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Negative side of Colorado zr2.

I absolutely love my Chevy Colorado zr2. It is fast and amazing in off road applications. Not as good on the road. Bit it does the job. I do have a few things to say the transmission is a 8 speed and shifts very ruff. Even for a off road truck. The interior is nice but the cheap plastics on the doors and dash are already peeling and it is only 4 months old. Crew cab has no room in the back for other passengers. But besides those things it is a great truck if you plan on being off road.

- Albert R

Love my Chevy Colorado, it has been the most reliable vehicle I have owned.

I just bought my Chevy Colorado a few months ago and I love it. I have used it to haul flooring and dirt bikes and it has never given me any issues. It drives very well and I love that the tailgate has a light in case you are loading anything in the dark. The tailgate also locks which makes it feel safer. I also love that the dashboard has features you can switch through to look at the pressure of your tires all the way to how many miles are left until empty.

- Alyssa A

I love it because it has a backing up beacon.

We love our vehicle. We travel frequently and it has plenty of room. It has a back massager with or without hear in both the drivers and passengers sears. A large back with reclining seats in both the front and back. You can recline the back seats for moving balky things. It saves on gas and it has a GPS and satellite radio stations. It also has a slide back sunroof for those nice spring and fall months.

- Gregg K

Fast and smooth as a BMW but can tow like an f150.

The Chevy Colorado is a great truck. It can tow a boat while looking not like a "truck. " It has a very smooth ride, and it can pick up speed nicely. The front seat is extremely comfortable. Also, the backseat is very spacious for other passengers. The bed of the truck can fit almost anything, and it has a shield which prevents dents. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone who asks.

- Christopher B

Really nice car-Chevy Colorado.

My vehicle is a great casual vehicle. It has a large interior than a normal car would. It has a really good/smooth drive, and I can really rely on it to be a good car. There are few problems, like ac, and it does not have the best ac in the world, and could use improvement. The comfort is nice, and the seats I have customized to be leather, high quality, with very good comfort ability.

- Brandon T

Small lightweight and compact.

Some problems with the vehicle is mainly the power of the truck. It does not have a lot of pulling power. It is relatively efficient on gas. It does have low maintainable from what I have encountered so far. The interior is nice, but could be higher quality made, considering I have luxury within in it. The backwards camera technology is also worth having.

- Michael G

Great back up camera and super roomy for a small truck.

I love the Colorado features and style. I myself do not like to drive trucks because they are difficult to back up but with the Colorado it is as easy as backing up a car. The reverse camera is super helpful and clear. I wish the mpg was higher but still it is not bad for a truck. It is also super roomy and comfortable in whichever seat you sit in.

- Jamie C

Diesel 4x4 long bed is a workhorse!

Truck looks great and she runs like a top. Lots of power with great towing capacity. We also got some addons that have put this truck over the top - tonneau cover, tint, rhino liner, clear bra. She is truly one of a kind. Came with CarPlay so hands free is super easy. Seats are uber comfortable too with lots of maneuvering room with power seats.

- Dana C

Start your car from your phone!!

I love my truck! It drives smooth, has easy hands free use. Bluetooth capability, back up camera, all the bells and whistles. Highly recommend! Gets decent gas mileage and the Bose stereo system is a plus! If you download the “my Chevy” app you can start your vehicle from your phone which definitely comes in handy in the winter time!

- Alicia T

My truck is very reliable when it comes to all different terrains.

I haven't had any problems with my Colorado and I have had it for almost a year. It runs great and it's a smaller truck which is nice since I don't need a full size truck. There is heated seats which are nice after a long day of work or in the winter time and also lumbar support in the front two seats. Very comfy truck and roomy.

- Katlynn G

Easy to drive, spacious truck.

The Chevrolet Colorado runs so smooth. I like that it feels like a car but has features of a truck. The Bluetooth is very beneficial. The spacing is amazing. I have not have a problem with it so far. Also it is a gas saver when it comes to trucks. I would recommend it to anyone that is buying their first vehicle or first truck.

- Stephanie G

It does like easy with your smartphone for all of the extra's, with android auto.

There has been no problems or issues with the truck as of yet. The truck that we got is just a basic model and no special bells or whistles on this truck. It gets good gas mileage and is a good truck to get to and from work and the bed of the truck is just right for small jobs to put your tools for the job.

- Sunshine H

Really happy with the looks, features and ride.

Nice ride. Roomy inside. Love the style. Good gas mileage. Nice quite running. Seats look and ride comfily. Outside style looks great. Love the midnight package. Stereo sounds great. The floor mats are custom fit, which is really nice. Bed liner looks really great! Very nice looking truck inside and out!

- Stephen O

Wonderful to drive and ride.

No problems to report with the truck. Wonderful to drive. It is good on gas, comfortable to ride in and has all the technology that you would need. I really love the hands free technology. Sound system is awesome and love being able to put music on a zip drive and plugging it in to listen in the truck.

- Cindy J

The Colorado will fit all of your needs.

So far I have had no issues with my Chevy Colorado. I think it is the perfect size for me and it drives very nice. It is large enough to perform any heavy duty work I need, while remaining maneuverable and comfortable. I am currently leasing it but I plan on buying at the end of my lease.

- Austin S

Standard transmission makes this truck note fun to drive.

Bought a base model. It does not come with rear seats. Chewy does not have a kit or seat options for the base unit. Have to buy all the pieces separately if you want rear seats. Looking at over a thousand dollars if you buy all the pieces separate. Wouldn't buy a base model again.

- Julie N

High performance shocks work well in various conditions.

Reliable so far, very good off road, comfortable, good handling, not great gas mileage, hard to keep clean - the large tires kick up a lot of dirt and mud onto body of vehicle, scratched too easily going through brush off road, overall very satisfied and would purchase again.

- Bo T

A solid truck. Attractive styling and functional cab.

Chevy Colorado is a basic, sturdy truck that gets better than average mpg for its class. A very functional truck with comfortable interior, ( I am 6 feet four inches), and a fair amount of storage space. One disadvantage was it did not come with a two inch hitch on the back.

- David D

The truck has Great 4x4 capability and does not sacrifice gas mileage.

It is fun to drive. Gets great gas mileage for a V6 truck. Needs larger cup holders and I don't like the center console shifter (i'd prefer it on the steering column). I has taken me to some awesome places off road that I could never get to in my old subaru outback.

- Tanner L

Room for growing boys....

Truck is perfect for everything from taking kids to school and events. Gas mileage is great for trips. Plenty of room in extended cab for 2 growing boys and all their stuff. Had it for almost a year and never had a single problem. The navigation is top of the line..

- Janice R

All features are displayed on the dash with a push of a button.

No problems. Spacious inside without being too large outside. Love the navigation system. Shows gas mileage on dash. Also shows alert when it's time to change. Also shows tire pressure. On roads with few speed limit signs - the dash will show the speed limit.

- Tee S

Is that if you are looking for a truck that won't break the bank this is it. it has everything a bigger truck has but without the hassle. easy to maneuver and drive

not bulky and easy to steer. However the height of it is annoying. Im short so getting into it can be awkward since its right at the level where i bend my leg. If it was slightly higher like a few inches it would be perfect. i love the smooth ride though

- cris s

Size is great. It is very easy to get in and out of.

I like that it is an extended cab so we can fit our whole family inside it. I like that there is plenty of space in the truck even being an extended cab. I do not like that car seats do not fit great. You have to really shop around for car seats to fit.

- Victoria F

That I can depend on it to get me where I want to go & don't have to worry about breaking down.

I like having a truck so I can carry more things & not have to ask someone to do it for me. It's 4 wheel drive so I don't have to worry about what kind of weather I can drive in. It's a crew cab so I can haul my grandkids & friends when I need to.

- David S

Driving experience is awesome. The luxury with all the bells and whistles.

Love the color. The contour of the truck the luxury of it. I love driving it with all its amenities. Heated seats. Remote start. Bluetooth. Great radio sound. Love the comfort of the seats. Like that it has a short bed.

- Lisa H

It is a great family vehicle. It is very spacious with a full size backseat.

I love the spacious cab with full backseat. The backup camera is great to have especially in a truck. It is a little awkward to climb in for short people but side steps help. Overall it's a great truck and I love it.

- Sarah W

The comfort of this car is by far the most important.

This car is extremely comfortable. No other vehicle that I have driven relieved my back pain as much as this has. With almost no blind spots or angles that make it hard to see, I would definitely recommend this car!

- Amanda C

Affordable Super Truck!!!

The Colorado handles well, and for a pickup truck it has good fuel economy. I have the 4 wheel drive LT trim package which is very nice. I also have the crew cab and the backseat is very roomy for a midsize truck.

- Dennis C

It is comfortable and easy to drive.

The vehicle is well built and reliable. It gets decent gas mileage for a 6 cylinder 4x4. Rather than a carpeted interior I will liked to have had a more durable rubber or galvanized flooring for easy clean up.

- Donald C

It gets great gas mileage for a truck.

I like the color of the truck with the performance stripes that were installed. I also like the diesel engine that provides a better gas mileage. Finally I like the truck aspect.

- dan A

Good gas mileage and it is as big as a full size truck.

I like that it is mid size. It is 4 door. High tech and easy to drive and easy to maneuver in and out of parking lots and easy to park. It is black and very easy to keep clean.

- Garry A

It has a slow release tailgate and side steps on the back and sides. But it is not a 4x4.

I love my truck! It has all the bells and whistles and is nice looking. Drives really well and hauls everything I need it to. I just wish it was four wheel drive.

- Kaitlin M

Gets great gas mileage and it's almost the size of a full size truck. Easy to drive, park and maneuver in and out of busy traffic.

It is a smaller truck than full size truck but is about the same size. Easy to drive, park and it gets great gas mileage. Plenty of room on the inside as well.

- Garry A

My Chevy, My World, Beast Mode

The truck runs great. It has the Chevrolet mylink feature with full touch screen media dash. Xm radio is available. It is 4 wheel drive and runs like a beast

- Britnee G

Great ride for all roads.

The vehicle does not have any problems, I really have enjoyed it so far. I own it 7 months as it is a comfortable and nice ride with off-road capabilities.

- Jose B

2018 Chevrolet Colorado in Red

My family loves this truck. The size is perfect for our needs, moving small items, travel, sports. It rides like a smooth SUV and has a roomy interior.

- Kylie W

It is a good size to work in the city or on trails.

I like the seating position and how much room is in the cab. I also like the gas mileage I get. I wish it had a better ride and more space in the bed.

- Brian H

Light Duty trucks reaps the benefits of full sized trucks as well as not being so large it makes them difficult to drive in urban environments.

Well built reliable light duty truck. Even with a 4x4 option, it gets decent gas mileage. The interior could be a better outdoor friendly material.

- Don C

It seats 5 adults comfortably.

I like the size. I like the roomy interior. I have no complaints. There is nothing I dislike. I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

- Carol G

It is a Chevy and it is a truck go Chevy.

It is roomy with great dual climate and it is around my price range it as over 5 outlets in the vehicle and it is just right go Chevy.

- Devin S

Why my truck is perfect!!

I have had more truck for a year and I haven't had any problems thus far. It runs well and the service requirements are manageable.

- Carina B

The eco boost is actually an auto stop and start.

Love the size, comfort, color, engine power. Threes nothing that I dislike about it. We've had it for 4 months now and live it.

- Stephanie B

what I love about my truck

I love the diesel engine, the color (blue), the smaller truck size, the navigation is easy to use, and the bluetooth interface.

- Candace Q

If they like it they can go and get them one. Don't scratch or dent it, you will catch heck from the man of the house.

It is a new vehicle for our household and it is a basic model. Something we can make our own. Nothing that I dislike yet.

- Shonia H

Great on gas and drives so smooth and easy.

I have no problems with my current vehicle. Drives great and I really enjoy it. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Charlotte W

You will feel very safe when driving in it.

The vehicle drives very well. Very comfortable ride. Room for everyone. Feel very safe when driving in this truck.

- Kayla M

Diesel in a medium sized pickup truck can tow big weight.

Love everything about it. It is a diesel, crew cab, just is a short cab. Has compartment to store lots of things.

- Justin B

My truck is very versatile and it can do a lot.

I like the way it looks and drives. I wish I couldn't have got a larger truck but this one fits my prices range.

- Dan B

It's very nice and I love it.

It looks awesome and I like the way it drives. Like the Bluetooth and rear window. Could get better gas mileage.

- Peter H

It is great on gas mileage, so it is very fuel efficient.

It's perfect for our needs. It's a smaller than most pickup, but that is what we wanted. And it is easy on gas.

- lloyd h

It's a comfortable to drive and ride passenger in.

It's a nice color and has plenty of room. However its big enough that is can be hard to find parking spaces.

- Terri P




This vehicle has a lot of options that I am still learning.

This truck is the best. It is drives great and is just the right size. The gas mileage is not too bad.

- Donna J

This car is equipped with apple play.

My truck drives smooth, and I really like the controls. At this point there is not anything I dislike.

- David H




It's mine and I love it. And it gets great gas mileage

I love the size of the truck. The amount of room inside the cab. I have no dislikes or complaints.

- Melissa C

Best vehicle by far! I love it so much

I have nothing to complain about. One of the best vehicles I have ever driven . Highly recommend!

- cj B

Not really sure what I should say about my vehicle

Love my new truck Ride is smooth and quiet Has good gas mileage Love Bluetooth capabilities

- Jim C

It is powerful and versatile and loads of comforts

It is super sporty and powerful...love the color too. Good gas mileage and lots of room.

- Michelle C

It is easy to see in snowstorms

Have only had two weeks. Let's see how it runs in the winter. No complaint thus far.

- Monty F

It's a truck and it is very versatile, meaning I can use it for everything.

I like that it runs great. Comfortable drive, and can pull and carry a lot of stuff.

- Rodolfo S

The huge savings on fuel and the overall ride.

The MPG is very good. Very comfortable ride. Everything is great with this truck.

- bob A

The 2018 Chevrolet Colorado has many great features and drives well.

Love the interior & exterior styling. I like all of features and the smooth ride.

- Cassie J

Mileage is the best for small pickups. It can't be beat!

Mileage good. Four doors gives plenty of room. Darker colored interior good.

- Randy E

The back seat lifts up with a storage area, automated locked doors,

I like the color. I like the computer dashboard. I like the heated seats.

- Mary O

I like the color alot. It has a great sport look to it. It's fun to drive.

Its a solid truck. Its gets decent gas mileage. It's fun to drive.

- Eric F

Great mid size pickup and gets decent gas mileage. Drives smoothly on the highway but can take rugged terrain.

I like the size. I didn't like the price. Cars are too expensive.

- Debbie D

Has lots of power good on gas rides and drives like a car

Good on gas it's real fast looks good drives good rides good

- Jason M

great on gas, price point for the truck was a major seller

I love the size of my truck...not to big and not to small

- megan r

comfortable, easy to handle and a lot of space, good on gas

lots of pick up power. big enough for me sporty looking

- john d

the price is very good and its performance and speed

very easy car to drive very good quality speed and grip

- Jeremy S

It isn't as bad on the gas mileage as trucks seem to be

No complaints absolutely love how you sit high up.

- James C

That it gets great gas mileage

Love my truck because it gets great gas mileage

- Tim W