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The old school Chevy prizm.

I am currently driving my Chevy prizm that my mother sold to me cheap while I save up money to get a newer car. The car gets me from a to b. The windows roll down manually and the seats are cloth. The air conditioning broke and only works on high which is normally not a problem. The car has about 160,000 miles on it which is not much but the car does burn oil very quickly. I have to put a quart of oil in at least twice a week. There is a problem with the muffler so the car does sound louder, especially while accelerating. The radio works great and has a cassette tape player so I can listen to all of my dads old tapes which I really like! Also I dislike the fact that there are no cupholders. Overall, I cannot wait to get a new car but this vehicle that I am driving right now is getting me around like I need with the few perks that I need.

- Taylor H

It is easy on gas a maintenance.

I have had very little problems with my Chevy prizm. It is a 2001 and still runs good. It is easy on gas, handles great around curves, it is compact, can easily handle around curves, slides easily into most difficult parking spaces, it is a four door however, what I do not like about it is there is little room for backseat passengers. Other small problems I have encountered is the plastic door handles. They can break easily. I have had to replace the driver and the front passenger side twice and would have to wait for the mechanic to order the part. The tires are smaller than most modern day vehicles, but have not had to replace them, only occasionally adding air. Other than this, I really love my Chevy prizm. I just think the car manufacture should think about creating a more stronger door handles.

- Cathy M

If you're looking for the family car this is it!

For starters, the car is extremely good on gas. For regular use, the gas last roughly 2 weeks and 6 days. The car is really great for small families as it is compact and has a cozy feel to it. The only real issue I had was when changing the oil ( I do this myself) the filter is tiny compared to other cars I've worked on. Other than that this is an all out reliable car, especially for small families. I would personally recommend this car. One more thing... I enjoy the classic feel of the car!

- Natalya S

My 2001 Prizm: hang in there buddy.

My car is a great car, I have had it for a very long time, but it runs so smoothly. It is a reliable car that only has a few cosmetic problems. The performance of the car however is pretty great considering the age of the car. It has seen three owners, and when I get a new car, it will see another. The cosmetic issues with my car include the handles of the car falling off, the engine and brakes make a funny sounds.

- Ashley W

Driving the Chevy Prizm is a Joy!

My Chevy Prizm is a joy to drive. It gets great gas mileage and has a smooth ride. It's equipped with abs brakes and airbags, so I feel safe when I am driving. The interior is roomy, seats 5, and is extremely comfortable. Plenty of air vents keeps the inside cool and pleasant. The radio/CD combo keeps me entertained with great reception and the speakers are awesome!

- Sheila N

Enjoying an older Chevrolet.

I love my little car, I got it for $500, I've had it for almost 3yrs with no problems, it had well over 200 thousand miles, it is a great car, Chevy is a great brand, just take car of the motor and keep the oil changed. I call my car thug life, lol, I really love my car, I would recommend checking out a Chevrolet, I don't think you will be disappointed.

- Wanda M

Chevy prizm. I'd buy again. . .

My prism is a reliable car. It is made same as Toyota Corolla of that year, even takes Toyota key! I have had to do little upkeep except tires, battery and oil changes. With over 180, 000 miles. . . I have never regretted my purchase of my Chevy prizm. I wish they still made them, I would but another one in a heartbeat!

- Terry W

Fine car, decent mileage, burns oil, nothing fancy.

It's a fine car. Burns oil which is common for that car. It gets me where I need to be. It is smaller than I would like. It does not have fancy anything. Manual windows. Just a radio no tape deck or CD player. Also no key fob. Very basic car but it didn't cost much. Runs fine, does not go very fast.

- Bailey S

Very safe and reliable car.

The 2001 Chevy prizm is a great and reliable car. I have had for a long time and have had very few problems with it and I drive it a lot. It has been driven up and down hills, in the snow, in the rain, and everything and it works great. It still works amazing for being a 17 years old car.

- Paul C

2001 Chevy Prizm - Reliable

My 2001 chevy prizm is a reliable no frills way to get places. I haven't haven't had any problems in my 3 years of driving, but it has no features and it's nothing particularly beautiful to look at. If you are looking for reliability at a cheap price I highly recommend it

- James B

Good for sedan. Not good for gas mileage.

Compact vehicle which makes it easy to find street parking for. Mechanical windowswear down and cannot be used after over multiple years usage. City (24) and highway (32) mileage are both very low. Vehicle is very similar to Toyota corolla brand. Like.

- Anne B

It is fuel efficient and lasts.

I like everything about my vehicle. It is not giving me any issues. The gas is always great on the car. I spend roughly $25 and it lasts about a week. There is not anything I can think of that I dislike about the car.

- Alex S

I love my speedy little Chevy prizm!

For me having a small car that gets great gas mileage is what I need. My 2001 Chevy prizm gets 25 mpg. I have a standard and it handles well. Jas a lot of trunk space as well. This has been a very reliable car.

- Melinda P

That it is very versatile.

I like how well it fits into parking spots and how well it runs. I dislike how everything is manual. And I dislike that you have to manually lock and unlocked all doors.

- Faith M

Easy to maneuver. Beginning to use some oil between changes.

Easy to drive, very good gas mileage. Dependable at starting and tire wear is not bad at all. The air conditioner and heater are dependable. The car has over 250k miles.

- Wesley W

It is a pretty dependable car. It hasn't had to have many major repairs.

It has been a fairly reliable vehicle. The gas mileage is good. It is getting old and I would love to upgrade. Right now the air conditioning is not working.

- Sue H

not good for long distance but great for around town

good gas mileage but it is a little small and doesn't have power windows. it runs good but doesn't have the power I prefer and it is sluggish when using AC.

- judy W

Great mileage on streets and highways

I love how long gas lasts in my car. Great mileage. However, I have a sunroof that leaks and it burns oil like crazy. We use at least a bottle a week.

- LeAnn B

The engine model burns oil frequently. So you have to keep an eye on the oil every month or so and refill it.

The vehicle lasts along time, maintenance is very little. The inside paneling is made of plastic which dries out and cracks in the sunlight though.

- Ryan B

It has rear window defrost

My rear shocks are going out but it gets good gas mileage,roughly 14 miles to a gallon,the engine is in good shape,and all the tires are fairly new

- Stephen S

Low miles, pristine interior, not flashy.

My car gets great fast mileage, fits me, my grandkids and my dog. Runs so smooth. Has very low miles.. There is nothing I dislike about my car..

- Patricia S

I think the most important thing people should know is there is obviously a problem with the door handles breaking off.

It's an older car so it's not in the best shape and all four door handles have broken off on the outside so I have to use zip ties to open them.

- Sarah B

It runs (currently) well.

It runs well and the air conditioner works well.... It is is getting old and is repairs are getting high..

- Cynthia T

I love everything. It is great and I wouldn't trade it.

I have had n no problems with it I love a lot I love it a lot. Best car ever owned would own another one.

- Betty C

The most important thing to know about my car is that it a good car.

The car works well. It is reliable. It has a few minor issues but overall it is a good car.

- Susan S

My car is great on gas and the yearly repairs are reasonable to fix.

My car is great on gas. I love the cost. I dislike that the car sits down low to the ground.

- Jennifer M

it good gas mileage around 30 plus

it gets great gas mileage. it drives good. it doesn't have much power going up mountains.

- tim S

Small. And i have had it a long time. Like it and wish they still made the model.

Small size.goodsightlines. Good mileage. Wish they still offered this model

- Jan A

My car is great on gas, which is my favorite aspect. It gets me where I need to go and is reliable. But, it eats up oil and has no AC.

Reliable Vehicle that gets you where you need to go easily and efficiently

- Hannah S

It's great with gas mileage and gets to a to b. It's small

Gas mileage is great and affordable Great handling. Great looking

- Cameron S