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2000 BMW 328i % speed manual transmission.

I don't have very much trouble out of my car. As long as I keep oil changed and stuff like that it does pretty well. It has enough power for what I need. It handles very well. I have a manual 5 speed transmission. I am not very fond of shifting gears all the time but this is what my husband likes. It's hard to figure out how to change clock and some of the settings for me in the car. I have to google everything. If you do have to have something repaired it can be pretty expensive because it is a BMW. But all in all they are pretty good cars.

- Penny T

Passenger review space series 323i BMW 2000.

Good on gas mileage four door station wagon nice family car it has leather interior it also have nice tires. It also use little motor oil it have a sunroof top it also have traveling rack on top of the car all the light work. It also have heated seats have a spare tire and a jack. I purchase 2 years ago have no problem with it I love my 2000 BMW wagon my family love it to break are good on it.

- Jack S

BMW: pretty to look at, and that's about it

My vehicle is always having mechanical issues. There is a new issue with it at least once a week and I always have to have it checked by a mechanic. The amount of money and effort put into this vehicle is simply not worth it. This vehicle is unreliable and at the end of the day, more is being put into it then what I am getting out. I do not recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Victoria T

The speed and the way it holds on curves.

The BMW we own is pretty good. . Easy to maintain with cheap parts. Excellent gas mileage. Roomy up front but not in the back. Takes curves like dream. Take off fast and easy. I would recommend this type of vehicle to those who enjoy speed. . But not for a family cause of the space that is giving. . But also good for long trips.

- Constance A

BMW water pump issues, but still a decent car.

Well one of the main problems with my BMW is that the water pump always seems to rip or break every week or so. This usually causes my car to heat up. Once my water pump was broken and my car heated up and the engine ended up busted. But overall its works great, the interior looks nice, and its car that fits my really well.

- Denise D

great car for the money. 2000 BMW with low miles. Stick shift

It runs like a charm! the electronics tend to break easily though. When I first got it the CD player broke and then the back window broke. Now the back taillight is freaking out and the blinkers don't work very well. The engine is great. Interior is nice and warm in but the leather is holding up nicely.

- Andrew J

The reverse is on the top left hand side.

The car is very comfortable, It's a luxury vehicle. The BMW is a 2000 so I recently had to replace the clutch in it; I did the work myself. The car performs very well as it is a six cylinder. The passenger window has some issues going down but It's basically expected from an older vehicle.

- Moses L

2000 BMW 323i, avoid getting a truck.

260,000 miles and given little to no issue. Car is fuel efficient, safe, reliable, comfortable, fun, powerful, practical, and a great family car. I haul my boat with it, a utility trailer with my motorcycle on it. The roof rack is very versatile, I.E. Bikes, kayaks, surf boards, skis, etc.

- Marshall M

My vehicles is a black sleek BMW that takes me do all my errands around the city

I don't like that it is very low and that the steering wheel is not working perfectly. But it takes me to places nearby I don't go far though just stay in my city. The seats are comfortable and are leather and make the summers bad because it gets hot and very uncomfortable to sit in.

- Jennifer A

It�s a straight 6 like a lot of European cars and I think they sound fabulous.

It's a fun reliable car that has a good amount of power and handles like a race car. The interior is black leather and the body is very sporty. I love the handling of it and the way it sounds because it's got a deep throaty tone to it and sounds like an expensive supercar

- Jimmy B

Drives great and handles the road well.

Looks good rides nice good on gas and very nice size car to handle it is sporty looking and very easy to handle. It is definitely a great driving machine. I would recommend this car to everyone. They are a little pricey but worth the money. My favorite car so far!

- Laura P

Very reliable easy to handle in all types of weather.

Comfortable, heated seats, good gas mileage around town. Blue book very low only 1000. 00 reliable, had to service air conditioner work well perfectly, key may get stuck in ignition, read about issue might be able to understand issue, best to take to repair shop.

- Renata L

Just be sure you call BMW and get a list of all recalls

I love the car however I had issues with a few recalls, which was an inconvenience. Also, when repair is needed, parts and labor are much more expire then a regular American car. Even am oil change is double the price. Overall, the car is great, and reliable

- Susan M

May look nice but look with detailing

I personally like Coupe cars due to taking corners easier and making sure that you buy a 19 year old car to make sure the oil is change oil filter, suspension, coolant, etc. The main vitals for a car are important for the best performance for your vehicle.

- Dalton P

BMW with high mileage is a money.

I have in my vehicle no any issue so how can I tell you about problems and also performance is very good and reliability also going very good. And I do want low maintenance costs, With this budget are there any particular cars you would recommend.

- Larry M

It is comfortable. The Germans know how to design a car for comfort.

I like that it is low to the ground, it is a soft top convertible, I love the color blue that BMW makes, I like that it needs an oil change every 17000 miles. I do not like the transmission in this year and model.

- Angela B

Very Reliable 2000 BMW 328i

It has heated seats, a sun roof, rain sensing windshield, and the settings on the keys stay programmed in that key. This car is very reliable. I have had to replace the water pump twice but it's an easy fix.

- Angela D

That it is faster than you think it will be at its age

I love the compact size of my car. I also like that it is a manual drive as well. I don't like that it is older because it is starting to have more and more issues that are difficult to diagnose and fix.

- Donna D

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that my car has airbags so if we get in a crash the airbags can help protect us

I love the comfort and the leather on my BMW, plus I also love the safety on my car, and the speed, but there is also one thing I do not like about my BMW was that it was very expensive to purchase

- Elijah W

I painted my rims black so it looks really cool

I love the look and feel of a BMW, mine is old though so it has small problems here and there. Most of the problems I have are commonly found in BMW. They are also expensive to keep up with

- Jacob B

It is a foreign. And is still classy.

My car is very smooth and still gets up fast. The only problem I ran into so far is the fact that it keeps overheating. I have yet to find out the situation and how to solve it correctly.

- Jeremy W

It may not be new but it still looks good and drives great.

I love how my vehicle drives. It is reliable and goes well in rain, snow, and dry pavement. I only dislike that it is old and needs replacement parts that are sometimes hard to get.

- Donna D

BMW 3 Series performance and love

I have a BMW 3 series and I love it. The gas mileage is ok but the performance is through the roof. have normally had a regular economy car but having a performance car is the best

- Kris F

It's a very reliable and safe car. For how old my car is, it hasn't had any major issues and has kept me very safe.

It's a fairly old BMW but it's in great shape. For how old it is, I haven't had any major issues. My only complaint is small issues going wrong and small cosmetic problems.

- Sabrina S

One thing that is most important for people to know is that my sunroof gets stuck.

A couple things I dislike about my vehicle is the ac and heater do not work. The sunroof also gets stuck a lot. But it is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever had.

- Sabrina C

he trust me it's really amazing

It's first car on my life. it's a comfortable and drive is very easy. This is the amazing service. I am buy is 2000 but still now it work. I love it

- MKz z

My seats are Leather Which is really nice with the set warms

It is so nice I love it so much love staring at the bmw sign every time I'm driving and the seat warmers are my fav part about the car

- Ave C

That is great on gas and is a good car to travel but the maintenance is very costly

I like the heated seats. I also like the air conditioning. I also like the color of the car. I like how for a V6 engine is good on gas

- Luis R

One unique BMW that does not break down.

Sporty small luxury sedan that handles really well with low maintenance. Only dislike is that it's getting old. No major complaints.

- David B

It is reliable and dependable. Very compact and handles very well.

I love the gas mileage. It's a great car. What makes it even better is the convertible top. I just wish it was a newer model.

- Tyler M

It is old and has to go to the shop yearly.

The style and color of my car. The shape of the car and the silver/blue color. The dependability of the vehicle.

- Rosemary L

Overheats, made in Germany. Stereo system is bumping. Really fast.

Overheats, parts are expensive. Clutch is going out. Insurance is moderate. It has a good sound system.

- Teri P

Well built car and runs extremely smooth.

Handles like a race car (use to professional race). Good speed. Maintenance is easy. Trunk space big.

- Robert S

It has heated seats. Its great. I really do love It. It warms your butt

I think it's ok. It really need some work. But i do love it

- Hailey D

luxury, reliable and durable, low maintenance

durable and reliable, few repairs needed in 8 years

- Alyza m

Great motor always starts

Great runner. Interior glue comes loose in heat

- Steve t