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It is a 4 cylinder so great gas saver.

This car is awesome, the only thing is that if you are a tall person or a big person I would not recommend this car because it will be too small for you. I am a little person so it's just my size. It is extra reliable, great on gas and a great starter car for those who are learning to drive. I have had the car for 19 years and as long as you keep up the maintenance this car will not let you down. Another downfall is that since this is a older car there is no CD player or aux input so you will be jamming out to your local radio station only. But great car to get back and forth to work.

- Nicole M

Summary of my Chevy Prizm.

My vehicle is almost 19 years old now but still takes me to where I need to go and back! It has had a few problems here and there like the a/c not working properly, but it has all been fixed. A problem that has been going on for a while now and without it being able to get fixed, is that the "check engine" light wont turn on. It saves me a lot of money on gas though with only using about $23 each two weeks. That is only because I do not drive it that much and far though.

- Maria U

American car with a foreign dependable engine.

My car is an American brand but it has a Toyota engine. It is reliable and has been for the 18 years that I owned the car. The air conditioner stopped working and that's the only feature that stops my car from being great during summer and rainy days. It is comfortable for me and easy to drive and park. It's the other parts of the car that do not last as well as the engine and needs replacing. Luckily it has not been major items.

- Phyllis T

My Chevy Prizm is a pretty awesome car!

I like that my Chevrolet Prizm is great on gas. I have only had to do regular maintenance on my prizm. Brakes, oil changes, tune-ups etc. I have not broken down with this 1. 8 litre Toyota engine. Its small but powerful. At 28 mpg I'd drive this little grocery getter across the country and back probably pretty cheap. It's a good car.

- Shawn M

It's always been reliable, and has put on a good many miles now.

It's held up thru the years till it's old enough to vote! Never gave any real problems & we've a great mechanic who takes good care of it. It gives decent gas mileage, manages to seat 5 passengers, & has adequate trunk space. The only real downside is it's a bit cramped for rear-seat leg room.

- Jane H

Save money with a geo prism.

This car rocks. You save tons of money on gas. The seats are comfortable but it is not for tall people. It is a lighter car which makes driving in wind, rain, and snow a little unpleasant. It drives very smooth otherwise. It's a great commuting car if you have to drive long distance to work.

- Dona K

Great on gas. A/c blows great, as well as the heat.

My vehicle is a 5 speed Chevy prizm. It's in great shape as far as the engine is concerned. Has never been in a accident is great on gas! I have driving to Florida from North Carolina with no problems. New battery. A/c and heat works perfectly. I haven't had a problem since I've had it.

- Stacey R

Semi-reliable old car - gets the job done.

I got it used in 2017, and it has had problems and has needed repairs, but I have been able to get them resolved. The car gets me to the places I need to go. It is a really old car, so no frills or amenity features. I bought it at just over 100k miles, and it has ~127k on it now.

- Sue J

The only good thing is it runs, and it is good on gas.

I am sure back in 2000 it was a good car, however now it is falling apart but it still runs good. The motor and transmission is good, but the outside door handles all but one has broke off, and only one on the inside works. The dashboard does not light up when driving at night.

- Stephanie L

Still is reliable but could be better.

It is still reliable but very old now and I would like a newer one. I don't like the fact that I have to leave it warming up for a while before putting it on drive or else it will make weird squeaky noises. From the inside it has a few damaged things as well but nothing big.

- Maria U

My vehicle is overall good in condition except the air condition

performance is pretty good except my air conditioning is broken right now. So it's hot to drive in the summer. I think it's the pressure of the air conditioning box. It is unpressurized. Thus, I cannot do anything unless I let the car maintenance guy to look at it or fix it

- Chris L

My reliable old Chevrolet has lasted a long time.

The vehicle is very reliable, and sturdy. The only things I have had to replace are the starter and the gas tank. The car has been taken on long road trips. It is a comfortable, but basic vehicle. I plan to drive it until it becomes too costly to repair.

- Robyn G

It it is great dependable car.it never let me down it is great on gas and oil.

I love my car. I have never have never had no problems with it. All I ever did to it was add gas water oil and tires and now it need a headliner. My at is 18 years old and has 120k miles.

- Lori S

Great car and can take you to places

Nothing is wrong with the car it's great and it takes me to places but when I'm going over 70 the steering wheel shakes asked a specialist and it's nothing bad

- Mustapha N

It is in serious need of maintenance! I have not been able to afford it's upkeep as well as I would like. But it's still running like the first day I got it!

I have run this vehicle into the ground, moving across the continental divide and packing it much too heavily. But this car continues to run like a champ!

- Betsy F

It's been going for 17 years. So it is time to get another one. It is not my car I just use it some time.

It is good on gas but it is on it's last leg. It runs like it has a cold. When we ride it's like it going to stop in the middle of the street.

- Cheryl G

RELIABLE and comfortable. The car is also very comfortable.

I love that my car has lasted this LOng !! How's we, I will be needing to buy another car soon. The car is VERY RELIABLE BUT GETTING OLD.

- MaryAnne E

This car is reliable, compact, and durable. The perfect car for a teen or older person.

I like that the car is a perfect size. Good on gas. The only thing I do not like is that it uses a lot of oil.

- Dawn C

The car is dependable and reliable.

Likes: car is small and gets good gas mileage. Low maintenance costs... Dislikes; getting old, high mileage.

- Trish M

has good power and handles well

handles pretty well and has some power but no ac, no all wheel brakes and a tight fit

- Charlie C

Runs pretty good. Needs some work. House comes first.

Its OK. Its nickel and diming me. Would like a new one next year. Second hand.

- Pat H

it gets real good gas mileage and is dependable, I like it

it gets good mileage comfortable to ride in and it lasted me over 18 yrs

- amy w