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It's not for sale and it has an alarm system so hands off!

2001 BMW 5 Series

I love the way it is beautifully balanced. I love that's it's a 5-speed stick shift. I love that it is fully paid for and is totally reliable. It has almost 200,000 miles on it and it rides better than a lot of my friends' cars that are 10 or more years newer. It has a very distinctive look and I still get compliments on it even though it's almost 18 years old. It has leather seats and although it's black on black,which makes it very hot in the summer, I still love it every minute that I'm driving it, riding in it, or just looking at it.

- Jennifer M

She�s real sharp looking. The bad thing about it is the burn holes in a seat.

2001 BMW 5 Series

My 2001 BMW 5 series 535i is all glossy white and a little slammed, she has about 150, 000 miles on her she is not running right now due to my lack of persistence to get her running she just needs a couple hoses missing and some filters I have to replace. I got the car from a family friend who is actually in prison so I honestly haven't paid a dime for the car yet not till I am driving it, which I should have the parts in this week. I have the car at my moms house where we have a garage and place to work on it.

- Damien H

That it is my car and I want to have it for as long as I can which is why no one else can drive it

2001 BMW 5 Series

The things I like about my car include: the color, the leather seats, the smooth drive and it is in pretty good condition considering it being 17 years old. I don't like how expensive it can be when I need to get things fixed such as new tires and oil. And then I also hate how it is not very good to drive in the snow because it is rear wheel drive

- Laicy L

You must keep gas in the tank.

2001 BMW 5 Series

The cup holders in the vehicle are basically non existent, and the car locks up if you get to a quarter of a tank of gas or lower. One time, I got a little under a quarter of a tank and my car started rolling backwards down a kill and didn't work properly until I filled my tank up.

- Kelsey E

It has pretty good gas mileage. And it gets good speed

2001 BMW 5 Series Base

It's a good car, I love my car. It was broke down when I got it but I've been repairing part by part. I'm currently working on getting a new catalytic converter for it. But other than that it's a good car.. it's a gorgeous car. Not too bad in gas mileage other

- Tiffany M

Short review of a BMW 530i series.

2001 BMW 5 Series

Although it is an older model, it is very expensive to fix if something were to breakdown. It does drive very smooth. Very nice exterior and interior. All leather seats with drivers and passengers seat warmers, extremely nice during the cold months.

- Desi R

Solid, well-built car with automatic deployment of airbags in the event of a collision.

2001 BMW 5 Series

I truly love driving my BMW. I look forward to getting behind the wheel and feeling safe and in control. Because it accelerates so quickly, I have avoided being hit by other cars that were not paying attention to where they were going.

- Chrissy K

It is comfortable and does have problems with windows.

2001 BMW 5 Series

I like the fact it is compact and very comfortable. It does drive smoothly and love the hood window. I hate the fact it has issues with the headlights and windows.

- Liliana L

It is a method of going long distances. Most of the time I just ride my bike.

2001 BMW 5 Series

It is comfortable and powerful. There is also enough room for everyone in the family yet it is sporty. I paid cash for the car new from the dealer.

- Nunya B

Electrical problems throughout the vehicle. Seats. Steering wheel.

2001 BMW 5 Series

Electrical problems steering wheel adjusts into a new position by itself. Engine overheats. Front seats adjusts to far left or right a an angle.

- Yolanda D

It's a sleek sedan with one of the best acceleration with take off I have owned.

2001 BMW 5 Series

Fuel pump issues other than that great car. Power when taking off is awesome. Factory radio is a nice one (cannot think of the name).

- Jennifer B

SUV great room for the family and traveling.

2001 BMW 5 Series

I honestly feel like when one thing goes wrong a few more things do too. It's a great family car and drives and handles great.

- Jessica B

It very sharp looking...I love it

2001 BMW 5 Series

It's awesome...although it's difficult to find places to service it...and the tires are too big for most drive in car washes

- Kelley K

It's always in the garage, needing one repair after another. It handles fairly well and has good pick-up.

2001 BMW 5 Series

Use only licensed BMW parts and certified mechanics

- Brenda H