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Great size, gas mileage, and comfort.

I love the size of my vehicle. It is the perfect mix between a car and an SUV. It fits into any parking space that I want it to. I haven't had any trouble with it at all. It doesn't have very much space if I wanted to go on a family road trip. But right now I don't have a family of my own so it's perfect for what I need to use it for which is going to school and work. I had an equinox prior to having this vehicle and I would say I prefer my current vehicle much more because of the size. I love Chevrolet and I think I will be a lifelong customer. They have great customer service and I feel very safe in their vehicles. They have extremely cool technology in their cars, like apple play, which I really enjoy. I have an iPhone so this feature is very handy to me. Another thing that I love about my car is the gas mileage that I get. For one, it's far better than the equinox in terms of gas mileage. Currently, I'm getting about 28 miles to the gallon with my car on the highway. This is important to me because I am in my car very often. With the equinox, I was only getting around 22 miles to the gallon on the highway. Over all, I love this voice and I definitely recommend it. It's very comfortable to drive in. This is important to me as well, as I have to spend a lot of time in the car.

- Amanda D

Chevy Trax - Best SUV on the Market

The Chevy Trax is honestly the best car I've ever driven. It rides like a luxury car, it's as reliable as a top-tier SUV, and the engine feels like a sports car. The touch screen features, keyless entry and push to start are my favorite things about the car. I got it as my first SUV and I'm so glad I started with it. It's big enough for the space and size I wanted from an SUV, but small enough that I didn't have trouble learning to drive it. The back-up camera is great for first time SUV drivers as well. I was going to get the LS version and I'm so glad I didn't. The few features that set the LT apart from the LS are some of its best features. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Haley W

Chevy trax is the perfect small SUV.

The Chevy trax is the perfect car for people without children or with small children, as it does not have a lot of room in the back row. It is a great reliable car that is small but still has the benefits of a SUV such as AWD. It is a comfortable drive and responds well. The trunk has a lot of room and the back row as well as the passenger seat can be folded down to give more storage space. One downside is there are not a lot of storage spaces by the seats, no center console between the driver and passenger seats and no pouches behind the driver and passenger seats.

- Marianna C

Ready to go … alone or with friends. . .

For me, the ease of entry and egress is great! Good range of visibility for driver and lots of head space for hats. Does not feel so much like a truck cab as many SUV type vehicles do and I really do like that. I appreciate that I can start it from inside and have it warmed up or cooled off before I touch the seat. My passengers have been comfortable and commented on how they like the feel of the car as well. Handles well and has enough get up and go to make me comfortable in most situations.

- Faye W

Chevrolet good car in 4 years have had no problems.

I have the no frills model it drives very well like the ride . The seat could be a little more comfortable I also think the trunk is a little too small and opening and closing is a little difficult for a short person like me I have been driving a Chevy now for 4 years this is my third on I had the cruze before and loved it, but they are not making it anymore so far I really like Chevy I have had no problems.

- Celeste O

A stylish and compact SUV

I like the look of the 2019 Chevy Trax. (I have it in silver.) I do not think it is very comfortable compared to other Chevrolet vehicles I have driven. Once in awhile the radio will turn on full blast when I turn the car on. I appreciate that it does not have the Auto Stop feature. It is a nice size car for day-to-day living, but not a lot of storage if trying to take a family trip.

- Sarah Jane B

Just an all around great little SUV.

I love my trax! Sometimes it lacks power being it is only a 4-cylinder, but it has more get up and go than expected! The interior is not as roomy as a full size SUV, but the great gas mileage makes up for that! If you are looking for a very affordable AWD vehicle, look no further! I love the Bluetooth connectivity as well. Very happy with my purchase, I would definitely buy again.

- Melody R

My empty nest car that still has room for the kids when they come home.

My trax is a great car and gets 31 miles to the gallon. It is small but does have a turbo engine so it has some get and go. I have not had any problems with it so far. It rides great so smooth sometimes I do not realize how fast I am going. It does seem to have a small blind spot which in SUV vehicles I was not used to that. It has Bluetooth and apple play and a back up camera.

- Carol B

Not 100% happy with vehicle.

Drives and handles nice. Disappointing features... only has short arm rest on drivers side, nothing there for passenger to rest arm on. Has backup screen but does not beep when close. Not happy with this at all needs the backup beeping safety feature. Also no CD player. Did not check good enough before buying just figured these would be normal features.

- Sharon S

The gas mileage on this car is unbelievable

Only had it for about a month or two so far so good love the front of the car the back of the car very classy cute for a small SUV love it!! Mileage is awesome you have your standard features in the car including a touch screen to control your music and then you have all your small buttons to control the music / control Cruise your speed limit mileage

- Lauren E

Small but still big, and excellent for those who do not want a large SUV.

The 2019 Chevy trax is the most reliable vehicle that I have ever driven. It has excellent gas mileage and it handles well in extreme weather. I also really like how compact it is. I like having an SUV without feeling like I have to have a large one or have more room than I need. The trax is also a lot roomier than it looks to be on the outside.

- Danielle M

stitching in the interior is perfect and very thick

it's not too big and not to small, roomy and easy to get out of. Very comfy, good gas mileage. Drives very smoothly, couldn't ask for a better vehicle. And I love the color I picked out. Pacific blue. All wheel drive. They do come in 4wd, but that's not something I needed. it's not sporty so it didn't raise my ins to much.

- Heather C

Chevy makes great cars you should look into them

slow in pickup sometimes but it does well for picking up speed when already on highway just not great at fast start from a stop feels a little slow. The comfort is great it has lumbar support the inside looks nice and chic the design is nice it's a small SUV high up good in the snow and in the winter decent gas mileage

- Danny R

Chevy Trax is a surprisingly good car you may not have considered.

The Chevy Trax is a small, fuel efficient SUV. It makes a good commuter vehicle during the week, but also a good family car on short weekend jaunts with two kids in the back. The base model provides everything needed for a comfortable drive, including a touchscreen. Missing from the base model is cruise control.

- Harold M

Love my little SUV! You will not regret it!

My Chevrolet trax is so much fun to drive. The gas mileage is wonderful. Even though the engine is small, the turbo gives it extra power to get up and go. I love the push button start and the locking/unlocking without having to use the remote (although you must have it on you to work the locks and ignition).

- Lindsay M

My favorite car I've learned so far

I love my car but I wish I got the sunroof and heated seats. Other than that it is the perfect mid-size for me as a college student. I love apple carplay too! It's also got a great display especially for navigation! The trunk comes with a cover so you can hide personal items which is also a great feature

- Ryan L


My Trax has a lot of power. It's easy to maneuver because it's short. The seats are comfortable. It has just enough space for cargo. I have not had any problems with my Trax at all yet and I have had it for 1 year. The only con is I wish it had a little bit more cargo space, but that's OK.


Really like it but not my dream car.

I really like the look of my car. Could use some exterior upgrades. Only issue I have is when driving there will occasionally be a jerk when it seems like my car is trying to shift gears. It also takes awhile for the speed to pick up. Lots of space and legroom. Love the automatic windows and seats.

- Chelsea H

Use full Comfort with Get up & Go

This is my second Chevy Truck. It is an all wheel drive small to mid size SUV. The trax provides a very smooth ride with nice pick-up for highway driving. My only issue, a very minor one, is that the driver's seat could be a bite wider. All in all the Chevy Trax will be car well into the future.

- Sandra N

Love the colored interior and print almost looks like a leather design. Simple

Love this car with no complaints. Small SUV great on gas with plenty of room. Easy to use technology. Very user friendly. Colorful options for interior. Plenty cup holders. Easy fold seats folds into two pieces to create more cargo space. 8 feet from rear to front with the seats folded down.

- Lindsey M

Nice alternative to a small sedan.

I love it exactly what I wanted. I was looking of a bigger car from my sonic and loved that it was a hatchback! I have had Chevys since my first car they always take care of me and my car. It is a good fit to tote dogs and kids around. I recommend to anyone looking for a small SUV.

- Jill S

Great car, great mileage, great space, great on gas

It's a great vehicle, great on gas, leather seats, easy to drive, great on mileage, easy to start, friendly maps, great music, love the trunk space, love the interior, great car, small and comfortable, great for kids, great space, great engine, holds on road well, great features

- Althea S

My car review the likes and dislikes

It's very nice because it's a smaller SUV but I don't like the front inside of the car. There isn't a center console and there is only a arm rest on the driver seat. The passenger seat does not have one. The trunk is a good size for the SUV and the back is nice sized as well.

- Valerie T

Review of 2019 Chevy Trax LS

My car is very reliable. It is AWD se gas mileage isn't great but it does drive very nice. It has many features for an LS. My favorite feature is the touchscreen radio. I also like the hill assist feature when accelerating on a hill. I feel safe driving in the winter as well.

- Jenny G

Great little car! Definitely recommend.

Very affordable car but great nonetheless. Brand new so no problems so far but love it. Trunk could be a little bigger but that's the only negative. Great little car! Love the entertainment system and the Android Auto app to link my phone with Waze and Spotify.

- Dan R

Compact but roomy. Very modern features.

I love this car. It's compact for easy parking yet lots of legroom inside. It's got lots of modern features such as backup camera, USB connection, bluetooth etc. zit is sharp looking. Gas mileage could be better for the size. I get an average of 24 miles per gallon

- Julie B

Highly recommended Chevy 2019

Overall great car. The only issues I have is there is a slight lag in the acceleration because of the smaller engine, and the initial size of the vehicle is a little small for a family. Gas mileage is amazing and affordable. The automatic lights is helpful.

- Hillary V

Full wheel drive does not mean big.

My vehicle is a small SUV. It is a 4 cylinder but gets up to speed easily and we have found it very easy to speed as it feels like slower than you are. Cloth interior with leather accents. Remote start. Manual seat adjustments. Lots of small storage areas.

- NaTasha G

Love the car and will continue to drive this make.

This is my third trax and I love the car. Very reliable. Comfortable. Good on gas and I think it looks nice as well. Easy touch screen controls and dash is structured perfectly. A nice amount of trunk space too. Seats 4 comfortably but 5 is a bit tight.

- Michael B

Trax - slate blue technology.

Nice car. Leather interior detailing. A lot of technology radio phone connection Sirius radio USB cables apple carplay. Reliable car. Comfortable seats. Compact SUV. All wheel drive great for snow. Good gas mileage. A lot of options. Safe. No problems.

- Elle M

Spacious, great gas mileage trax.

I love my small trax. It has the feel of a smaller car with more interior space. The front seats are comfortable. The back seats can lay flat, which makes moving large items or luggage a breeze. Gas mileage is exceptional. I think I average 32/gallon.

- Melissa S

It's a really good car on gas. I don't feel like I'm constantly putting gas in my car.

My vehicle is a small version of an SUV. I love my car and have no complaints about it so far. I love the technology package it came with and love the seats.

- Alyssa T

Powerful and Snappy Trax!!!

I just bought this new 2019 Trax. The Trax is a great car. The 1.4 Turbo engine does not disappoint.

- Sharon L