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Roomy car great for young families.

The car has traction control that is automatically on every time we start the car, so we have to turn it off. It also randomly turns back on without us pushing the button. This happens most often when the weather is cold. It has a remote start feature, which I love. It is nice to get the car melting without having to leave the house. The car is roomy, so I can comfortably fit two car seats in the back without having to have the front seats uncomfortably far forward in order to allow the rear facing one to move freely. We recently hit a cow in the car, and it was well built enough that it took the impact well. The only damage was cosmetic, and the airbags didn't need to deploy, which was nice. I suspect this was in part because the car was built well, so it could take the hit without carrying the damage or impact further onto the car. The trunk is huge, which was a big factor in us purchasing the car. It is easy to fit bags, portable cribs, and various other necessities for travel into the trunk, so that there does not need to be anything in the main car area.

Shay W

Makes for a great family car and has the get up and go that everyone looks for.

This is actually the first Impala that I have ever owned and I must say that I love it! I get really great gas mileage. . . About 32 miles per gallon. All of the features my car offers couldn't be any better and my favorite would have to be the remote start, great for those chilly mornings. This Impala makes a great traveling car because there is plenty of room for the passengers but it has amazing trunk space and has plenty of room for everyone's luggage and all of the goodies we find along the way. The only downfall I do not care for though is that my tire gauge sensor is always going off and I am always having to add or let air out of the tires. Other than that I couldn't be any happier with my purchase!

Chas M

I love the way the cars back seats fold down to be able to put all of my groceries in the back. I especially love it around Christmas time for the presents we buy. We can fit a lot of items in the back.

My car is very comfortable. I get great mileage. Our car has gone back and forth to n.c several times and we never had a problem with our vehicle. The color of our car is white. The interior is grey. The driver seat is comfortable. It has a lumbar installed and you can adjust it to your liking. Considering my husband and I both drive this it's wonderful to adjust this to each individual. I love the way the back seats fold down. When we buy large items we are able to fit different items in our car. Large items like wood or tv and other large items. I can fit allot of my groceries in the back end. When we travel, there is alot of room for everything we need to bring. I love my car.

Bonnie K

Highly recommended the Chevy Impala to anyone wanting a very reliable +comfort.

The Impala is a very comfortable sitting auto, very comfortable on long distance travels, large sitting area for all passengers, large trunk, one thing I dislike in many models of cars is no ashtrays, I understand about not smoking, but it is not fair to some people who do smoke, all cars use to, so there is room for it, the dashboard is set up nicely and reachable for everything, overall, it is a good auto and I would recommend it to anyone.

James W

Great gas mileage with little to no performance issues.

Very reliable and performs very well. Purchased certified pre owned, and have had to replace the battery as well as the key in the last 3 years. Average comfort, and little to no performance issues. Headlights have been changed multiple times each year of ownership. Needs typical vehicle maintenance. Not a car for individuals who prefer SUVs, but for car lovers it sits much higher than a typical car and has the advantage of great gas mileage.

Kendall S

Smooth drive, beautiful interior and exterior, comfortable, great price, sporty, reliable

Very reliable vehicle. Love how it runs. The only issue I had was after my warranty expired. The modules that control my navigation and car in general (left and right) needed replacing and were pretty expensive. Prior to the warranty expiring, my car was no problem whatsoever! I love my Impala! It's spacious, rides smooth, and has everything you'd want in a luxury car for great pricing!

Casey M

2 thumbs up on my Chevy Impala.

I love everything about my car. Very sleek beautiful interior. At night it has this blue light from the dash onto the doors that makes it look so cool! XM radio roadside assistance. My car has black leather interior. I live in the desert so I had my windows tinted so my seats would not be as hot and that worked out perfect!! Powerful and just all around a classy car.

Nicole H

Lots of car for the price.

I like that it is very quiet inside and it's a 6-cylinder, so when you our your foot in the gas, it goes! It uses regular gas, which is good. The AC is cold. When driving at night the lights are dim and don't light up as much tired as my old car did. I don't like bucket seats. And the sill plate be is high trying to lift my legs up to get in and out of the car.

Deborah C

It is very gas efficient which is important considering the price of gas these days.

My Chevy Impala is very reliable. It is comfortable, decent on gas, looks good and makes me look good driving it. It is a car that I have no doubt will last well beyond 100,000 miles and will be a perfect hand-me-down vehicle for my son when he turns 16 in two years. I am confident that it will be just as reliable for him used as it is for me new.

Kristina V

The Impala is a great smooth riding car that is made well and holds up extremely well.

My vehicle is a full sized sedan tha rides beautifully. The Impala is a classic car with a sleek . Body style. I will be updating to a newer Impala in about two years. We always update before the mileage gets too high so we get the most dollar return. Thus car owes me nothing. Minimal servicing and new tires every two years.

Joan H

Nice, sleek and smooth family car!

Runs really well, great color, great hands free features. Smooth ride, engine very quiet. Comfortable seats. Have had any problems yet. Very good on gas and mileage. Seat belts work great and it's very roomy in the back. Perfect family car. Love the quick start feature as well great for getting the car ready before you get in.

Jamie M

The a/c and heating system work perfectly. The seats warm up.

The motor is good. It drives perfect its just the back seats are a little too small. And u don't have much leg room. But everything works. I love how you can adjust the seats whether you are too tall or too short. It actually helps out a bit. You don't have to buy gasoline as much as you would a truck, like an Escalade.

Korea J

Paul's 2015 Chevy Impala.

I like my car for the most part. The only real issue is when I changed a tire it was stuck to the wheel and I had to gently kick it to knock it loose. For the most part though it is a very reliable, gas efficient and smooth riding car. The car can go almost 400 miles on a full tank of gas when the oil has been changed.

Paul D

Great ride and customer service

My vehicle is 3 years old. I love the way it rides. When I first got the car there was a problem with the power steering going out. It took about 5 attempts before the dealership figured out how to correct the problem. We have been very satisfied with the service we have received from our dealership.

Jeanette S


The screen on the radio goes out sometime, I have had problems with tail light filling with water. Other than that it is has taken me on several trips, and back and forth to work. It has great gas mileage. Very sporty looking. Easy to keep clean. As long as you do normal maintenance it is dependable.

Robin L

Worth the money and a second look.

A beautiful car, both inside and out. The engineering is superb. Since I am not a techy person, it has many features I do not use. I appreciate and use the safety features. It both accelerates and brakes well; smoothly. The seats are very comfortable. I especially appreciate the mileage; quite good!

Maureen C

It is the best car to have, even if you have kids or not.

It is an LTZ so it comes with a lot of cool features. It has a heated steering wheel, heated/cooled seats and built-in gps system. I can also charge my iphone, sync my phone with my car via bluetooth and call people from my car. And, I also love the acceleration and gas mileage my impala provides.

Courtney O

It has lots of space. The trunk is huge and great for packing for vacations. Smooth ride, handles curves nicely, and is very comfortable.

My Impala is a great ride. It is spacious and comfortable for long trips and has been very reliable for the last 3 years. (Bought in 2015) Other than usual maintenance, there have been no issues with the car. If I had to do over again, I would probably choose a different color. I love my Impala!

Bianca J

It handles great even for being 2015.

I needed a newer car, so I got a Chevy impala. I love the way it handles. Being a senior that is very important to me! Easy to get in and out of and the performance is very smooth. I always wanted a car with a moonroof and now I have one. Thanks Chevy I feel like I am in my 30's again. Woohoo!

Patricia W

It is enjoyable to drive.

I like the power features, such as seats and windows. It is easy to drive. It has messages that tell me if the tires are low or if the engine has a problem. I have a little problem sometimes with seeing out of the back window when backing up because of the head rests, but it is manageable.

trisha g

2015 Chevy Impala. Love comfort of it and slots to charge phone in a safe place.

I love our Impala it so comfortable. It's a nice family car too. I just do not like 2 batteries it scares you when your at a stop light and engine shuts off but it goes to the back up battery. I love the Charger ports and hidden slot for a memory card/flash drive. I can listen to my music.

Jess S

It's very reliable, the engine runs great, I really like how much power it has.

It looks great, I really like the color and shape of the car. I really like the power it has, it really has a lot of get up and go. I really like that the back seat folds down, some things are to long to fit in the trunk. The only thing I don't like is that there isn't enough cup holders.

Mary K

The truck is a lot bigger than to be expected.

I do not have any problems. I have had the car for a year but had to buy a new battery for it, though the car was already 3 years old. My car is a limited edition and it drives really nice. I do not have any problems with this car except that I wish it had cup holders in the back seat.

Melanie M

Very good car for family or student.

My 2015 Impala I just received a recall on that affects both being able to pump gas and the traction control affecting acceleration. The space is nice and it has a large trunk, the leather holds up very well especially with younger children, with having easy to access car seat hooks. .

Cassie M

It is a dependable car and it rides so smooth.

I have not had any problems with this car. It is a dependable transportation. It tells you when you need an oil change, when you need to put air in the tires, how much gas you have and how far you can travel with this car, it tells you when you need to put air in the tires and so on.

Anita G

Chevrolet Impala loving it.

I bought my Chevy Impala used 2015 have not had any issues it is a good car great on gas. I bought it at a used dealership paid cash always good I have had no issues just maintaining it with oil changes pretty good car I cannot complain at this time. I really like Chevys.

Celia M

Roomy and safe, but watch out for parking.

This car is really safe, but uses a lot of gas and is a very long car, which makes it hard to park. Recently, after only 3 years we had to completely replace the battery, which had a ton of corrosion on it. This car has a lot of trunk space though, and is pretty reliable.

Betty G

Fancy ride, everyone's choice.

Very nice car. Drives and rides smooth. Sounds quite and rides over bumps nicely. Very cost effective but it does not get very much gas mileage. Lots of bells and whistles. Very nice interior. Very roomy in the back and lots big storage in the trunk, great family car.

Erica M

There is plenty of room in the trunk and it is comfortable

I like that it is more roomy and has 4 doors it also allows for phone calls to be picked up over Bluetooth I dislike the fact that I cannot Bluetooth into my radio for music and the fact that there is not more seats but for a car it is definitely roomy

Sarah E

It is well made powerful and comfortable vehicle.

The impala is a fantastic car, it handles well has enough pickup and speed to handle well on the highway. The ride is smooth and comfortable, I also like the Bluetooth and handsfree phone options, and I can listen to Pandora and satellite radio.

Chana B

It is fast and comfortable. I really enjoy driving my car.

I love the suspension, horsepower, and overall mechanics of the car. The inside interior, electronics, and trunk is wonderful. The only thing I wish I would have differently is gone with the let's that has both power and more luxury options.

Kris L

Very reasonable car for those who do not have kids/need more seat/storage area.

I like the miles per gallon and average fuel usage rate. I like the very spacious trunk room. I like that my spare tire is easily accessible and held inside my trunk. I do not like the little amount of room in the main seating area.

Jessica H

Everything is electronic!

My vehicle is great! There are no problems. Everything is electronic, push to start, and it even goes to your phone if the tire pressure is low, needs oil change, etc. I have nothing negative to say about my 2015 Chevy Impala ltz.

Jennifer R

I like it so well I'd buy another.

My Impala is a 2015 ltz2 with all the bells and whistles I love toys and this has them all. Drives like a dream on a cloud, quiet powerful, looks great lots of chrome. Interior all leather stylish well appointed looks great.

Ken P

High sill plate makes getting in the vehicle difficult.

The Impala has a six-cylinder engines, so when you put your foot on the gas, it moves. It's very quiet inside, and it's roomy. It gets decent gas mileage, and it's been a well-built car with no problems since I bought it.

Deborah K

The vehicle is nice but it is starting to show it is age.

The current issue with the vehicle is that it is used so it has a host of problems. It also had a large amount of mileage when we bought it and now it is over the mileage of what is recommended for the vehicle.

George W

That it's big and made for real sized adults! It also gets 26 miles to the gallon, which is good.

I like the size of my car. It has ample leg room in the front and back. I especially like the large trunk. I don't like the cloth seats. I wish they were leather. I also wish it had a navigation system.

Chris C

I've never repeat never been a big impala fan. They've always felt like an old ladies car to me. After getting into it I absolutely fell in love with this car. I constantly get compliments on it.

It's an impala limited and I love it! Black leather interior, great sound system, chromed out and it handles great! I don't have any complaints about handling or anything else. Definitely a great car!

Barry C

It eats through a tank of gas very quickly. SO, if you want a bigger car be prepared for high gas bills.

It's big and roomy. However being big and roomy it has a huge blind spot to be aware of. Being American made it's easy to get parts for so I can do the little repairs myself if they need to be done.

Shawn A

This car handles extremely well, hugs the road and feels very safe to drive

Full size car with better than average gas mileage. Comfortable, Seats 5 and has room for at least 3 golf bags The only thing I don't like is i gave up a few features going from a Buick to a Chevy

Robert R

5 star rating on safety rating.

Smooth ride, corners excellent. Much power, can stop on a dime, has Wi-Fi, satellite radio OnStar, navigation. Quiet inside, handsfree calling. Exceptional car with all the luxury features.

Terry F

It needs more power, at least 400/400.

Not enough power. Way underpowered, needs at least 400 hp/400 lbs. torque. I do like the seats and the interior. I also like the gas mileage 22-24 in town and between 32-35 on the highway.

Forrest C

It is well equipped with all the technology you need.

I like the way my LT Impala looks on the outside. It looks sleek and stylish. I like my impala because it is equipped well with technology and having a sunroof makes it more classy.

Maxine L

Smooth ride...Comfortable car.

It is a very comfortable car. Amazing amount of legroom in the back. Everyone who has ridden in the back seat has commented on how nice and roomy it is. It has a very smooth ride.

Jackie K

The interior comfort is phenomenal due to the seats and controls.

I wish the car was a little faster and a little quieter inside. The finish and style of the exterior of the car is fantastic. It handles great and the sound system is stupendous.

Mark N

it cost less than you would have thought as you look at it or ride in it

i really enjoy the exact size not to large , for handling in smaller areas and not to small that we can't get the family in comfortably.drives very nicely and rides even better..

Patrick S

Reliable and smooth and spacious.

It rides smooth, really love the hands free phone feature. I would have liked for it to have heated seats. I love the auto start feature as well. Haven't had any real issues yet.

Jamie M

We bought our 2015 Chevy impala from a private owner. Always running low on gas.

Need to get a new starter. Car always dying on us. Small space. My growing family need a bigger car. It does it's job by getting us to places but it's time for something better.

Tofiga L

Dark seat covers, plenty of room for family perfect sedan.

I like my Impala a late. It has plenty of room and gets good gas mileage. I think the seats could be a little more comfortable and could have a few more adjustment on the seats.

Deb G

It has lights inside and it's not expensive to repair.

I like my car because i haven't had any issues with it so far so far since i bought it in 2016. Also it is very spacious and i love the way it ride when i am on the expressway.

Joy E

The 2015 Impala has a 5 star overall crash test rating.

I like the keyless access and push button. The touch pad on the trunk is very convenient when carrying groceries. The only complaints I have is I wish my car had better mpg.

Joshua B

Reliable and safe Chevy impala

Reliability and performance has been great. This car is equipped with blind spot indications and lane motif action alerts which are both great extra safety features to have

Kim M

It's a great car for transporting 4-5 adults or children. Plenty of legroom and room for all your junk.

The vehicle is very spacious. It gets decent gas mileage. The trunk has plenty of room. The only complaint is the brakes are "glazed over" after only 48,000 miles.

Chris E

Bluetooth does not work so great.

No complaints! Love it?? Rides real smooth and roomy inside. Actually I do dislike the dome light, has not enough light and in a bad place. Everything else is great.

Dawn D

Very spacious while still looking nice.

I haven't really had the vehicle long enough to give a full review. Currently though, it is a fantastic car. Very spacious if you have a kid and easy to clean seats.

Ashley M

It is heavy enough for a windstorm and great on the highway.

I like that it handles well on the highway. I like that it has heat and air conditioning. I would rather have a smaller car. I hate that it isn't a minivan or SUV.

Judith S

it driver very well and a lot of room to seat the kids in they car seats also handle better in the rain and snow

i like it it runs very well it starts and the gas mileages is very good also the i wish it would be tetter of the breaking though it seems to take longer to stop

twila c

Great comfort. Roomy, rides smooth. Love it.

Love my impala. Second one I have owned. Roomy without being too big. Whole family can ride together comfortably. My next car will most likely be an impala also.

Colleen D

I guess most interesting is it is so big and roomy inside.

I really love my Chevrolet Impala the ride is so comfortable. I do not get really tired when I am driving. The car is very quiet with no wind noise. Love my car.

Kathy M

Awesome comfortable ride and powerful.

My Impala is a very reliable vehicle. It has a powerful acceleration and braking system. This car is fully loaded. No major problems and maintained regularly

Thomas J

Beautiful and modern/classy detail. Convenient notifications.

No problems. Convenient notifications on any issues like tire/air levels and when it's time for an oil change and so much more! I love my Chevrolet Impala!!

Kristina W

The car is very comfortable to drive. Gas mileage is great.

It has the biggest trunk I have ever seen. Even with the big trunk, there is still a lot of room in the back seat. It is very easy and comfortable to drive.

Virginia M

The most comfortable care we have ever owned

It is roomy. Seats heat up and are comfortable. Plenty of trunk space. Very attractive exterior. Has skylight. One of my favorite features is the XM radio.

Linda S

I can fit 3 adults in the back seat with no problems. There's even cup holders back there!

It's very comfortable to drive. I can fit in my family including my niece and nephew in their car seats. The gas mileage isn't too bad. No complaints!

Scott A

The car is very reliable as long as you maintain it as you are supposed to.

The vehicle is very comfortable. I like that it gives me a heads up when an issue occurs. I wish that reverse cam would come standard on these vehicles.

Samuel M

My car is a Comfort Hero. Can't touch the ride and smoothness of it for it not being a luxury car.

Super ride and very economical. Has a super bad stereo/infotainment system. I'm totally comfortable in it and it's not give me a minute of trouble

Michelle K

It's has okay gas mileage about 22 miles per gallon. It's nice i have the bi fuels series, saves on gas and the environment if I choose.

I like that it has over 300 horsepower for a regular sedan. I don't like the long front, i tend to scrape the bottom of my car on dips and declines.

Mario P

The 2015 Impala is a comfortable ride!

The 2015 Impala is very comfortable. Love to take on longer trips. I have not had any issues with the car itself in the 2. 5 years I have owned it.

Matt C

Ride is very comfortable & easy for my dogs to jump into back seat..

Love the push button start. Love the door locks automatically & unlocks with push of button on handle. It would be nice if it had a bigger trunk.

Ilene H

One of the best sedans that is available on the market.

I like that it gets good MPG. It has a lot of room for a car, really big trunk. It is easy to get around town with and fit into parking spots.

Matt g

It has known problems. Dont buy if you can afford something different

It is a great vehicle other than the issues with the stabilitrak. It is a common problem for this to go out. And can't figure out how to fix it.

Brittney H

The most important thing someone should know, is its remote start.

I love my impala cause it has remote start, also, the acis great and a full size sedan. I do not dislike or have any complaints about this car,.

Kirsten N

Nice large comfortable car. Lots of room for passengers and packages

I like the size, it is a big car. I have a complaint about the ABS system. GM needs to do recall on these cars due to a constant grinding noise

carol g

It has a secret department.

I dislike that the inside lights do not work. I dislike that I do not have a sunroof. I love how big it is inside. I love how smooth it drives.

Myron W

Great dependable family vehicle

Great car all around. Has lots of legroom in front and back seats. Plenty of headroom all around. Seats are comfortable and has a large trunk.

Matthew P


Great buy for what you get. I have the LTZ with V6. White with black leather interior. Comfortable to drive, excellent pickup, smooth ride.

Ronnie V

If your looking for a comfortable, reliable, roomy car that's good on gas, chevy impala is your car.

Very good on gas. Lots of space. Satellite radio. Rides good on the highway. Very comfortable. Reliable. Good in the winter. No problems yet.

Shandra E

It has enough room for a family four it has a lot of power and still great on has.

I wish they all had digital dashes and backup camera with choices on inside headliners and I wish they had engine upgrades at the dealership.

Christian W

My car has very good mileage on it. We waste a lot of gas in it. Very nice.

I love my vehicle it is smooth and nice. There not much complaints just waste gas a lot. There a lot of miles for having it over 2 years.

Danielle C

It is very reliable, comfortable and has very good safety features.

It is very roomy, good on gas, drives smooth, very good safety features, has OnStar and WIFI. I love the heated seats and backup camera.

Liz N

The Chevrolet Impala is stylish and has a lot of room.

I like it because it's roomy. It also has a lot of power. It has a large trunk. Sometimes I don't like it because it feels too big.

Shawna H

It's very fast, 307 horsepower.

My vehicle is a Chevrolet Impala LTZ. It is fast, comfortable, and gets great gas mileage. It is a lot of fun to drive. I love my LTZ.

David C

My car is my link to my family and friends out of town.

I like that it's reliable and gets me where I need to go. I like that it's big enough for my family of 4. I like that it's comfortable

Ashley w

it is built very well. safety features and size of vehicle could save your life in an accident.

I like the power the engine has. the brakes are great. plenty of arm and leg room. power windows and built in navigation is great.

mike c

it's basic, not loaded, just a few extras

this is my second impala, the first one looked way better, but money dictated a less sporty model. it's still a pretty good car

bobbi G

My car performs everything it was designed to do.Comfort is important when a long time is spent driving it.

My vehicle is a smooth riding machine.I like the way it looks and handles while driving.My vehicle is comfortable and spacious.

michael f

How long the car lasts without problems.

It is too low to the ground and the more mileage the less functionality it has. It is a beautiful car but I would prefer a SUV.

Breanna R

That it feels very safe driving in.

Nicely appointed.. I like the remote start.. I like the heated seats in the winter.. The car is easy to drive and comfortable.

Robert A

I love the color. Never had any problems with it. Drives smooth on the road.

No problems as of yet. Had for 3 years. Love driving my vehicle. Get serviced on no problems having it serviced at local shop.

Melody H

It is a 4 cylinder but drives like a six cylinder.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. It handles well. The gas mileage could be a little better but overall it has been good.

Ken T

Zippy inside and out! It is a very comfortable car to drive.

We love our Chevrolet Impala LTZ. It's loaded with all the luxuries we want and extremely comfortable to ride in and drive.

Kathy R

When at a stop the engine almost sounds like it turns off, but it does this to save on emissions

Very comfortable to drive. Sightlines are great. Handles really good in adverse conditions. Gas mileage is not the best

Mat B

The safety features are great.

I love that it is big enough for my family of 4. There is plenty of room for car seats. I wish it got better gas mileage.

Hanna W

Very fine riding vehicle.

No problems. The quality installed in the Impala is very good. The Impala handles well, rides excellent, and is reliable.

Mike D

It's very comfortable to drive, Also it's a very safe car..

I dislike the lack of storage. I have a split seat but prefer a bench seat. I like all the safety features of the vehicle

Robert D

It is very quick and handles very well.

It drive very well. It is a very pretty Red in color. It does not have heated seats or self dimming rear view mirror.

john r

It's American made and that's important to us that we buy American.

It's very roomy and we fit 2 child seats in it. It's never broken down. I like the reverse camera when I'm backing up.

Trudy H

It is worth the expense and cost.

It gets good miles per gallon. It is comfortable seating 5 with extra room. Has not had any issues since it was bought.

Sydney C

2015 Chevy Impala is a snazzy and safe ride.

Very comfortable. Heated and air conditioned seats and a heated steering wheel. Has a lot of safety features as well.

Cheryl W

It gets good gas mileage,, the bed is big enough for whatever.

It's awesome and oh so comfortable for trips. We love it so much. It's also economical for going to work or on trips.

Patricia G

The one most important thing you should know about a car is SAFETY.

I completely love my car. I haven't had a problem with it since i bought it. It save great on gas and great mileage.

Wilbert Y

Sporty looking family car

This car is wonderful very large space in backseat. Good mpg. Lots of colors to choose from. Sporty looking vehicle

Caitlyn O

The ride is the smoothest in a vehicle I've ever experienced.

My vehicle is a 2015 chevy Impala. It is a dark grey color and has four doors. It also has a very large trunk space

Tyler M

It is a dependable car. The car gets good gas mileage.

I love the style and color of my car. My car is very comfortable as I can adjust my seats. My car is smooth riding.

Denise H

It turns off at a stop to save gas

Fuel efficiency is great. I don't like the FM radio signals. If you don't have Sirius or iPod it sounds horrible

Dylan R

Its badass and american made.

I love Chevy. I love american made. It's a nice ride. I have no complaints just wish seats were more comfortable.

Jess S

It is a good car to drive.

It is comfortable and innovative. There is some difficulty with rear visual because of the height of head rests.

Patricia G

Great gas mileage, nice comfortable ride, and plenty of trunk space.

Great ride, gas mileage, love the color (Red), has been maintenance free. I really don't have any complaints.

Ronald V

It has good emissions control.

I like that it has a lot of trunk space. I don't like how low the driver's seat sits. I like how roomy it is.

Michael H

The Impala is known for its safety and reliability. It is a very solid ride.

We have the LTZ it is extremely comfortable to ride in and has just about every luxury you can want in a car.

Kathleen R

The safety features and how it handles.

The ride. The size of the car. The style with the body lines. How the care handles and drives down the road.

Jim M

The reliability and dependability of my car.

I like the backup camera. I like the look of the car. I like the size of the car. I like the large trunk.

Leah G

It runs well and you need to tell us how many characters we need to type.

I like that my car steers smoothly. I also like its cheap to maintain. I dislike the interior of the car.

Fernando D

Like the design, looks modern and good gas mileage.

Really like the car! Good gas mileage and minimal maintenance issues just oil changes and tire rotations

Rachel K

My car is a very good car for me and my family.

No problems, no problems, no problems, no problems, no problems, no problems, no problems, no problems.

Panetta W

It's very family friendly and there is a lot of room in both the cab of the car and in the trunk. Lots of room in the back seat for little ones and enough head room for people who are taller.

Love the way it looks. I have no dislikes or complaints with owning it this long. It's a very nice car.

Smith B

Rides so comfortably and is very roomy.

It runs good. Huge trunk and back seat. Do not dislike anything about the car. Everything is wonderful.

Virginia S

It is a good car for the price. Very family friendly.

I like that it drives smooth. I like how much trunk space I have. I do not like how much gas it burns.

Christina B

it was highly rated by consumer reports

rides beautifully is just big enough..not too small not too big great on gas mileage looks great

Denise K

The one thing that others should know about my Impala is that it is a GREAT driving vehicle.

I like the body style of my 2015 Impala. Unlike many of the newer cars, it has plenty of legroom.

Debbie M

The leather seats I have don't burn your skin off your legs in the summer.

No complaints at all. My car is very stylish, great on gas. Everyone always compliments me on it.

Laura M

it gets great gas mileage. It's comfortable. It's pretty.

I don't have any complaints at all. I wish it had heated seats. I also want side mirror heaters.

abby n

My vehicle is comfortable. It is very dependable and gets me where I'm going.

I like my vehicle because it is comfortable. My vehicle is roomy. My vehicle is easy to operate.

Tammy R

I really enjoy driving this car. It's lovely inside as well.

It is a very lovely car. I like the heated and air conditioned seats. It is a pretty red color.

Kimberly M

The one most important this is that it's affordable.

I like the vehicle. It is stylish. It is roomy. I like everything about it with no complaints.

Capetra P

It gets really great gas mileage & holds 18 gallons of gas..

It's just right for 2 adults. Gets great mileage. Handles well in rain/snow. No complaints..

Kathie D

It's my car and I like it

I like how roomy it is and my touchscreen. It's stylish too. Just ready for something else

Nikki A

It is dependable for me to get to work and transport friends and family to places.

It is fun to drive and fits 4 adults comfortably. There is nothing I dislike about the car.

Diane K

With onstar, I am able to get WiFi that is very good.

A very smooth ride, great on gas, comfortable seating. Pretty good on gas. Very stylish.

Johnny B

It ride smooth like it's floating on air and it the best car ever

Ride smooth like it's floating on air best car ever there is Nothing i dislike about it

Darrell W

It is comfortable and provides a smooth ride. It is my second Impala and they have both been reliable. It is roomy and great for my family. It handles well on snow and ice.

It is a nice looking car and very reliable for the price. I feel it is a great value.

Jamie R

It has a rear view camera.

It is roomy. The ride is smooth. It has great gas mileage. It is a nice looking car.

carrie P

It's a reliable car but it could definitely be better.

Wish it was easier to get into and out of it. The door to seat gap is too wide.

Christine B

It is reliable, comfortable, stylish, and economical

It drives well. I like how it looks. It is very comfortable. No complaints

Julie K

I haven't had any problems with this car. It is completely comfortable to drive this car, although I would prefer if the shifter was on the steering wheel instead of the middle. I've gotten used to it now, though. Everything on it works, it doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles though, like onboard GPS and the like, which really doesn't bother me, although it does have OnStar. It has plenty of trunk space.

It's reliable and hasn't let me down yet. Performs and works like it should.

Mary L

Our Impala is comfortable to drive and ride in. Very nice looking inside and out. Gas mileage is very good on open road.

Driver safe and handles with ease. Don't forget to check rearview mirrors.

Joyce T

every thing really nice car, air works great,I love the sunroof, nice amount of space

I like the bluetooth Air controls Radio the amount of space in the vehicle

Laurie B

Low price, spacious interior mostly

Love the huge trunk space. Dislike the small foot room in the back seat.

Judy L

It was my first car. I love the way it drives. It is good on gas.

My family fits comfortable. Large truck space. Handles in bad weather..

James S

I like that it is reliable. It gets me where I need to go, and it fits my kids comfortably. But I really have no complaints

It's a comfortable car and it gets me where I need to go! Very reliable!

Ashley S

Classy looking with lots of room in interior with nice console

Lots of room. Good accelerate. Nice design interior and exterior.

Robert G

Smooth riding car all computerize very safe not much more to say

I like everything I have no complaints the best car I have ever owned

Carlos R

Great futures inside, love the fact that the seats have so many adjustments, comfortable ride, good gas mileage.

It's not very good on snow and it tends to hold tons of slush/water

Melissa M

safe and mechanically sound

no complaints. Has all the safety and mechanical features desired

ernest H

Good value - good quality all around for the lower price.

Good value: nice vehicle for the price. Comfortable. Good mileage.

Rose R

It's a Chevy - end of discussion. Reliable, affordable. Repairs are much easier than imports and parts are affordable.

It's a Chevy! Best cars out there. A long history of Excellence

Jennie C

it is very comfortable and very reasonable in pricing.

it rides very comfortable and very roomy. love the gas mileage

kim h

It is a quiet ride and handles very well on the road.

It looks great. It rides smoothly. It is roomy. No complaints.

carrie g

Great gas mileage for a 3.6 V6 engine. Great Midsize Sedan car for traveling. Great car for Uber. Lots of great features. Great for everyday driving. No dislikes or complaints.

It's a GM product and a Chevy brand built by a great company.

Thomas K

Would like a back up camera. Love handsfree Bluetooth talking in the car. Great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage and easy to learn the dashboard buttons.

Katy P

That it is my car and I enjoy it very much. That's it

I like my back up camera,touchscreen radio and sunroof.

Nik A

it has good safety features and run smoothly that's why

i love it very much it has everything I need na na an

pepe p

Great ride wit awesome features.

Love it. Love sunroof Bluetooth. Rides great.

Becky T

Efficient and affordable.

Nice and comfy. Easy to drive. Very efficient.

Noway R

Dependable and reliable transportation

Nice vehicle no complaints for the most part

Andre r

Nothing i love my car. It's the best

I live ny car. It's roomy and rides smooth

Stacey M

It is A very good car for the money.

good mileage. rides good. good size trunk.

bill b