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I love my car - an Audi a6.

Have had absolutely no problems with this car. Totally reliable. Extremely comfortable and with all the great performance aspects you'd expect from Audi. I take it to the Audi dealer once a year and they perform maintenance and look for any potential problems. Audi keeps great records on their cars so well worth checking in with the dealer once a year. Bottom line - I love this car!

- Jane H

The built in map is the best I have seen even out of high end luxury cars.

I love this car, drives smooth and quiet. Never had a major mechanical problem and goes great in the snow. There is enormous space in the trunk and the back seat go down for even more room or trunk access. The one problem I do have is that the sound system did go out and must replace the entire panel to get it back.

- Amanda W

Sometimes my car would die and I'd get stuck in the middle of the road.

I love my car so much it is amazing. Sometimes I have problem with the breaks but it is an easy fix! I have about 4500 miles on my car. This car is the best car I have had. This car is great on gas I spend about 45$ to fill my tank. Lasts me about a week and a half going to work and school.

- Allen S

My vehicle is a brand company vehicle. It is a Audi company vehicle.

My vehicle is still now fresh, and I'm happy with my vehicle. Everyday I go a long tour with my vehicle and do not find anything wrong with my vehicle still now. My vehicle is a brand company vehicle that is why it is services is really good and I am really happy with my vehicle.

- Ruiz Z

Perfect vehicle for any occasion except for off-roading of course.

The audi is an outstanding car. It has lasted me for a few years now. I take it on road trips all the time. It is spacey, Sleak, Drives smooth, and is nice to handling and speed. My only problem is the breaks are really touchy but once you get used to them they are amazing.

- Husky M

Even if it's old and it has a lot of kilometers it's still working fine, I had only a few problems with it.

Had some problems with the engine in the past years but the car is amazing. I like the design a lot and it has everything you want. The onboard system is pretty good even if my model is old, the new one is better. Also the audi support is perfect.

- Michael g

Okay this isn't the best part of it but god I love the speakers. They are AMAZING. They are hands down the best speaker in any car I've ever been in, even limos

Honestly I don't have any complaints except for the cost... It's a very expensive car. I don't think it's in most people's budgets. You can do better since it's the 2012 model but it's still great.

- Jam G

It is mine and fits my personality. It is one of my dream cars.

I love the luxury and feel of this car. Very comfortable and made by a well known quality manufacturer. I love the technology that assist with braking a sensor to warn of close objects.

- Janet T

The way it looks when I get a car wash and ride downtown at night.

Love the way it drives and the handling is awesome. I also live the interior of my car and the color which is light brown and lets not forget its fast.

- Hasan C

It's so nice comfortable beautiful fun to drive and safe to ride in.

I like that my car is admired by others and that it is luxurious and drives like a dream. I dislike the cost of the car and cost of repairs.

- Tamara A

It's great on handling and safe yet good looking.

I love the way it looks. It's sleek and stylish yet has enough room to fit 4-5 people comfortably. It's also very good on gas.

- Brandon T

Leather interior seats and black model with 4 doors.

The performance is great and it accelerates pretty well. It is black and four door. Very comfortable and leather seats.

- Susan S

Top notch car is what i'm talking about here

my car is perfect from top to bottom. I really recommend the Audi A6 because it has everything you ever want in a car.

- Ammar a

My car tells others that I am goal oriented and that I like nice things in my life.

I like an audi because it has great performance. It allows me to show off my style and show others what I am about.

- greg d

Very reliable, just a great all around car .I would recommend it to my friends and family

I love everything about my Audi. It's sleek and stylish.A great family car plus a sports car wrapped up in one.

- Tim H

It rides smoothe, its reliable. Gets me from point A to point B. It's really really fast.

I wish it had a backup camera. Repairs are expensive. The grill broke really easily and needs a lot of oil.

- MacKenzie D

Stay away from it. Go to the dealer if you want to drool over one

Its fast, it looks good, it's very comfortable. My only complaint would be that it won't drive itself

- Dan X

I love it because it is fast!.

I love the style, comfort, acceleration, and how it drives. I dislike the repair cost and frequency.

- Alexis S

The Audi performance is excellent

It's fun to drive, handles well, looks smart

- Clara K