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It is not comfortable for 4 passengers and their luggage for a weekend trip.

I like the way the car handles on the freeway and the sound system. The seats are leather, comfortable and adjustable in more ways than most cars I have sat in. I also like the safety feature when backing up. I do not like the interior size - the passengers have no leg room and there is hardly any space for packages, groceries, luggage. Just a very small space compared with my last small SUV. The navigation system is poorly designed and it is not up to date.

- Deborah G

Cheap on gas and that's very important.

It is a nice car not to much room in back but fine for kids it's good on gas have not had to have repairs yet. Has a nice CD player, trunk is big. I have a blue one it's a very pretty color. It always starts up even when it was 30 below in Chicago. I do like it a lot nice car good on gas if you travel a lot.

- Peggy G

My car performance and problems.

My car has very good performance, smoothness and it is very durable for the 1st 3 years. Then it slowly started showing problems on the smoothness. And the parts slowly started getting problems. I am very much disappointed on that, because it is a costly car and it should last for long time.

- Arun S

It's very reliable and has had no major problems.

I live in the city and it is a great size for fitting insight parking spaces. I am single without kids and It's also a great size for a single person who doesn't haul a lot. It's been very reliable and I have only had 1 problem outside of routine maintenance. I like the brand status.

- Mackenzie v

Comfortable ride appearance is great. Love the voice features. Blind spot wow.

No problems love it and all the elite features great looking and performance is great. Feel and reliability are superb would definitely recommend it to others and would consider it when buying a new car in the future. Dislike having to use premium gas. Love the voice features.

- Marg P

Do not trust a high price tag.

I do not feel it will last long which is absurd considering it is supposed to be a high end brand. It makes noises and feels not reliable sometimes. And the cost to maintain it in astronomical. I would not get one again.

- Jennifer F

Easy to drive handles very well in snowy and wet roads.

Back seat very small same goes for the trunk screen with radio and GPS can't be closed start button feature is fine but no place for car key expensive Wifi program vehicle handles very nicely comfortable ride.

- Nancy O

It's well worth the money given the technology, styling, and overall look of the vehicle.

It handles exceptionally well on the road and it is very comfortable. It's great for long road trips. It has a lot of power and the leather interior is top grade. I would recommend this automaker to anyone.

- Shannen G

Comfort and performance. Very comfortable on long road trips.

Audi is one of the best quality vehicles out there. German engineering proves it is stability, reliability and performance. I would recommend audi to anyone looking for a new vehicle.

- Shannon G

It is good price with full options. It takes zero time for repairs so far.

I like my car and is happy with all the features. It can do 22 miles per gallon. It has no problems with the engine. I only need to get regular check up and maintenance.

- Nan K

Luxury is the defining characteristic of this vehicle

The Audi Q3 is a great car because it drives very smoothly and features a number of luxury details such as heated seats, a sunroof, and a very high-end stereo system.

- Michael M

My car came with all the features available at the time.

I like that my vehicle is compact and easy to drive. I like that it has Sirius xm and WiFi. I don't like that sometimes the voice command is hard to use.

- Mo Y

It is pricey, but worth the cost. It's a powerful vehicle that is a joy to drive.

I like that it is smooth, quiet, and powerful. It handles well in all weather. The only concern is the price of maintenance.

- Jenna F

Engine looks road mileage space boot.

Has lot of space has good interiors and features like convenient and auto dashboard good grip of the road. Delicate body.

- Suresh M

Drives like it is one with the road.

This car drives great, but it needs frequent maintenance and servicing. The servicing group is amazing so I do not mind.

- Samantha M

Highly recommended vehicle to all

I love my car. It has all the top options with backup camera, parking assistance, seat heater, and auto wiper.

- Joe K

Power and speed is the most important thing

It is fun to drive. I like the control it gives me in the road. It looks sporty.

- Uts C

The brand is the first thing people see. Then they ask if I like the car.

The size makes it efficient for everyday travel. Useful for taking things.

- mich g

It rides smooth and ok on gas. I would recommend it.

It's Great. I like the way it drives and all of the features

- Crea B

Its very nice and reliable. It has a very good acceleration. But it was a little expensive

Its reliable and there's nothing absolutely wrong with

- Juan P