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My Jetta James. That is her name.

My 2002 Volkswagen Jetta is a very mechanically sound car. I have been rear ended twice now by another vehicle hard enough to knock the entire bumper assembly completely off but both times the car has not had a single problem manifest itself mechanically. I have owned and driven this car ten years average miles. Keeping the oil changed and good tires with proper rotation and inflation have made a great difference in it is performance. This has been a major factor in the gas mileage it gets too. The same at average of 25-30 consistently with a 2. 0 liter 4 cylinder engine. The ride is smooth. My only problem has been the sun/moonroof seal leaking a little here and there. The automatic transmission shifts smooth and effortlessly. It uses no water and that was a concern of mine initially should that system have problems because the water pump is internal and repairs somewhat costly. Overall I love my Jetta even when I had no rear bumper twice for a short time. Great, sturdy and dependable.

- Lisa W

Powers up hills and gets decent gas mileage.

I love my car! Unfortunately, the parts for it are more expensive than for, say, a Honda or a Toyota would be, but I think it is worth the few extra dollars personally just because I have a soft spot for Volkswagens. I have had a few issues with my car, but it is 16 years old now and I know that cars do not last forever, so I have been very happy with it. Really the only thing that drives me out of my mind is that there are only two cup holders for a car with five seats. Otherwise, it is very comfortable, even for long trips, gets pretty good gas mileage, and powers up hills with not even a hint of a struggle. Overall I really like my car and its quirks just add character.

- Mindy W

Fantastically reliable car for all conditions.

My Jetta has been very reliable, and so far has made it over 200,000 miles. The one main issue it really has is that it burns oil. It's not much of a problem; I just check the oil about every other tank of gas and add a little if necessary and then it's just fine. Other than that, the back seat would be nicer if there was a bit more leg room. Other than those two minor things, I love my car, and it has lasted through many years of boiling Minnesota summers and obscenely cold Minnesota winters as well as road trips, rural driving, and city driving.

- Kati R

Maintenance is key to vehicle longevity.

My vehicle is over 10 years old with over 260k miles on the original engine. No major work has needed to be done. I have just maintained the vehicle as it should be and it has treated me well. It has only given me one major problem when commuting during the over 100k miles I put on it which was due to a worn alternator. That is not even a major item. Maintenance is the key factor to prolong the life of a vehicle. Even something as simple as rotating tires can prolong the life of the tires and cause they to wear evenly and properly.

- Al M

My pride and joy. Good ride and good mileage for gas without the trouble.

I get about 32 miles per gallon fast quiet very safe. It holds 5 passengers. It has a sunroof top. Leather seats hatchet back with cover over trunk. Have had problems with exhaust in the pass. It is reliability. Do not wear out tires clean motor. Seats are removable to add more room for storage. It is easy to handle. Easy to park in small places. It do not show dirt to bad. I have had this car for ten years and I brought it used it is still in good condition. Air condition works good and heat also. I have really enjoyed this car.

- L S

Not the quickest but reliable.

I have owned my vehicle for over five years and have put over 150, 000 miles on it. I bought it used with around 110, 000 miles and currently have 260, 000 miles on it. I always perform the needed maintenance and have never had to have to perform any major repairs. The reliability is amazing and is a more simple model compared to others which is a benefit. My commute is about 100 miles round trip as opposed to short driving. It has a manual transmission which is reliable and simple. It is not the quickest but is good on gas.

- Alan M

It's a great piece of junk.

Has had every problem possible, but when it isn't having a problem it's a great car. Have had to replace the water pump twice, the oil pan twice, the alternator, fuel pump, battery and now the reverse does not work until the car has been idling running for 40 minutes or driving for about 15 minutes. The wheels are about to fall off but it has 230k miles. I love to hate my Jetta and I hate to love it. Leather heated seats still work great.

- Dana S

My Volkswagens problems and flaws.

My vehicle is not reliable and has a lot of check engine problems, my gas meter is broken so I never really know how much gas I have in my car all the time. I have gone through multiple mechanical problems with my car regarding knock sensors, overheating, etc, and I also have a exhaust leak somewhere so when ever I have my ac on and I am stopped at a light my car will fill up with the smell of gas.

- Jorden H

Quality but no quickness.

The VW Jetta tdi is a reliable and easy to drive car. Good gas mileage at 40 mph freeway and 27 city makes for painless and infrequent trips to fill it. Although the handling could be better it doesn't present problems on the road. If you want power and quickness this is nit the car for you. It dies freeway speeds effortlessly but does not enjoy a quick response to the fuel pedal.

- Jon L

The gas mileage is the highlight of my vehicle.

It is really comfy an reliable, at the moment it needs a coil pack. Other then that is very good on gas, a tank of gas can last me a week or more if I fill it up at the beginning of the week, working every day. The only issue I have with it is the sun damaged paint and the stained seats other than that it is pristine condition. I take care of her and she takes care of me.

- Isaiah B

Good car, great value for money. Will serve long.

No problems at all, rides perfect. Never failed during the ride, never asked for anything extra rather then oil change, filters, breaking pads, etc. . Just normal stuff to keep it always going. I use regular gas, fully synthetic oil. Good with Florida heat, as ac works great and stars blowing cold air straight after the car started.

- Edu D

Green Volkswagen station wagon.

This car seems to have some minor electrical problems from time to time. I bought it used and the previous owners took great care of the engine, but the interior is horrible. Once I got it cleaned up it drove very smooth and parts for it are pretty reasonable. Overall it is very dependable though.

- Michael P

Great car that performs well and has good features.

Performs. Great gets great mileage rides very well. Easy on maintenance. Overall performance is superb. The interior has lots extra features like heated seat. The car also has a sunroof. It has power windows and power door locks. I would recommend this car to my family and friends.

- Floyd S

The leather seats and sunroof and the awesome stereo system.

This car is so fun to drive no mechanical issues at all it is comfortable stylish sleek I just absolutely love it you cannot go wrong I have a Jetta 4-door sedan that sits low to the ground I have no mechanical problems seat warmers awesome stereo system it is just amazing.

- Kathleen G

Great vehicle smooth ride quiet.

Always starts. Nice smooth ride in town, and on the highway. Great gas mileage if you use the appropriate fuel. Zero interference engine. Meaning keep up in the routine, scheduled, miles maintenance is vital to the health of the engine. Perfect clean ride.

- Ashley K

Good car that is fast and easy to handle.

It is a really good car. It is fast, handles good and is good on gas. It can have a lot of problems though. The check engine is on a lot. The transmission acts funny sometimes. It had a leaky sunroof. But it is a great car if you can afford the repairs.

- Ashley G

Great look and comfortable. Great for long distance or short road trips. Very comfortable and low maintenance.

I have not had any probntenance that I take my car to People Boys in Tulsa. Warantly is great as will. Handles grel lems. Performance is excellent. Great for road trips with my family. Low maintenance Handles great with great steering capabilities.

- Jack M

Excellent fuel economy, and exceptional performance and handling.

The Volkswagen Jetta has excellent fuel economy. Additionally the handling and performance exceeded expectations. The only downside is the vehicle's interior is not exactly designed for commuting, cup holders leave a lot to be desired.

- John K

The quality of the vehicle paint.

I love that the car gets great gas mileage. I love that the care is super easy to handle. I love that the car sleek looking. I dislike that the replacement parts are a little hard to replace because of the compact size of the car.

- Dominic M

Od Cars : the real cars, not a paper one

My vehicle is pretty practical and not expensive.Old cars are better than some new cars in debt left and quality.This car has been in a car crash and it didn't get a huge damage,you can barely see it.Now,cars are made of paper

- Vanya M

Super reliable and very safe.

I like my gas mileage. It is an older car but still spacious enough for me to feel safe. Sometimes the gas gage is inaccurate which makes it hard for me to know when to fill up. My gas pedal sticks sometimes and it is scary.

- Cj M

My experience with Volkswagens

I've only owned Volkswagens since I could drive. I love their performance and comfort, but my year especially, as well as other MK4s, have notorious electrical problems. That's probably the biggest downfall I've seen.

- Beau S

In love with my VW Jetta. It's an absolute must!

I love my VW Jetta. Not only has it been a reliable car, it's also fun to drive. It's a four door car with a sporty feel. I would recommend this car to anyone. It's comfortable, stylish and it's great on gas..

- James H

Its is very comfortable, spacious and reliable.

My vehicle is very comfortable and drives well. But it has some engine problems that happen fairly consistently. Ut all around it is I very good reliable vehicle and thati use on my daily commutes.

- Kyle M

The car is good on gas and it runs excellent.

The car is a very nice size, four doors good on gas, it also have seat warmers. It has a CD player and radio stereo. Electric windows with sunroof, adjustable steering wheel and a lot gas tank.

- Lena B

VW Jetta - Love It But At What Cost?

While I like my car for its look and size, it is expensive to repair and not all parts are available anymore. The car is labor intensive in its care and parts. I love my car, but it is costly.

- Liz H

It is fast (turbo), dependable and gets excellent gas mileage.

I love that it is a stick shift and that it has taken me hundreds of thousands of miles with minimal trouble. I dislike that it does not have a cup holder where a cup holder is supposed to be.

- simone L

Vw jettas are definitely worth the money you pay for them

Very comfortable, easy to drive, drives smoothly, good on gas. Pretty spacious, comes with most everything from cd changer, amp, sunroof, power locks, windows, cruise control, leather seats,

- Leighanne D

It is easy to drive and pretty environmentally good.

I love that its a compact car, fits anywhere!.. Which can be a bad thing because we have a baby and his stuff takes up everything.. The parts to fix the car are expensive and hard to get!.

- Ashley A

It's awesome! I like that the cup holders stow away, so they don't catch a million crumbs. They are in the way, though, so if you need to adjust the radio and you have a cup in the holder, it is a little tricky.

I like that it has more room than my previous car and that the trunk is accessible from inside. After my first car, I had wanted a station wagon type car and this fit the bill perfectly.

- Cathleen C

Low maintenance and dependable.

I like the safety features as well as how much mileage I get out of it. It's very fuel efficient. I dislike how expensive the maintenance is and how outdated the car is.

- Daniel V

it is really expensive to repair it.when it gets to a certain age it will have a ton of car repairs and cost a ton of money

It's a great car but when they get older they are a constant money pit of repairs, and the parts are ridiculously expensive and you need to get them from the dealer

- Cindy F

It is durable. I have been in a few accidents and the car still runs.

I drive a stick shift VW Jetta. I like how reliable and small it is. I am not a fan of the stereo system but this is most likely because it is an older model.

- Azha L

A good used car to use every day.

It is a very nice car that does not give me any problems. The car handles well and is good with gas mileage. Even though it is an older model it drives well.

- Steven A

Super fun, great economy!

This car is super efficient and an absolute blast to drive. It is very reliable as well. Parts and repairs can be kind of expensive, but i love my car.

- Gregory M

My car is reliable and consistent. It is compact yet spacious.

I love my VW Jetta. The vehicle is reliable and drives well. Minor upkeep is required. My favorite features include the sunroof and heated seats.

- Eliza S

The windows do not roll up on the passenger side.

The cost of maintenance is high, the car also has a bunch of check engine lights on. Has a bad transmission. Bad o2 sensors and smells like gas.

- Mark E

The gas mileage is not what you would think.

Heated seats are very comfortable. I thought the gas mileage would be a bit better though. Large trunk space. Very nice riding down the highway.

- Brandon K

The Jetta is very durable and low maintenance. It is fun to drive!

I like my car because it is very reliable and has lasted a long time! It has a solid feel to it and is comfortable to drive. No complaints!

- Susan W

That it is a compact fun car for those that like standard transmission.

Very small back area. Love that it's a 5 speed. Like the seat warmers. Doesn't get as good gas mileage per gallon as my Mazda MX 6 did.

- Darlene F

That my car is a die hard and no matter what it won't die

I like how dependable my car is,i don't like that it's kind falling apart a little but my car just keeps going and going no matter what

- Michael S

It has great gas mileage. It's a great looking car and it handles really well

I like the gas mileage. I like the sleek look of the car. I like how the car handles. I don't like how hard it is to replace parts

- Dominic S

Same problems will occur in the jetta model. Defects are bound to happen

The console broke, the windows will eventually give out. Good on gas. Gets me to my destination fast and safe. Easy to maneuver.

- richanda g

Nobody really wants to work on a German car. And the repairs are expensive.

I like that it is small and compact, I dislike that in the past year so many things are either falling over and needing repair.

- alice m

Comfortable seats and good space inside.

It is comfortable with have 4 doors and has good space inside and in the trunk is good space, the seats are leather.

- Liliana M

It is small. A manual transmission, navy blue.

It is not a reliable car. It is a manual transition and personally love it but it sucks driving other people in it.

- Olivia F

Watch the oil! Always check the dipstick.

Like: good gas mileage. Maneuverable. It is a wagon, so I can transport stuff. Dislike: tends to be an oil burner.

- Janet M

Maintenance of VW compared to other makes.

Hard to work on by yourself compared to American and Japanese cars, more complicated, parts more expensive.

- William R

Fun To Drive, The way it Handles on Wet Roads Snow covered roads

I like the way it handles on the road, Fun to drive I like the body style . Comfortable seating .

- Karen K

It saves gas and has a good AC system and the body is nice.

I like my vehicle because it does not waste a lot of gas and it's very economical for me.

- Michael M

it shifts very hard. jerks when you change gears.

handles very well. very good looking. difficult to have fixed when there is a problem.

- taylor R

This car has been in my family for nearly a decade now, and although his airbending skills are great he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.

It's back bumper has been reinforced with steel so don't rear end us.

- Evalynn F

It's good on gas and quite.

I don't drive much. It gets me where I need to go. It's good on gas.

- James J

Quality car that doesn't waste a lot of gas. I do recommend it

The parts to the vehicle are expensive but it drives very smooth

- Isabel M

It has been a very reliable car with great gas mileage. And until very recently we never had any major issues (maintenance/repairs) with it, but it isn't surprising with how old it is and the many miles we've put on it. I feel it is a very safe car and the only complaint is that it could be a little more comfortable, but for price it is a great car and most likely will get the same make, possibly the same model when we finally need to get a new car.

That it is safe, reliable and gets good gas mileage.

- Marie M

Runs on diesel, not gas. Lots of torque

Jetta tdi great mileage low maintenance long range

- Norman T