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Worst mistake!

We've bought the VW Atlas R line ( top of the line) on November 2017 and we'll be trading it in this Summer. We are a big family and our kids play sports almost everday so having a big SUV is a must. We bought it based on the space which seats seven and it has a big trunk when you fold the last row. The outside look is great and the inside looks even better with the two tone leather seats! However it was in for rust repair twice within the first four weeks after purchase, the remote starter works if you are literally five feet away from the car ( as per the experts at VW Orangeville, that's a normal!) Every single light in the dashboard has been on several times, electrical issues, overall this is not a reliable SUV as we were expecting and for the price its definitely not worth a cent. Can't wait to get rid of it! We have had enough headaches with this SUV! Definitely the worst purchase we've ever made!

- Bruna Haig

Atlas-great family car that is fun to drive.

I love my atlas!! I feel so safe driving it-it’s a very solid car. It is also very comfortable, seating up to 7 adults easily. It gets great gas mileage. It is fun to drive. It is higher up then a car but not super high. I love the touch screen and all the safety devices like lane assist. I love the look of the atlas. The colors are pretty however I would have loved a green. I also love the cruise control and how it will adjust the speed if the car in front of you is going slower. I would love the atlas even more if it had more cup holders. One thing I would change would be to bring the DVD player out of the glove box and put it behind the touch screen. There is no way to get to it if driving.

- Lisa B

The first thing I tell people is how roomy it is!

The VW atlas is roomy and comfortable. The third row is for 2 people but can easily fit 3 kids. Even with the third row up there is still room in the back for grocery shopping. It drives well and has been a reliable vehicle. The expanded sunroof is a nice feature as is apple CarPlay, and the heated seats. The features that I miss on the launch edition are the automatic lift gate and automatic seats. The seats are not as much of an issue as I thought but it is difficult to explain how to move the seat to a new passenger in my car. Overall, I am happy with my vehicle and would recommend it to others!

- Jeanette D

Love my black on black atlas!

I haven't had it long enough to have any problems. The sel turbo v4 has all of the features you would want and excellent gas mileage because v4 but drives like a v6 with great pick up. Lots of room and has the 3rd row seat. 2nd row captain chairs makes it more comfy for passengers. Has a sunroof that goes all the way to the back seats. 3 zoned air and heat so everyone can control their own air. The seats are leatherette. Much better than leather like I had on my previous car.

- Julia K

Big spaces in the atlas and rear camera view.

I really love my atlas. It drives smooth and has a rear camera that helps with my reverse driving. It is a lot of space for my 2 kids, so there is plenty of room for groceries, toys, stroller, car seat, etc. It has the feature to turn off engine when stopping on a traffic light and you can turn it on or off on your choice. Steering wheel features Bluetooth phone connection and other settings for the cluster and instrument panel that is handy on the wheel.

- Jud B

VW atlas, plenty of room for 6ft adult.

Vehicle has a little bit of a lag when pressing on the gas. The third row of seats is super roomy and has plenty of two growing boys. The tech package was worth every penny. It is nice to have support in determining when and when not to move over to another lane. The sound system is adequate and I appreciate how it connects with my iPhone. Super easy to drive. Lots of room for kids and luggage. Drives well in winter weather, snow.

- Angie V

The Atlas is a great family vehicle for today's family

My vehicle is extremely comfortable and feels safe when driving. There is so much leg room in the second row and plenty of legroom in the third row for an adult. Car seats easily install in this vehicle and I love the ease of getting to the third row with captains chairs in the center. It's extremely reliable - no worries when traveling. It's great on gas and gas all the features my family needs.

- Jackie D

The great size! It feels so spacious in the back seats.

I love how roomy and spacious it feels but it is still very easy to park. I love the large back that I can fit our golden retriever and stroller in at the same time. I do not love the light colored interior because I feel like it shows all the dirt. I also really like the safety features while I drive, the blind spot sensors and the back up camera are amazing!

- Brooke W

The VW Atlas is a smart buy, much more economical starting price than most similar vehicles. It is spacious and has a good deal of power on the road. It's fun to drive and ride in.

The VW Atlas is big yet fuel efficient, quiet and extremely room, particularly the 2nd row. It's easier to get in/out of than the Mercedes sedan I used to own. It has a extended warranty that is superior to most competing vehicles. It also has a very smooth drive and is an excellent road vehicle for long trips with tremendous interior storage space.

- Dennis O

Great family vehicle for multiple children.

There have been quite a few recalls on the vehicle, some minor like an emissions sticker mistake, but some that are safety related. Otherwise it is been entirely reliable. It performs well and it is very easy to get all the kids in and out. The middle seats move far enough that I can climb right into the third row and almost stand up back there.

- Ashley B

Loving the 2018 atlas. The driver assist features provide added safety.

My 2018 atlas sel is a wonderfully comfortable vehicle. I have two large teenage boys, who fit in our vehicle without any cramped spaces. We also have a dog, and she fits comfortably in the back. With the option of having the rear row of seats up or down, it gives us the option to have more passengers if we need to. The moon roof is enormous!

- Gillian S

A great car for a growing family.

It is a smooth drive and fits 7 people comfortably. We had problems with the tire indicator when our tire went flat and the indicator did not shut off after we replaced the tire, so we had to go back to the dealership to resolve the issue. There was also a recall on our car, but the dealership fixed whatever the issues were within a day.

- Charm C

VW atlas amazing family SUV.

This model recalls a lot because of being a new in 2018. Otherwise it is amazing in the snow, fast, tons of room, and super comfy for myself and all my kids! Gas mileage is average for highway and city. I have the base model which is nice but the higher models are extremely gorgeous especially for the lower luxury SUV price tag.

- Julie B

My car is black and dark grey interior with leather seats and heated...

The car is spacious and has enough seats for 7 + people the engine is quiet and has sensors to blind spots and is eco friendly, but the best part of all is fuel savings when the car shuts down when fully stopped not to mention the color and the interiors..Leather heated seats USB port on front and back a nice size front screen.

- Memo M

It is a truly great deal. The price is on target for the roominess, ease of use and fun factor.

I love the roominess of my Atlas. It is comfortable for my entire family. It is super easy to move the seats, especially for the kid to get in and out of. It is fun to drive. My only complaint is that I wish it had memory seats. We would have loved Memory seats w/o upgrading to the next trim level (which we did not need)

- Danielle M

It is a new model year so it has some things they need to improve upon.

Technologically savvy, fun to drive, easy on the eyes. This VW atlas is the newest model to be revealed by VW and it is a great addition to a family that needs at least 6 seats in a vehicle. I purchased this car because of its seating capacity, but all the gadgets and smooth ride functions makes it a great full time SUV.

- Andre M

Best combination of luxury and comfort in an SUV.

My atlas is wonderful. It is very spacious. I love that it drives like a regular car and does not feel bulky. The seats, both front and back, are very comfortable and spacious. I love that the seats are really easy to adjust. I can adjust them using one hand. The trunk space is really good even with the third seat up.

- Alma G

All around wonderful vehicle. We love the Volkswagen atlas!

Love the car. Its beautiful, smooth, and smart drive. Everything is super easy to use and its keeps my family safe with technology. It has lane assist which we love. It detects cars in front, back, and sides of you. The look is sleek, sporty, and still sophisticated. It's got plenty of room, even in the third row.

- Jade J

Perfect family vehicle. It has very roomy seating and drives like a dream.

I love the size of my vehicle and the seating capabilities. I feel like it handles very well for a large SUV. I dislike the auto start stop feature but thankful that I can shut it off with the push of a button. I wish it had better gas mileage. Overall it is my favorite vehicle I have ever had.

- Heather P

Comfortable SUV with smooth sedan-like ride.

Vehicle is very roomy and comfortably seats five. Third row seating is a little snugger than comfortable, for adults, but works for short trips. Ride likes a sedan, and gets decent mpg for a large SUV, using regular gasoline. Plenty of room for golf clubs in rear. I have had no issues with it.

- Sandra G

Powerful, spacious and comfortable.

Problems: it has a sound always in the tires, but I love it, is very spacious, comfortable, it has three rows for seven people, but you can bend the third row and have more space in the back. It has a very powerful engine and it is so good to drive. I think it is perfect for the family.

- Mariola M

I love having a third row, without having a full size SUV again.

I love the feature that shuts the engine off while idle- it really saves a lot when sitting in heavy traffic. There were a few glitches in the software, but that is to be expected with the first year a vehicle is introduced to the market. I am overall extremely pleased with my vehicle!

- Andrea T

Best car for a big car lover.

I really love this car, the only thing to think about is the size. It's pretty big. Other than that, the only other complaint I have is that the lane-helping feature sometimes jerks the car and my washer fluid for the windshield always needs to be refilled. Other than that I love it!

- Susan W

It feels safe, like an armored car.

I love that my car looks sporty, yet it has 3 rows, and enough room for my 3 kids. It is more fun to drive than a soccer mom van. I do not like the engine cut off feature, that is intended to save gas, as it makes it difficult to get through stop signs and lights in a timely fashion.

- Alexis M

Love my Volkswagen atlas!

Comfortable and great technology, did have a couple of recalls but the dealership took care of. There was a knocking sound coming from front left strut area and service department fixed the issue (strut issue that there was a tech bulletin out on). Overall very happy with my atlas.

- Jaime B

Great vehicle with large 3rd row.

The Volkswagen atlas is very comfortable. It is like driving a luxury car rather than a large SUV. The third row is big enough for an adult to sit back there comfortably. The cargo room is very large even when the third row is up. The safety features are great and easy to use.

- Heather H

My favorite vehicle thus far!

This has been my favorite vehicle thus far. It has all the technology features you could want, drives well, is decent on gas, and big enough for our family of four. The quality and features in the atlas for the price, was a no-brainer vs the same features/price for other SUVs.

- Kaitlyn C

You feel safe in the car and it is fun to drive.

Love the digital cockpit and wide map navigation and rear view camera system. Not a fan of the start/stop feature, but have gotten use to overriding it when I get in the car. Also like the apple play feature and use it all the time to play amazon music for me and the kids.

- Kathleen O

Cargo space is amazing compared to other similarly sized SUVs.

I love the cargo space and the sunroof. There are a few details/features that are lacking like a map light and very small glove box. There have been a few issues with water leakage in the windshield after a very hard rain/hail and a grinding noise in the wheel well.

- Shauna S

Best car I ever drove to this day!

Very smooth line, smooth ride, great color, smells good, nice tires. Nice radio, very comfortable, VW is the first time I have owned this brand and would buy again so far, but hard to tell because I have only put 11, 000 miles on it time will take but so far so good.

- John P

Love the new VW atlas SUV.

It rides so smoothly! No road noise and feels like you are driving a Cadillac. The visibility is incredible- no blind spots! The technology capability is super easy and nice. Also the sound system is so crisp. There is tons of head room and leg space and cargo room.

- Allison W

An amazing ride for the whole family.

It rides so smooth and comfy. It works so well with my family of 4 and our dog. We take it on every family trip we have took this year. I trust it to get where ever I need to go. I am not afraid to take it off-road. I love it and so does my family. Buy it trust me.

- Lisa D

definitely drives like an SUV and not a car.

I love that it fits 7, however it is a bit wide and difficult to park in narrow spots and then hard to get out if parked in a narrow space. In addition gas mileage is less than I expected. The auto start/stop has broken twice as well within first 15 months.

- Holly C

Love hate relationship with my atlas.

This is our second atlas the first one had some fatal factory flaws with a/c Volkswagen provided us with a whole new vehicle. This one has also had lots of recalls. But I love how it drives, and it has a lot more interior space than other 3rd row SUVs.

- Dana K

The amount of space in the vehicle is amazing. I am able to fit comfortably 7 people.

I like how big it is. I like how roomy the middle seats are. I can put 2 car seats and still have enough room for someone to sit in the middle. I don't like that the seats don't have a "cooling" feature like my Highlander had. No other complaints.


Perfect vehicle for traveling with small children

The Atlas is great for families with small children. The seats move easily to access the third row—there is storage space behind the third row. It's sportier than a minivan and easier to maneuver than a Suburban, etc.

- Shan Z

All the safety features, roominess, and many features like the car apple app.

I bought the car 1 month ago. I love all the features especially adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot warning and the back up camera. Plenty of room in the third row even for someone as tall as 6' 2".

- Donald P

The Kurkuma Yellow color will catch your eye EVERY TIME!!!

I like the smooth ride that it has. The spacious interior and amazing features that it has. Also, the Kurkuma Yellow color represents my different personality! Very unique and a better ride than my Cadillac CTS ever had.

- Laurie L

It is comfortable and rides well. It is ranked high for safety.

On the whole, I love my Atlas. I dislike the start/stop feature and that you can't perm. turn it off. It is a little noisier inside the car than I would like. A place for my sunglasses would be nice and to hold Kleenex.

- Terri J

It feels very luxurious. I had never driven a VW before, but I just had to try it and I am so glad I did.

I like the panoramic sunroof that goes along almost the whole ceiling. I also like how smoothly and easily it drives -- it doesn't drive all bulky, like a truck. I also love the technology and functions.


It has a significant amount of standard safety features.

This vehicle has smooth ride, similar to, if not, more so than other higher priced brands. It is also very dependable, has significant built in safety features, and great gas mileage for an SUV.

- Audrey S

The Volkswagen is a smooth car.

The volkswagen car that I have is a very nice car. I love that the performance is smooth throughout long car rides and there has been no apparent problems throughout the time I have used it.

- John S

Why I love my Volkswagen atlas

My Volkswagen atlas is fantastic I absolutely love it it's comfortable for travel so much room for car seats and other passengers for long road trips for a bigger suv it's even gas efficient

- Robin W

The most interesting detail we enjoy is our lane keep assist. As a parent there are time where you are talk to children and this vehicles keeps you safe in your lane and avoids side accidents.

Altars is extremely comfortable with leather seats . we as a new family family enjoy all the added safety features such as blind spot awareness , emergency braking and lane keep assist.

- Cortney S

This car is reliable and trustworthy, you won't regret it!

We dislike the auto stop but luckily we can turn it off at any time. Truck drives smooth fast, reliable, a lot of room for comfort for our 2 car seats and back trunk space for stroller.

- Erika C

It's fast and fun to drive. GREAT for kids and dogs

Like 3 rows Sunroof Stereo Dislike: Gas mileage The color of my car. It's black I really would want a different color. My neighbor has the grey one. It's really big. Lol

- Wendy W

It's a newest model so it has had a few recalls but nothing major. Still an amazing car.

It doesn't come with a DVD player option. Which makes it harder to entertain kids. I wish it had side mirrors that retracted in by a button. Other than that it's roomy and nice

- Brenna W

2018 VW atlas is a great SUV.

We love our atlas, it is a smooth ride, is extremely roomy in the second and third rows, and gets decent gas mileage. We also appreciate how easy it is to access the third row.

- Stacie G

It is efficient, comfortable and affordable.

We love the Atlas. It is the perfect size for our family. We can easily take road trips with our two children and still have plenty of room on the vehicles to be comfortable.

- Stephanie G

It drives so smooth and handles quite well . I haven't driven in snow yet but hoping there's no issues

It is brand new , about three months and so far I love everything about it . I wish it used less gas but for an SUV it is good . There is so much room even with the third row

- Mag P

Great space and comfortable drive. Looks great and handles well for a vehicle this size.

Great car however dislike the placement of the ignition button and the air conditioner does not work well. Also feel like an automatic lift for the trunk should be standard.

- Rustin F

Great value Great vehicle,

I love that it's all wheel drive, it handles great. It has a lot of extras and very comfortable. I love the full length sunroof, heated and cooled seats. Big thumbs up.

- Stacy M

Roomy and surprisingly sporty

It is a fantastic family vehicle. It has a ton of space and drives very well. The price was very competitive in the large SUV market and It's a great value.

- Alec G

It has a higher safety rating than fords’ comparable model.

I like that the backup camera screen is so large. I like the flexible seating arrangements. I dislike seeing out the back window when the headrests are up.

- Emily P

The Atlas is Awesome has wonderful gas mileage and economy.

I like my SUV because it has 3rd row seating. The ride is smooth. The gas economy is amazing for the size of the car. Wouldn't change it for anything else

- Melissa M

I think that others should know that it looks nice and it is really safe.

I think that my car is great it's got great mileage. I also like it because it is super comfy with the seat warmers. Finally I like how it seats 7 people!

- Rico P

It is very big. Hard to get used to if you drive smaller cars.

Atlas is very nice! It is comfortable, drives well, and has other good features. Leather feels nice, and has a rear camera that works great. 4/5 stars.

- Joseph S

Largest SUV in the price range

The vehicle has a larger interior than all the other SUVs that I test drove. My whole family can ride together in one vehicle when we go on a trip.

- Mike M

Cheaper than it looks. Affordable.

Spacious 7 seater SUV great for family sporty look comfortable lots of upgrades panoramic sunroof leather touch screen great sound system.

- Romaine O

Security. It is one of the most secure cars of the industry

I love the security features of my car. My only complain is that I am very short and the car is very big for me. Other than that I love it

- Ana N

Great truck to have if you do not want a big vehicle.

The windshield damages easily. Had to replace it once. Currently there is a chip and a crack. Those have been "repaired", but still seen.

- Anne V

I have two kids and it works great! Lots of space!

I love my SUV! Has a lot of get up and go and it drives so smooth! Great price for all that comes with the car compared to other brands.

- Annika P

Spacious third row seating

I have had my car for a few months now and love the space it provides me with. The comfort is good, the third row seating is spacious.

- Jamie E

Just as much passenger and cargo space as a minivan.

Great alternative to a minivan. Fabulous family car. Posh interior, and the seating is very comfy. Feels and drives like a luxury car.

- Jennifer W

The only thing I can think of is it is a little slow from to get up to speed.

I have no complaints about the VW atlas. Very nice SUV. Rides really good and comfortable seats. I would recommend this car to others.

- Cameron G

Atlas, comfort, spacious room lack of storage

Base car, smooth ride, plenty of leg head room, sits 7, very comfortably seats, able to pull boat, wish that storage/trunk was bigger

- Jessica S

It's very comfortable and overly spacious.love it .

I really have nothing negative to say about the vehicle. I love the space or size of the car . One of my best car buys in a while .

- Cameron G

Great car but gas mileage in town not so great

The gas mileage in town is not very good at all. It gets about 250 per tank. It drives very smooth and it is big but not to big.

- Amanda J

Love the car and so does my family.

Great car and it's very comfortable. Car is spacious and perfect for a family car. Love the fact that you can save a lot on gas.

- jose r

It gets good gas mileage.

We really love our atlas. Great SUV for our family. Great vacation car for road trips. We also like the "trunk" storage.

- Debra W

Lots of room and spacious.

Has a few recalls. A lot of room. Three row seating is perfect for big families or families who like to take road trips.

- Kristina M

That you can go about 10,000 miles without getting oil changed.

Runs great, wish it was a little bigger. I like the panoramic sunroof. The kids really enjoy it. It has been great.

- Michelle T

I would like to know that I really like the safety features of this vehicle.

I like the safety features. I love the leather, seat adjustment. Dislikes are color, but was only color available.

- Donna D

Love how safe I feel & how much room there is!

I have a newborn and a toddler and I feel so safe while driving this car! Two car seats and still plenty of room!

- Angela V

It is very practical for everyday use.

Love my atlas. Nothing I do not like on it. It is a great car. It is sporty, yet economical holds all of my kids.

- Dominique J

Drives great, has lots of room.

Love rom, drives great. Dislike motor cut off and headlights everyone thinks u are bright lighting and your not.

- Danielle H

I would recommend it to anyone with a growing family!

It is big, clean, new, and love all the features! It gets great gas mileage. Not a lot of people have them yet.

- Kelsey G

Its best value for an SUV. standard features are quality

great car which has premium services. love the power and sleek look of the truck. handles well and great on gas

- Ann L

Handles great on wet roads. I feel safe driving and riding in it.

It is the best drive, with a nice technology package. The controls, are amazing and the interior is amazing.

- Kay A

It is very easy to drive. Stylish and very functional.

I love how roomy it is on the inside. I love everything about it. I get compliments on it everywhere i go,

- stacy r

Good driving, dependable, enjoy the cruise control.

Nice drive. Comfortable. Sporty. Solid. Excellent technology. Very easy to drive. Good seating. Like color.

- Roger R

third row seating so and can fold down seats without moving a car seat!

Very spacious, drives like a car, easy to navigate, love the backup camera, love the built in window shades

- charity g

It is very roomy and the seating is flexible, the seats all move.

I like that it has a smooth ride and gets decent gas mileage. I like that it is comfortable and reliable.

- Mary E

It is a lot of car for a low price

Excellent car. Reliable. Full of options. Inexpensive. 3 row seats. Ease of use. Uses regular gas

- Ali S

Awesome safety features and I love all the space!

The rear trunk door does not have an automatic open and close sensor. The carplay is not Bluetooth.

- Tal D

It's the nicest most comfortable yet cool car i've ever driven.

I love how roomy it is. Drives luxuriously. I love the Apple play. It's very stylish look.

- Kristin C

VW makes cost effective cars with all the options of high end luxury vehicles

We love the cost of the car Contains all the options that we need can fit 7 passengers

- judy k

I love the size. The car handles well and has all the space my family needs. It's an expensive car, but worth it.

Cargo room! Third row seating or all seats fold down leaving a flat storage space.

- Katie P

Top of the line.it is very comfortable

I love it .It is so roomy and comfortable .I feel real safe

- Lisa L

Perfect family car! So happy with my purchase.

I love my car! It's so spAcious and sexy looking.

- Gloria S