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Long lasting and durable car runs great very dependable.

The cars has lasted me quite a few years with minor issues. It is very dependable but I no longer need a mini can for family purposes. It had heated seats, power sliding doors, rear heat/air vents. Also has OnStar which is great to have for safety issues just knowing they're there is you need assistance. The cars is a medium blue with grey leather seats. Tears seats reclines you have extra room to transport large items.

- Michele S

Oil pressure alert is annoying.

We have had a lot of issues with the oil pressure. Can't figure out why the oil pressure alert keeps coming on. Passenger side sliding door doesn't close right sometimes. Passenger door window is messed up. I wish we had gotten a different color than white but we bought it used. Other than that it's a good vehicle.

- Holly K

Very picky vehicle. Do not recommend.

Have had issues with it since we took it off the lot. Very picky vehicle. Power door hardly works. It needs a constant 1/4 tank of gas or it does not want to accelerate. Blew radiator hose within the first three months. I do not recommend this vehicle to a family who needs reliable transportation.

- Aly N

None I am not happy with this company.

Mileage had to be good and driving comfortable good on gas and price has to be good durable tires and a warranty would be great and customer service is a plus and maintenance and phone number to talk to someone who is actually in charge I am not sure about leaving in a vehicle that's not updated.

- Darlene W

Best family vehicle. Smooth ride throughout. DVD player is amazing.

It is actually a good family vehicle. It has a DVD player and has setting that those watching in the back do not have to interfere with the radio or GPS. It can be set to wireless headphones or to surround sound in all speakers throughout the vehicle. Extremely smooth ride for sure.

- Amanda N

It's a great car and is quick and will last a very long time.

I like it is good on gas. I do not like that the plastic parts.. Are breaking and falling off. I do not like that the seat and the gas pedal and drivers seat do not line up correctly. I do not like the big gap between the hood and windshield. It fills up with leaves and debris..

- Wilma Y

it has traction control and drives very easily. i live in a cold state with a lot of snow and it has been very reliable.

i love the heated leather seats. the vehicle is spacious and comfortable. the only issues i've had with mine are all the electronic features have worn out already. our dvd player never worked, we almost instantly had issues with our electronic closing side doors.

- Jocelyn B

Extremely comfortable ride

Very good vehicle, a little pricey with gas, otherwise good vehicle. Very roomy, easy to maneuver seats for hauling items. Good vehicle for longer trips. Very comfortable for lengthy doctor appointments. Has all electronic seats and windows. Good sound system.

- Tammy W

it's made of quality parts and safe to use. Seats are with seat belts and adjustable to your desired position. grocery time is very easy because we can fold the back seat and its enough storage

i like it because its big enough to accommodate the whole family. we enjoy travelling together. Dislike: because our buick has been around for a long time the aircon is not really working well despite several repairs done

- nelia f

Reliability is the most important item, along with the comfort of the ride.

Dislike that the seats in the rear do not stow lower, so the carry space is not as much as we would like. We do like the accouterments, and the comfortable ride, along with the power that the 3.9L V6 provides.

- Daniel W

Traction control issues. Apparently even the manufacturer cannot fix it.

Automatic sliding doors are inoperable. Parts cost $600+ per door. Traction control system needs repair. Apparently this is an ongoing thing with these models. But drives fine & great on gas.

- Rick B

Do not recommend purchasing this vehicle.

You have to replace the wheel bearings two times a year at least. The back windshield wiper needs to be replaced once a year. The air bag suspension is expense to replace.

- Denise T

My awesome van that has auto start

Got the loaded version love it Swat warmers DVD surround sound auto start is great on cold mornings as long as u turn it to heat the night before

- Barbara M

it a good running vehicle but it not as smooth a ride as i would like it to be, but it's been dependable

it a minivan that can haul all my grandkids around, i like that it fits 6 comfortably, i dislike that it is sort of a bouncy ride

- Tina G

It's built for a family. It's not flashy or unique, just a good family wagon.

It's the dad wagon. great for the family. seating is solid, space is great, amenities make traveling with children very pleasant.

- vincent W

Its reliable and easy to maintain. I don't worry that it will break down unexpectedly on me

I like how easy it is to drive and how it's reliable. I dislike the lack of space and how hard the back seats are to reach

- Jamie H

It is reliable. Haven't had too many issues since I got it

It drives nicely. It has a wheelchair accessible ramp because I am in a wheelchair. It is a little bit bumpy though

- Nicole Z

It is a great combination of features.

I like the style & classy interior. It also handles like a dream.... I do not dislike anything about the vehicle.

- Thomas F

Pros and cons of my Buick terraza.

- Skyy G