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Do not buy unless this is all you can afford.

My Chevy spark ls has very good road traction, steering navigation and excellent gas mileage. I gas up about every 3 weeks, and am not on empty when I do it. Equipped with rear dash camera to aid in backing into parking space, iPhone with your contacts and in dash Bluetooth connection for making and receiving calls from car speakerphone. Comes with Nitrogen-filled tires for best tire conduct on wet roads, and has warning when you are skidding (on ice). Priced around $13, 500, but dealer discounts can reduce that price for you - mine had $2500 discount, bought during end of year sales promotion. The downside is that the car is very small and low to the ground. When turning corners I cannot see the curb on passenger side unless I lower the right side mirror. Cannot drive like that because I must be able to see traffic on my right side using that right mirror. Another point on the downside is that everything is manual except transmission. That is automatic in my car. Manu seat adjustment and side view mirrors. No electric door locks/remote control, no ability to find that tiny car on a parking lot because there is no remote button on key ring to blow horn and activate blinking lights to locate car. About as small as the new little Honda I see on the roads, but it does have that ‘is swag’ in design.

- Dianne M

Great Gas Mileage, handles well on the highway and in the city.

This is a subcompact vehicle, so you really cannot be a really large person to be comfortable in it. My husband is 5'10" and weighs 270 lbs. He is about the largest person that would be comfortable in this car. We have put 40,000 miles on this vehicle since we purchased in in February of 2017 so I think I can say that we do enjoy the car, find it comfortable enough to take long trips in and pursue our hobby of geocaching in it. It is very economical to drive getting 40 mpg Highway and more that 30 mpg in the city. We do use the air conditioning and that hasn't really seemed to affect the gas mileage that much. I would recommend this vehicle to any one looking for a dependable, economical vehicle.

- Sally W

Save money with this amazing little car.

Roomy for a compact car. Great gas mileage. Very reliable vehicle. I have had no problems with my car. Back seats fold down to make more cargo room, if needed. Reverse camera with a wide view. Nice large touch screen to project your phone to, making your phone hands free for use in car. Amazing safety features for a compact vehicle. Rear wiper helps keep your rear window clean. Back seat easily holds a car seat and with four full size doors it is easy to get in and out. Great car, highly recommend for anyone wanting a smaller vehicle with great gas mileage.

- Monica C

The fold down seats are a lifesaver.

It has amazing gas mileage. It is a no frills car, but it gets around. It is perfect for city driving. Even though it is very small, it has fold down seats and I have helped friends move and done tons of road trips because of it. The small size of the spark allows you to park in small areas which has been a lifesaver when I go on trips to huge cities. The back up camera function is a life saver to park and not hit anything. It is not a sports car, but it gets you from point A to point B and it is surprising comfortable.

- Molly M

A lot of other drivers complain of the slow acceleration after a full stop.

It is spacious despite being a subcompact SUV, even for tall people at my height 6'2. The only major problem I have experienced is an intermittent hesitation to accelerate after a full stop. Comfortable seating but you will feel pretty much every bump in the road. Not much legroom in the back seats as other cars. Rear seats fold down for extra storage, but not all the way down, so not as much storage space as other larger SUVs. Manual windows, locks, and side mirrors come standard.

- Robert M

Brief overview of the Chevy spark 2017 active.

The Chevy spark is a wonderful little hatchback. It includes features such as automatic windows, heated leatherette seats, and the back seats fold down to create more space. It has a subtle geometric design in the interior. The front seats move manually in 6 directions. You can access all your cars information from your phone and has Wi-Fi and hands free phone options available. It has great gas mileage (30-40 depending on where you drive), but it only has an 8 gallon tank!

- Yolanda C

A small car with good features

The Chevy Spark is a compact vehicle that packs a lot of bang for your buck. The Spark can seat four people, which makes it great if you are only driving yourself or a couple friends somewhere. It also comes with Chevy MyLink, which enables hands free calls and texts, as well as hands free access to apps such as Pandora, Spotify, and your phone's music library. If you are looking for a small car with good gas mileage, the Chevy Spark is a great idea.

- Katelyn R

Easy to drive and the most practical car I have ever owned!

I love my car. It is very comfortable it is small so the turn radius is great! It does not feel small when you are in it. My 6’2’’ brother sits in the passenger seat comfortable although the back is rough for him to sit in. I have the base model. I cannot open the trunk without the key which means I have to turn off my car if I need in it. It is so small a lot of drivers do not see me and come into my lane. But the gas mileage is amazing.

- Tiffany P

Top Of The Line Sub Compact Car

This is our third Chevy Spark. This one beats the other two by a landslide. It is a very comfortable car to travel in. The amenities are great. I particularly love the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There really is no blind spot while driving. When closing the car doors they sound solid; not tinny. We have not had any problems with this vehicle. It is reliable and the performance is on par for this size vehicle.

- Self S

Spark review: hands-free and turn radius.

My Chevy spark drives really smoothly. I like that my phone can sync to the car's screen. It makes the hands-free feature really simple to use. It is a very small car, which I like. The car's turn radius is wider than the car I learned to drive in. (I first learned to drive in a Honda) that took some getting used to (i.e. Parallel parking. ) But now it is second nature.

- Emily C

Chevrolet spark 2017 review.

I absolutely love my car! It is compact but has enough space and easy to parallel park, gets really awesome gas mileage, has Bluetooth connectivity, and is very cute! The only thing is the hatchback does not have a ton of trunk space, so if you do not need that, there’s no drawbacks. I haven't had any maintenance issues with it! It is definitely a great starter car.

- Destiny D

The small white car that is 100% reliable.

This car is very reliable and easy to use. The Bluetooth and carplay on this vehicle are really nice. I can practically park this car anywhere since it is so small. The only real problems I have are that the car hesitates when you hit the gas and the back seats do not go all of the way down when you want the extra space for storage. Other than that, it is a great car.

- Mackenzie D

I very much enjoy my Chevy spark. It is small but powerful.

It does not go 0-100 it takes a little. Trunk space could be bigger. Could use a light in the back to see. It drives so smooth. It is very comfortable and small. The design is perfect. The set up inside is nice and convenient. The arm rest for the driver is convenient and comfortable. The air bags everywhere make me feel safe. The back up camera is perfect.

- Amber K

The gas efficiency and small tank is the best thing about this car.

I love that it is small and can easily maneuver around a big city and can easily park in small places other, larger vehicles cannot. It is also very gas efficient so I do not break the bank every time I fill up my tank. The only thing I do not really like is that I do not have automatic locks or windows because it was the stripped down, cheaper version.

- Kaitlyn L

Chevy spark 2017. Small, yet spacious.

I own the basic model, so it has Apple play/the screen and the USB port, but does not have power locks or windows. It does well with saving money on gas, but this is a personal issue, it does not have turbo; it is not a fast car, and if you are use to fast cars this is not the one for you. Overall, the car is small, yet spacious like a real hatchback.

- Vanessa G

Nice small vehicle for a college student and very roomy if only packed for one.

I love me car. It is small enough for me and it has enough room for one person to get around. The only thing I do not like is that I do not have power locks so I have to manually lock my car and roll my windows. Also, I have to watch how I park because it is so small. The car does not accelerate quickly so at lights and stop signs you should careful.

- Mia W

Chevrolet sparks gas mileage is the best thing about this car.

I love my spark cause its small but its not like one of them box cars. It has a lot of room inside and the gas mileage is great I love the colors I have seen on the road. I have a silver one but have seen so many different colors like blue yellow and coral I wish they had more color choices when u bought mine but it is a great car and easy to drive.

- Gwendolyn B

Steering is really accurate.

Drives well during all and any weather. Is somewhat fragile, but great car. Do not recommend getting red because our car has been in four accidents already and it is not very old. Brakes are really quick when they need to be. Another complaint is that if you have heat or ac going it takes a lot of pressure on gas to get the car moving if you stop.

- Billy K

My 2017 Chevy spark is small compact car.

My 2017 spark is perfect for cities and parking garages. For such a small car that is easy to whip around, the inside is spacious. The four door, and seats that fold down is perfect for road trips. As a full time college student I love that my gas mileage is economically savvy. I have a backup camera that makes for easy parking.

- Dana Y

It has amazing miles per gallon and a great safety rating.

It has manual locks, seats, and windows. That usually annoys people but I really like it. It is small and has a backup camera. It does not have a CD player but it can hook up to a USB port so you can use apple play or whatever android uses. It has amazing mpg but with such a tiny engine does not like big hills or mountains.

- Ashley C

My Chevy spark is an awesome car!

I love my Chevrolet spark. It has the features I need for safety. The carplay feature allows me to make phone calls in a safely manner. It also allows me to listen to podcasts, doing it hands free. I also get a notification if my tire air pressure is low. Although, it has manual door locks and windows, I am ok with that.

- Heath B

Chevy spark is of great value.

I like that it is a small car with amazing gas mileage, it is got the technology features that I value most in a car. I love that it has a back up camera, and a touchscreen, Wi-Fi hotspot is a huge plus too! I dislike that it does not have cruise control or a basic alarm system, however I understand it is a base model.

- Cass C

Cute and economical small ride.

It is an economy car. So if you want speed and fast style do not pick the spark. The car gets great gas mileage. So it good for commuting to work or travel. The price is also really good with the technology you get. There’s Wifi and touchscreen. Also the car play so you can connect your phone for hands free use.

- Angel D

It gets great mileage on long distance drives..

I love the fact that I do not have to struggle to find a parking space because it is a compact, hatchback, great mileage and good on gas. The color black because I have always gotten stuck with red or silver gray vehicles so this color was a nice change. I do not dislike anything in it and no complaints, so far.

- Beatrice P

Good features for a cheap car.

The finishes are cheap and easy to scratch or break. However, for a city car, it is very reliable and small to fit into small spaces. The technology in the car is very helpful and most helpful with apple products. The car does no have a lot of power to get up to speed quickly, but it is good on fuel mileage.

- Alma V

The best detail of the car is the gas mileage.

The gas mileage is great with this car. Comfortability is great for a small car. My biggest issue with the car is there is a lag in the get up and go from a stop which is problematic in the city with a lot of blind corners and spots where you need speed just in case you didn't see an oncoming car.

- Destiny J

Great gas mileage, excellent work car.

Not a bad car overall. Gets great gas mileage. Does not accelerate super fast but is reliable. I have had mine for a year and a half, performed regular maintenance and have had zero trouble from it. Not a large car but comfortable. Getting used to the variable speed transmission takes some time.

- Manage P

"Mini mom car" I can't see myself in a van or SUV.

I love how I can hook up my phone to play music and show my GPS on the screen and making it hands free. It's the perfect size for me to drive my son around and do errands. Good on gas too. It handled well for me over the winter as well as in the rain. Even though it's small it can hold a lot.

- Jessica L

Fantastic miles per gallon and has a great touchscreen!

I love my car! Although it does not have very much horsepower, it has great gas mileage! I drive almost 70 miles/day for work and average anywhere from 37-40 mpg! It has a touchscreen that has carplay which I love. It is safe and easy to use. I would tell anyone to purchase a Chevy spark!

- Heath B

It's the perfect car as a daily driver for someone who does not travel a lot.

I have been happy with my car for the most part but I have had a few issues with it. The airbags had to be replaced for recall within the first year and a short time ago the strut mounts, link pins and rack and pinion had to be completely replaced under warranty because they were faulty.

- Natasha S

Basics about the Chevy spark.

My Chevy spark is a small compact car that is perfect for my husband and I. It has a backup camera and touch screen radio. Manual windows and the back seat and trunk is really small. Although we were able to fit everything we needed in it for a most recent trip from Florida to Illinois.

- James J

Chevy spark spectacular!!

This car is very comfortable and spacious! This is a basic model car that gets you where you need to go in a classic, old fashioned style. The safety aspect of this vehicle is out of sight, as the windows have a anti theft device that really gives you peace of mind. This car is great!

- Arianna V

Ip 2nd spark and love it even more than 1st one!

While it does not have a lot of pep in first gear, the car drives smoothly and has amazing gas mileage. I love the features and small compact size with a hatchback that allows you to still haul larger items. This is my second spark and I would recommend it to anyone. I love my spark!

- Elizabeth C

2017 spark pros and cons review.

I really like the affordability of this car. Though the acceleration leaves a lot to be desired. The spark gets amazing gas mileage. I like the hatchback functionality. I have been consistently pleasantly surprised at what I have been able to get to fit into this little spark.

- Levi J

No power locks or windows.

The spark is a great little car. Sadly the one I got does not have power locks or power windows which is inconvenient. Also when I got it the screen stopped working but I got it fixed. Except for those 2 things the car is great! Love the screen and Bluetooth features it has!

- Kelsey L

Great small car. With great miles per gallon.

I think it is a cute little car to zip around town in. Great gas mileage for when you go on long trips. We loved the hatched back cars so much we got a Sonic. It is just like the spark just a little bigger. The Sonic is a great small family car, that also gets great mileage.

- Shannon C

Great on gas! I can put 10.00 in it and go forever. Great car for trips

This car is so good on gas. It also alerts you on the dash if you need an oil change. It puts a code number on there. Also tells you if the tires have an issue. Love the hatch back and also like the idea of the back seats fold down to make room for luggage, groceries, etc.

- Monica D

Small, but very great to drive and easy to find parking including small places.

Our 2017 Chevy spark really comes in handy, the right size for our family but very little space to fit groceries in the trunk. The interior is great, touch screen, and is automatic. Save a lot of money on gas, comfortable seating, and really great on long distance driving.

- Nelly L

Good to drive. I didn't know that it had to be a certain number of words.

It is a fun little car to drive. Great to commuting back and forth to work everyday. I like the color. The gas mileage. Just wish it had a little bit more get up and go. I has a nice steering wheel. Nice radio. It would be cool if it had visors that extended.

- Elliott S

Chevy Spark: a capable vehicle for young adults and students.

My vehicle is perfectly capable and reliable. It gets me from point A to point B with relatively good MPG. Its size allows me to park in spaces I wouldn't be able to with a larger vehicle. However, the vehicle's CVT transmission leaves a lot to be desired.

- Jacklynn P

Simply a spark. Nothing great, nothing terrible.

The car drives well. Excellent on mileage and rarely has issues. Its affordable for anyone on a budget. The cons of this vehicle are the lack of automatic locks and windows. These are the Spark's worst aspects, but is the reason why it's so affordable.

- Jeremy L

You’ll enjoy a little spark!

This is the best car I have ever owned. It gets great gas mileage. It looks sporty and cute. It is easy and economical to maintain. It drives smoothly. The model that I got has crank windows. That is my least favorite part of the car.

- Kim S

The mileage is great, it just doesn't have much storage and lacks a back middle seat.

It's a bit small, but it has a touch screen in the center stack for managing the radio and bluetooth. It doesn't have a CD player, but I listen to stuff from my phone anyway. I wouldn't mind more storage but it gets great mileage.

- James O

It's easy to drive & responsive on the road.

I've only had the car 4 months so I'm still trying to figure out the instruction book which is very complicated. The car is easy to drive & responsive, love the auto door locks & sound system but it's smaller than I realized.

- Regina K

Very gas friendly and it drives great in the highway.

It has a very nice interior but the time it takes to speed up is not excellent! It does not run as smoothly as you would think 2017 car would but it is gas friendly and you can bring down the back seats for more room.

- Miriam R

It is small and can feel cramped and honestly a little cheap, but the personality of the car is very bright

My spark is very little and hated by a lot of people, but I love it! It comes in the best colors. Mine is a fun purple that has a lot of personality. I have taken it on 4 1,100 mile trips and it is still doing well!

- Jess M

The gas mileage is unbeatable and if you drive frequently for long commutes it is a great option

My car gets fantastic gas mileage and it is very reliable. The maintenance, such as oil changes, can be sightly costly but is well worth it because the car never gives me mechanical issues or problems.

- Emily H

It gets great gas mileage.

I love how quick and easy this Chevy is to drive. The only thing I wish I could change is the space. I know this car is small, and I like it that way. I just wish it was a bit roomier in the front.

- Haley Y

Like the spark, would recommend.

Enjoy driving the car. Very comfortable and economical. The variable speed transmission is not easy to get used to. If you push gas to floor it does not do well. Works better if you ease into it.

- Ml P

I have a cute purple car that has great gas mileage.

I love my car. I have had no problems with my car since purchasing. It is compact, but not cramped on the inside. It has great gas mileage. The cost of gas is very affordable with this car.

- Lauren S

I love my spark! I've driven it across the country with no comfort complaints

It's not fast but it's good on gas and a perfect size for myself and my dog. It's got quite a bit of trunk space for groceries and things and people can still sit in the back comfortably

- Ana Gabriel S

Drives great- great pick up even though small. Will get you wherever you need to go.

It is small enough that I don't worry about hitting other cars in parking lots. I love the red color. It has a backup camera. It's back seats fold down for a better shopping experience.

- Daphne M

I can park pretty much anywhere because it's small enough to parallel park and can navigate traffic easier.

I like that my car is small but has a decent amount of space. I like the gas efficiency. I don't really have anything that I dislike except that it doesn't have heated seats.

- Jamie R

I obtained this car through the Fair App. A phone app used to lease cars.

My vehicle has a great touch screen system that's very useful for hands free driving. However, that's the only "high tech" feature of the car. I do wish I had power windows.

- Jeremy R

It only has a 9 gallon gas tank. That's ridiculously small.

I like that it was super cheap. And I like that it's small and good on gas. But it's only 6 months old and i've Had several problems with it, and that's very frustrating.

- Kathy D

This car drives very smoothly for being such a small economy car.

This car gets great gas mileage! It is perfect for someone who is single or maybe has one child. The trunk space is adequate for groceries or a small amount of luggage.

- Kimberly S

Good commuter car with decent storage and fuel economy.

Gas consumption is fair, handles well, roomy in both front and back seats, stock sound system is good, hatchback provides easy access to storage. No dislikes as of yet.

- Melody B

It is a very safe vehicle. It would be a great first car for new drivers. My husband was in a horrible accident, in which the car looked like a pop can someone had stood on end and stomped. The passenger compartment however, was pretty much untouched. All safety features behaved as they should and he only had a bruise from the seatbelt.

I absolutely love the high safety of my car and the wonderful gas economy. This is not the first spark i have owned. As, this one ages, i would definitely buy another.

- Wendy S

The most important thing to know about my car is the gas mileage. I have paid less than $20 every time I fill the tank.

I really like my Chevy Spark! Because I am single, it is the perfect size for me. The gas mileage is amazing and I get terrific performance. I even named her Sophie!

- Lisa H

It is great on gas! Went 180 miles for $13.

Pretty new so very reliable for now. Just a bit on the small side. The comfort is not terrible for a small car but if you are not used to that it can be bothersome.

- Ethan G

If you want a car that gets great gas mileage, this is it.

It's rated for 33-38 mpg, I believe. I get 45 so I love that. The shape is a little silly but I don't really care- I wanted a commuter car and that's what I got.

- lauren w

Love my little purple Chevy Spark!

My Chevy Spark has been great so far. I love the fuel efficiency, I only fill up every couple weeks. It's easy and fun to drive, love zipping around town in it.

- Ashlee P

It is a good car for the price point.

I like that the car is small and easy to drive. It features a touch screen radio, which is nice. However, I hate that it does not have powered locks or windows.

- Tay C

Amazing gas mileage! And easy to maintain!

I love the gas mileage and the easy maintenance. I love the interior and colors and the radio system. The only this I dislike is it doesn't have remote locking.

- Haley J

Its small and spacious. It has four doors.

My car is small and fits in many tight spots. It does not have automatic windows. Does not have automatic locks. I do not have a key fob. I love the Chevy app.

- Spring C

The gas mileage is amazing.

I love my car. I love the size and shape of it. I can zoom in and out of traffic. I do not like how small it is when I go shopping. The trunk is very small.

- Amber K

That it's made in the USA - not a foreign made vehicle.

The Spark is small enough to fit me comfortably as I am short. I can see out of all of the windows and it is easy for me to get in and out of at my age.

- Karen F

It is very inexpensive to own and to use. The gas is cheap and the car was too.

The Windows are not powered and the mirrors are manually adjusted. The car is very compact with barely any trunk room, but the back seat does fold down.

- Miranda M

Fuel efficient and fun to drive, but common features are lacking.

The Spark is efficient and saves on gas. It's small size is practical for day-to-day use. However, it lacks several features that can be inconvenient.

- Kevin D

Great gas and performance.

I love my car. It is a perfect first car. A little on the small side. I also have trouble with only having 2 backseats sometimes, but not often.

- Frances M

A decent gas saving car. Happy

Not much power with the car. But this is expect for a gas saver. I usually get about 37 miles per gallon. It's a good commuter car for work.

- Angela D

Seems like no matter where you are driving you are getting good gas mileage!

I love the gas mileage and the compact style, the only things I don't like is there are no automatic windows and no remote key for locks.

- Haley R

The gas mileage is awesome.

I love the gas mileage and that it is comfortable. It is rather small but for the most part amazing. Wish it had a bit more trunk space.

- Jennifer V

It is roomier than it looks.

It is very comfortable gives me good gas mileage and is dependable. I thinks it is styling is nice and it is price was very affordable.

- Martin K

Awesome gas saver for the work road.

This car is an awesome gas saver. It is great if to have a longer than average commute to work. $20 fill up if you live in the south.

- Ang D

Great low cost car for those not looking for something fancy.

I love that my Spark is compact. I never have to worry about having enough space to park. I do wish that there were auto locks.

- Kayla R

The wifi does not work when the car is turned off.

I like the car because it gets good gas mileage. It also has built in wifi. I wish the wifi worked when you shut off the car.

- Brian P

It is a petite car but the back seats fold down allowing for a lot of storage

I have only had the car for a few months, but so far I absolutely love it. It is a great, affordable car for bopping around.

- Kenzie A

I love the fact that it is a cheap car with good mileage

It is a small practice car. It was inexpensive and cozy. The seats can be somewhat uncomfortable if sat in for too long

- Kristen S

Very good gas mileage. It get 41 mpg

This is a great car. It get good gas mileage. The car runs like a horse. When I have to replace it. I will buy another one

- Brian S

I do not leave anything in it. I like for it to be clean and smell good.

I like that my car is small. I can park easily. It is good on gas. I do not like that it only fits 4 people barely.

- Alexandra M

Ease of handling. From city to hwy speed, car handles well.

Have had the vehicle over a year without any real complaints, great fuel economy, ease of driving, v reliable.

- Stan L

the fuel economy - it gets over 40 mpg and only takes 20 to fill the tank

Like the handling. The fuel economy is great. the styling is good. Lot of positive comments about car.

- Darrel j

Great little car! It's fun to drive

I love it! Great little car. Performance is great. Very reliable nice and comfortable if you're small

- Michele K

a very compact car and very good excellent auto fast

a very compact car and very good excellent car with good and good brakes and excellent engine and a

- willie S

The spark is a great car. Very fuel efficient. Tiny but fits a lot. The performance is great and it is very reliable. It drives smooth. Features can probably be more - but what it comes with is fine.

The most important thing would be that it is very fuel efficient. Barely costs anything to travel.

- Rachael L

It's a great car for those who don't transport a lot of items.

It's small, simple, and runs well. No complaints at all, other than I need to wash and clean it.

- Tiffany F

It's a nice car for a family just starting out with no children as the interior space is rather limited

I like that we have a car, but the problem is in the payments, the color (white) and the size.

- Mike S

People should be aware, that this car is great for in town driving. I love zipping around on city streets. It's not a very powerful engine so it's hard to access the highway in a timely fashion.

I love how comfortable this clown car is. My dislike is it's one of the unsafest cars around.

- Cindy S

The great gas mileage. I've taken a 1300 mile trip and spent $75.00 in gas.

I love the gas mileage I get with my spark. It's easy to drive as well.

- Marisia P

Compact, great gas mileage, cheap, very affordable.

Good gas mileage, but a bit on the small side and is not as fancy.

- Yunzhen W

Drives good and fits anywhere you want it to go. The gas mileage is good on it and I spend less money now.

It might be small but this vehicle has a lot of character.

- Terry J

It is good on gas and very dependable. Love driving it.

I love my car. It is great on gas. It is a cute car.

- Carol C

It is always astonishingly creative.

It's affordable. It's spacious. It's tiny. It's cute.

- Pedro V

I would buy another the next time I need another vehicle

I love the great gas mileage. I like the color-blue.

- Lisa B

Good on gas mileage. The trunk is not to big cant put a lot in it

No complaints about the car runs great good on gas

- Derek D

great for a small car and economical

size is just right. very economical and safe

- anne b