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The top goes up and down with the push of one button.

Holds on to the roads well. In winter going through snow is not a problem. I have the convertible which I think looks great. The ease of use with no locks to push or levers to pull is a welcomed relief. My problem is twice now the top hasn't gone up. Fixing an Audi is never a cheap deal. That is a huge issue to think of before buying this car.

- Karen V

Dependable - attractive - solid car.

Bought '06 Audi with 80, 000 miles 4 years ago. It is powerful, quiet and comfortable. Also good on gas, although it is a turbo so it runs best on premium gas, which adds a little expense, but it is worth it. I have driven it 40, 000 miles with just standard maintenance, except for a wheel bearing. And it is attractive!

- Deborah A

It drives great. Steering is incredibly accurate.

Electrical issues — passenger side headlight flickers, window control panel on driver side sometimes stops working. Burns oil. Check engine light comes on with no defined explanation. Doesn’t take regular gas. Heated seats get really hot. All black interior awful in summer.

- Tiffany R

Dependable, fun, family vehicle, great gas mileage.

I own an Audi a3 tt. Love my car. Fits 5 plus our husky in the hatch. She gets great gas mileage. She has heated seats, rear windshield wiper, great sound system and lots of get up and go. Also all wheel drive with great handling. Lots of fun to drive!

- Rebecca M

It is a simple model, easy to drive, it moves in a spectacular way. really very good

the performance of the model of this vehicle really is very complete, easy to handle, a cutting-edge engine. only the performance in gasoline is not very good, it consumes a lot.

- jim m

The car is an extremely good value and investment.

I like the horsepower of the motor. I like the leather interior. I like all the storage space in the back. And I love the audio system.

- Jon H

If you want a car that will last you years or over 100,000 mile.

Good gas mileage. Rarely have any issues with the vehicle. It is very reliable. It is over 100,000 miles and still runs great.

- Teresa S

Very safe because it's built so well. Safety in a car has always extremely important to me.

It's dependable and has enough room. I also like it because it's very safe. I have never had any serious problems with it.

- Stephanie D

Le epic car is so cool that it rocks

I think it is very good. It gets the job done. I would recommend. I think it is the best car ever made.

- John C

Great for it's time, however since then I've been looking for a new car. Not a bad car but it's run its course. In need of repair.

It's old, been through the mill and many towns. I've taken good care of it, but cars only last so long.

- Reign Z

It is a fun car to drive! It is easy to turn, corners nicely and is reasonable on gas

I like the speed and turning radius I dislike the cost of repairs I like the comfort of the seats

- C S

Great car and low maintenance , great gas mileage , easy to handle

Zippy! Great gas mileage, nice looking, great for the beach

- Debbie K

The seats are extremely comfortable and the trunk is a good size

Its very comfortable and spacious. MPG is very good

- Michael J