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GM Karen customer service only cares about warranties

When your Cruze falls apart and you have questions in reguards to why you are paying for things unnecessary. The GM customer care ambassador Karen tells you well it’s not under warranty! Terrible service! You would never see this at Honda! Will never buy a Chevy again!!!! No wonder they are in financial crisis again and closing shops! It’s cause they make bad cars and use faulty parts. That’s what a service agent told me when I asked why I was back the second time for the same problem . So basically they admit to using faulty parts so this way guess you gotta come back. Then charge you for things not done...... make sure you double check with another Mechanic. I checked with 3 ! What I paid for wasn’t done ! And the actual problem wasn’t dealt with!!!! Reaching out for help at GM is a waste of time!!!! You talk to one person they brush you off to another. Then ( Karen customer service ambassador) will tell you it’s not under warranties so well basically too bad for you! All this takes about a month of wasting your time . And THEY honestly don’t care you have pics and other mechanics to prove it! There slogan should be”We don’t care cause your not under warranty! “”” Go to a dealship who cares and wants your business

- Disapponted

Chevy Cruze not a good family car.

Sticky gas pedal. Air conditioning circulation is not great. It sputters when idling. Turn radius is decent. Have had to replace windshield twice. CD player and sound system are not good. Speakers sound terrible. Phone system does not recognize voice commands you have to say the number slowly to use the hands-free system. Tire monitor system broke 4 years after purchasing. Tires frequently lose pressure. Gets good miles per gallon. Only have to fill up about every two to three weeks. Not very spacious. If there is a car seat in the back the passenger seat has to be all the way up to the dash with very little leg room. Not a good car for anyone with more than one child. Small trunk space also.

- Autumn R

Cruise around comfortably with good gas mileage.

No major problems with her. She's a little slow to pick up speed merging onto major highways but that expected with this size engine. I can get up to speed with other drivers but it takes her a touch longer to get there. Quite comfortable for long drives with enough space for luggage. She drives very smoothly and repairs are decently priced. Odd that the car named Cruze doesn't have cruise control on this model but they installed Bluetooth compatibility so at least it has some technology that drives now a days need. I like my car a lot she does a great job getting me around for a good price. Gas mileage is decent and she does very well on long drives, cruise would be helpful for said trips.

- Brittany H

Perfect reliable affordable family car.

I love my Chevy Cruze. It is reliable and dependable. It gets great gas mileage. It has plenty of space for me and my kids and has enough truck space to fit sports equipment, groceries or suitcases for trips. It has back up sensors which I love, they've saved me from backing into lower things I can not see in the mirrors. It also has remote start which I am not sure how I ever lived without. It is wonderful on a winter morning to be able to start my car and have it defrosting the windows without ever having to leave the warmth of the house. The Chevy cruze has been a perfect car for me and my family we've had it for years and it still runs and look as great as it did the day we got it.

- Casey T

Horrible piece of junk, worst car I have ever had!

It is a complete piece of junk, I have had it for 4 months and have put 100s in it and now I need to put several hundred more, garbage, worst car I have ever had. It is needing a ignition coil, spark plugs, a wheel bearing, the traction control is all screwed up, it has a gas leak, and an oil leak, and god only knows what else. The whole car is garbage, it is misfiring and is stalling all the time. It only has 138, 000 miles on it and is the worst purchase I have ever made. The speakers for the radio are junk, the Bluetooth hookup is garbage and the cruise control never worked. I have always bought Chevrolet's, but after this experience, never again. It is a complete pile of junk.

- Sarah L

My Chevy Cruze is extremely good on gas and is comfortable for long road trips.

My vehicle is very economical. Has great gas mileage, and is comfortable to drive & ride in. There is an issue that keeps recurring and requires immediate attention when happens - the housing for the thermostat is plastic and about every 6 to 12 months, it gets overheated and cracks. This causes the car to overheat and you have to immediately shut it down, have it towed home & repaired. The part is under a warranty if purchased at AutoZone, and if someone you know can fix it, no big deal. Also, there are blind spots to be aware of, and this car does not hold the road well in wind and snow. Tends to hydroplane in severe rain.

- Elizabeth R

Excellent compact commuter.

I love my 2011 Chevrolet Cruze. It is a compact car, but it is spacious enough for my commuting and adventure needs. The trunk has lots of space, which minimizes the leg room in the back seat but I rarely have passengers. There is Bluetooth, but it only works for calls, not music. Lucky there are aux and USB ports, so that works fine for playing music from my phone. The front seats are heated, but the drivers side is broken in my car specifically. The car rides a little low, so sometimes it is rough on bumpy roads, but generally is not an issue. It has good gas mileage too. Overall a great little car!

- Heidi G

With any card you have to care for it to keep it in good working order.

My Chevy Cruze is a dream, very reliable, maintenance is a breeze just take the car to the auto body shop every 3000 miles and get your oil change and do the basic check up tire rotation check fluids like antifreeze and water levels. In the 7 years I have had this car only had to change the breaks once. The Chevy Cruze is great on gas and very reliable. The Chevy Cruze has cruise control air bags surround sound audio system power seats air conditioning for those hot summer days and nights. You get 45 miles to the gallon, the Chevy Cruze goes from zero to sixty in a flash. The idea car for anybody.

- Aisha L

I love my Cruze! Watch out for overheating!

I really love my Chevrolet Cruze! I would have to say the one problem I have was recently the thermometer started sticking which caused it to overhear. Luckily I caught it before it did any real damage, but afterwards doing some research overheating seems to be a common problem with Cruze’s. Overall I really enjoy this vehicle. It has lots of trunk space and is the perfect size. I now have a baby and we seem to have enough room with just him. If and when I have another child I will definitely need to upgrade to a bigger vehicle, but for a small family this is great!

- Meghan P

Chevy Cruze. An ok vehicle.

The Cruze gets 25 miles to the gallon in the city. It can get 35 miles to the gallon on the highway. Its reliability is average. A 4 cylinder engine. I want to upgrade to a Malibu. The lt model has a few of the upgrades. It was purchased used and it had some problems. I wanted a hybrid but they r too expensive. The color is white. It gets me from point A to point B. The radio is pretty good and the diagnostics is a plus, I bought it used, a 2011. Chevy seems to want to get me in a new almost from the time it left the lot. Must be popular.

- Anthony B

Gets me where I need to go.

It gets me from point A to point B. It is more on the low end so the features are limited. There is no trunk release button in the car. There is no vent in the back of the car, so you have to solely depend on the vents in the front to circulate the air or heat. I am not sure how many miles I get per gallon, but being a smaller car it does pretty good with gas. I have not had too many problems with the car, like I stated earlier being on the lower in certain repairs are not as costly due to the parts being more affordable.

- Cynthia L

Decent-sized vehicle with many issues as first model of its kind.

The overall size of the car is really great. It is bigger than a normal size "smaller" car but is small enough that you do not feel like you are going to run over other drivers on the road. The alignment is definitely off, and I always have issues with the engine and oil containers. I would never recommend a 2011 Cruze because it was the first year this model came out so there were a ton of kinks that had to be figured out first. There were a ton of recalls and I still had to pay over $5, 000 to fix engine issues.

- Frankie F

Cruise around in the Chevy Cruze!

Have had my Chevy Cruze lt for 2 years, its been by far the best car I have ever owned, as its been my only! Very good on gas, I can go almost a full month on a tank of gas. Built in cuisse control, traction control, power windows. I have had some minor problems with it, had a water pump bust, negative battery cable which this one was on a recall list. A few other minor repairs like the transmission leaking fluid, several pipes that have to do with the oil and oil pan blew and leaked until repaired.

- Erin B

My vehicle is dependable. Its run of the mill affordable sedan in today's market.

My car is good. It is zippy. It is fast and can get you where you need to go. It is reliable and is very fuel efficient. I am averaging 25 miles to the gallon. We had a 2001 Toyota sienna that died on us and we upgraded to the Chevrolet Cruze 2011 and it is quite the upgrade. Easy and fun to drive. It is compact inside, almost a little too compact. Nonetheless, it is fun to get around in and can comfortably fit 4. It will get you around, and the stereo is pretty good. It's a cool car to hop out of.

- Casey C

2011 Chevy Cruze review: great car!

My car is comfortable to sit in and I really like the sound inside the vehicle. I also love that it has an AUX port so that I can listen to my kind of music when I want. However, I do not like where the vents are in the car. On hot summer days, the ac hardly makes a difference unless it is on a higher setting because it hits the steering wheel, rather than the body. The trunk is spacious and the seats in the back have plenty of legroom. It is a great car for long road trips and is great on gas.

- Krystal D

Chevy Cruze: dependable and simple.

The Chevy Cruze offers the feeling of safety. It feels roomie and has been helpful in all day to day activities. Rarely have I made a purchase or needed to move some things and not been able to fit supplies in the car. Some feature a backseat that folds down to make situations like this easier. The front of the car does seem to ride lower to the ground so being extra cautious about turns and parking is advised. Overall, the car has been dependable and simple.

- Kyrie B

Chevy Cruze is a great car.

I love this car. I've had it for 6 years and had nothing go wrong except the drivers seat heater and one tire sensor. The only problem with the car is it needs special tires that are way too expensive. The paint job is holding up well. The interior looks new still. The drink cup holders are just a little small for the fast food Styrofoam cups. See everything is minor. I wish the back seat belts were longer. Its like they were made only for children.

- Jan L

My 2011 Chevy Cruze is a member of our family!

My Cruze has been an extremely reliable vehicle since I have owned it requiring minimum maintenance. There have been a few repairs and product recalls that I have taken care of. Most recently I had to replace my turbo and that has been the most expensive repair that I have on record. Engine performance and reliability has always been my favorite part of all Chevy products that I have owned. I will only buy Chevrolet cars because I really love them.

- Phillip M

Great gas mileage and really smooth ride.

The car literally cruses it runs very quietly. They have really good gas mileage. I have had my car sense 2011 and its never really had a problem. The seat are pretty comfortable. And in the case of my cruze it came with a USB port so I can listen to my music via iPod or phone. It also comes with Bluetooth so I can make calls to family without having to drive one handed. All in all it's a great little car I highly recommend Chevy cruzes.

- Emma S

The style of my car is amazing, it's like a luxury interior on less expensive car.

I bought my car new and the first year this model came out. I love the look inside and out and the gas mileage was great as well. Now 7 and a half years later and almost 70 thousand miles on my car for the most part it has been great and I still am happy I bought it. When I do my next car I will not by a model in It's preview year as I did have about 5 recalls on it which they took care of but it was an inconvenience to me.

- Patricia H

Don't buy one. They are not put together very well and have to many problems and recalls. When you press on the accelerator it tends to jerk at times to the point where you think the car is going to stall. Their just not worth the money.

It turned out to be a lemon. I bought it brand new in 2011 and have constantly had to put money in it for repairs. It has had a lot of recalls and it jerks a lot when you press on the accelerator at times. When you turn on the heat or air it has a horrible smell which is a known issue that gmac can't seem to fix. Will never buy another Chevy again because of this. The sad thing is that Chevy is the only cars I have ever own.

- Denise H

An older model, outdated features.

It is an older model, so a lot of the features are out of date. I like to listen to music from my phone, but it does not hook up through Bluetooth; I need to use an auxiliary cord, and when I go over a bump, it decides to shut off and switch to playing the CD. This is very annoying. One of the things that squirts the windshield wiper fluid fell off, and now it will not spray the entire right side of my windshield.

- Samantha M

Once it gets up to highway speed it handles and rides so nice it's easy to get going well above the speed limit without realizing it. I always use the cruise control for this reason!

It's a four door mid size car. It's light blue with a black leather interior. I love that it has a lot of extras that I never had before including a sunroof and power everything! The only complaint I have is that it doesn't have the power my old car had, it takes a second or two longer to get up to speed on the highway. But once it gets there it rides nice and handles well. I'm glad I bought it

- Michele R

Good thing in a small package!

Reliable vehicles that gets great gas mileage on the highway. Rather roomy for a compact vehicle which was quite surprising. The car has pretty good acceleration for a 4 cylinder and the steering and handling is precise. The one issue that I did have was trying to find a new/used tire after a flat only because of the rare tire size. Overall I have been pleased with the vehicle and the Chevy brand.

- DJ F

I love the new Turbo I put in it is packed with power.

My car is very reliable. I have has many problems with the turbo though, and I have recently bought a new turbo for it. I also have a lot of trouble with coolant leaks but I still love the car. It drives smooth and looks great. Also it is silver and shiny so it really pops to my friends. It is also an affordable car so I bought it when I was younger. It is been 8 years now and I still have it.

- Cassandra R

Great and reliable car, enjoyable to drive!

The car gets great gas mileage and is very user friendly. It has Bluetooth capabilities and OnStar if desired. The only downside is that after 8 years some of the interior parts are failing. My visor mirror cover broke off and the slats on one of the air conditioning vents broke as well. Otherwise, I cannot complain. Knock on wood, we're still going strong with little fuss over maintenance.

- Alison P

My vehicle is a compact, sports vehicle with lots of add on features in a low budget.

I really like the gas mileage my car gets, it's sleek design, and the features that it offers. My heated seats are a good send in the winter along with remote start. The price was awesome considering all the features it has. However it has had a lot of transmission issues, thankfully all under warranty. It also is super compact and I'm 5 foot even so for me to say it feels snug, it's small.

- emily b

2011 Chevy cruze ls. Silver 75000 miles. No accidents.

The performance of this car, is awesome. I've never really had any problems with my car, of course I don't drive it that much. It is a 2011, and only has 75000 miles on it. I recently busted the rim, by hitting a high curb. Had it fixed within the week, and it still runs just fine. I do oil changes, never an issue. Overall this car has been good to me, I hope it stays that way.

- Erika L

The boost is the highlight to the car. It gives it more power and speed.

I like the car a lot because it is definitely reliable. The only problem I am having with it is that the check engine light keeps going on and only seems to go off when I drive it in the rain. It is very comfortable except that it sits very low and I am a tall man and have trouble getting out of it. The only feature on it is it has boost and that gives it more power and speed.

- Mark S

Good car. Great driving experience. Low maintenance.

The car has driven really well. Most problems have been replacement of sensors electric doors and windows. We have had to replace the thermostat for heating and cooling twice within 2 years. Our Cruze is candy-apple red which seems to be a popular color because there are several within our area and that makes it fun walking out of the store not knowing which car to go to.

- Sheila E

It's a great car if you don't drive as many miles as I do

I love my Chevy Cruze though I have had some issues as it gets older I drive a lot of miles and it worked really well until I started putting more and more miles on it I have almost 300,000 miles on my car I have also had one issue with an Exhaust system engine light keeps coming on and we've not been able to figure it out other than that I love my car gets good mileage

- Debbie E

Great as a starter car or for use as a family car if you have a small family.

My Cruze has it all power steering, cruise control, leather seat, surround sound, great on gas, handles curves like a dream. Fora small car it has great trunk space. My Cruze has tinted windows. Dope rims. Requires minimum maintenance. Just have to make sure to do an oil change every 3000 miles. I love the color dark grey that looks purple in the right light.

- Aisha L

Great car, awesome gas mileage.

This vehicle is very comfortable to drive. Very good on gas mileage. Don't like the way the trunk opening system works. Car is low to the ground. Lots of trunk room and lots of room in the back seats. Love the USB feature and the cruise control is awesome. I absolutely love the different settings it has to show how many miles driven and how much fuel is left.

- Cheyenne B

It has great gas mileage and many airbags including side airbags.

So far no problems. Great performance. It's great when it comes reliability. Comfort on a scale of 1-10, id rate a about a 8. It has side airbags, CD player, AUX port, USB port, a car Charger port, XM radio, Bluetooth. Also comes with OnStar & emergency service calling. Out of all the Chevys I have owned and drove, the Chevy Cruze is personally my favorite.

- John P

Easy cruising in the Cruze.

I love the blue color of my car, but I wish it had cruise control. Good gas mileage and easy to park, compact. There are some blind spots by the doors while driving too, but really I like my car it has been low maintenance. There was one issue with it last winter because it is not driven very often, but if people drive to work it would be able to handle it.

- Ruth D

2011 Chevrolet Cruze review.

This car has a very comfortable ride. To me it seems very safe, however the brakes can be touchy and I have noticed that in other Cruzes as well. It is very reliable however and has great gas mileage. Performance wise it is great. It can get you from point A to point B successfully and with hardly using any gas. I highly recommend the Chevrolet Cruze.

- Madison W

Needs better seats so your back and hips don't hurt.

The seats are not comfortable enough for short or long rides it's a nice car but if they made the seats more comfortable I would enjoy using my car more it drives really well in the rain not sure about snow yet i'll let you know when I try it out this winter but again if they had comfortable seats like there 2015 Sonic then I would enjoy the car more.

- Angelique F

Very basic, point A to point B vehicle.

Very basic. point A to B, no frills type of vehicles. Not bad shape for being 7 years old. 140000 miles on it. Obviously no super up to date features on it, but it does have Bluetooth, so there's that. No Sirius XM radio, has cruise control, uncontrolled air conditioning. No remote start, either, which is something I really want in my next vehicle.

- Kevin G

I wouldn't say that there are any interesting details about my car.

I have never had any problems with my vehicle. I would say that it is a very reliable car and gets me where I need to go also very long distance road trips. It is very comfy and cozy I am not a tall person and it works for me. I'd say someone who was taller may not like it as much or would need something bigger. But for me it works just right.

- Alyssa Y

A great smaller car with great features.

It is a great car. It gives great gas mileage. It has many great features that make it comfortable to be in. I love the buttons on the steering wheel which make driving focused even easier. Bluetooth is awesome. I do not pay for the OnStar feature. The car sits lower to the ground and as I get older, this is not a feature I care for as much.

- Valerie B

It is dependable, easy to park and comfortable for long drives.

It is comfortable car perfect for a short commute. It has had minor maintenance repairs for general use but overall been very reliable for commuting to work and also road trips all over the Midwest. With 94k miles I have replaced the tires and brakes with no major repairs. I have owned it for 8 years and plan on keeping it as long as I can.

- Kristen G

it shifts a lot, and you have to adjust your driving

We are satisfied with our choice. Not sure if I would purchase again though. We haven't had too many mechanical repairs, only a couple which most were covered under warranty. But now the warranty is up, and we just got a big repair that wasn't covered. Also we do not like how it shifts into neutral at every stop which it is supposed to do.

- Debbie P

Great comfortable car with good gas mileage!

The car we drive most often is my husbands Cruze, it gets great gas mileage. It is also very comfortable, my only complaint on comfort is the steering wheel. I cannot rest my hand in the bottom of the wheel. We have also had a couple issues with vibration in the speakers. Still overall it drives great for the year and we do like the car!

- Heather B

Drives great! Awesome features and has great gas mileage!

I like that my vehicle has all the features that I enjoy in it (NAV, Bluetooth, XM radio, etc). I wish that it was slightly bigger and heavier to be able to store more things and for driving in snow. I also wish that I could play my music off my phone when it is connected to the bluetooth instead of only being able to make calls

- Kristen B

Baby blue 2011 Chevy Cruze.

I just purchased my 2011 Chevy Cruze about 4 months ago, but I am in love with it. The interior looks and feels like a much higher end vehicle than what it is, and it drives incredibly smoothly. I have not had any issues with my car so far. My favorite feature of my car is the sunroof, and I like that it has a backup sensor.

- Erin W

Dependable car for traveling!

The Chevy Cruze has been very dependable on long trips, front seats a very comfortable can't so much speak of the back seats but we love driving this car mainly for the gas mileage on long trips. Would highly recommend this vehicle if you do a lot of traveling for work or weekend road trips. Nice sporty look is also great!

- Heather B

It's a great car with a roomy interior, an oversized trunk, and is super comfortable.

I love the Cruze. It's the perfect size for me as someone with no kids. The trunk is huge, bigger than full size models from chevy. The only thing I don't like about my model is that there isn't a trunk latch inside the car, so you have to turn it off to use the key if the outside one breaks, which mine does all the time.

- J H

Chevy Cruze - no issues 95% of the time.

Vehicle is reliable and has rarely had issues. The only ongoing issue (if you would call it that) is that the car accelerates funny. It almost hesitates when it is accelerating, especially depending on the rpms (between 1 & 2). Other than that, the car has been great. Spacious, smooth driving, not many maintenance issues.

- Meghan M

I will not buy another Chevy Cruze too many issues with this one.

I bought it brand new in 2012. Since then this 2011 so far has had 5 recalls on various issues. Next Chevrolet I buy will be a Chevrolet Malibu or might switch to a Dodge charger. The issues with this Cruze was brakes and something with the coolant system and I do not remember the other issues but the most serious ones.

- Barbara J

Chevy Cruze 7 years old, 110, 000 miles in excellent condition.

I purchase car with a lot of road miles but had all the information as to the servicing and car of car. I now have 111, 000 miles and still in excellent condition. Moved from Ohio to Florida driving the vehicle and had no problems. The paint job is in excellent condition. Would purchase the same make and model again.

- Roxanne F

Why I love my Chevy Cruze!

I really love my Chevy Cruze because it gets excellent gas mileage as well as has all around been probably the best car I have ever had. It is very dependable as well. I have two kids and normally I would want something a little bigger, but this car has served us well. The trunk space is surprisingly large as well!

- Morgan S

2011 Cruze: 1.8L - 6 Speed

I've never had a serious issue with the car. My biggest complaint would be the engine, without a turbo, is underpowered for the manual transmission that is in the car. With no overdrive as in an automatic transmission, it makes getting up hills difficult as the engine is sluggish. Other than that I love the car.

- Spencer D

The interior is very nice, almost personalized. The mesh is very comfortable.

My vehicle is all about being economical. It is small yet meets all my needs. Perfect for running down the road to work and picking my kids up. I feel like it is really sporty so I still feel like I have a cute car. The Chevy Cruze runs like it has a teeny tiny turbulent, and it feels amazing when accelerating.

- Monica M

A clean, automatic, white 2011 Suzuki kalasha with tan leather interior.

I love it. It is an automatic and very clean. It has a start button instead of an ignition, blinkers and gas meter are working good so far, the tires have been durable and sturdy, the sound system is great, and it also has an automatic seat warmer for the leather seats! We haven't really had any issues so far!

- Shannon H

Pontiac is a great car for anyone tall or short.

Basic wear and tear with costly mechanical fixes. I have replaced the water pump twice and I am nowhere near completing the overall fixes in this vehicle. It is a comfortable car to be in with lots of room. It has more room than I need but I am a taller guy so I have plenty of legroom without any problems.

- Antony R

Stay away from the 2011 Cruze.

Breaks down a lot, water pump last week, oil leaks, transmission leaks, belts have broken off.,starter went, radiator leak, everything was covered by extended paid for warranty, would have cost over 5000 in repairs in last 5 years if it wasn't for the extended warranty with CarMax, Chevy Cruze never again!

- Tamara A

My life driving a Chevy Cruze.

I love my car; however, lately I have been having problems with it, such as: serious oil leaks and engine lights coming on. Before all of this started happening, it was great! My brakes are great and the space amount is just what I need for a college student. I have had this car for about three years now!

- Ashley J

Luxury feel without the price.

My vehicle is extremely reliable. It gets good gas mileage. Although the leg room in the back seat is minimal, it is a perfect car for one person. It is safe and has several amenities, such as the option for OnStar and satellite radio. The interior is leather, which provides the car with a luxurious feel.

- Gil L

It drives smoothly at all speeds on most all types of roads.

This has been an overall very reliable car. It has room for small groups with plenty of trunk space for storage. The miles per gallon on gas is usually between twenty five and thirty miles per gallon. It is a nice small easy to drive vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small gas saver.

- Nathan K

2011 Chevrolet Cruze eco with a manual transmission.

It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable to ride in and drive. Has been very dependable. Did need a new turbo charger at 40, 000 and a transmission at 92, 000 and it is a stick shift. Parts were easy to get and warranty was of great help in the cost. But would buy another. Hoping for 300, 000 miles.

- Pamela G

Great car for long trips as long as you take care of it!

My car has been incredibly reliable with little to no major fixes needed. One issue with the car is there are very large blind spots which can be hard for new or timid drivers. Great gas mileage! Battery life is not the greatest but that is also due to battery manufacturers not necessarily the vehicle.

- Marie A

Very reliable car, and very efficient with gas.

If kept regular oil changes, runs really good. Performs really well, very good gas mileage. My fiancé uses this car for a job that requires him to drive a lot for work. Very gas sufficient. Very comfy car, could use a little more room. But fits our little family (my fiancé, my 3 month old son and I).

- Michelle D

Chevy Cruze is the best purchase, a comfortable drive.

Being that my Cruze is a base model, it does not have every bell and whistle, but it is very comfortable and I have loved it ever since I bought it. My next car will be a Chevy because I have never felt so comfortable in any other make of car. I love the look, and I love how smooth of a ride it is.

- Jordan Y

Reliable, Economic, and Safe

The Chevy Cruze is my car. It was the launch of them so there were some recalls but they were not anything serious. Super reliable car, great on gas, and if you know how to pack a car you'd be surprised how much space there is. Highly recommended if you're looking for durability and economically.

- James C

The comfort for my family of four and the good gas mileage.

I get good gas mileage. It is comfortable for my family of four with plenty of legroom. I have not had any problems since I got the car two years ago. I keep it serviced everything at present is working fine. I like have the radio options with Sirius. My granddaughter likes being able to see out.

- Renee H

Get the new model, if you are looking to get the Cruze.

Car's heater system has gone down a couple times the water tank has been replaced twice, and the air conditioner could be colder, still gets from point A to point B. This is the older model and there has been a lot of upgrades in the newer ones including entertainment packages for convenience.

- Mario Q

The car has great gas mileage

I love the gas mileage i do not like that the cup holders are so low in the car dust will get in my drink if it doesn't have a lid or i will forget about it because i can't see it otherwise i really enjoy my car its compact without being 2 small and it has a turbo so it has get up and go power

- Jacolyn M

This vehicle has been very dependable, I have enjoyed it for over 6 years.

I like the fuel economy and space inside, very roomy for a compact car. I enjoy the features and equipment that it came with and have not needed to add or upgrade anything in the interior. I do not like the lack of a trunk release button, requiring the use of the remote to access the trunk.

- Rory V

The car drives smoothly on pavement or country roads.

My car is a wonderful compact car as it provides the perfect amount of space for a college student. The only downfalls is that the backseat passengers, depending on how tall or large, have trouble fitting comfortably. But the gas mileage is wonderful and the trunk space is wonderful as well!

- Mckenna B

My Chevy. The highlights of my vehicle is listening to music thru my iPhone.

I really love my car. I truly do not have any major problems with it. Basic upkeep is a must to keep any car to its true worth. I travel for work in it and I just truly enjoy driving the car. If you want a reliable car I truly suggest this car. Any Chevy car or truck is worth the purchase.

- Tracey M

The check engine light came on to give me warning things were wrong with car.

I have replaced catalytic converter, air conditioner. I had to replace a valve stem with sensor. I also had to replace the turbo charger. And replaced the water pump belt. Those are the major repairs to the car the rest has been normal wear and tear on a car tires and regular oil changes.

- Nancy B

Love my Cruze, highly recommend it!

Saw the car on tv, went to dealership and purchased it just by seeing on Hawaii five-o, the TV show; went to dealer, took test drive and feel in love with it. Love my car. It does well on gas mileage on long trips and so-so around town; no major issues. I would highly recommend this car.

- Christine B

Tina's car care description.

My vehicle is small and compact. The car is an automatic vehicle that has been reliable for a few years but need some work done on it. The brakes and rotors are shot. Also, the master cylinder need to be changed as well. More importantly, my car is good car but I am ready for an upgrade.

- Tina N

That it is very cheap on gas and that it lasts for about 2 weeks worth of driving anywhere.

It has a sunroof with a navigation system. It is a dark slate gray color and has mostly highway miles. Great gas mileage, and have had no problems with it since i have owned it for over a year and a half. I don't have any dislikes on the car because i will definitely buy another one. :)

- Amanda K

I wish I looked more into my car!

It is reliable but I feel like there is always a problem with it. Ever since I got it the check engine light has been on and I have had trouble with the traction because it has more than one part that had to be fixed and it gets frustrating when you constantly have to go to the shop.

- Miranda L

The Cruze is an extraordinary vehicle.

The Chevy Cruze is an innovative vehicle. I love this car. It gets great gas mileage. Is overall a good looking car and good size for a family. It is reliable. Comfortable. It performs well and is hands down the most favorite vehicle I have ever driven. Great control and stability.

- Samantha S

It is a small compact car. It comes in different colors from bright to dark.

My Chevy Cruze is a very good and reliable car. I have had no issues with it at all. It gets great gas mileage and also drives very smoothly. The only issue I do have with my Chevy Cruze is that it is way to small. There is not enough leg space inside the car in the front or back.

- Joy F

It's a reliable car that gets good gas mileage. However, is doesn't have a lot of get-up-and-go.

I love that I get great gas mileage with my car, especially because I spend an hour driving for work every day. I also like that my car has four doors which makes getting things in and out easy to do. I live in a harsh winter climate and my little Cruze does just fine in the snow.

- Amy R

Problems since the second year I owned the car.

I have had problems since the 2nd year we owned it. Computer problems then stabilitrak, and has always run crappy in the winter. It gets good gas mileage. But with all the problems if I could afford to get another car. The air conditioner has gone bad 3 times since I have owed it.

- Lori M

It does have known issues with the turbo and with the cooling system.

It has had some issues with its turbo, but overall it had been a dependable car. All recalls were done in a timely fashion and I actually have never had a lot of the issues that other owners have had. The gas mileage is great on long trips, and I love having a stickshift vehicle.

- Randi W

The perfect first car for new drivers.

Stick shift, super reliable, great on gas. Amazing sound system. It comes in different colors and is very safe and plenty of room. In very good condition for the year of the vehicle. Would definitely recommend to a new car buyer. Fantastic car and glad it was my first car.

- Autumn S

Love the compact, sporty feel of the vehicle. Great gas mileage.

Problems with intake manifold and sensors. Made several trips to the mechanic about it. Decreased power and bogs down going uphill, but good gas mileage and reliable start up. Cute and compact, not much backseat legroom, so not a great family vehicle or for a large/tall person.

- Tracy H

Great car with OnStar for people who get lost easily.

Perfect size, four door, reliable. Factory tires lasted for 100, 000 miles. Great gas mileage. Easy to change the oil. It has XM radio and OnStar. Cloth interior is great in the summer. Lots of trunk space and leg room. CD player. Cup holders in the back seat. Electric windows.

- Jamie D

Chevy Cruze has a nice shape almost sports car shape. Spacious and roomy.

Car sometimes shows that it is overheating but it is not. A/c is somewhat weak. Drives very well, good gas. Interior is great, I feel safe in my car, great value for money and I would definitely recommend anyone to buy this vehicle also very reliable. Also quite a smooth drive.

- David M

2011 dark charcoal Chevy Cruze.

The Chevy Cruze 2011 has stained seats and a bad odor. The left head gasket is cracked and other than that the Chevy Cruze 2011 has a brand new battery and a brand new alternator. The exterior of the Chevy Cruze has a few scratches and a minor dimple on the drivers side door.

- Tea R

A small car with good gas mileage.

The comfort for long car rides is not comfortable to ride in but I love the gas mileage. I have had no major problems with my car that has had to get fixed. I love how small and compact my car is because I am the only one in my car most of the time. I have a very basic model.

- Elizabeth D

The Chevy Cruze drives smoothly.

Electrical problems throughout the computer system. Has had too many oil leaks. It shifts really weird when driving, but mainly drives very smooth and fast enough. Have had great gas mileage in the Cruze. The non leather seats have held up well. I will not buy another Cruze.

- Abbie B

The little engine that does.

My vehicle is gray in color. It has a 1. 4 turbo 4 cylinder engine and is very fuel efficient. It seats five people comfortably. It has an automatic transmission and is a/c cooled. It has 4 black wall tires with aluminum rims. It is bad on power but gets me where I am going.

- Robert H

Overall, good car to start with. Does not last very long though.

This car had a ton of recalls over the years. It gets good gas mileage and has a lot of space for a little car. The Cruze is easy to maneuver and handles well in bad weather. This car has broken down on me at least 5 times. One of those times I was stranded on the highway.

- Nicole E

Very good car very reliable.

The car runs very good. Many convenient features make owning and driving the car very easy to operate. Very smooth ride very good on fuel I'd buy another Chevy Cruze in the future I am sure. didn't plan to buy this one but when I test drove it I was sold instantly on it.

- Dennis W

Jet Black Chevy Cruze '11 with Black and Red Interior and Silver Trim.

Great car, reliable. Had to replace the engine because a converter busted while on the interstate after an oil change. It has pretty great performance and the only problem would be the converter. I know a couple people that went through the same thing with their cruze.

- Emma U

Dependable on long trips north.

It's very reliable runs great it's pretty good in the snow it is gets pretty good gas mileage it's very comfortable on long trips up north plenty of room in the back seat of the car has plenty of room in the trunk of the car seats four people comfortable on long trips.

- Paul L

Great car only a few issues.

Really nice car small but roomy and comfortable. Drives very smooth. We have had a few sensor code issues and with the head gasket also. a lot of nice features the sound system is good. Downfall if your shorter it is harder to see around the passenger seat to turn.

- Chris L

Great on gas making it affordable on a daily basis.

My Cruze is amazing on gas and never breaks down. There are things that may not work as well as it used to but 38 miles to a gallon of gas is amazing. There are a few features I wish my car had however it is compact and amazing on gas so the pros outweigh the cons.

- Amber M

My 2011 Chevy Cruze still looks new!

The driver seat heater died after 3 years. I suspect it is because it is used by people weighing over 300#. The front right tire monitor will not turn off. The car runs great even after 7 years. Only have needed oil changes and no major repairs. It still looks new.

- Mike A

Vehicle is comfortable and roomy.

The vehicle is dependable but think that it's not so good on gas in the city but really good on highway miles. It does take a while to speed up while going up a hill. I have never had problems with maintenance, as long as I did regular oil changes it ran smoothly.

- Valerie L

Sporty sedan with great speed.

Not good on gas, ac compressor is bad, gas cap does not have a lock, transmission is going, interior is great and I enjoy Sirius subscription. Easy to drive. Gorgeous car. Fast car. Easy to park. Many of them on the road. Will see how the ac runs when it gets hot.

- Lisa K

My Chevy Cruze review - get one!

Great, reliable little car - good gas mileage, surprisingly large amount of storage for a sedan - lots of trunk space. Solid car that will last a long time. Seats are comfortable and two car seats fit comfortably in the back. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

- Jessica L

My Cruze drives with ease.

I love my 6 speed Cruze I have control at my fingertips I drove it off the showroom floor. It is very roomy for traveling. I did have problems with the tires. After a long trip the seats kind of hurt my back too much of a bucket. It hurts your back after a while.

- Cheryl E

The car has excellent gas mileage.

The car does really good on gas mileage. The seats are uncomfortable if taking long drives. The car was not equipped with cruise control. I don't like that I have to pay to add minutes to use the hands free calling. Wish there was more leg room in the back seat.

- Nicole M

The vehicle would be a great starter car but I cannot see it being a long term car.

Overall the car is fine for everyday needs. It is comfortable to drive in although there are a few blind spots. It is not very reliable. I have had a number of parts replaced. The check engine light always seems to be on shortly after getting one problem fixed.

- Kellie C

Good starter car for someone who is looking to save.

Makes a weird ticking noise, when I have looked up what is wrong it says all of the ones from that year make that noise. I feel like I am always replacing the breaks. Other than that a good car. It is also good on gas, I do not spend a lot on it. Reliable car.

- Alexa P

Affordable, reliable, and safe.

Great gas mileage, smooth ride, and affordable. The best thing about this car is how amazing it is on the snow. For a compact car or is amazing. I recommend this car to anyone in a snowy state like me that is looking for a dependable, safe, and affordable car.

- Danielle S

Love it but wish it had more power.

I really like my cruze however the only downfall would be that it does not have a whole lot of power. Sometimes when I want to pass a car it does not go as fast as I would like. Overall, it feels safe and reliable. I love the size and find it very comfortable.

- Allison G

My wonderful amazing Cruze.

I have the 2011 ltz Cruze. I really do love it! I am still learning all the gadgets. My leather interior is still in good condition. I love how it can get up and go right now. The only thing I don't like is it goes horrible in the snow and a little bit of mud.

- Megan S

Like the turbo feature of my model.

Too small to get in and out. Uncomfortable driving. Had thermostat go twice. Shifter too easily bumped into lower gears. Cup holders inconvenient and drinks spill easily. Air conditioning very poor takes forever to cool down. Hate the automatic headlights.

- David P

Looks nice but runs very poorly.

Leaks oil. Poor gas mileage. Poorly made. So many issues. So many recalls. Gm is not helpful when you have issues. Really a car I regret purchasing. I will never buy another Chevrolet again. Not worth the money when you spend more to fix it than anything.

- Kayla D

Powder blue Chevy Cruze 11.

It is too small and low to the ground without enough cargo space for kid things like a stroller. I also do not like cloth seats with kiddos. It is also horrible in the snow, my husbands old Mustang did so much better in the snow but this car is too light.

- Jill L

Coolant system faults are worth the long-term reliability.

Its is largely convenient and reliable. However, the coolant system is often faulty and the AC quit working after a year of ownership. It has weathered two serious wrecks with minimal body damage and no damage to the frame, however, which is incredible.

- Kirstin G

2011 Chevy Cruze is a broken down beauty.

I have had a few problems with the brakes, and my turbo has blown out, so that is not exactly the greatest thing. Because it was the first year of the Cruze there have been some issues, but over all she's driven pretty well through not so great weather.

- Dana K

Cruze: the diesel engine.

The performance is very fabulous as the cc is more so more torque. The diesel engine is diesel rocket. The fuel efficiency is low which I hate, the comfort is very good because of leather finishes. The leg room is perfect for me as I am tall in height.

- Daniel G

My Cruze is a zippy car. It may be fuel efficient but it moves when it needs to.

I love how trustworthy my vehicle is. In the 7 years I have owned my car I have not had any major problems. I enjoy the benefits of having a fuel efficient car. I wish the air conditioning was more efficient. It takes a while to cool down and heat up.

- Katie R

Gaskets/valve problems in under 79,000 miles. Dealer cannot properly fix it. Not sure if it is mechanics training or they are trying to make money.

Great gas mileage. Small interior especially the rear seating. Large trunk which some of this space could be used in the rear seating. Lots of engine problems at 79,000 miles. Dealer stated they fixed them but some returned in less that 5o miles.

- Patti T

I do like how you can keep track of everything by pushing a button.

Do not have any problems with my vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and a very comfortable ride. It's very reliable, and like all cars it needs warming up in the winter. I love my car and have had dealers try to put me in a newer one. Not doing it.

- Ellen B

Not to buy one because it has to many issues and recalls.

IT has been nothing but a lemon ever since I bought it and I will never buy another Chevrolet car again. Constantly have had to take it back to the dealership to have repairs done and I bought the car brand new. Chevy Cruzes have too many problems.

- Denise M

This car has a compact, smaller appeal than most sedans, however it's very roomy and comfortable.

I really enjoy all of the features my car offers. It's equipped with automatic start high is great in the winter, keyless entry, onstar, Pioneer sound system, XM radio and more. It gets about 32-37 mi/gal on long trips. I love the way it drives.

- Elizabeth H

It is dependable and very good quality for the price.

I dislike it because it is a lemon, but there are really no other negative sides to it. I would like if it had a sunroof, but newer models do. It is dependable and gets me where I need to go. It gets good gas mileage and the interior is appealing.

- Savannah W

The size. It is literally perfect. Roomy inside the cabin and enough room in the trunk but not hard to park or drive in the city.

I love the size of this car it is perfect for me to get around in a busy city. It also has nice cloth in the interior for a basic model. I also like the trunk space. I can fit everything in there, especially when it's time to go back to college.

- dorothy v

Good commuter car! Would recommend.

I do like my car! It gets great gas mileage, a good vehicle for a commuter or college student that lives far from school. My only issue with is car is all the little problems & recalls because this year of the car was the first of its kind.

- Brittany G

There have been a lot of recalls.

I like how it drives, I hate that I have had so many problems with it, a lot of recalls, issues with my engine. I hate that it does not accelerate quickly if I have the air conditioning on, and the air conditioning barely works to cool off.

- Patty P

Its safe. Its dependable.

I have taken my Chevy Cruze on plenty of trips from western key to Cincinnati Ohio and Louisville key every other weekend and two trips to south Carolina since purchasing my car in 2016. It did great in the mountains. Never had a problem.

- Erica S

It is good reliable transportation.

It's okay, fairly reliable. I've had to put it in the shop a few times, but for nothing too major or costly. It runs pretty good and gets me where i need to go, so I don't have much to complain about. Not bad, for an American made auto.

- Danny h

It has lots of safety features and surround air bags everywhere!

I like that is dependable and it is easy to drive and it has some pretty nice updated features. The things that I do not like are when the air conditioner is on the engine seems to lag a little bit. But that is about it I love my car!

- Heather G

It's built in the US and although there have been expensive problems, overall it's been a good car.

I like that it's dependable. I dislike the expensive problems I've had from the start--electrical, suspension. I've spent over $1000 on replacing various parts of the suspension, and Firestone said this is common in Chevy Cruzes.

- Tony S

Great car for small low income families.

This is a very economical vehicle. The gas mileage is great and I haven't had any major maintenance issues. By getting regular oil changes, tune-ups, and tires as needed the car runs great! Only downfall is the size of the car.

- Tiffany J

It has everything we wanted in a car.

Oh course this was supposed to be the last car we bought but I kinda doubt it. My wife uses it to watch our grandsons. We use it for short vacation trips. With 75:000 on it I believe we will need another one in the near future.

- Mike S

That it gets over 30 mpg but doesn't have a lot of horsepower.

We love our cruze because it gets great gas mileage! However, it would be nice if it had more power. It doesn't like hills at all. It would also be nice if the back seat was roomier. It isn't super comfortable with a car seat.

- Kindra E

Good �starter� vehicle for college student.

The car has little to no acceleration. My gas mileage is only about 18 mpg which is much lower than I would�ve preferred. Plus is that it is a real comfortable ride, and it has a huge trunk to store plenty of bags/groceries.

- Kyle K

It's good on gas. Usually takes a week or so for me to have to fill the gas tank.

The only two issued I have with this car is that when you step on the gas it very rarely goes. Sometimes it take a few seconds. And #2, the blind spot from the passenger seat. makes looking for oncoming traffic very hard.

- jen m

Extremely reliable, good mileage and gas usage.

Very nicely built, love the interior, I have owned it for almost two years and haven't had anything need replaced. Obvious maintenance like oil changes and airing up the tires but other than that I would buy another.

- Carlie E

It is a great car for a first time driver. It is very easy to drive.

I love the gas mileage. I also love the alerts that it shows when something is wrong with the vehicle.I have had many recalls that I have had to get fixed. I have also had to replace the same part multiple times.

- Kyla P

The best car you will ever buy. No problems at all from the car. A must have if you are on the road a lot

It is the most comfortable car on the road good gas mileage has the most features of all the cars I've ever had and ai have had no performance and handling issues at all from the vehicle Absolutely love the car.

- Tracy W

This vehicle has exceptional performance.

It is fully loaded I love the heated leather seats the ride is very smooth. Never had any problems. I get regular oil changes and tune ups. It has hands free calling because most of my calls are made on the go.

- Lorraine M

The 4 cylinder engine is weak, I would prefer a v6!

My complaint about my vehicle is that is does not have cruise control. I also do not like that it has a 4 cylinder engine. I would prefer a v6. Other than that, it's a great car, and my favorite color, silver.

- Ashleigh L

My vehicle was won in a poker game.

My vehicle is a four door. My vehicle is grey in color. My vehicle has a crack in the windshield. My vehicle needs tires. My vehicle has a 1.4 liter engine and is powerless but gets 30 miles to the gallon.

- Robert H

It is a little small. If you are trying to fit a car seat in the back it takes up almost the whole back seat.

I love my car! I've never had any issues with it other than a water pump that needed to be replaced and it was covered under warranty! The heated seats are awesome in the winter and so is the automatic start!

- Chaz D

The 2011 Small Chevy Cruze

The Chevy Cruze is great on gas. Perfect for long road trips. It isn't as spacious inside if you have a big family. Some issues I've had is with the sensors. It says it's overheating when in reality it's not.

- Valeria V

small 4 door car with good gas mileage

electrical issues driver side of car reverse light and running light has never worked no matter how many times we have taken it in. no trunk button but on the key fob. fast, good, get up. on the small side.

- amber m

Good Affordable, reliable, safe and nice looking automobile

I love the mileage that I get. I dislike that the warranty sometimes is not accepted. Love that is an affordable car and the look of it. haven't had any major or expensive problems. overall happy with it.

- vania r

If you spill something on the cloth seats, you may as well get used to the stain.

It has been very dependable. My Chevrolet Cruze gets really good gas mileage. I like how it has a manual option as well. I don't like the cloth seats, they get dirty so easily and it's so hard to clean.

- Tam S

Needs a new transmission costing $2,200 dollars.

I love my vehicle until a few months ago I started having problems with it. I was told I need repair on the transmission! Might have to put her up for now because I cannot afford the repairs right now.

- Donna W

The A/C is very touchy, and I often have to ride with the windows down, and my steering wheel is slightly crooked.

I bought my vehicle used from a dealership and it has been a very reliable mode of transportation. I am quite happy with everything my car has gone through with me. I have no complaints about my car.

- Stephanie L

That it is very comfortable and safe.

I am not that picky about cars. I like that my car is big enough that it fits my child and stuff I need during my day to day life.. Only think I do not like is the color. But that is not a big deal.

- Crystal G

Sporty, and fun to drive.

Great fuel economy. Drives great, good performance. Dependable for day to day commuting. Comfort levels and ease of reach of controls are good. Looks good. Cramped seating for back seat passengers.

- Linda H

It is GREAT on gas. It is VERY reliable.

I like how good on gas my car is. I can fill it up once a week and it will last me all week. I have had some issues with the AC and the water pump and thermostat. It has been a pretty decent car.

- Ashley m

The most important thing about my car is that it is kept in good working order.

I like my car very much. It is very compact and the gas mileage is good. I especially like the color of my car which is red. I always wanted a red car and finally got it. I have no complaints.

- Karin T

My car has been very dependable since I purchased it brand new in 2011. I have had issues with the radiator and also the boost has gone out which resulted in low power until repaired.

The most important thing about my car is that the ECO version is a stick shift and a lot of people aren't good with stick shifts since most car companies shy away from having them on the lot.

- Marcus W

Good gas mileage but puzzles mechanics

at the dealership, i was unaware my car had an existing issue and i have spent over $7,000 on repairs! and i don't currently own my car (the bank does). I will never buy a Chevy ever again.

- andrea c

My car is a Chevrolet, keeps me safe and is dependable.

I like how smooth the car drives on the road. The gas mileage is also suitable for driving to work every day. The stereo system is also nice. I think so far the car has been very reliable!

- Oriean D

Comfortable American made quality car!

I like our Chevy cruze because it is comfortable to ride in and easy to drive. It has wonderful heated leather seats. I like supporting an American car maker. It received several awards.

- Barbara K

It gets me from point A to point B and has great gas mileage

I like the low mileage it has for the year. I also like the familiarity of the car as I have had chevy cars for the last 3 cars. What I dislike is that it does not have cruise control.

- scott s

It does have some maintenance issues that you should be on the lookout for including the water pump and the tire pressure gauge.

I like the gas mileage that the car offers. I did have some troubles when I first got it and had to have some work done which was a little frustrating, but otherwise it's a great car.

- Kelsey C

It is very compact. I wouldn't recommend it for people who have more than one child.

I love my vehicle because it's very reliable. It's also good on gas and comfortable to ride. I dislike that it is so small. I wish it were a little bigger with more room in the back.

- Kristen S

It's dependable and safe! It has never had any issues getting me where I need to go and it looks good getting there.

My car gets fantastic fuel mileage so it makes for a great road trip car or commuter. Additionally, the trunk has ample storage space. The Bluetooth feature keeps me hands free safe.

- Amber S

This car is very reliable and has great Miles Per Gallon

This car is very reliable for travel as it gets great Miles Per Gallon making it useful for transportation to work. The only downside is it does not perform the best on snow or ice.

- Aaron L

It runs good gives you good miles on the tank and has a lot of room in the car.

I love my car it's the right size to get around make turns, the in side give you enough room up front and back just love the style of it. The gas give you a lot of miles on a tank.

- Donna M

It is very fuel efficient.

I like the fuel efficiency and the overall price of maintenance on the car. I do not like the lack of power it has when it comes to hills, on the way it bogs down if the ac is on.

- Danielle K

The car, although it looks nice has problems, therefore don't push it.

Cosmetically speaking the vehicle is beautiful. It has everything my husband and I need. The only problem is that the car has been overheating. Soon we will have to buy a new car.

- Angela M

It has many safety features that are important on the road.

It's safety features. I like that the car has many safety features. I also like that it has been highly rated by Consumer report for several years. It is the perfect size for me.

- Debbie O

Mileage and it is a great family car.

I like the great fuel economy and how smooth it drive. It can be a little small which makes it a bit difficult to get in at times and hard to see ahead in traffic while driving.

- Joe B

Chevy won the indy 500 and JD Power and Associates seems to love them

Sleek looking. Great gas mileage. A smooth ride so far but starting to get old and has needed some small repairs. Chevy won this year's Indy 500 and indycar points championship

- Stu S

It has an awesome stereo system that sounds amazing.

I purchased this vehicle used from a family member. It has the turbo boost and can oftentimes make me feel a little car sick, especially when I am in bumper to bumper traffic.

- Tracey M

My vehicle is a little damaged but gets the job done.

My front and rear bumper is damaged from a previous wreck, there is a tire that needs to be replaced, and when the gas tank gets too low, the gauge will stop working properly.

- Erika M

If your driving style is relaxed and not always gassing it, this vehicle does get great gas mileage.

My car is a Chevy Cruze Eco. It is a manual transmission. I enjoy the mpg, I get about 40 miles a gallon. What I dislike about the car is all the road noise and rough ride.

- Chris G

The Chevrolet Cruze is best in its class

I love driving my Chevrolet Cruze, it's great on gas and smooth riding, it is very comfortable driving and riding. I haven't had any problems with it at all. Runs very well

- Karen L

The seats are comfortable and fit my body type well.

I like the size, it makes me feel like other vehicles can actually see me. I wished I had put cruise control on my car. The transmission isn't as smooth as I would like.

- Allison M

It is not brand new. But it runs very well.

I like the fact I get great gas mileage for all of my out of office town driving that I do. But it is a smaller car and not really designed to be roomy enough for kids.

- Carolyn M

Maintaining the turbo is integral.

The turbo greatly increases takeoff speed. Proper maintenance of the turbo is integral or it may explode. Regular maintenance on the car keeps it running at top shape.

- Jennifer M

It is a good, dependable car.

I love how cute my car is and I love the gas mileage. I dislike how small it feels when there's people in it, and I dislike not having power seats or lighted mirrors.

- Hal C

It has a warning beep, when you back up and are getting close to something.

I do not have any just wish sometimes it was bigger and had more room. I think it has good gas mileage but it could have even better than what it has., more leg room.

- Jennifer C

It is not always the most reliable, as I have to take it in a lot for repairs.

I like how compact my vehicle is. It has a nice interior and plenty of room despite being so small. However, it always has a minor mechanical problem wrong with it.

- Julie M

My car gets good gas mileage and is easy to drive.

I like my car because it is small and easy to drive. I dislike that the engine has little power and it struggles to gain/maintain speed on steep hills or inclines.

- Jackie G

It does get good gas mileage.

I like that it is small and can fit into a lot of small spaces. It can turn on a dime. I do not like that it does not have cruise control. It also makes odd noises.

- Lee anna S

Great commuter car, not a family car

I love it, its reliable, and gets great mileage. It's a little small in the interior. I also feel that the transmission doesn't always shift when I think it should.

- mike K

Many problems that should have been fixed while the car was was under warranty.

Many miscellaneous problems and strange noise. I took it in many times when it was under warranty but they always tried to charge me. But it gets good gas mileage.

- Nicole M

The wheels have to be aligned and maintained often.

I like that it has a smooth ride and also that it is low maintenance. I like the gas mileage is great. I dislike that it is not equipped with cruise control.

- Jennifer B

That it is my baby and that it is very important to me.

I do not enjoy the low fuel economy, however I do enjoy the smooth ride. The car has enough space for all my needs. Overall the car serves its purpose well.

- Alesha G

The one thing for sure is you need to know how to properly maintenance it.

The car overall drives and runs great. It gets exceptionally good gas mileage. The only downfall from it is it has a bad problem with sensors malfunctioning

- Brandon S

It's well taken care of. Oil is changed regularly. Other fluids maintained on schedule.

Comfortable, like the technology. Infotainment system is good. Satellite radio is nice feature. Dislike seat belts in the back (kind of hard to get to).

- Grandma M

It is nice to drive and never have problems.

I like that it is economical, stylish, great on gas and easy to drive. I do not like that my transmission blew at 90,000 miles because of a computer issue.

- Rebecca S

The chevy Cruze gets amazing gas mileage even with the turbo boost

I have the chevy Cruze ltz package with turbo. So it is fully loaded with turbo boost engine. i just moved 16 hours and traveled in it and was comfortable

- Jennifer S

Chevrolet Cruze the good family car

It's a all around good small family car with good gas mileage and a smooth ride. I would've gotten something bigger but this vehicle was in my price range

- Kristin J

That it has good gas mileage and acceleration.

It has lots of extras for comfort and safety. It is lacking in back seat leg room. The seat heaters only lasted two years. The paint job lasted 5 years.

- Jan A

The one most important thing others should know about my car is it's good gas mileage.

I like the good gas mileage my car gets. I like the size of my car; it fits well in parking spots. I dislike that my car does not have automatic start.

- Tiffany K

Smaller components are very breakable.

My 2011 Chevy Cruze is a great vehicle in terms of gas mileage, but it also has a lot of problems under the hood due to the flimsy, plastic components.

- Trevor O

Good in gas & dependable.

My car is good on gas, dependable, few minor issues, that can be fixed. I bought this car 4 years ago, I'm not even thinking of trading or selling it!

- Paz K

I love my sunroof great for the summer time

I love my car it's fast great on gas the radio is great the tires are cheap the color is beautiful and I just love driving places wit my sunroof open

- Jazmine W

Could be a better car if fixed

We have had this car for about a year but the breaks have gotten a bit sensitive. It makes weird noises sometimes when it's running. It lacks speed

- AnaMonica C

It's good for someone small due to it being very compact. Very affordable.

Very slow acceleration and very cramped. Anyone over 5"5 who sits in the passenger's seat always winds up hitting the a. C. Button and turns it on.

- Ana R

Great car for low gas milage to get around town

This car is a great car to get place to place around town. It has also been taken on many short road trips ( 300-500 miles) and has held up great.

- Jessica B

My baby needs to be fixed. She has a lot of miles on her but she's mine.

My vehicle is a good car but has some problems such as brake problems. My master cylinder needs to be changed. Other than that, I have a good car.

- Tina N

I love how fuel efficient my car Is.

I do not have any current problems with my car. Previously Last October I had a problem with my Air conditioning in the car on the Passenger side

- Evan W

that if you purchase one make sure that the maintenance won't be significant.

I like the gas mileage. I like overall driving experience because it handles well. It is reliable. The only thing I dislike is the lack of power.

- Larry F

If you live in a place with harsh winters, it is amazing in the snow!

My only issue with the car is that it does not accelerate fast enough. Other than that I have no complaints. I have loved the car since I got it!

- Brittany H

It's a great choice in car for getting from points A to B and is simple to drive.

My car is compact and is easy to drive. It has excellent fuel economy and I feel good about driving this vehicle because it's an American brand.

- Damian H

It is a mid size roomy car.

I like my car because it has good gas mileage and I am used to it because I have owned it for many years.I dislike it because it is getting old.

- Linda e

It is a low maintenance car, which keeps track of your statistics such as mileage and air pressure.

It's a dependable car. It has excellent gas mileage. It requires minimal maintenance. The onboard computer keeps track of important information.

- Leslie T

The car has good gas mileage.

I like the style and fuel economy. It is a fairly comfortable ride. I do not like the pick up. Trying to enter a busy road can be difficult.

- Mark H

Very dependable and good gas mileage.

Good family car good on gas mileage and very dependable. It could be roomier but for everything else this car has been wonderful for my family.

- Jenny B

2011 Chevy Cruze is a lemon.

Love my car but it is a lemon. I have had probably 20 recalls in the 6 years I have owned it, and had to take it in to be serviced very often.

- Ivy V

Engine may die at 86,000 miles

I like the sturdiness of the car, holds up well in an accident, but I have had issues with the engines that seem common to the model and year.

- Christopher S

It is the best car so far. If you are single than this is the car for you.

The only problem about this car is the color. If you plan on buying a black car do not do it is really hot in there especially in the summer.

- Mary T

Basic little work car. Gets good mileage and runs very well.

Good gas mileage and runs great. Would recommend this car to anyone. The price of this car could possibly be affordable for anyone with a job.

- Jon S


I love my vehicle's handling, size, exterior, interior, and sound system. I hate my car's transmission, which has had to be rebuilt 4 times.

- Arcangela M

It is great on gas and is very reliable.

It is very reliable and great on gas. I commute a lot for work and makes it affordable. Although the roof leaks it is overall a great car.

- Amb M

Besides transmission issues everything else works well

Transmission seems to have quite a few problems. Changing gears isn't smooth. Difficult to add transmission fluid due to way car is built

- Addie B

Solid and dependable auto.

A couple of factory recalls. Good vs. rust here where winters are wicked. It has been dependable. Decent gas mileage. Good for my needs.

- Rich W

It has amazing gas mileage.

I like how smoothly it drives. The gas mileage is amazing. It is very safe with airbags around the whole car. I do not dislike anything.

- Rachel N

It feels light and is very smooth to drive.

I like how the cruze feels light and is easy to drive. I like that it has Bluetooth capability. I do not like how small the backseat is.

- Alina W

It is a piece of junk and I wish I would've searched better.

Having major issues with possible ignition coil and spark plugs along with traction control issues. Have to get it diagnosed and fixed.

- Sarah L

A fuel efficient great choice.

I like that it's very gas efficient. The engine is a little underpowered and it isn't really that roomy. Especially for taller people.

- Brian S

The car doesn't have Bluetooth

Has problems with engine, transmission, I've gutted the whole car after it blew out on me. Still has problems starting up and driving.

- Taylor P

It is powerful and has a great towing capacity.

The color, Cruise control, size good for my family and got a good deal as it was a replacement for one destroyed by hurricane Matthew.

- Renee H

This car can be long lasting when treated right! Very durable.

It is getting older so there are some problems starting. It has lasted me a really long time though and I don't have many complaints!

- Britannie F

Its inexpensive to own and very sound car. Great gas mileage.

I like that it is very economical. I like also that it is very roomy and comfortable to drive. I dislike nothing about the vehicle.

- Robert H

other than recall items back at the beginning I've had very few problems with the car. I enjoy driving it and have driven it to Alaska and across Canada and the US.

great little car. seats 4 very comfortably. lots of back seat space. 34 mpg on highway driving. good acceleration and easy to park

- melanie h

It drives well for bring a small car. Gas is not that bad either.

I like the gadgets for being a small car. Wish it had more of a pick up. Cruise control would of been a good feature to have also.

- Maria S

It is dependable and it drives real smooth.

It has been a very dependable car for me. I love the color and the sunroof I have not had any problems with it since I bought it.

- Linda S

The seats are fairly comfortable to sit on.

The color is black. The model year is 2011. For the most part, it has been a good purchase. Although, it does have it's bad days.

- David d

It does well on gas, can fit a family of five for a two weeks vacation,

I love my Chevy Eco Cruze. We have traveled completely across the country in the vehicle and have ranked over 300,000 miles in it

- Kayla S

It has a large trunk which holds a lot of stuff. It worked well for moving kids to college.

It is a good size, is stylish. I love the large trunk and 4 doors. I wish it accelerated better, a little slow and lacking power.

- Kayla R

None really. It's the most average car ever.

It's a fine car for the price. Nothing too valuable, but if you are buying a Chevrolet, I would spring for the Malibu or Impala.

- Jacob C

Great little vehicle that does what I need it to.

I love the size and how easy it is to zip in and out of traffic. It's just what I need--simple and gets me where I need to go.

- M W

Real economically driven car.

It is a great car love the mileage it gets, the sound system, the package deal. I really feel safe driving my car with onstar.

- David H

It's great on fuel with control for the music on the steering wheel.

Well first the car has a sunroof. And it's a great gas saver and overall it look really nice has great rims pretty nice speed.

- Alfred B

It will let you know when the tires goes to low. Plus it will alarm you when it's time to get the oil change.

First off i like how the car looks and rides. It's a gas saver. and it has a sunroof. it has enough room for my whole family.

- Alfred A

Fuel efficiency, color, cute size.

Color, fuel efficiency, trunk does not open easily, perfect car, gets me from a to b, wish was a little bigger for my family.

- Ruth D

Great for beach days. Fits the on the go lifestyle. Handles weather pretty well.

Great on gas, reliable, great engine. Significant difference in space since I moved from a truck. Larger trunk than expected.

- John W

It is a very reliable car. I have had very few mechanical issues with it.

I like that it can fit in smaller spaces. I wish there was more room, however plenty can fit in. I love that it is a manual.

- Amanda R

The gas mileage is excellent compared to many other cars that came out at the same time

I like the gas mileage that I get in the car. I don't think the stereo is as good as it could be. I love the cruise control.

- Stephen K

Gets good gas mileage! Good for in-town driving!.

Not comfortable for long trips! I am having a vapor leak right now that is very experience to fix so I cannot have it fixed.

- Patty E

Good Small Family Car; Good Trunk Size

it's a smooth ride. nice interior, decent gas mileage. the back sensor doesn't work but it's not needed. comes with onstar.

- Daisy N

It is a great car and runs great. I love the color and the upgrades it has.

I love how it runs and how the body looks. I dislike that it is starting to rust a little. I also dislike the trunk size.

- Beth C

A nice driving compact car with good fuel economy.

Good car. Great fuel economy. Good family car. Rides nice. Roomy trunk. A little sluggish in the acceleration Dept though.

- John R

You can accidentally open the trunk with the fob.

The car drives well, is relatively low maintenance, and good on mileage. It is not a fancy car but it is not ugly either.

- James S

There were a few recall but having the dealership fix them at no charge to me there have been no issues.

It's a reliable car. I was excited about it when it first came out now I'm ready for something new I miss having a truck.

- Cory J

Very little in repairs and cost.

I like the gas mileage. I like the turbo. I like the style and looks. I like the trunk space. I do not like the interior.

- David P

My car is in great condition

I like the fact that my vehicle is spacious. I like the fact that my vehicle is up to date.i like the color of my vehicle

- Adrian J

All around reliable and clean car.

Super comfy and really reliable, mine is manual and I found it really smooth in gear shifts and pretty easy to learn on.

- Grant H

Good gas mileage for a chevy 2011 cruze. Smooth riding

Good gas mileage, not enough leg room in back seat once my kids got older. Rides comfort. Parks easy. Traction is good.

- Luraine M

It is American made runs great dependable service and very safe car

Car has been very reliable and dependable. Had to replace transmission at 6yrs. Very comfortable ride and sleek design.

- Brandon B

It drives very well and has excellent gas mileage I also like it is made in the USA

I like the comfort and compatibility. I dislike that suddenly I'm having multiple issues in the car is only 7 years old

- Karen B

Comfortable vehicle and fun to drive and great gas mileage.

I love my vehicle? It is fun to drive and it is great on gas mileage and it is a stick shift. Goes great in the snow!!.

- Kelli C

My car has to be reliable and I put my trust in my vehicle every time I use it.

I love the way it drives, and it's sleek design. I always feel safe while on the road because of Chevy's high ratings.

- Michelle D

It runs smooth and is great on gas mileage.

My Chevy Cruze is great on gas. I would recommend my family and friends to purchase this vehicle. It also runs smooth.

- Dee W

Comfy seats. Xm radio. Tinted windows.

Transmission problems, doesn't shift sometimes. Really small. Gas mileage sucks. Brakes are really bad and go bad soon

- Hannah E

It has been reliable and great.

I have had a Chevy Cruze since the year it has come out. It has been a great vehicle and has not had to many problems,

- Chris D

No power vehicle but good on gas mileage.

Different efficiency issues, no power, especially with uphill. Had to change out entire intake manifold for one issue.

- Tracy H

Problems and concerns with chevy cruze.

Not reliable I have coil problems on my vehicle. Its went out twice and the spark plugs and water pump and thermostat

- Sirena G

It may be a smaller sized vehicle, but it is roomy. The truck space is generous.

I have only had to have normal wear maintenance. Even though it is a 2011, the style blends in with newer vehicles.

- Kelly R

Chevy Cruzes are lemon cars.

To many recalls. Constantly having to bring the car in for unexpected issues. Will never get a car like this again.

- Daniel L

It is hot in the summer. And takes some time to cool off with the a/c.

The color is black and it holds the heat in. Sometimes the heat does not work in the winter. It is fuel efficient.

- Dawn E

Limited edition, low miles heated leather seats, sunroof.

Convenient dependable, reliable and really good on gas. Low mileage. Plenty of room, love my heated leather seats.

- Mary R

It gets great gas mileage.

I do not have any complaints about my car. I love it. I like the gas mileage. I like the color and how it drives.

- Natasha S

I like the style of the vehicle and the size.

It's been good, but it has had several issues. Right now, nothing on the dashboard works because of a blown fuse.

- David H

Make sure you keep up with the maintenance schedule.

It feels nice and compact. I don't like the numerous coolant issues. There's also a bunch of oil issues with it.

- Carlos G

It's reliable. Handles well in bad weather. Room to carry stuff..

I like that it's a stick shift and that it gets good gas mileage. I dislike the payments, monthly and insurance.

- John A

Lots of inside space and room for hauling.

I love the great gas mileage, but the vehicle is really too small. There are many items too large to haul in it.

- Lisa L

Through all types of weather I would choose this car.

Great on gas. Great engine. Car is SUPER Reliable. It surprisingly has Lots of trunk space. Great for the beach.

- John W

It is small and does not have storage.

Rust and lots of miles make the car not fun to drive. The car is also very small. No room in trunk or back seat.

- Pamela M

Don't buy the 2011, it has problems.

Too many problems that always need to get fixed, hate the turbo jerkiness, like the look and feel, that is all.

- Debi L

my car gets amazing gas mileage and it only takes about thirty dollars to fill up

problems are that the coils degrad, and when the AC is on it sometimes smells like gas overall i love my chevy.


Who to bring it to so that it can get fixed without getting screwed over.

Started breaking down the minute I got it more problems than anything just not pleased with my first purchase.

- Miranda L

Good on gas and starts fast.

Besides it gets hot fast. . . Gas is good. . . Car runs nice, good car for my family. Can't afford a new one.

- Julian C

Smooth ride and great pickup

Great pickup. Some issues with ac, but resolved with a repair. Seats are comfortable and it's a smooth ride.

- Pete B

The transmission doesn't shift like other cars because it is both manual and automatic.

It's too small. It shifts weird. I really dislike where the AC knob sits as everyone hits it with their knee.

- Lisa L

Lots of recalls on the Chevy cruze

I like turbo hate all the issues I've had with it. I've had a lot replaced on it. love the gas mileage I get

- Amanda W

My Cruze, it shakes at a red light.

Its been recalled, it shakes, but it still gets me places, had the battery changed recently, but still good.

- Jamie W

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage.

I like the good gas mileage I get with the car. I like the small size. I dislike the lack of interior space.

- Tina T

The trunk has ample space but the backseats do not fold down.

It's a great vehicle on gas mileage but it has a bad deal with sensors. Other than that it does a great job.

- Brandon B

Gas mileage is great and easy to maintain. Easy to drive.

This car drives so nice on city streets and highway. Easy to handle with good pickup and great gas mileage.

- Donna P

Our car is easy on gas and it rides smooth even on the worst roads. Easy.

It is small and compact and very great on gas. The brakes and engine run smooth for a nice ride every time.

- Ruby M

Chevy Cruze is a reliable car. However it is a little small.

I haven't had very issues yet. Very reliable car I drove about 100 miles a day and no issues. Car is small.

- Haley B

No AC? In Texas? This is crazy

I have noticed that I have to turn off my AC to get my car to accelerate when turning into intersections.

- Kerri M

My car is very reliable and dependable.

I like the gas mileage. I like the way it drives. I do not like that certain things have stopped working.

- Jennifer L

Its four wheel drive is great in snowy weather.

I like the smooth ride and the technology. I dislike the size and the fact that there is not a roof rack.

- Anne H

It's a great vehicle that gets me where I need to be.

It's a great car that has lasted for years. I've only had to do minor repairs and it still runs amazing.

- Maribel G

The car itself is a reliable means of transportation.

I enjoy the gas mileage. The car rarely has anything go wrong with it, which is nice. No real complaints

- Robert G

Seems to be very easy to maintain. Display warns you when the trunk is open, direction signals left on, etc.

I never had any trouble with my Cruze. Good acceleration, and the air conditioner and heater work great.

- John H

My car is good on gas and drives well in the summer.

Like size of car, color, leather heated seats. I do not like the way this car handles in snow and slush.

- Peggy C

It's not a racecar it's a family car. don't try and race me i'll lose.

I love my vehicle because it gets me from point A to B. Very nice leather seat, Cold Ac and Good on gas.

- zachary j

It is a good car for getting back and forth to work. Not comfortable for long trips.

Runs fine. Interior does not hold up too well. Gas mileage is not what they claim. Small for large men.

- Sarah B

It's a great high mileage car

great high mileage 190000 and still running good. runs smoother with 4 new tires, But still need new ac

- robert R

I love that my car has hands free calling. It is very convenient.

I love my car. It drives very smooth and has wonderful features like hands free calling and Bluetooth.

- Kelsey B

Love how the leather seats are super comfortable

My vehicle is really great drives smooth and is very spacious it's not hard to maintain pretty simple

- Maritza L

Maintenance is costly, older models have a few recalls of which you need to be aware.

The car rides smoothly and has great gas mileage, but I dislike the size when taking 2 dogs with me.

- Jessica K

basic car at a good price for everyday use. It offers a good car for a low price

the purchase price was good. the quality is not the best. I enjoy the technology that comes with it

- Stacy S

It's a small car and gets good mileage.

It's small but big enough. I like the color - it's unique. It gets good mileage. It's reliable.

- Dawn D

great on gas and is a reliable vehicle and would make a great first car

it's a nice cute car that is good on gas. it rides smooth and is easy to drive. i love it alot.

- Amanda L

It has no dent in it it is good on the highway engine run good

My Like is, My car is easy to repair, clean inside, good on gas, dislike are it getting to old

- Charles A

It is a good purchase and multiple people have one that proves my opinion

I like my vehicle because it is reliable. It gets good gas mileage. But the leather seats suck

- Heather S

It's a reliable car to get me to and from work, store, etc

Good reliable car with a sleek exterior and interior. Decent gas mileage. No major complaints.

- Jenna t

Good value for the money but mileage could be much better

Like size, operation ease. Don't like mileage as it is not as promised. Like onstar feature

- Raymond S

I wish it had a little more power behind it for the interstate

Still beautiful to me. Haven't had to have hardly any work done to it. It has been reliable

- Michelle M

It has saved me quite a bit of money.

It gets good gas mileage. It has hesitations on take off. It is not very good in the snow.

- Tom H

It has good gas mileage, it has low maintenance and it is a good value.

Black, stick shift, runs great. The AC works great and I haven't had any problems with it.

- Sarah K

great low cost economy car

basic economy car cannot go on freeway and keep up with other cars gets good gas mileage

- greg Z

That the AC unit is broken. But I can be fine at times.

I love the fuel efficiency. It makes it easy to drive. But the brakes are slightly bad.

- Julio M

it has brand new tires, bought last year, and that's probably the best feature of the car

very basic. gets you from a to b. no thrills or excitement, but does the job. barely

- kevin g

The most important thing to know about the chevrolet cruze is how safe it is.

I do like my chevrolet cruze. It is good on gas. It is also safe and easy to handle.

- Rebecca O