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2002 Audi A4 manual transmission, almost at 300,000 miles

In general Audi's are very good car, yes they are expensive especially the parts but they also don't break down very often so you don't have to waste all the time. I have a 2002 Audi A4 manual transmission. It has almost 300,000 miles and it is still running like a beauty. The biggest problem I have with the car is the plastic it has. It seems the clips are cheaply made so if you hit a bump or anything the plastic might rip off and it's a pain to get it fixed.

- Annie R

The turbo really gives you the boost you need to get up to highway speeds.

It is sleek, and has very great performance. I bought the fully loaded edition which has heated seats, dual climate control, sunroof, leather interior. It is a five speed manual transmission and response time is amazing. I have had a few issues with it. I had to replace the ignition switch at 220, 000 miles and it had an oil leak at the oil pan seal.

- David W

I love my dependable Audi!

My Audi is reliable and stylish. It is a 2002 A4 1.8T Quattro. It's tan with darkened windows. It's a manual transmission. The ride is smooth and the engine is quiet. There are no major problems. There are only minor scratches. The passenger side back door won't open. It has 149,000 miles on the odometer. The dashboard was digital and very sleek.

- Kay M

Reliability is the key to success.

The most important thing for me is reliability. I do not like motor repair. It is not fun going to a motor shop and having to wait for my car to be repaired. There is hardly any good news when you take your car in for service. It is hard to find a good car with good performance and reliability. The older the car the harder to find.

- Tod L

Love the car, but had some engine oil leak issues

It's fast and stable, comfortable seats, lots of space in the back (have child seat inserted). The downside would be not so economical gas consumption. Don't like the leather seats and would prefer material now. Had engine oil leaks from the valve cover gasket and camshaft chain tensioner gasket.

- Regina B

That it is very well made and handles great on the road.

I love driving an Audi and always have. This is my third one! First, they are very safe and I love having all wheel drive. Secondly, the interior design is fantastic and the outside is luxurious but not pretentious. They are well made and run for a very long time with the right upkeep.

- Amanda M

Quiet engine but love the slap shift in automatic

Great car just expensive to fix. Beautiful smooth running engine] fast responsive. Safe heavy engine. Luxury sound system leather interior. After sitting had issues with timing belt and lights including blinkers and flashers. Difficult to resale. Tires held up well but unique number

- Megan C

When they break down it is a very expensive process to fix.

It is a great car. I have only had one problem with it which was the breaks. Although parts for the Audi's are very expensive, but it is also rare for them to break down if you keep your maintenance up to date.

- Guillermo S

Audi- reliable, comfortable and style.

The car was very taken care of, Audi in general really reliable and holds up for long time. My car performance went down because it is very old but I am general it is in good shape for an old car.

- A L

It has held up very well for many years.

It drives so well, and all wheel drive and reasonable gas mileage are positives. The car feels solid and secure, but repairs tend to be very expensive.

- Frank R

Low mileage and very dependable.

Great car that has cost very little to maintain. It continues to run well and get good gas mileage.

- Jody W

It really drives well. Although it has a conservative appearance, it holds the road, and for an older car, it has lost very little in the way of performance.

Driving experience is great. Turbo lag can be annoying. Parts/repairs can be expensive and complex.

- Will T

It's the hard times in the economy

nothing with this economy bad. the way it is. with the economy.

- ray b

it is rundown and has a lot of electrical and engine problems

its old and has a lot of problems. i can't afford a new one.

- kim c

My car is very fun to drive, but is starting to show its age. A lot of components have had to be replaced, most of which I've done myself since repair costs are high.

It has 215,000 miles, but still drives extremely well.

- Alex N