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This vehicle is so much fun to drive! I will go back to this dealership!

My cute little Chevy spark is among my three all time favorites. The first was a 1960's vintage Volkswagen bug, second a 1990's vintage geo metro, and my cute little silver Chevy spark! Do you see a pattern here! I love "everyday man" little sporty cars that are fun to drive. Buying my 2016 spark new was a great feeling and it has been a terrific experience. It is fun to drive, has more pep than most people think and great gas mileage. And my Chevy dealership, salesman and service dept are honest and dependable. I keep in touch with my salesman. I couldn't have asked for more!

- Bob D

Who needs a boring car when you can own a spark!!

My 2016 Chevy Spark is an excellent car. Though it is a subcompact, it is actually quite roomy. It gets excellent gas mileage & had not required anything more than general maintenance (oil changes, tires, etc) in the two years I've owned it. I got the basic model (no power windows or locks). However, it came with OnStar free for a limited number of months & wifi enabled. It is low to the ground, so - as with any car - you have to use caution when driving in heavy rains etc. Still, I would recommend the Spark to anyone (& since I've owned two... You know I love them).

- Marta T

A compact car well suited for young adults and people who live in urban areas.

The acceleration is not as fast as other cars, but the you can feel that it still has the power to get you where you need to go. Compact size allows for easy on-street parking. Gas mileage is really great. It only costs me $20 to fill my whole tank. Rides smoothly on the highway and handles turns like a pro. Highway noise is Audible but not overwhelming. I wish there were a button to unlock the trunk because having to remove the key from the ignition to unlock the trunk is inconvenient.

- Julie M

Comfort and safety of my vehicle.

I love my car is very comfortable very good on gas I have never had any problems with it very reliable it is just the basic does nothing extra in it very roomy my car is red. It is very comfortable riding on long trips it is a standard I love the fact that it has a rear windshield wiper it goes great in the snow I have three mile hill and it climbs hills wonderful in the winter it has a nine-one-one hookup if you have an accident that they know where you are and if you need help.

- Rita A

Economically fun and easy to drive.

I recently bought this 2016 Chevy spark in a hurry. I was t-boned by a drunk driver and thankfully walked away, but my car was totaled- to say the least. So, I do not know about anybody else in this world but in mine, if you do not work, you do not eat! So after two days off I had to make a quick decision and get back to work. I got a great deal on a newer year car and reasonably economical to boot! My 2016 Chevy spark is a lot of fun to drive too.

- Sherry L

Cute, updated, efficient compact car.

I love my Spark. It's cute, updated (I love, love, love the backup camera, Bluetooth and Apple Carplay), and the gas mileage is amazing. I commute a lot working as a nanny and babysitter all over the county and I get close to 40 miles to the gallon. That being said, watching little ones, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could fit two car seats in the back! I highly recommend this compact.

- Jayme B

Great gas mileage and perfect for a single person or first time buyer.

Just a really small car, and we're a growing family. Perfect for a single person or someone with plans of only having one child. Overall it runs great and has outstanding gas mileage. Just not a whole lot of interior space. It's a pretty quick car and does great over mountain passes and long distance travel. A drive from Colorado to Texas only requires three to four fill up stops.

- Lillian F

My car is a bargain and a great value.

I love my vehicle because it is small and cute. I love the color of it which is toasted marshmallow. It's also narrow which helps when parking and driving down narrow roads. It also gets great gas mileage. However, I do wish it seated more than four. We often have to take two vehicles when my daughter's friends come over and we want to go somewhere.

- Beth F

Excellent car for the value. Great little car, even better gas mileage.

The 2016 Chevrolet spark is a great little car. It gets excellent gas mileage. We have the basic model so no electric windows or locks. Does not pick up very fast but moves well when it gets going. Personally I love driving my spark. We have two of them now. I highly recommend it as a first car or a single person commuter car since it is so small.

- Aubrey B

Great car but backseat is small.

This car is great price range especially if your credit is not so great. Gas mileage is great I usually get about 34 miles to the gallon and it runs well, I haven't had any problems out of it, but it is on the small side, so if you are going to have car seats are older children or adults in the back seat I would not recommend.

- Alyssa H

2016 spark Chevrolet spark review.

I have not had any problems whatsoever. The spark is a subcompact but tides much bigger. I have gotten 34 mpg since I bought it 2.5 years ago. That encompasses city and highway driving. The air and heat both work great. I have nothing bad to say about the spark. Go out and buy one. You will not be sorry.

- Daniel H

It has plenty of visibility as far as windows go.

Just bought my car. It is a lot smaller than I wanted but it is great on gas. The spark has enough room for 4 and seems to be comfortable for even the people in the back seat. It is nice that the back seats lay down and it has plenty of room for groceries. It is easy to drive and handles very nicely.

- Susan D

Small car that has great value.

Love this car. Gas mileage is fantastic and when driven it does not feel as small as it is. It is a little sluggish starting once in a while but no other complaints. Friends spend 40. 00 to fill up their tanks and I spend half that! Lso has a great backup camera which you would not expect.

- Kim W

Gas to Spare for the week

I love my Spark. It is great on gas, 40 miles per gal. I fill up for right around $20 per week and still have gas at the end of the week. It is an economical car. I have taken it to MI from SC and it is comfortable for traveling also. The back seats fold down so all my luggage fits too.

- Paula S

Great ride! The spark is definitely a smart choice!

Overall I love my car! The small size can be a hassle sometimes but it is great on gas drives smooth and has great features! The back up camera is amazing. Also being Wi-Fi capable has been cool too! It has never broken down or had any engine issues other then regular maintenance.

- Joseph F

I just have a review on the last page, use it.

It shakes above 70. The color sucks, it is too small. Great gas mileage and was cheap. The radio is cool and it has a backup camera. Someone hit me hard from behind and it didn't dent. I like the hatchback. Chevy does not make cat DIY friendly so I have to get special tools!

- Marie S

Excellent around town car.

I love my 2016 Chevy spark! Gas mileage is excellent, it holds a lot more than you'd think and there have been no major mechanical issues, recalls or similar problems. It is easy to connect to Bluetooth and it has built in USB charging. I would definitely buy another spark.

- Danielle S

Dependable. Excellent gas mileage.

Performance is great. Good gas mileage. Very reliable. I have not had any issues except wear and tear on tires. Equipped with OnStar and Wi-Fi. Small compact but still has adequate leg room. Inexpensive upkeep. Automatic 4 cylinder but still has good pickup speed.

- Toni L

No power but great everything else. Fun to drive and super compact. This is for a single person someone who isn't looking to haul lots of people or items.

no power it takes a few seconds to get going from a 0 mph stop otherwise car is very responsive. No issues since purchase. great on gas mileage and efficient. small space fits anywhere. great shock absorbed don't feel many bumps and potholes in the streets driven.

- gerri w

I like the gas mileage. And how it runs.

I have no problems it is a good car with good gas mileage I like driving my car the tires have nitro in them. That makes it ride good if you want a good car for a good price get a Chevy spark. If holds 4 people it really is a good car and got a good car payment.

- Christina C

Smooth driving, stylish, and great gas mileage.

I absolutely love my Chevy spark! The driving is so smooth, he chairs comfortable and stylish, carplay, and not to mention, it is adorable and my favorite color; blue! I only wish the seating was a little more spacious when a infant car seat is in the backseat!

- Elizabeth B

Chevy Spark 2016 is an excellent choice for a small car that gets 38 miles to the gallon.

It is a reliable car. It could have a smoother ride and less road noise. Some great features are the screen display for activity center is touch sensitive that helps while driving. Can hook up cell phone and talk thru car is excellent.

- Carol B

This vehicle gets Great gas mileage

I like the gas mileage it gets as I drive 50 miles a day. I do not like the fact that it has no get up and go. I can not pull away from a stop very quick. The car is also not very comfortable to sit in for a long period of time

- Kit P

It is small but efficient.

I haven't been driving my car long enough to form a true pros/cons list. I do like that it is good on gas. The only con is that it takes a minute to increase Its speed, but when it gets going it is wonderful.

- Celeste J

More spacious inside than you think, I moved home from college with it!

The engine lags when stepping on the gas, so not fast to accelerate from full stop, a little embarrassing. I like that it is compact for city driving. Good gas mileage and fits into small spaces well.

- allison K

I Love My Chevy Spark Electric Vehicle

I love the Chevy Spark EV. Having an EV is fantastic. My electric bill barely went up, no money wasted on gas, and the car is very cute. I can't imagine I would ever buy a gasoline-powered car again.

- Alex R

It is a great bang for your buck if you don't do a lot of freeway driving.

I like that it's cheap on gas. I like the sound system. I like the size of the car. I don't like the road noise. I also would like it to have cruise control. It does not accelerate very well either.

- Anthony S

Great gas mileage for a small car.

I like my little car because of the great gas mileage. It has four doors which I also like. If I'm taking a trip I rent a more comfortable car. It doesn't ride smooth but you get what you pay for.

- Susan S

it's great on gas, small enough to park anywhere. great for 1 person

It was my first vehicle after 6 years of a suspended license. I had no credit so I purchased this car because it was in the showroom and cheap. It is small, great on gas but I want to trade it in

- Melissa A

Other then the great mileage and roominess and the fact that I have not had any problems.

I have not any problems or issues. I get oil changes on time and the gas mileage is fantastic.The best purchase I ever made. Kudos to Chevy. It's roomy enough for 5 adults to fit comfortable.

- Joyce P

It's fuel efficient. I don't spend very much on gas.

It has all my favorite things from an older car and a newer car. It has both a rearview camera and manual roll down windows. It's small enough to park anywhere and it's very fuel efficient.

- Joey M

The car was a great purchase for the price.

I love that I can park my car in any space because of Its size. It gets great gas mileage. I dislike that it has such a small gas tank because I feel like I'm always at the gas station.

- Breanne h

You have OnStar, Bluetooth, and internet in the car just as long you pay for it after your trial is up.

I don't have any problems really. I wish there was more room so I would feel comfortable. I was the only one using the car but now I have a family so I think it's time for a bigger car.

- Samantha C

It is cute as a button, but i'll never buy another chevrolet.

Tires. I have replaced 6 in two years. Yes, I have talked to dealer. They haven't found a problem. Complaints. Dismissed as my problem. I believe the problem is my gender and age.

- Carolyn F

That it is really easy to park, it has a really good camera.

The trunk- hate, transmission- feels weird when doing “stop” signs, ok on gas spending 25 per week average. I like the screen compatible with my iPhone, I like the interior.

- Liliana S

It is dependable. Chevy makes a great autos. I have not had to have service on it yet and I have had it for a while.

I love my car because it is small so it can fit into tight spots. I have not had any trouble with it yet. It is stylish. It has a backup camera which is really cool.

- nancy w

One of the smallest 4 door cars

I love the size of my spark, it makes it easy to drive city streets and parallel park. The back up camera standard is a perk I never knew I would love so much

- Anne J

It can't go over 70, the engine is too small, it will shake if it is hot outside. Can drive it in any measurable snow because it will get stuck.

I love the gas mileage. It is cute. The tech dashboard is well designed. It is too small for a family, but I don't want to lose the cuteness by moving up.

- Marie S

Tiny on the outside, but large inside. My 6" tall husband fits in comfortably.

It has excellent gas mileage, comes with OnStar, and is a reliable vehicle at a great price. The thing I dislike is the suspension, you feel every bump.

- Kathleen J

My car is cost efficient, great on gas mileage, great interior electronic system.

I like the size of the car for parking reasons. I like the gas tank of the car for refueling reasons. I like the color of the car for personal reasons.

- Demetrius J

It is small easy to handle, easy on gas and just fun to drive.

Love the gas mileage, enjoy buzzing around. The only complaint is that it is such a rough ride. I was able to get the color I wanted and a sunroof.

- Shelly K

Great gas mileage, for a small car it very budget friendly on maintenance and gas.

Love the gas mileage. Hate that an oil change requires a trip to the dealership as it cost twice as much anywhere else. Great value for the price

- Jennifer W

THE GAS USAGE IS AMAZING. only downside is it's uncomfortable to sleep in.

It is very efficient on gas, quite wonderful. It runs smoothly, fits almost anywhere. Has updated features like navigation and bluetooth.

- Ariana S

It is great on gas and easy to drive.

I love my spark. It's great on gas, has sufficient leg room, and it's fun to drive. The only drawback is that it is limited on haul space.

- Michelle W

My car has a good performance but not much speed and strength, is a good car.

My car has a good performance but not much speed and strength, it is economical and it is good for old people in the city and outside it.

- Juan G

It is very affordable and offers a variety of options.

I bought my vehicle new from the dealership. I find it to be very reliable. It gets great gas mileage and has the newest innovations.

- Roger H

Happy with my Spark. OnStar is an exceptional feature.

It's a great car. Rides comfortably. Great gas mileage. Easy handling, good sound system, back up camera and OnStar comes standard.

- Vincent M

Nothing nobody needs to know anything about my car.

I like the color, size and gas mileage. I do not like how small the interior is and that it lags when accelerating occasionally.

- Sabrina W

I like everything about the car except the transmission.

I love the ability to make tight turns. I love the great fuel economy. I wish it had better take off when pulling into traffic.

- Kae M

Cute and roomy all the expensive upgrades but not the expensive price

Very reliable easy on gas very roomy for the size bright colors to choose from with all kinds of upgrade like apple play onstar

- Misty T

It gets 32.5 miles per gallon so the 9 gallon tank lasts for a long time

It greats great gas mileage. Drives great and handles to road great. Is compact but spacious. Perfect car for me to have

- Sabrina B

it has great gas mileage in and out of town

i like the wifi and the great gas mileage,it is nice but not fancy.it is perfect for running around town or long drives

- jeffery p

Little, dependable, awesome car

Small, GREAT on gas, reliable, handles well. Perfect car for city like. The color choices are unique and beautiful.

- Charles J

It gets excellent gas mileage.

Great size and fuel economy. Not so great for several passengers. Navigation and wifi are great. Windows are manual.

- Lucia P

It is great for a single person, and helps with gas mileage.

I love the ability to use my phone directly on the car. The nav system is very nice. And the gas mileage is perfect.

- Leonard S

It gets great gas mileage.

I love my spark because of the 365 miles I get with every fill up the size is just right for me and lucky my puggle.

- Peggy M

The gas mileage on my vehicle is great.

I am disappointed because I do not have power windows and doors, but I do have a rear camera which I do not use.

- Greer M

It may appear small from the outside but is actually quite roomy.

I love the way it drives. It is comfortable to ride long distances with. And I love the great gas mileage.

- April W

It has more space than it looks like it would.

I like how small it is and the gas is good. I dislike how sometimes it seems to struggle with steep hills.

- Alicia V

It's very safe! Lots of airbags

I like the color of my car. I also like the size. It's a cute little jellybean and I love t. Drives smooth

- Elizabeth B

my vehicle is reliable. It is great on gas. It is a beautiful color. and It has great technology.

technology is a great aspect of my vehicle it has a touchscreen system and onstar capabilities.

- Denia p

I love that it's very gas efficient. I love the touch screen on the dash. My only complaint is that it DOES NOT have automatic locks or windows.

If you are looking for a gas efficient car and cool touch screen dashboard then get it.

- Adam B

It is REALLY small, which I love - most of the time. The color looks like periwinkle blue, especially in twilight. I can be sitting in the driver's seat and still reach across the car to easily and comfortably roll/unroll the passenger's side window or to wipe mist from that window! The small size makes parallel parking (and all other types of parking) really easy. My car didn't come with cruise control, but it can be added after market for around $500.00. I really like the camera that shows what is directly behind me. I also like the tires it came with (Nitrofill, or something similar), which are supposed to remain at closer to the same pressure in comparison with air-filled tires. So all in all, I am very happy with this car.

Even though it is small, it is designed very well, so it has LOTS of usable space!

- Heather O

I bought the base model so that it was cheap. I miss having the cruise control. The dashboard has an interactive panel for controlling much and Navigation as well as phone and texting.

It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable driving long distances.

- Terry D

It's small, maneuverable, and very gas efficient. I just wish the seats were more comfortable. We live in a rural area and it hauls feed and deals with muddy roads just fine despite its size.

We rarely have a fill-up at the gas station that costs more than $20.

- Cordy B

easy on gas, easy to maintain

easy on gas, gets me from point a to point b easy to maintain

- beverly a

My car is the Spark EV and it's great as an around town car. It's small and maneuverable, has great acceleration with its electric engine and has plenty of battery to drive around town. Would not recommend for long commutes or road trips.

It's all electric, easy to charge at home and fun to drive.

- Kay P

Adorable, electric blue, and it gets great gas mileage!

Great gas mileage. Easy to park. Comfortable to drive.

- Cindy D

it doesn't have a strong engine so it's not good for big families

Small, can park it anywhere, it's economic, doesn't

- Facun C