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It has a sunroof, and automatic seats with seat warmer.

All around my car is a very good car, that has been some small issues with. Some issues that I have experienced with it, are my automatic seats have stopped working on both the driver and passenger side. Also on my passenger side the door handle and the back seat on that side handle has also stopped working. Other than that I really like my Buick, it rides very smooth, and I do not feel crowded in it at all. It does not get the best gas mileage but it not as bad as you would think. I think it gets about 22. I think it is a great car, and I plan on keeping it until it does not run anymore.:).

- Kelsey H

Reliable and affordability.

Reliable enough comfortable enough. Bought it used for a good price. I have put a lot of miles on it since I have owned it though and that has put some undue stress on parts but nothing that keeping up with maintenance like oil changes won't stop. I do not regret purchasing it in any way.

- Tony L

Power horse of a Buick c. SUV.

No problems, good on fuel, loaded, heated seats, power locks, rides like a dream, power steering, adjustable steering wheel and brake pedal and windows am FM CD radio, power seats, rear window defogger, cold air and hot heat, leather seats, ac radio control in back.

- Kathy C

Spacious 4 door midsize SUV.

It is nice midsize SUV with lots of room for your passengers and a spacious back to load groceries or whatever. The back seats fold down for extra room. Easy to get the kids in and out of the car. Leather seats have seat warmers which is nice in the winter.

- Megan R

Never purchase a vehicle with an air bag suspension system.

I like that it runs reasonably well. I don't like that things keep messing up on it. The air bags that pump up the suspension stopped inflating so that whole system had to be replaced. The radio goes in and out. One of the door handles broke.

- Susan S

It has a lot of complications that keep coming up.

It takes to much gas and has to many problems. Also the interior is all white. Other than that it is not a bad car to have.

- Abby T

it drives fast and have so many miles on it And my car is red and shine and it was a gift to me from my father

I love my car so much it drive so smooth and the only dislike is that my lock messed up that's the only thing it

- Ariel W

That it is a really nice car and people should love their cars

It seems it's too low t9 the ground and it's a really nice car and I love it

- Kristina D