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The 2002 Chevy geo prizm. Engineer liability and strengths.

The engine is great! It is very strong, and gets very good gas mileage. The paint job shows extreme sun damage as it is peeling & completely out in some areas. The plastic trim also demonstrates severe sun damage and has broken off in several areas. Overall it was is a very reliable car and I enjoy driving it due to its powerful engines. Has good pick up on hills and on the highway.

- Julie C

.To check the oil often when driving long distance.

I love my car because it is small and perfect for me. The only things I had to change were the radio and the tires and the speakers. But the car drives so good and it does not have a lot of miles on it so it will last me. One thing I dislike about this car is the window tint. It is like a fishbowl you can see right through.

- Taylor D

Great on gas and runs great but very small inside.

It runs great and is great on gas. The trunk has a good size but the car overall is just pretty small. Especially when I need to fit a car seat in the back seat. You have to move the front seat almost all of the way up which leaves no room for anyone to ride in the front seat.

- Kayla O

Little blue car perfect for driving around.

My car has hail damage from a couple of years ago so there are many dimples resulting from the hail. The mileage is adding up. Otherwise the vehicle is very reliable. It has cloth seats and is compact and very comfortable. The perfect car for driving around.

- Rich E

In need of a newer model vehicle.

My car is an older model. Seats are fairly comfortable. Suspension needs work. The antenna is bent so sometimes it is hard to get a signal for the radio. Needs a tune up and oil change. Has some rust. Good on gas but when pumping gas, it stops frequently.

- Tina W

Chevy is a Toyota in disguise, and will get you where you need to go.

The Chevy Prizm is reliable. It is built like a Toyota, and built to last. The problems it has tend to be easily fixable for low cost (usually). It can function in New England winters and gets me from A to B, as well as longer road trips.

- Chris H

It's definitely small other than that it's a-ok

Good on gas, engine is laid out well (unlike my previous car), it's a zippy little car, easy to work on, and it's the same exact model as a toyota corolla only marketed as a chevy. On did i mention it was a free car with only 5k miles

- EJ S

How to take care of it and keep it in the best condition possible.

Great car. Been in the family for eight years now. Runs really well. Only problem is the engine eating a lot of oil. . . Every hour of highway driving time equals ten minute break and a quart and a half of oil.

- Parker F

Old car with a young heart.

This car is very basic and does not come with any bells or whistles. That being said, it is very reliable. The engine is bulletproof and for an older car it does well on gas.

- Jonathan D

It is a very good family car and it is good on gas.

We love our car! It is very reliable and safe for our family. It is very good on gas mostly. The only negative thing would be the door handles they like to break off

- Jeff G

Great engine. My car still has it is original engine in it.

I have been driving this car for years and have had seldom problems with it. Engine is still in great shape and the car has driven me many places.

- Kaitlyn B

They're very reliable. How many other cars from 16 years ago are still on the road.

I like that it has been a reliable vehicle for 9 years. I don't like that it's so old and is starting to cost more money than it's worth.

- Ash B

The gas mileage on this car is amazing $20 to fill the tank + it'll get you far.

It is a great car but does not fit my style, I am not looking for a luxury vehicle but maybe just something with a better look to it.

- Chloe W

Chevrolet Prizm. A great car for the money.

It's a very economical car. Saves on gas and us easy to work on. The repairs are not super costly and it's also good on mileage

- Susan D

that its reliable and that it's just a car until I get a better one.

I dislike that its a car I used to have a suv I don't like the feeling of a car vs a suv. and I just want a better vehicle

- jason m

The engine is very reliable and the car is great on gas.

I've been driving my car since I was 16 years old. They no longer sell the car, but I believe that it is very reliable.

- Kaitlin B

very dependable car. great gas mileage. easy to make repairs

it is so reliable and has great gas mileage. i've had to do very little repairs and it's easy to fix . it's very nice

- ashley b

Great gas mileage for a smaller car.

very dependable. great on gas mileage. It's a smaller card so traveling with more than 2 people is a tight squeeze.

- steve h

It gets great mileage so I can travel on a budget.

I like that it gets good mileage. It is too low so it is hard to get in and out of it. The a/c works great.

- Mary L

Breaks aren't the greatest.

It is ok. Very rusted. Needs many parts replaced on it. However, it does get us around.

- Becky S

It is super awesome on gas!

I like that it is small, great on gas. It is a awesome little car that fits our family.

- Christina E

If you do on time routine maintenance it will last

It runs great and has been very dependable. Gets great mileage but wish it was bigger

- Julie P

it works. it is low maintenance. and low cost. what more could you want

good transportation. good mileage. at a reasonable cost

- Kim K