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It has a smooth ride and is great on gas.

My vehicle is comfortable and has a smooth ride. It requires little maintenance. I have the navigation system as well and it is a little off in its directions in certain locations but it is only off by a little bit. Sound system is a great and I like that the CD player is in the glove compartment since I do not use it often. Gas mileage is also very good and reasonable. One thing that I would adjust is when the tire light comes on saying my tire is low in air it doesn't always specify which tire. I have to go through each tire myself and see which tire needs it. I also feel like it is difficult to see out the back window when I am reversing. The back window seems narrow. I have owned a lot of cars though and this car is my favorite and I will continue to buy.

- Trisha M

Rides very smooth, great on gas. Love that the screen goes down once car is off.

My 2015 Audi a3 is great. Rides very smooth, is very great on gas but I do have problems with it either leaking or burning oil quick. I used to have a 2012 Audi a4 before this one and had the same problem with the oil leak. I love how the seats can be adjusted just the way you want it with even back support and the headrest can be adjusted as well. You or you passenger will never be driving uncomfortable. Door lock automatically once you start driving and unlock once you put the car on park. Also if the passengers door is open and you try to drive the car automatically put the emergency break on. I love my car just wish maintenance wasn't so pricey.

- Tania L

Audi a3, wonderful handling and fun to drive, this car offers the whole package.

This car is for driving. It is super responsive, gas, break, this can cause some jerkiness but once you get to know the car you will overcome that. It is a small car but I am able to carry a good amount with me. I wouldn't recommend for a family car. It also takes 89 at the gas pump which is a little pricier but guarantees better performance. The car has such a smooth ride, it beeps when you surpass 80mph. I haven't had any issues with it so far and I have had it for almost a year. Another fun feature is the car will make a loud noise to remind you if you forgot to turn off the lights (if you choose to do manual, the car has a auto feature).

- Jen T

My Audi saved my life! Safe, comfortable and spacious.

Love my Audi a3. This is my 5th Audi. The car feels solid, smooth ride and is spacious inside as well as the trunk. I was in a head on crash 7 years ago and the state trooper said he believed my car was what saved my life! The one thing about Audis is they are more expensive to service and parts are higher priced. The common things that need repair are the handles, and window motors. As long as the car is maintained in a timely fashion, oil change with quality oil, cleaning filters and hoses, along with high quality gas, in the first 5 years major repairs should be limited.

- Jennifer L

Little black Audi, top down.

It is a great car, fast, good pickup, but still a 4 cylinder so lacks power can sound overworked at higher speeds, but can only go so fast anyway. Already starting to look dated compared to 2019 models coming out, but it is a good car. Love German engineering, smooth ride. Can be a bit loud, likely due to the convertible top. I am not sure it provides as much sound proofing as other cars (yes, I mean when the top is up/closed). Still it is a convertible and an Audi. Beautiful car! Nicest one I have ever owned. Cannot wait to buy another.

- Kay P

Smooth, fast ride with great features.

I have loved driving my Audi a3 because it is fast and reliable. The turbo is amazing, and it handles very well. The drive is always smooth. I really like the automated windshield wipers that adjust to the precipitation level, and the heated mirrors have been very helpful through winter. The only thing that is slightly frustrating is the factory phone pairing. I cannot figure out how to sync my contacts, and the voice commands do not work with my phone.

- Vanessa H

Good and bad details of the Audi a3.

My car is a 4 door, which is nice, because then you can put things in and out of the back seat easier. What I do not like is the dashboard is high up and hard to see over unless you adjust the seat way up high and sit up really straight. I love the sound system; it sounds like in a concert. I love the leather seats because they are great if you have a dog. The seats are comfortable but not cushy so they could be better.

- Penny B

Sporty, dependable and fun a3 to drive!

I am currently driving a 2014 Audi a3 quattro 4-door. I have had the car 3 years and 2 months with current mileage of 18, 859. Some of highlight features include backup camera, navigation system, blind spot assist, moonroof, leather seats, dual climate control. I have had no issues with the car and recently had a 15, 000 mile check up performed by the Audi dealership and the car was given a clean bill of health.

- Maureen M

Everyone thinks this is a very ideal premium car. It looks remarkable.

With 220 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, the A3 provides plenty of power to accelerate with purpose yet still returns good fuel economy figures. Handling is noteworthy, with a direct feel and cornering that's both entertaining and reassuring. On the downside,The A3's trunk is the smallest in the class with only a 10-cubic-foot capacity. Large golf bags or long clubs will require folding down the rear seats.

- Jim J

Good interior. Good average. Very comfortable back seats.

It is a roomy comfortable sedan with state of the art dashboard and style. It has wide seats with enough leg room in the front. It has a beautiful set of seats which are reclining to the level of utmost comfort. It gives good average running and has a long lasting interiors. It has lovely music console and headlights are most wide and shed enough light on the front.

- Suresh M

Sporty, cute, all black, top down, ready for the sun!

I love my Audi. It is sporty, quick, smooth ride, it is responsive, German engineering, and has great features. It could use a spare tire. It has run flats, but was no match this winter for a severe pothole. It can be a little “road noisy” and it still has quite a bit of manual features for a pricey vehicle when compared to BMW. Still it is a pretty car.

- Karen P

It gets almost 50 miles per gallon and is very dependable.

I love that it's sporty and handles well. I love that it's a diesel and it gets great gas mileage. I love that i plan to put a lot of miles on it and the engine was built to last. The only complaint that I had was a knocking noise that turned out to be the speaker bumping every time I hit a bump. It took 12 months of complaining to finally find it.

- Natasha B

A3 best in it is class for 2015.

A3 wraps what we love about Audis in a handsome, tidy package. Steering is precise, the ride composed, the turbo four is potent, and optional quattro all-wheel drive provides all-weather assurance. Innovative technology is featured inside the high-quality cabin, including a trick digital gauge cluster and a motorized pop-up infotainment screen.

- Sean P

If you mean something one should know when considering to purchase my car, one should know that repairs on European cars are not cheap and often are beyond the expertise of the average mechanic, requiring you to take your car to a special location. Also, it takes premium gas.

My vehicle makes me feel like I have nice things in life. It is beautiful, it has leather seats, and is from a manufacturer that I love. My complaint is that the cupholders are below the dashboard and thus there is a "ceiling" for where I put the cups. Sometimes a cup is too tall to put in the cupholder. First world problems, I suppose.

- Scarlett W

Sweet and sporty for anyone ready for the sun.

The a3 drives like a dream. It is fast, sharp, and sporty. It is dependable, smart, has all the tech and sound for the millennial and the comfort and detail for gen xers. Of course, it is the cabrio so any sunny day is a happier with the top down. It is sporty styling and responsiveness are German engineering at its best.

- Pam K

Audi a3 convertible a fun, safe car to drive.

My care gets great gas mileage, corners well, has built in GPS and backup camera. I have never had any problems with my car. It is very fun to drive. My car is a quattro which means it is great in all road conditions. We live in a mountain area and I have no trouble maneuvering on the mountain roads on the switchbacks.

- Jackie S

The quality of an Audi a3.

The Audi performance is great. The maintenance however is very expensive. Service is required every 10, 000 miles. Purchasing the care package is the best thing to do when you purchase your vehicle. The a3 Audi are slightly small, so if you want a bigger vehicle I would recommend a a8 which is also a faster engine.

- Dakota P

My car drives exceptionally and my gas tank is cheap!

I absolutely love my car. I would definitely not get any Audi that is used or old, for it will have many issues. I haven't had many issues with my vehicle besides a few tire problems I had to deal with the second year of having my vehicle. My service is regularly checked and everything has been fine so far!

- Hanna W

It is a sharp looking car that is comfortable and safe.

I have only owned the car for a month. It drives beautifully. There is so much technology in it that you need a 200 page manual. The steering is tight. I'd like to see how it performs in the snow. It has a moonroof which is wonderful. Do not get black though because it is difficult to keep clean and shiny.

- Patricia E

Compact sport and smooth ride.

Gas tank too small. I feel like I am constantly putting gas in my car and it is costing more than I thought it would. . . But other than that I do not really have any complaints. The car has decent speed and drives smoothly. I would say the suspension is a bit rough compared to what I was used too.

- Jennifer M

Audi a3. Durable. Fast. Efficient. Safe. Reliable.

Best car I have owned all around great interior exterior durable, high grade performance. Very good on gas and mileage. Perfect car to go long distances and stays in good condition for a long period of time. Would recommend this car to any one that likes safe and efficient vehicles.

- sabrina L

Overall I like the Audi I own.

Small problems with electrical. Blind spot when driving on right back. Good pickup. Comfortable seats. Love the navigation. Wish it had sensors to detect cars on side. Wish it had back up camera. Large trunk. Love the button to start -. Would like larger rear view mirror.

- Cindi R

Wonderful features of the Audi.

Consistent drive. I never have problems with it, starts even in cold weather. Gas mileage is incredible especially since I have a long commute into the office. Comfortable and smooth ride even on bad roads. The seat heaters and the bonus features of the car make it a nice touch.

- Jean F

It is very clean all the time.

I have not had many issues with my vehicle. If there is ever anything small wrong the people at the dealership are always very helpful. The run has run very well since I have gotten it. Never any weird noises or weird feelings. Overall, I am happy with the Audi company.

- Morgan N

Sporty and fun Audi with a lot of luxury!

The Audi a3 2015, tdi is a smooth car with great turn radius! It is spacious on the inside but fits in compact parking spaces making it ideal for a daily driver. The seats are comfortable and drives really smooth. My only complaint with this vehicle is the blind spots.

- Lucy A

Car review for foreign car maker.

Vehicle performs well. Factory service is overpriced so I use firestone auto care centers. Body has a nice look. Mileage could be better since it is not a turbo. Interior has a nice design. Pop up entertainment center in dash is a nice feature. Would recommend Audi.

- Andre P

My vehicle is good for now but once I can get rid of it I will.

Constant flat tires, electric panel failure, seat buckle casing broke, and interior metal design is bubbling because it is shrink wrapped on instead of being real metal. Car is comfortable for those who are shorter but otherwise does not have any room in back seat.

- Alexandra W

Fast, efficient, beautiful, reliable, easy to control on the road.

My car is very reliable, it uses gas very well and thus I have had fewer trips to the gas stations compared to previous cars, I has a great look, girls love my car, when additional parts and features are added to personalize this car its look is out of the world.

- Gavin R

That it's fun to drive and I'm a proud owner!

I like that it is an Audi and that I feel accomplished that I have it. I enjoy the luxury feeling and the quality that was put into it. The only thing I dislike is that it is a bit pricier when it comes to maintenance and servicing.

- Ethan W

50 MPG on the highway and all the features you need .

This is a fully loaded vehicle so that is a plus. The diesel engine makes it very economical to drive and is the biggest reason I love the car. The MMI offering in car SAT/NAV and hands free calling is the second great feature

- Robert J

It is a gas saver and fairly easy to maintain.

I love my Audi a3, because it is a nice coupe style luxury car. It is great on gas, and is equipped with awesome maintenance technology for up keeping of the vehicle. I have gotten so many compliments on my Audi and i love it.

- Pamela W

It's safe & fun to drive. It's comfortable for long road trips & does great in all weather conditions.

I love it. It is a make I have owned before & have not had any major problems. I will admit with a luxury brand you tend to pay more for even the slightest upkeep. Overall It's worth it for the car you get in return.

- Karla j

Had multiple sensors initially, but were replaced under warranty.

Initially vehicle had sensor issues, but it was still under warranty and the issue was resolved. The car is extremely comfortable, great for long trips and I hope to keep it in good condition for a long time.

- Ashley L

Even though this car is not on the higher end of Audi's, it is still expensive to maintain.

I own an Audi A3 and it is a nice car. The drive is smoother than my previous car, a Honda Civic. I wish it got better gas mileage. I also wish it wasn't so expensive to fix and to change the oil.

- Kathy M

It has more power than a typical 4-cylinder and the cost for repairs and routine maintenance is more expensive than most cars.

I like the look and the way it drives. it's smooth and sporty and accelerates quickly. I dislike using premium gas and oil, which is expensive along with minor issues, mostly computer related.

- Hanna G

Runs good and a big gas saver

I love my vehicle it's the best investment I have ever done. I love the way it runs and doesn't waste lot of gas. I tell everyone that is the best investment I have done so far...

- Jeffery G

It is a great car, but repairs are expensive.

Heated seats and good sounds system are fantastic. Annoying things are voice command (I never use it), no rear camera and I'd love for the seats to be a bit more comfortable.

- Stella G

Although the car sits somewhat low to the ground, it is fun to drive and easy to handle.

Fun to drive. Handles well. Cup holders are not useful as whenever a cup is placed in the holder, it pushes against the control panel. Headroom in real seats is lacking.

- Betty T

It's a safe, reliable car with a good reputation. It's a pretty color !

I like the color, the leather seats, the back up camera, adaptive lights and heated seats. I dislike the way it drives, the road amount of road noise and the navigation.

- Anna M

It uses diesel fuel and gets great gas mileage, about 50 miles to the gallon.

I like my Audi A3. It rides very nicely and is very comfortable. But the best feature of the car is the diesel fuel it uses. I get about 50 miles to the gallon.

- barbara h

It's fun to drive. Good pickup. Good gas mileage too

I like the style and performance. I like that It's small, I want a small car, but conversely I want a car that sits up higher, so the A3 doesn't meet that need.

- Steven S

The most important thing others should know is how comfortable it is.

What I like about the car is how comfortable the car is. I also like how it is easy to get used to the controls. What I don't like is how it is slightly bulky.

- Keon F

It is expensive to get the oil and the mileage checks done.

My car is a wonderful family vehicle. It has all of the bells and whistles I could ask for. I have not had any problems with the car. It is extremely reliable.

- Kimberly N

Great gas mileage with this Diesel engine. I can go weeks between fill ups.

I like the gas mileage I get with my Diesel engine. I like the way the car drives and handles. The car is a bit small on storage, especially for long trips.

- Barbara H

Good value entry level luxury high performance car

Nice leather interior, comfortable, adequately powered engine supporting speedy drives and performance. Dislike high cost to replace tires, maintenance.

- Bob N

People think my Audi was expensive; it was actually reasonably priced.

I like the size of my vehicle. I like the design features and look of my vehicle. I dislike that my vehicle model did not come with a navigation system.

- Kendall W

I really like the size and the way it handles on the highway.

I like the style and the way it drives. I do not like the fact I have to use high grade of gas. It is also very expensive when maintenance is required.

- Dianne M

Holds value well. Excellent value - highly recommend!

This is a great car! Good performance, 36-38 mpg, aging really well. I am sold on Audi. Some room for improvement in the electronics package...

- Brian E

It's fun to drive and safe! You can order your car online to keep the costs down. Everyone can afford this car.

I love my car, it is fun, sporty and comfortable. I also love that this is an affordable luxury car. I only dislike the cost of the maintenance.

- Deanna N

Reliability with much style!

I like that it is a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle that is both comfortable and stylish. In addition, I like the service I receive from Audi.

- Suzanne S

Audi can be expensive but it worth it cause it reliable Car

Audi is really reliable car from Gas mileage and performance this a fast car the interior is really sleek and Ac works really good

- Lupita R

It is a very reliable and dependable car.

I like the drive, comfortability and features. I love Audi as a brand I trust. What I do not like is the amount of gas it takes.

- Tammy D

Sleek entry level luxury car

It is a great entry level luxury car at an affordable price. The maintenance costs are a little high. All wheel drive is great.

- Ben P

An audi a3 is very reliable and never has problems.

Audi a3 is wonderful and no problems. It drives beautifully and is very fun. This car is an eye catcher and everyone loves it.

- Tori Y

It is a newer model Audi in good condition and low miles.

Pros. Good gas mileage, smooth ride, reliable, stylish, AWD, good speakers and other electronics. Cons. Expensive to maintain.

- Cam H

Very useful for the technology generation! You won't regret all the gadgets and gizmos associated with it!

I love the interior design. It is very modern and tech. Savvy. Great for my generation. However I wish the car wasn't so small

- Hannah F

It is reliable and well built

Drives well and has good fuel economy. It has a good storage capacity for Its size. It is a solid build and practical to own.

- Paul B

It is a very speedy car which comes with the cost of a very touchy gas pedal.

The car is very quiet while I am driving. The basic level sound system is high quality. Very easy to learn how to drive with.

- Casey S

The monitor for the music comes out of the dash when you turn the car on

I love my car. It is clean, sturdy, and has everything I want. It may not have all the electronics, but I'm not into that.

- Stephanie D

MMI system, excellent condition, comfortable ride

I really love the Audi MMI system. It is in excellent condition, comfortable, nice and stylish and is fuel efficient too.

- Aabi K

No major service issues. Very reliable.

Have had my car for 3. 5 years and have had no issues. Just normal tune ups. Great car in the winter/snow. Fun to drive.

- Karen J

Stable on the road drives good.

I love the line and shape of it. Small engine but the car drives really smoothly... Gas saver,.. Conspiracy maintenance.

- Federico D

Audi is a great brand and is made for people that love sporty cars

I really love my Audi, it's reliable and extremely fast. I love a fast car. I rarely have to put my Audi in the shop $

- William B

It feels luxurious inside and has great stock speakers and drives smooth.

It's classy and luxurious. It drives great and has a lot of cool features like sunroof, bluetooth, and great speakers.

- sarah T

Engine is great. It has been running smoothly since I got it.

It's compact smooth car. One thing I am disappointed with is the Bluetooth. It stopped working. It's a reliable car.

- Dina B

My car is pretty and also drives fast.

It is a black vehicle with a cold-weather package. I really like it because it gets me where I need to go in style.

- Monique T

It drives well in the snow. And has good gas mileage.

No I do not have any complaints about my car. Everything is fine. I love it. I love my car and the details.

- Hannah U

Fantastic luxury with great gas mileage

My Audi A3 is a sporty sedan that features a sunroof, brown leather interior and awesome gas mileage.

- Allison A

Your comfort and safety, is beautiful, It has a lot of space for my family

Your comfort and safety, I can move at high speed through the city

- Raynel R

Good small sub compact sedan. Great gas mileage, nice turbo charged engine provides for powerful little car. Great awd for snow driving.

Audi quattro helps a lot in winter conditions and freeway driving.

- Kyle C

Very reliable and safe in bad weather

Handles well. Good mileage. Comfortable. Good amenities. Reliable

- Valerie E

It is luxurious and drives like a charm. It is fancy.

I like the way the car drives. It is smooth. And it looks great.

- Chris G

its bad ass and can go fast and is fun to drive and things

it's fun to drive and gets lots of looks and makes me feel good

- sam s

It is very speedy and luxury car that I like most.

- Randy H

Nice detailed interior, great lights in fog, great volume.

- Jessica Y