no costly repairs. My favorite vehicle so far. Very comfortable, quiet ride. Will keep it till the wheels fall off.

2000 Toyota Tacoma

Holds it resale value. Had lots of offers but I am not selling.

- Martha J

It is very powerful and reliable and durable and fun

2000 Toyota Tacoma

It is old, but durable. It runs well. It is reliable.

- Rose J