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Awesome Acura 3. 5 rl a fine luxury vehicle.

I do not have anything bad to say about Acura at all. I started buying Acura in 1996 when they introduced the rl which was their flagship car. I bought it without a test drive because I already knew this was a fine automobile. I have since then owned three 3. 5 rl series. Were I truthfully to complain it would serve no real purpose because all luxury vehicles have high maintenance costs. I did however switch from going to the dealer for repairs to an old wise Italian auto expert who did a fantastic job for about half the dealer cost. I never had a complaint. If you are fortunate enough to find an honest and professional non dealer mechanic, I suggest you try them out. The dealers also sell you up on things that frankly are not necessary but that is their job.

- Geno K

Reliable, Sporty, Fun and not a Gas Guzzler

It's great at using gas when driving it, the only problem it has is the size of the car. The car is very reliable when I drive large distances as well. During the first few years I took it to the dealer whenever the car would alert me of any problems, they were quickly taken care of. It wasn't exactly like that when I bought it.

- carlos S

The interior is remarkable.It's the best vehicle I've ever owned.

No problems. Great performance. It has a smooth ride. It's very reliable and dependable. I would Recommend it to my friends and family. I think I made a great choice and very happy with the durability and the comfort live experience so far.It's very good on gas and mileage.

- Todd E

I love the quality of Honda produced automobiles. I buy certified used Acura's with low miles in order to afford them. That said, my most recent is not exactly what I would have bought could I have chosen each component as a special order. Most specifically, I would not have chosen black interior.

It is a dream to drive, comfortable on trips, needs only routine maintenance which my local dealer provides with great customer service, AND there are not hundreds of cars just time it in the parking lot.

- Jeri R

It gets me from a to z for reasonable price.

I would've wanted more features. Maybe even a newer version. The car over all is wonderful. I just like to stay up with the latest tech.

- Anya A

Get the moonroof package with the heated seats, deep recline seats and power windows.

It is cherry red. It is four wheel drive with heated seats and power windows. Moon roof allows for those nice nights ;).

- Bill A

Safety and handling. Mileage and performance. Style

Great handling and mileage. Awesome performance. Reliable and durable. Safe, roomy and comfortable. Great car

- Hector M

It has wifi. It's AWD. It's stylish

It's a small SUV. One of the reasons why I love it so much is because it's AWD. In addition, it's reliable.

- Kai L