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Poor poor poor quality

2019 Chevrolet Colorado

From driving my 2919 Colorado WT crew cab 4x4 off the lot I have had nothing but ongoing problems with the fuel gauge not reading correctly. (Will not go to full, only to 7/8 at best) After several days of driving the gauge will creep upwards towards full. Has been back to the dealer twice with no resolve. Problem 2- Truck feels like it is going over rumble strips at highway speeds. According to information provided to me be the dealership, the wrong fluid was used in the transmission/torque converter. Problem is, special tools are required to drain and reinstall the correct fluid and GM has not supplied them to the dealership yet. (Aprox 1 months wait) aThis is for the 8 speed automatic transmission only I am being told. I have requested a buy back from GM because this is totally ridiculous! Buy back is in process.

- James Dobel

Great small size truck at a competitive price

2019 Chevrolet Colorado 4WD LT

Negative/Problem with speaker music volume will go up without adjusting. Not enough cup holders. Cup holders on doors are slanted and cups spill so only bottles work well. Side door storage is not large to fit daily items. Low on gas does not give you estimates miles left when very low and just say low. Positive: Easy to drive and operate. Great sound system. Very comfortable seating. Stylish cool look. Easy setup to get into truck bed. Great truck bed to haul and strap in easy. Power windows are innovative. Rear seat reminder. Gear shift in middle like man shift and not by steering wheel. Provides great info on life for easy maintenance like oil life remaining, battery, etc.

- Joshua W

Chevrolet Colorado, best in mid size?

2019 Chevrolet Colorado 4WD Z71

The Colorado is the better looking vehicles of the mid size truck selections. The interior features are lacking a bit in quality The seat is not the most comfortable after say an hour and a half of driving. Even though it is not a full size truck I feel like it's cabin is still small for mid sized, I am only 5'8' and I feel a little cramped. The wireless charger is great but needs to be able to accommodate bigger phones. In the end it drives and rides really well, looks great and that is what matters in my decision in buying a vehicle. How it looks sitting in the driveway.

- Shawn N

2019 Chevy Colorado Work Truck Model

2019 Chevrolet Colorado 2WD Work Truck

Really nice little truck. Rides comfortably and sticks to the road nicely. The only issues I've come to encounter is one pertaining to the radio. It kind of has a mind of its own. Volume will increase/decrease on its own. This has only happened a few times but it lead to having it replaced (under warranty). The only other issue has been with the radio screen freezing. It happens pretty frequently even after it has been replaced. Other than those two issues it has been a really delightful vehicle and I have been enjoying it.

- Samantha W

Great gas mileage, sturdy in rough terrain, roomy enough bed, roomy interior

2019 Chevrolet Colorado 2WD LT

My 2019 Chevy Colorado is one of the best vehicles I have used in the last 6 years. Offers great gas mileage, the bed may not look big but is big enough to move important loads, have not run into any issues just a tad issue in the beginning with an airbag cover that was not properly put on out of the factory but was replaced as soon as I acknowledged it.

- Ruben A

Mechanical problems and price.

2019 Chevrolet Colorado 2WD Base

Brand new truck with mechanical problems. Feels like the transmission is going bad. Half the push buttons don't work. It sounds like I'm hitting road ruts every time I drive. It's a good looking truck but the functionality of it isn't where it needs to be for the price and year.

- Zachary M

2019 Chevy Colorado, it's a gas.

2019 Chevrolet Colorado 4WD Z71

No problems seen yet. Love everything about it, very good gas mileage. Very comfortable ride with plenty of power. Lots of cool hitech features with all the apps I need to make long road trips very enjoyable. Nice leather interior with that wonderful new car smell. Just love it.

- Herman B

2019 Colorado LT 4WD is perfect urban pickup

2019 Chevrolet Colorado 4WD LT

3500 miles. Just had first oil change and tire rotation. No problems at all. Big enough bed for all my needs, room for four inside, great ride, decent mileage. Smaller than previous Chevy 2500 four door with 6.5 foot bed. Easier in parking lots and way better mileage.

- Kevin M

Love the power of my 2019 Chevy Colorado!

2019 Chevrolet Colorado 4WD LT

I love my Colorado. Only issues I have are the seats in back are not really big enough for a normal size human. The truck has awesome power and lots of features. I would recommend the truck to anyone. If you plan to have people ride in back get the double cab

- Ryan S